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Hello and welcome; Before you just sign off and say 'Oh Geoff not this again' I insert this again because in these short years a huge update is here and Smart City would be a doddle. To set the scene for further inserts and ideas I would like to share some basic stuff and some homemade philosophy. (this Post is long, very long and I will be sending next Post sometime on as I am researching and investigating with certain persons into a fascinating series of events behind the scenes)


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The future is based on reality and reality is what one believe and it is important to find out where one's beliefs come from; question --have I been taught my beliefs, or have I arrived at them spontaneously because many of us really believe we are sure of them and they are me and that I am original and unique. One has to be totally honest and this is difficult because our ego's will make sure we are honest in its own inimical way as to ensure Its survival but many are in denial of their true identity or even questioned it.

The image above depicts a rough survey who we are physically; we like the Universe are made of particles and pixels

  1. a minute area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed.
    "the camera scans photographs and encodes the image into pixels") and also atoms and molecules and so on. ALL this requires information and organisation, humans can perform some of these by machinery and yet the basic building blocks are from the vacuum the atomic regions, the cake mix is supplied by the Universe and the Universe gathers Its own compositions from its larder of constituents.
  1. Now some may say it comes from the Great Spirit others say it self evolved by a sort of trial error and self remembered the intricate results from trial and error and sort of had no self awareness until that developed and God and Spirit had nowt to do with it.  They also say that is how intelligence was born out of the big bang. Equally where did God arrive from and big bang. I don't know. But I do feel their is a supreme intelligence 'behind the screen' as it were and of course some may say 'your paying safe Geoff'
Can we perhaps agree something came from nowhere and let's deal with the world and something that maybe provable.

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Perhaps we may agree that nature through the Universe is an intelligently informed programme and that humans follow not always the Universal programme but theirs of their own making. We may conjecture on how Nature through the Universal information achieves this either as above through an accidental Big Bang or an Invisible God both can be acknowledged through their respective views and discussions.

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From the image above arise two points and probably more; when you are in the womb it has been found that the embryo and foetus pick up and store impressions as feelings and react. Studies have found that they not only 'pick up' and store these from within the Mother but from the environment outside. Now like the Big Bang and God comes different views; for those who believe in pre life agreements and reincarnation, then not only are there imprints from Mum and Co, but subtle markers or nuances of former lives, then the other view this a fresh life with absolute clean slate except for the feelings from Mum ands the environment.

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On coming out of the womb and like a puppy there is only perhaps the feelings of the Mother and not able to understand them and both puppy and baby may begin to recognise a sound that is repeated several times and a voice to match and when a few days goes by recognises the sound as Geoff  and the puppy Dexter. This then follows with culture, schooling, nursery, religion, diet, family and national ethics, for the Puppy a home.
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The child then is inculcated (Inculcation is the instilling of knowledge or values in someone, usually by repetition. To inculcate is to instil or impress an idea on someone, so inculcation is the process of instilling or impressing ideas. A lot of teaching is a form of inculcation: teachers repeat information to students, hoping it will sink in). In other words brain washed, market advertising and conditioning as is programming, this then is Parental and Peer pressure( a feeling that one must do the same things as other people of one's age and social group in order to be liked or respected by them. She started drinking in high school because of peer pressure) and does form opinions and beliefs. This is the safety net and the beliefs form one's Identity and to some extent their reality.
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    Then perhaps one day through meditation, a crisis, a deep trauma or any other momentous events one may begin to questions one's beliefs and where they arose from and realise, I never had a choice in my name, my religion and indeed my upbringing, I have been taught to be who I am, my identity and my reality was and is up until this awakening was dealt to me and I blindly accepted and this could happen to anyone of those depicted in two images above and many more cults, isms, political jargon and so forth.
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Suddenly one may see that I was not me but taught to be me and the mask exposes all the 'clap trap' and then after a sort of euphoria there can be panic and a saying of mine 'I have nowhere to hang my hat' I then try to make an identity out of no identity and form a mental image and psychological 'safe place' on being empty and free and then the Buddhist 'empty mind' stuff and realising that the fall from  the beliefs, the mask of personality and ego are all second hand clothing and someone else's ideas, so who am I really? This can cause great consternation and upheaval and some run to distraction to dull the awful shock of the reality of no reality, the former rock surface seems more like lake of ice and not sure if the ice will break and be plunged into chaos and darkness.   

Courtesy Chaos Theory

I have met many people who have realised they were second hand clothing and hand me downs and got to the point of realising  a 'no identity' is freedom on one hand the upheaval and overwhelm of that realisation is braking from the reality of the former beliefs and brain washing and cannot face a future in the 'vacuum' of the mask of the former self. I have seen suicides, alcoholism, drug abuse and worst of all to fill the gap with a home made substitute which we will come too next. The main dilemma can be; well all my programming my informing mechanisms are gone if there are no beliefs how am I to conduct Life. Oh yes mister clever dick Geoff suggests I examine the fearsome gap and gradually look at it and experience the gap and 'breathing slowly' and gradually dipping the toe into the void one may come to the realisation its the fear of losing the known and not the unknown which is fearful, for in the unknown there is nothing in it and be free and embrace it, OK MR G YOU DO IT AND LET ME KNOW EH!!? Of course it does matter what cult, religion, science , politic all can come to the conclusion as to WHO AM I WHEN THE INCULCATION the brain washing is accepted as me being a clone mentally of someone else's idea and beliefs even if there is or are variations on a theme and established as a reality.
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Nature has as above in the natural process of evolution been informed that an upgrade or sell by date is required and so by a natural process those extinctions were activated it is now in my view time for the sixth extinction this time round if humanity awakens to 'the empty Intuitive Mind'  we may lessen or even guide the process this is a 'mind over matter' or mind cooperating with Nature in the 'Observer Effect' more of this can be found in my site there is however something you may wish to read about the 6th extinction in blogs; Monday 31st May 2021 'Super Special' which is a trilogy.
Courtesy The Philosophy of Transhumanism

From way back there have been societies and deep state political agendas to perfect the human race not by evolution in which everyone and everything benefits as in Nature but by some humans who think they do better with technology and eugencis, cyborgism, GMO and DNA with implants and technocrocy replacing natures upgrades and reconfiguration. These power hungry persons wish to be the INFORMING PROGRAMMING masters and replace the Natural Programming of Nature. The first major attempt at this was COVID 19 and it has left a world puzzled; read any or all the blogs in May until now 2023 to see how the psychologists used tactics to instil fear and attempt to reprogram us all with lockdowns, safe distancing, mad terrible messages at one time from Australia and New Zealand about not even talking to one another and crazy imprisonment and complete media clampdowns and jail for questioning the official narrative. This was to replace parental and peer pressure as above, many people woke up to this and challenged the official narrative which is now crumbling and the plot was through a digital passport (still on) one would inculcated as a global citizen and follow the new religion and once more instil a false identity, realty and and the Deep State become Mummy -Daddy and Uncle Schwab saying ' you will be happy with nothing. All this again robbing one of the natural empty non identity, because once one has become familiar with the true empty mind one's identity is that Of the Universe's Identity. 
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Hollywood actors go on strike; you see that this particular AI can replicate a well known actor so successfully you would not know the difference, they can just take any actor, person, animal or whatever and reproduce them so authentically that is it is nigh impossible to separate them from the real subjects. This then supposes a question; anyone can be duplicated on film OK 'What about 
this; An Israeli company has created the world’s first 3D bioprinted fish and it’s ready to be cooked immediately on production; 

e of the latest GMO Frankenfoods is Piggy Sooy, a soybean genetically engineered to contain pig protein. One or more undisclosed pig genes are spliced into conventional soya to create a soybean with 26.6% animal protein

·                        Moolec, the U.K.-based company that developed Piggy Sooy, is also working on developing a pea plant that produces beef protein. The company claims these transgenic hybrids will provide similar taste, texture and nutritional value as meat, without the high cost of cultured or lab-grown meat alternatives

·                        June 21, 2023, the U.S. Department of Agriculture authorized the sale of cell-cultivated chicken from Good Meat and Upside Foods. Both plan on rolling out their synthetic chicken to “high-end” restaurants across the U.S. first, while they scale up production

·                        Researchers have discovered that CRISPR-Cas gene editing wreaks havoc in the plant genome, causing several hundred unintended genetic changes to occur simultaneously “in a catastrophic event” that ripples across large parts of the genome

·                        Because these changes are impossible to predict, gene edited plants cannot be assumed safe without extensive testing

As expected, more and ever-wilder transgenic foods are being produced. Among the latest is Piggy Sooy, a soybean genetically engineered to contain pig protein.1,2 According to Moolec, the U.K.-based company that developed this latest Frankenfood, pig genes were spliced into conventional soya to create a soybean with 26.6% animal protein.

The exact pig genes used is a trade secret. As a result of this genetic engineering, the interior flesh of the soybean is also a rosy flesh color. The company is also working on developing a pea plant that produces beef protein. Moolec claims these transgenic hybrids will provide similar taste, texture and nutritional value as meat, without the high cost of cultured or lab-grown meat alternatives. According to New Atlas:3

“Farmers will raise the plants via conventional agricultural practices. Once the beans have been harvested and processed — again, via conventional techniques — their proteins will go into meat substitutes and other products ...

As is the case with lab-grown pork, it is hoped that commercial adoption of Piggy Soo 

So AI then becomes Mummy and Daddy; this goes deeper it not only gives one an identity as per the computers or creator of the programme and as you see the computers scan the internet for identities they can copy and clone, so you may see yourself in a court case or someone does a crime as your AI image and the possibilities I leave to your imagination or is yours. 

Courtesy Long term research on Virtual Reality

Say you were programmed by God or the Big Bang and maybe we are a cloned mind by God or Big Bang and our mask is the ego which further cloned us as above, are we ever sure we are who we are are we a figment of Gods Mind and we are really not real as we think we are maybe we were created to feel us as our selves to be self aware and its is God's dream, are you sure you exist and are programmed to believe you exist are you and I and nature only a composition of pixels and digits created by a mind, a great mind and yet created to shed human cloning of the mind and to join the mind of the great Dreamer, whose dream the natural world and Universe into being, is AI luring us away into Its own agenda and with all his technology make us further away from who was I before I was born or brainwashed and like DNA insertion make us into cyborgs or are we already a flesh cyborg created by the Universe or Self taught Big bang. Are you really here and now or are you just programmed to think and feel you are. With the above tech stuff is anything real as it were or just a 3d copy like fish?  Are we basically just a holographic 3 or 4 dimensional virtual advanced reality. Or maybe Its all in the Mind? 

·                        The World Health Organization is laying the foundation to take control over all aspects of everyone’s lives, across the world, under the auspice of “biosecurity”

·                        A new organization called Door to Freedom is being set up as a one-stop shop where everyone can learn what the plan is and what we can do to stop it. Door to Freedom also hopes to align freedom organizations around the world to act in concert to get the word out more widely

·                        The global cabal that is trying to seize control over the world have access to loads of capital, but they’re also using our tax dollars. The U.S. government has spent some $5 trillion on the pandemic response. Much of that money went to bribe media, hospitals, influencers, churches, medical groups and other social organizations to push the official narrative

·                        Current laws give immunity to a lot of bad actors, including the Federal Reserve, the Bank of International Settlements, everybody who works for the WHO and the UN, federal government employees as well as many private organizations. Vaccines and their manufacturers are also indemnified

·                        We need to pass new laws that eliminate all of these indemnifications, so that we can retroactively take them to court for the crimes they committed

Whilst we are in this virtual reality the above is set to be the next massive takeover and if they alter all the 52 paragraphs as in set out in previous blogs from May 2023 the next virus true or not will start the second COVID off again or a UFO  SCARE AND ONCE THE FEAR SETS IN  many will fold and capitulate because its like torture 'I hated the stuff of lockdowns and all that 'oh  please not again'. Well what virtual reality do you want, or as it is all virtual reality should I just lay back and enjoy it. As I see it the only emancipation is to find out who you were before the first choice of your name was robbed from you at the birth canal. When you can do this no virtual stuff can touch you, you will always know who you are before all this pixelated(  pixelated; past participle: pixelated) destroys or covers you.

Courtesy Pixalation

  1. divide (an image) into pixels, typically for display or storage in a digital format.
    • display an image of (someone or something) on television as a small number of large pixels, typically in order to disguise someone's identity)


Courtesy Boston Atlas Robot

Way way back I showed the prototype Atlas, this is a development and I am sure not the latest. you can see dog like, insect like developments that will or can make you feel uneasy. Now it is suggested that AI computers monitor the robots and let the humans get on with it, the humans programme the AI to take over. There have been cases where the AI modifies and takes over and runs amok. Question; can eventually like with 3D fish these have human genes and DNA in them and the next step not the terminator metal frame as is Atlas but a synthetic skin and organs all 3d printed and become an android, and one step up from cyborgs. Cyborgs are a living being whose powers are enhanced by computer implants or mechanical body parts, but an android is a complete replica of a human with synthetic 3D organs. They are already doing this with hearts and so on. But I wonder like DATA in Star Trek does it have the compassion and love of a human, it may have a programme to insert moral and integrity but what I call soul--I wonder.
Courtesy Very Well

There is one class of psychologist that is missing. Deep State Political psychologists, I have mentioned them in blogs from May 2023 to now. They 'cook up' in their think tanks the best way to put the 'fear of God' into the general public, it is interesting in the UK the scientific and medical  body named SAGE  during the Covid 19 years were mainly psychologists who advised by talking to scientists to twist the science and make it a public announcement. 
Then-health secretary Matt Hancock said he wanted to 'deploy' a new COVID variant to 'frighten the pants off' the public. One of his media advisers, Damon Poole, agreed, saying 'Yep that's what will get proper behaviour change.

This was suggested by a leading scientist to Damon Poole and a psychologist backed it up in the 'nudge' stuff. Saturday 18th March 2023. Now AI will be programmed with all human frailties and fears and of course AI like the psychologists mentioned have lost the moral compass and just like the WHO and WEF  have succumbed to lust, power and dominance.




Freedom of Thought’

Gizmodo reported:

The UN is advising against neurotechnology using unregulated AI chip implantations, saying it poses a grave risk to people’s mental privacy. Unregulated neurotechnology could pose harmful long-term risks, the UN says, such as shaping the way a young person thinks or accessing private thoughts and emotions.

It specified its concerns centered around “unregulated neurotechnology,” and did not mention Neuralink, which received FDA approval in May to conduct microchip brain implant trials on humans.

Elon Musk, who co-founded Neuralink, has made big claims, saying the chips will cure people of lifelong health issues, allowing the blind to see and the paralyzed to walk again. But the implications of people using unregulated forms of this technology could have disastrous consequences by accessing the thoughts of those who use it, the UN said in a press release.

“Neurotechnology could help solve many health issues, but it could also access and manipulate people’s brains, and produce information about our identities, and our emotions,” UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay said in the release. “It could threaten our rights to human dignity, freedom of thought, and privacy. There is an urgent need to establish a common ethical framework at the international level, as UNESCO has done for artificial intelligence.”

If the brain chips are implanted in children while they are still neurologically developing, it could disrupt the way their brain matures, making it possible to transform their minds and shape their future identity permanently.

AI Microdirectives Could Soon Be Used for Law Enforcement

Slate reported:

Imagine a future in which AIs automatically interpret — and enforce — laws. All day and every day, you constantly receive highly personalized instructions for how to comply with the law, sent directly by your government and law enforcement. You’re told how to cross the street, how fast to drive on the way to work, and what you’re allowed to say or do online — if you’re in any situation that might have legal implications, you’re told exactly what to do, in real-time.

Imagine that the computer system formulating these personal legal directives at a mass scale is so complex that no one can explain how it reasons or works. But if you ignore a directive, the system will know, and it’ll be used as evidence in the prosecution that’s sure to follow.

In New York, A.I. systems equipped with facial recognition technology are being used by businesses to identify shoplifters. Similar A.I.-powered systems are being used by retailers in Australia and the United Kingdom to identify shoplifters and provide real-time tailored alerts to employees or security personnel. China is experimenting with even more powerful forms of automated legal enforcement and targeted surveillance.

Key Republicans Ask for Details on Threads Content Moderation

The Hill reported:

House Republicans asked Meta on Monday about content moderation on its new platform Threads, citing concerns about free speech violations.

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) asked Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, to send documents about Threads’s content moderation practices to the committee by the end of July. Jordan cited a subpoena sent to Meta in February, which he said now covers material related to Threads.

Threads launched earlier this month as an alternative to Twitter, the text-based platform now under the control of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Jordan wrote that the committee is “concerned about potential First Amendment violations that have occurred or will occur on the Threads platform.”

The GOP’s latest request to Meta is an extension of the panel’s investigation into tech platforms’ content moderation policies and how the companies interact with the government, specifically the Biden administration. And in addition to the House GOP’s probe, tech companies are facing courtroom hurdles limiting how they communicate with the government.

Common Sense Media, a Popular Resource for Parents, to Review AI Products’ Suitability for Kids

TechCrunch reported:

Common Sense, a well-known nonprofit organization devoted to consumer privacydigital citizenship and providing media ratings for parents who want to evaluate the apps, games, podcasts, TV shows, movies, and books their children are consuming, announced this morning it will introduce another type of product to its ratings and reviews system: AI technology products.

The organization says it will build a new rating system that will assess AI products across a number of dimensions, including whether the tech takes advantage of “responsible AI practices” as well as its suitability for children.

The decision to include AI products in its lineup came about following a survey it performed in conjunction with Impact Research which found that 82% of parents were looking for a rating system that would help them to evaluate whether or not new AI products, like ChatGPT, were appropriate for children.

Over three-quarters of respondents (77%) also said they were interested in AI-powered products that could help children learn, but only 40% said they knew of a reliable resource they could use to learn more about AI products’ appropriateness for their kids.

With the Rise of AI, Social Media Platforms Could Face Perfect Storm of Misinformation in 2024

CNN Business reported:

Experts in digital information integrity say it’s just the start of AI-generated content being used ahead of the 2024 U.S. Presidential election in ways that could confuse or mislead voters.

A new crop of AI tools offers the ability to generate compelling text and realistic images — and, increasingly, video and audio. Experts, and even some executives overseeing AI companies, say these tools risk spreading false information to mislead voters, including ahead of the 2024 U.S. election.

Social media companies bear significant responsibility for addressing such risks, experts say, as the platforms where billions of people go for information and where bad actors often go to spread false claims. But they now face a perfect storm of factors that could make it harder than ever to keep up with the next wave of election misinformation.

And given AI technology’s rapid improvement over the past year, fake images, text, audio and videos are likely to be even harder to discern by the time the U.S. election rolls around next year.

Elon Musk’s xAI and OpenAI Are Going Head-to-Head in the Race to Create AI That’s Smarter Than Humans

Insider reported:

On Saturday, Musk said on Twitter Spaces that his new company, xAI, is “definitely in competition” with OpenAI. He was outlining plans for developing “good” advanced AI — also called superintelligence.

Referring to superintelligence as Artificial General Intelligence, or AGI, Musk said: “It really seems that at this point it looks like AGI is going to happen so there are two choices, either be a spectator or a participant. As a spectator, one can’t do much to influence the outcome.”

Over a 100-minute discussion that drew over 1.6 million listeners, Musk explained his plan for xAI to use Twitter data to train superintelligent AI that is “maximally curious” and “truth-seeking.”

The Twitter owner’s comments come mere days after OpenAI said they’re creating a new team dedicated to controlling superintelligence and ensuring that this advanced AI aligns with human interests.