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Dear Reader  The threat of world war 3 looms ever nearer and the video below depicts the way the final stage is being engineered.  A remark I heard on the News(RT) by an Australian diplomat was that the Prime Minister of Australia is personally going to confront President Putin about MH370. Does the the Australian Prime Minister ever listen or read the UN assembly proof of the satellites, radar and eye witnesses, the fake passports, the bodies that have no remembrance to a crash of that nature and the Dutch Forensic reports? 
I have reported all these with documents in back Posts.  This must be the ultimate denial.
Unbelievable. A great expose.
 As the false flag terror sponsor 
Saudi Arabia (our ally) threatens 
the West with the claim that "ISIS 
Will Be Here Soon" and warns of an 
"imminent threat" from which the 
US and Europe "can't hide", (just 
keeping Daddy Warbucks lubed 
with cash), Gerald Celente, of the 
Trends Journal joins us to dissect 
the despicable, sinister plans of the 
New World Order and the madness 
of the 'Grand Chessboard'. 

The pieces are all lining up to take 
the world directly in to World War III, 
if the maniacs in power are not 
stopped.( Courtesy Forbidden Knowledge. Alexandra Bruce)
Graphene----5 mins of the next step in technology
Courtesy brandimidhiff.com
Courtesy NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 16-10-14
The Philae Craft descent on Comet 67P Churgumov-Gerasimenko due on November 12 2014 http://www.esa.int/spaceinvideos/Videos/2014/09/Philae_s_descent_and_science_on_the_surface
I cannot window for this MOST IMPORTANT video for Cyber Security expert Gary Millesky or
Courtesy blog.helioviewer.org
Not the same as below. http://sdowww.lmsal.com/sdomedia/h264/2014/10/14/SSW_cutout_20141014T1816-20141014T2000_AIA_131-193-171_S12E88.mov
NDAA on steroid Ebola.  6 mins
Although I have said Ebola is not as serious as the scaremongers have one believe,like AID'S it is serious as we see from the video above, it can be contained and why is there no political 'will' to do so?  You got the answer in the video.  Money-- extermination of the world's population, the cure held by the so called elite.  Border-less countries, relatively poor and not into sophisticated medical procedures-----you can see the result.  Interesting the USA has the money and the know how---has it the political will or is there some other hidden agenda?  Make up your mind time again. 
Thousands of troops to combat Ebola.  2 mins
Oil Pulling. 7 mins.  I used to do it and lapsed. When I did it certainly was beneficial.

  • A new documentary chronicles how a major cancer research center covered up positive studies about Laetrile in the 1970s, as told by insider Ralph Moss
  • New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center brushed positive Laetrile studies under the rug, bowing to politics and conflicts of interest
  • Laetrile, banned in the US since 1963, is made from amygdalin, a natural compound derived from the seeds of many fruits such as apricot pits
  • Sloan Kettering’s highly respected cancer scientist Kanematsu Sugiura found that Laetrile significantly reduced the spread of lung cancer in mice
  • Contemporary Laetrile studies support Dr. Kanematsu’s findings, but Sloan Kettering still refuses to acknowledge the truth about the cover-up(Courtesy mercola.com)
Fracking.  Cause of Earthquakes in Ohio.
With the help of Rob Jackson, a professor of environmental earth system science at Stanford and lead author ofa recent report on the pros and cons of fracking as a means of oil and gas developmentClimate Central‘s Bobby Magill helps put these findings in perspective:
[Jackson] said the Friberg’s work confirms that fracking can cause small earthquakes.
“The tremors revealed a previously unknown fault right below the natural gas well,” he said.
There have been three documented earthquakes able to be felt on the surface that were linked to fracking, Friberg said. That’s because fracking fluid is thought to lubricate faults, possibly causing them to slip, he said. But many more earthquakes have been caused by waste water injection, as many as 188 nationwide in 2011, according to the Stanford study.
“Pumping wastewater deep underground is a bigger risk of causing large earthquakes than fracking,” Jackson said. “Earthquakes associated with waste water disposal have already damaged buildings and injured people in rare cases.”
Read the full scientific study in Seismological Research Letters. More analysis from Magill at Climate Central.
IT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO LOOK AT THIS 4 MINS VIDEO.  This could be a hoax or something similar is being planned.  Its make up your mind time again.
40 secs of lovely humour.  
ANOTHER STRONG FLARE AND RADIO BLACKOUT: Super-sunspot AR2192 produced another strong flare on Oct. 27th. The X2-category blast ionized the top of Earth's atmosphere and caused a strong HF radio blackout over the Atlantic Ocean basin as well in South America and western Africa. The blackout started at ~10:15 am EDT (1415 UTC) and lasted for about an hour.
I have written so much in the energygrid about the Sun.  Here are a few references from sources.
In this link it shows the affect / effect of Solar Storms. MOST IMPORTANT on our biology NOT MENTIONED BY MAIN STREAM SCIENCE.
VERY INFORMATIVE, LONG BUT FIRST FEW PARAGRAPHS ARE VERY REVEALING.  GCI have the equipment to back and prove all this.
                          BE WELL.  GEOFF.
Many people have phoned, emailed, written and locally voiced that they have terrific anxiety, fear and disturbed sleep and so forth. Headaches, nausea and other related symptoms.
Having been checked out by a health professional and found to be clear then may I suggest it could be the following;
Primarily the sun and solar stuff as above, picking up the global unrest, deep disturbances in the collective unconsciousness, deliberate frequencies being inserted into the WI FI, TV, Radio, mobile phone network and masts and GM food, chemtrails.  My main leaning is the solar stuff.
Here is quote from the GCI at end of long article;
'some ill effects associated with changes in solar geomagnetic activity:
Altered blood pressure.
Reproductive, immune system, cardiac and neurological problems.
Mental disorders, depression and suicide.
Increased hospital admissions, accidents and sudden death, as well as countless other stress-related conditions.'
Edgar Cayce, the famous of the 20th century clairvoyant, once gave a reading about sun spots in which he said: 

Sunspots, as well as earth changes, are reflections of our own state of consciousness, a result of our own actions, the boomerang of divine law. Sunspots are reflections of the "turmoil and strife" that we ourselves have created, and our own mind is "the builder." The responsibility for earth changes lies squarely on our shoulders, and how we conduct our relationships with others has everything to do with the changing face of the earth. Earth changes are "adjustments" that have to be made because something is out of alignment. Just as we create chaotic conditions by our own out-of-alignment behavior, so we can create positive transformation by our loving attitudes and actions." (Reading #5757-1) 

Saturday 25 October 2014


Glad you are here again. Fond Greetings.

Two very different approaches to fear.
Well one has to make up one's mind. Did like so many folk believe that AID'S was a false flag, a real virus deliberately manufactured and the cure obtainable but suppressed for the One World Government Agenda and Kissinger's statement in POST 32(scroll down) and things like the scam on vaccines one of many.

Narrated by Andrew Wakefield, this new video is titled: “Isolated” autism—Your Child?
It can be found by searching for “Autism Media Channel on Vimeo.”
In the video, Wakefield explains that in 2001, CDC whistleblower William Thompson and colleagues found a second connection between the MMR vaccine and autism.
The first connection, now widely known, was among African-American male babies.
This second connection was discovered in young children, regardless of race, who had a) received the MMR vaccine on schedule, as recommended by the CDC, and b) had no other factors sometimes observed to accompany autism, such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation, and birth defects.
This subset of children was labeled “isolated autism.” They showed an increased risk for autism after receiving the MMR vaccine.
Wakefield states or implies that whistleblower Thompson participated in this fraud as well, along with at least one other CDC colleague, Dr. Colleen Boyle.
Boyle, according to Wakefield, made a handwritten notation, in 2001, ordering an arbitrary and unwarranted reshuffling in the age-group parameters of the children in the study, in an effort to conceal the increased risk of autism.
But, Wakefield states, her strategy failed to bury the MMR vaccine-connection, so in the end, all the data suggesting an increased autism risk in this group were simply deleted from the study.
Wakefield doesn’t give the title of the study, but it is presumably the same one published by the journal Pediatrics in 2004—about which Thompson has already confessed gross fraud.
In the video, Wakefield posts a page of statistics on which there is handwritten note. This is presumably Colleen’s note ordering a reshuffling of categories, to bury the vaccine-autism connection.
This page, if verified, would open up a new front in the exposure of vaccine-autism fraud at the CDC.
Collen Boyle is not only an author of studies; she is a high-ranking CDC executive, acquiring her position in 2001, the year in which the above-mentioned purported fraud took place.
As her bio on the CDC website states, in 2001, she was made associate director “for science and public health for the newly created National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD). In that role, she was responsible for developing and coordinating the science activities of the National Center. In September 2010, she became acting director of NCBDDD. In her acting capacity, Coleen led the finalization of the center’s five-year strategic plan.”
Did that plan include covering up the vaccine-autism connection?

Farmers Depression.

Is the same thing that’s destroying the bees also crippling our farmers?
When Ginnie Peters’ farmer husband took his own life after a sudden mood shift, she really hit the nail on the head when she said:
These chemicals that farmers use, look what they do to an insect. It ruins their nervous system. What is it doing to the farmer?
No one can deny that farming is drastically different than it was in the 1950s, and today it requires extra demand, complete expertise and the stress of uncertainty. Most farmers don’t go into it for high profits.
The EPA, however, has long denied that the pesticide exposure they experience is directly tied to psychological symptoms, mental illness, behavioral changes and higher rates of suicide. Even though those are the very symptoms caused by such exposure, and the results of the EPA’s own studies, decades and decades ago, have arrived at the very same conclusion.
Farmers serve our country too – has our government left these unsuspecting service men in a dangerous lurch, the same as military people who come back with mystery illnesses?
Lorann Stallones, an epidemiologist and psychology professor at Colorado State University says:
For years there was a high level of denial in the farming community that mental illness exists, period.
But there’s been a shift – partly because there’s more people talking about being mentally incapacitated.
Scientific American has recently reported :
Some research suggests that the chemicals that farmers and their workers spread on fields may alter some of these brain chemicals.
Peters and his wife were among 89,000 farmers and other pesticide applicators in Iowa and North Carolina who have participated in the Agricultural Health Study led by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
Last month, epidemiologist Freya Kamel and her colleagues reported that among 19,000 studied, those who used two classes of pesticides and seven individual pesticides were more likely to have been diagnosed with depression. Those who used organochlorine insecticides were up to 90 percent more likely to have been diagnosed with depression than those who hadn’t used them. For fumigants, the increased risk was up to 80 percent.
The authors who wrote in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives say:
Our study supports a positive association between depression and occupational pesticide use among applicators… and suggests several specific pesticides that deserve further investigation in animal studies and other human populations,
While previous studies have only asked participants once about their depression – this one asked twice – once years back and again in 2010. It also included a large pool of farmers, meaning that people couldn’t really dismiss the study later for saying it was too small for consequence.
The group came to the same conclusions when they studied the group between 1993 – 1997.
Farmers with the highest number of lifetime exposure days to pesticides were 50 percent more likely to later have a depression diagnosis.
Of course, after all these years, no one’s brave enough to say the P-word – Proof. Even though they show that psychological issues in rats is possible with exposure. For instance: tests on rats show altered brain cells , neurotransmitters and production of a protective acid . All important aspects of the complexity of brain and hormone health.
Last year, it became glaringly apparent to researchers that French farmers were twice as likely to seek treatment for depression than those who don’t use herbicides. The rate increases with the increase of years using herbicides.
These are not just acute high exposures, either, like chemical companies like to ‘claim and blame.’ Many past studies have shown that chronic low exposure leads to problems that aren’t obviously until years later. Stallones, who wasn’t part of the main study says “but the association [with depression] held true for those that didn’t report poisoning.”
When there were larger dose poisonings in a short period, the rate of Colorado farmers risk for depression doubled in the next few years and North Carolina and Iowa farmers were 2.5 times more likely in the same situation.
Other health problems linked to depression are also linked to pesticide exposure.
From Scientific American :
For instance, Dr. Beate Ritz, a neurologist and professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that Californians exposed to pesticides are more likely to have Parkinson’s disease. One effect of the neurological disease, characterized by a lack of the chemical dopamine, is depression.
Several studies have linked suicide to pesticide use. In Brazil, workers that used more pesticides were more likely to commit suicide, and in China, a World Health Organization survey of 9,800 people in the rural Zhejiang province revealed that those who stored pesticides in their homes had more than double the risk of having suicidal thoughts.
Wendy Ringgenberg, an assistant professor at the University of Iowa, combed through 19 years of national data and reported that farmers and farm workers were 3.6 times more likely to die of suicide than other professions. However, the study did not examine the causes of suicide.
Interestingly, some of the pesticides linked to depression and suicide in the study are not supposed to be in use. Chemical company giants like Monsanto, Bayer Cropscience and Syngenta say that their products were not included in the study and won’t comment on the bigger picture of brain health and long-term pesticide use. Also left from the study were the newer class of pesticides – neonicotinoids, which are implicated for mass bee die-off as they kill the nervous system of exposed insects.
Ginnie Peters’ husband was using neonicotinoids – his father had chronic depression as well. Peters was exposed to organophosphates by doing his own crop spraying. Peters had chronic insomnia too.
Ginnie is trying to bring awareness about suicide in farmers, linked to exposure to pesticides.
I don’t have ability to do the science, but I have my gut, and what happened to Matt, it had to be the chemicals.
What the researchers of new studies aren’t saying, or do not know, is that this supposed phenomenon has gone on, vastly under the radar for a long, long time.
If you are interested in going down this dark rabbit hole, there are a couple rare and out-of-print books to help start connecting dots. Brain Fog by the late Bruce Haney, who himself was one such horticulturist with depression and behavioral changes that he noticed in his friendly competitors too. He tried desperately to get the attention of Congress in the 1990s and nursed many farmers and servicemen back to health. He cited all the notable EPA studies that knew the psychological connection, but which never led to any thoughtful halt on chemical approval.
Then there is Environmental and Chemical Toxins and Psychiatric Illness by James S. Brown Jr., M.D. The symptomology and research is vast – the title aptly describes every piece of information found therein. If you are interested in the effects of chemical exposure on your own health, then please check out Our Chemical Lives and the Hijacking of our DNA: A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick.

See research done years ago on this  in a intriguing book  'The Secret Life of Plants' by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. Also the work done 'The Findhorn Foundation' where I stayed for a long while.  You might want to follow the research of Cleve Baxter 

and also Marcel Vogel(Marcel Joseph Vogel (1917–1991) was a research scientist working at the IBM San Jose Research Center for 27 years. He is sometimes referred to as Dr. Vogel, although this title was based on an honorary degree, not a Ph.D.. He was also a researcher into occult theories of quartz crystals and other esoteric fields of study. The Vogel Crystal type cut was created by him.

I met Marcel at Findhorn and we spent time experimenting with plants, crystals and people.  He was later granted a PH.D.

  • Plants are capable of communicating with each other via extensive and complex networks, and can warn each other of the presence of pests. In response, the plants will mount natural defenses against the infestation
  • When a bug such as a caterpillar chews on a plant’s leaf, the plant “hears” the vibrations of the chewing, and produces chemicals to defend itself from further harm
  • These chemicals are also what give a plant many of its medicinal qualities, such as glucosinolates, which have anti-cancer properties, and other antioxidants
  • This research even suggests that minor pest attacks may play an important role in encouraging plant growth that have higher levels of (to humans) important nutrients
Rock Art 1
Saharan rock art is a significant area of archaeological study focusing on the precious treasures carved or painted on the natural rocks found in the central Sahara desert. There are over three thousand sites discovered that have information about Saharan rock art. From the Tibesti massif to the Ahaggar Mountains, the Sahara is an open-air museum containing numerous archaeological sites.
Rock Art 2
The cave paintings found at Tassili n'Ajjer, north of Tamanrasset, Algeria, and at other locations depict vibrant and vivid scenes of everyday life in the central North Africa between about 8000 BCE and 4000 BCE, in the Mesolithic (Middle Stone) age. They were executed by a hunting people in the Capsian period of the Neolithic age (3000 -1900 BC) who lived in asavanna region teeming with giant buffaloelephantrhinoceros, and hippopotamus, animals that no longer exist in the now-desert area. The pictures provide the most complete record of a prehistoric African culture.
One of the wadis containing 10,000 year old paintings at Tadrart Acacus was spray-painted over this year by a disgruntled Libyan tour guide.
Rock Art 3
I trust my health updates and newsletters are valuable to you.
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Health News (Week 41 - 2014) 
By Robert Redfern

Dear Geoff,

I have refrained from adding to the media panic about Ebola. I get furious when it comes to the stupidity of both the incompetent medical (and other) authorities as well as the media sensationalising the story to try and panic everyone.

Ebola (a monkey disease) has been studied in West Africa for at least 40 years and is only a problem for those eating these diseased monkeys (or possibly other bush meats). I suspect this outbreak is caused by an expansion of this practice.

The stupidity is that it could have easily been contained in these countries at the start by banning travel but that is politically incorrect. Now the stupidity is causing panic here in Spain and all because the medical staff did not follow basic quarantine procedures.

  • This is not a human disease.
  • This is a virus and a virus cannot live outside a cell and so you would need to have direct interaction with the bodily fluids of a contaminated person (or monkey bite or flesh).
  • It is one of the easiest diseases to contain (not being a human disease).
  • Only medical staff are normally at risk and then only from incompetent procedures.
  • The Pharma/Medical cabal are already trying to profit from it using unproven drugs with no proper independent review of efficacy.
  • As long as the authorities get a grip it is not a problem.
  • Only panic by the authorities and the population is to be feared.
  • Those eating a really healthy diet and fluid intake recover from Ebola and are less at risk (around 50% recover from Ebola - depending upon the strain and by taking basic proper care).
  • Only the Patented HydroSol Silver Spray has been tested to kill any virus or bacteria on contact.
  • Thiocyanate ions in sufficient quantities will overcome any infection and leave the immune system stronger and not weaker.
  • REMEMBER THAT IF A state of emergency is declared over EBOLA all human rights will be suspended (from me Geoff)

Emirates chief Tim is "suspicious" about the accepted version of events …

MH370 Fate is "Suspicious" - Emirates Chief Tim Clark Disputes Official Line on Malaysia Airlines Tragedy

This is the first 'non conspiracy' article from the main stream---at last.  In the article which you can Google if they do not take it down, it also mentions the Australians are in the search.  Since Australia's 'elite' are part of the one world government lot, I have mentioned there will be a false flag. See many back Post where I have covered as have others the real story of MH370 and MH17.
http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/breaking-malaysian-combat-vessel-goes-missing-off-sabah-1468614  WHAT'S GOING ON IN Malaya?
Do not ignore take note

There Will Be Pestilences: Why Are So Many Deadly Diseases Breaking Out All Over The Globe Right Now?

Ebola, Marburg, Enterovirus and Chikungunya – these diseases were not even on the radar of most people coming into 2014, but now each one of them is making headline news. So why is this happening? Why are so many deadly diseases breaking out all over the world right now? Is there some kind of a connection, or is the fact that so many horrible diseases are arising all at once just a giant coincidence? And this could be just the beginning. For example, there are now more than a million cases of Chikungunya in Central and South America, and authorities are projecting that there will be millions more in 2015. The number of Ebola cases continues to grow at an exponential rate, and now an even deadlier virus (Marburg) has broken out in Uganda. We have gone decades without experiencing a major worldwide pandemic, and many people believed that it could never happen in our day and time. But now we could potentially see several absolutely devastating diseases all racing across the planet at the same time.
On Monday, we got news that the first confirmed case of Ebola transmission in Europe has happened. A nurse in Spain that had treated a couple of returning Ebola patients has contracted the disease herself
A nurse’s assistant in Spain is the first person known to have contracted Ebola outside of Africa in the current outbreak.
Spanish Health Minister Ana Mato announced Monday that a test confirmed the assistant has the virus.
The woman helped treat a Spanish missionary and a Spanish priest, both of whom had contracted Ebola in West Africa. Both died after returning to Spain.
Health officials said she developed symptoms on September 30. She was not hospitalized until this week. Her only symptom was a fever.
How many people did she spread the virus to before it was correctly diagnosed?

Meanwhile, Ebola continues to rage out of control in West Africa. It is being reported that Sierra Leone just added 121 new Ebola deaths to the overall death toll in a single day. If Ebola continues to spread at an exponential rate, it is inevitable that more people will leave West Africa with the virus and take it to other parts of the globe.
In fact, it was being reported on Monday that researchers have concluded that there is “a 50 percent chance” that Ebola could reach the UK by October 24th
Experts have analysed the pattern of the spread of the disease, along with airline traffic data, to make the startling prediction Ebola could reach Britain by October 24.
They claim there is a 50 percent chance the virus could hit Britain by that date and a 75 percent chance the it could be imported to France, as the deadliest outbreak in history spreads across the world.
Currently, there is no cure for the disease, which has claimed more than 3,400 lives since March and has a 90 percent fatality rate.
I have written extensively about Ebola, but it is certainly not the only virus making headlines right now.
Down in Uganda, a man has just died from a confirmed case of the Marburg Virus…
A man has died in Uganda’s capital after an outbreak of Marburg, a highly infectious haemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola, authorities said on Sunday, adding that a total of 80 people who came into contact with him had been put under quarantine.
Marburg starts with a severe headache followed by haemorrhaging and leads to death in 80% or more of cases in about nine days. It is from the same family of viruses as Ebola, which has killed thousands in West Africa in recent months.
There is no vaccine or specific treatment for the Marburg virus, which is transmitted through bodily fluids such as saliva and blood or by handling infected wild animals such as monkeys.
The Marburg Virus is an absolutely horrible disease, and many consider it to be even more deadly than Ebola. But the fact that it kills victims so quickly may keep it from spreading as widely as Ebola.
We shall see.
Meanwhile, a disease that sounds very similar to Ebola and Marburg has popped up in Venezuela and doctors down there do not know what it is…
“We do not know what it is,” admitted Duglas León Natera, president of the Venezuelan Medical Federation.
In its initial stages, the disease presents symptoms of fever and spots on the skin, and then produces large blisters and internal and external bleeding, according to data provided week stop by the College of Physicians of the state of Aragua, where the first cases were reported.
Then, very quickly, patients suffer from respiratory failure, liver failure and kidney failure. Venezuelan doctors have not been able to determine what the disease is, much less how to fight it.
Why aren’t we hearing more about this in the mainstream news?
Here in the United States, enterovirus D-68 has sickened hundreds of children all over the country. So far cases have been confirmed in 43 different states, several children have been paralyzed by it, and one New Jersey boyhas died
Parents in New Jersey are concerned after a state medical examiner determined a virus causing severe respiratory illness across the country is responsible for the death of a 4-year-old boy.
Hamilton Township health officer Jeff Plunkett said the Mercer County medical examiner’s office found the death of Eli Waller was the result of enterovirus D-68. Waller, the youngest of a set of triplets, died in his sleep at home on Sept. 25.
The virus has sickened more than 500 people in 43 states and Washington, D.C.— almost all of them children. Waller is the first death in New Jersey directly linked to the virus.
The CDC seems to have no idea how to contain the spread of enterovirus D-68.
So why should we be confident that they will be able to contain the spread of Ebola?
Last but not least, the Chikungunya virus is at pandemic levels all over Central and South America.
We aren’t hearing that much about this disease in the U.S., but at this point more than a million people have already been infected…
An excruciating mosquito-borne illness that arrived less than a year ago in the Americas is raging across the region, leaping from the Caribbean to the Central and South American mainland, and infecting more than 1 million people. Some cases already have emerged in the United States.
The good news is that very few people actually die from this disease.
The bad news is that almost everyone that gets it feels like they are dying.
In a previous article, I wrote about the intense suffering that victims go through. According to Slate, the name of this virus originally “comes from a Makonde word meaning ‘that which bends up,’ referring to the contortions sufferers put themselves through due to intense joint pain.”
Right now, the number of cases of Chikungunya is absolutely exploding. Just check out the following excerpt from a recent Fox News report
In El Salvador, health officials report nearly 30,000 suspected cases, up from 2,300 at the beginning of August, and hospitals are filled with people with the telltale signs of the illness, including joint pain so severe it can be hard to walk.
“The pain is unbelievable,” said Catalino Castillo, a 39-year-old seeking treatment at a San Salvador hospital. “It’s been 10 days and it won’t let up.”
Venezuelan officials reported at least 1,700 cases as of Friday, and the number is expected to rise. Neighboring Colombia has around 4,800 cases but the health ministry projects there will be nearly 700,000 by early 2015.
So why is this happening?
Why are so many absolutely horrible diseases emerging all at once?
There maybe several reasons for the above; the culling of the world's population as per Kissinger and the Bilderberg's / elite /illuminati / the one world government. Tools such as vaccinations which contain a number of ingredients to compromise the immune system, chemtrails, antibiotics which lower the gut flora GM foods, wars, austerity measures and so much more. (Many Holy Books and prophesies have said this, just out of interest The Bible and Matthew 24 is interesting), I have read in another version of it that 'you will taxed beyond all your means, strange diseases and pestilences, and the bit about Mothers and their suckling children rings true when you the atrocities and so forth.
More on this in next Post.
Until then. Be Well.Geoff

I have confirmed the following is real, and was written by a man living in Accra Ghana.--JIM STONE  FROM HIS WEBSITE
October 12 2014

From Ghana: Ebola is not real and the only people who have gotten sick are those who have received treatments and injections from the Red Cross

Other than the original facebook post, this web site is the first one to carry this and it needs to be spread, the future may be riding on this one, ARCHIVE, POST POST AND RE-POST!

UPDATE: Nana Kwami's facebook became inaccessible from America and probably other places, but it still works from Mexico. They are censoring this geographically because it is too important. HERE IS HOW IT ALL APPEARS:Nana's facebook, referenced business facebook, and referenced business web site all proving this really did come from Ghana.


Nana Kwame wrote:
People in the Western World need to know what's happening here in West Africa. THEY ARE LYING!!! "Ebola" as a virus does NOT Exist and is NOT "Spread". The Red Cross has brought a disease to 4 specific countries for 4 specific reasons and it is only contracted by those who receive treatments and injections from the Red Cross.That is why Liberians and Nigerians have begun kicking the Red Cross out of their countries and reporting in the news the truth. Now bear with me:
Most people jump to "depopulation" which is no doubt always on the mind of the West when it comes to Africa. But I assure you Africa can NEVER be depopulated by killing 160 people a day when thousands are born per day. So the real reasons are much more tangible.
Reason 1: This vaccine implemented sickness being "called" Ebola was introduced into West Africa for the end goal of getting troops on the ground in Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. If you remember America was just trying to get into Nigeria for "Boko Haram" #BULLSHIT but that fell apart when Nigerians started telling the truth. There ARE NO GIRLS MISSING. Global support fell through the floor, and a new reason was needed to get troops into Nigeria and steal the new oil reserves they have discovered.
Reason 2: Sierra Leone is the World's Largest Supplier of Diamonds. For the past 4 months they have been on strike, refusing to provide diamonds due to horrible working conditions and slave pay. The West will not pay a fair wage for the resources because the idea is to keep these people surviving on rice bags and foreign aid so that they remain a source of cheap slave labor forever. A reason was also needed to get troops on the ground in Sierra Leone to force an end to the diamond miners strikes. This is not the first time this has been done. When miners refuse to work troops are sent in and even if they have to kill and replace them all, the only desire is to get diamonds back flowing out of the country.

Of course to launch multiple campaigns to invade these countries separately would be way too fishy. But something like "Ebola" allows access to an entire area simultaneously...

Reason 3: In addition to stealing Nigerian oil, and forcing Sierra Leone back to mining, troops have also been sent in to FORCE vaccinations (Deadly "Ebola" Poison) onto those Africans who are not foolish enough to take them willingly.
3000 troops are being sent in to make sure that this "poison" continues to spread, because again it is only spread through vaccination. As more and more news articles are released as they have been in Liberia, informing the populous of the US lies and manipulation, more and more Africans are refusing to visit the Red Cross. Troops will force these vaccinations upon the people to ensure the visible appearance of an Ebola pandemic. In addition to this they will protect the Red Cross from the Liberians and Nigerians who have been rightfully ejecting them from their countries.
Reason 4: Last but not least, the APPEARANCE of this Ebola "pandemic" (should Americans not catch on) will be used to scare the countless millions into taking an "Ebola vaccine" which in reality is the pandemic.Already they have started with stories of how it has been brought to the U.S. and has appeared in Dallas, how white doctors were cured but black infected are not being allowed to be treated, etc.
ALL that will do is make blacks STRIVE to get the vaccine, because it appears that the "cure" is being held back from blacks. They will run out in droves to get it and then there will be serious problems. With all we have seen revealed about vaccines this year you would think we learned our lesson. All I can do is hope so, Because they rely on our ignorance to complete their agendas.
Ask yourself: If Ebola really was spread from person to person, instead of controlled spread through vaccination - then WHY would the CDC and the US Government continue to allow flights in and out of these countries with absolutely no regulation, Or At All? We have got to start thinking and sharing information globally because they do not give the true perspective of the people who live here in West Africa. They are lying for their own benefit and there aren't enough voices out there with a platform to help share our reality. Hundreds of thousands have been killed, paralyzed and disabled by these and other "new" vaccines all over the world and we are finally becoming aware of it. Now what will we do with all this information?

I'm a going till next time.
BE WELL. Geoff

IT IS NOT A HOAX OR IS IT? Something similar is being planned and its make up your mind time again.
A choral rendition of 4 mins. Named 'Vote the Bastards Out'
This could for nearly every country in the world.
To Lighten the mood.  4 mins of fun singing.