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Hello and welcome. In the UK recently we have had the saga of contaminated blood and the awful consequences and it took thirty years to finally get to the truth and huge compensations forthcoming. This was followed by the Post Office debacle which saw people going to prison and lives ruined because of that and the same long delay since 1999 and the same shame on Governments and the law to end peoples suffering and ruination. Sir Brian Langstaff;

At a glance: Infected blood inquiry's key findings;

 Around 3,000 people have since died after receiving contaminated blood from the health service, with the report by Sir Brian Langstaff concluding that doctors, bodies including the NHS, and governments  had "repeatedly" failed victims.

The report listed a "catalogue of failures" which amounted to a "calamity".

Here are some key findings:

Patients exposed to 'unacceptable risks'

Despite authorities knowing the risks of transmitting viral infections in blood and blood products, they continued to be administered to patients for years.

The report finds that this left them exposed to "unacceptable risks".

Here's a list of some of them:

  • Too little was done to stop importing blood products from abroad, which used blood from high-risk donors such as prisoners and drug addicts

  • In the UK, blood donations were accepted from high-risk groups such as prisoners until 1986

  • It took until the end of 1985 to heat-treat blood products to eliminate HIV, although the risks were known in 1982

  • There was too little testing to reduce the risk of hepatitis, from the 1970s onwards

The scandal was 'not an accident'

The report says various bodies hid the truth, detailing how:

  • There had been a lack of openness, inquiry, accountability and elements of "downright deception", including destroying documents

  • But "hiding the truth" included not only deliberate concealment but telling half-truths or not telling people what they had had a right to know

  • These included the risks of treatment they had received, what alternatives had been available and, at times, even the fact they had been infected

Sir Brian concludes that the scandal was "not an accident".

"The infections happened because those in authority - doctors, the blood services and successive governments - did not put patient safety first."

The response of the authorities "compounded people's suffering", he adds.

Could anything have been done differently?

  • Patients should have been informed about the risks of their treatment, the report finds

  • The lack of information meant that people were not aware of how likely they were to be exposed to infections

  • Successive governments often said that patients received the best medical treatment available at the time, and that blood screening was introduced at the earliest opportunity. The report concludes that neither of these claims were true

  • The government's decision not to suspend the importation of commercial blood products in July 1983, despite it being apparent that the cause of Aids could be transmitted by blood, was wrong, Sir Brian says

  • In addition, UK blood services are accused of not being rigorous enough in their screening of blood donors

Who has been criticised?

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her government were singled out for criticism in the report, notably for rebuffing calls for compensation with "wrong" claims about victims being given "the best treatment available".

The combative style of former Health Minister Ken Clarke, who is now a Lord, was also criticised by Sir Brian.

The views of haemophiliac specialist Prof Arthur Bloom were found to have "overly influenced" the way the government viewed the emergence of Aids and played down the threat to people with bleeding disorders.

The NHS, Alder Hey, Birmingham Children's Hospital and Treloar School were also condemned by the inquiry.

THIS IS A TEMPLATE for the next 'BIG' enquiry' TO THE LINK BELOW

 These are a few quotes from the article.


  • Japanese researchers warn of the risks of using blood from mRNA COVID vaccine recipients, highlighting potential deadly effects and the need for urgent action to secure the global blood supply
  • Blood contaminated with prion-like structures from the spike protein raises the risk of inducing fatal neurodegenerative diseases in recipients. The potential transmission of harmful proteins through exosomes ("shedding") and the risk of autoimmune diseases due to the vaccines' mechanism and components like lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are other major concerns
  • Proposals for managing blood collection include rigorous donor interviews, deferral periods, and a suite of tests to ensure the safety of blood products
  • The researchers advocate for comprehensive testing of both jabbed and unjabbed individuals to assess the safety of blood products and suggest discarding blood products contaminated with spike proteins or modified mRNA until effective removal methods have been developed
  • They call for suspending all gene-based “vaccines” and conducting a rigorous harm-benefit assessment in light of the serious health injuries reported. They also urge countries and organizations to take concrete steps to address and mitigate the already identified risks

In a recent meta-analysis1,2 posted on, Japanese researchers warn of potentially deadly risks to patients who receive blood from people who have taken mRNA COVID jabs and call for urgent action to ensure the safety of the global blood supply. According to the authors:3

“… many countries around the world have reported that so-called genetic vaccines, such as those using modified mRNA encoding the spike protein and lipid nanoparticles as the drug delivery system, have resulted in post-vaccination thrombosis and subsequent cardiovascular damage, as well as a wide variety of diseases involving all organs and systems, including the nervous system ...

[B]ased on these circumstances and the volume of evidence that has recently come to light, we call the attention of medical professionals to the various risks associated with blood transfusions using blood products derived from people who have suffered from long COVID and from genetic vaccine recipients, including those who have received mRNA vaccines, and we make proposals regarding specific tests, testing methods, and regulations to deal with these risks.”

Blood From Jabbed Donors May Pose Risk to Neurological Health

 many countries around the world have reported that so-called genetic vaccines, such as those using modified mRNA encoding the spike protein and lipid nanoparticles as the drug delivery system, have resulted in post-vaccination thrombosis and subsequent cardiovascular damage, as well as a wide variety of diseases involving all organs and systems, including the nervous system ...

In my view (remember I do no get paid or accept donations< I write to express my views based on my research and I maybe wrong I leave your acumen to say yea or nay) I feel and that the perpetrators that is the original science of the mRNA not that there is such a thing as mRNA there is, but the enhancement for its original purpose not those who got the Nobel prize for the Covid vaccines.

However I suspect that the scientists working at B4 (A biosafety level (BSL), or pathogen/protection level, is a set of biocontainment precautions required to isolate dangerous biological agents in an enclosed ...) who in some are making or developing weaponizes viruses like the original HIV at Fort Detrick in Texas I feel developed this alarming 'aftermath' deliberately because the first Covid was done too hastily and the Great Reset ah la WEF, WHO and UN did not 'cull enough of us'  so now the follow up as in the link. This is in fact the NEXT PANDEMIC and why people who are dying and had been healthy are dropping, especially young atheletes. Plus the rise in sepsis by 85% since Covid vaccinations and the withdrawal of the Johnstone and Johnstone vaccine, Astrovenica.

from article;

Suspected thrombo-embolic events in AstraZeneca patients

  • Age range
  • Overall number of cases
  • Number of fatal cases
  • 18-29
  • 31
  • 7
  • 30-39
  • 49
  • 10
  • 40-49
  • 112
  • 17
  • 50-59
  • 108
  • 21
  • 60-69
  • 62
  • 11
  • 70-79
  • 40
  • 7
  • 80-89
  • 6
  • 3
  • 90-99
  • 2
  • 1
  • Unknown
  • 35
  • 4

Number of UK suspected thrombo-embolic events with concurrent thrombocytopenia ADR cases received for the Covid-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca by patient age up to and including 23 November 2022 Source: Gov.UK

I am one of those who has joint and bone problems from the above and there are some many thousands from the above and we are suing the authorities, as I am 85 and the litigations take such a long time with lawyers making millions as the case goes on its likely I will never get any justice or compensation its not compensation its the pain and a new hip I may need to live out my remaining years with less pain and discomfort.



To save yourself the trouble of reading the long link below here are a few salient points;

1)Articles 1, 42,43

The amendments in the IHR (International Health Regulations) make WHO proclamations , which are currently advisory, legally binding for all its members, undermining national sovereignty.

2)Article 2

The amendment's give WHO's legislative powers overriding elected governments even in 'potential rather than actual emergencies'.

3)Article 3

The amendments remove the paragraph to have 'respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people.

4)Article 36 

WHO would be able to censor 'misinformation' or 'disinformation'.  Annexe 1 

5)Article 18

WHO would be given authority to enforce testing, tracing, and quarantines and to mandate and demand proof of medicines and vaccines.

6)Articles 18,23,24,27,28,31,35,36 and 44

WHO would get authority to roll out mandatory global health certificates. Annexes 6 and 8.

7)Article 13A

WHO would seize control  of countries means of production requiring products to be supplied as directed by the WHO

8)Article 44A and Annex 10

Countries would be obliged to provide WHO with billions of of of pounds / dollars for funding the Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex and IHR 'infrastructure' at the point of entry into the country. 

courtesy UN 2

Reading between the lines; All the failures that the lockdowns, vaccine injuries and refusals, the censoring against scientists, failures and corruption now can be exempted because EVERY COUNTRY THAT SIGNS UP TO THIS POWER GRAB WILL BE FORCED TO OBEY THE WHO as the ultimate authority 'like it not you will be forced to have whatever vaccine or medicine they recommend, they were and are voting on this this May 24 2024 just gone, they kept these agendas out of the media--- I wonder why? 

I heard a whisper through the grapevine that the Japanese Authorities are not happy with the proposed WHO agenda changes, could it be that the research as above influenced them? 

Should the WHO agenda changes, the power grab changes come in then this is the wedge in the door for the UN(which we have seen lately is toothless and ineffective and the International Court of Justice) did at least try but they are all financed by Multibillionaires and not duly elected, they elect themselves through huge money donations and expect to be rewarded not by free elections and population approval, no by their whim's for power and lust with greed.


The image above is just one of the multibillionaires growing to be trillionaires who are controlling our society.

In the link above it is not plain sailing for the Agenda change at WHO. Reading between the lines they want a TOTAL take over and usurping all individual medical authorities in every country to obey their law and judgement over every medical issue------good pickings for the billion and trillion 'ares' and BIG PHARMA and the dishonest scientists becoming the new priests and highest authorities. With all that above from what I can deduce and hear many are not trusting doctors and politicians as much as they did.


Courtesy World Stage 4

Originally composed of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, BRICS added Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates at the beginning of 2024. Since then, 15 more countries have signaled interest in admission, including Bahrain, Belarus, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Senegal and Venezuela. 

Originally composed of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, BRICS added Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates at the beginning of 2024. Since then, 15 more countries have signalled interest in admission, including Bahrain, Belarus, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Senegal and Venezuela. ( read more in link these are a few snips)

The expanded BRICS makes up about 30% of the global economy and a population of around 3.5 billion, or 45% of the world’s total. It also accounts for over 40% of the world’s oil production.

According to the International Monetary Fund, BRICS currently accounts for as much as 36% of global GDP in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), compared to just over 30% for the G7. BRICS aims to overtake the G7 in nominal global GDP over the next four years, the head of the New Development Bank (NDB), Dilma Rousseff, said in February.

Courtesy WSJ  (Globalist Agenda) 5

Many times in back articles I mentioned BRICS such as Wednesday 18 March 2015 POST 211 'AMBIGUITY' and mentioned this maybe the cause that the USA more like the elite Globalists the New world Order and their buddies, the cabal trio that is now WHO, WEF, UN  and the Bilderberg's  and add the list of billionaires and power brokers anon. I have stated that this maybe a leading cause in the tensions around the East -West debacle.  

Courtesy from link below

The CIA,MI6 and other countries use their secret services to infiltrate, use clandestine and illicit strategies, so what's new in this field? NADA, just more sophisticated with digital and super surveillance. 

A song by Sir Tom Jones to perhaps sum it all up and  lighten the mood;

OH and this to show the power of the Universe and Nature;

ROCKS AND SOIL ELECTRIFIED BY THE SUPERSTORM: Across the USA on May 10th and 11th, sky watchers marveled at bright displays of aurora borealis during the biggest geomagnetic storm in decades. Little did they know, something was also happening underfoot.

Strong electrical currents were surging through rocks and soil. The biggest voltages along the US eastern seaboard and in the Midwest were as much as 10,000 times normal. A map from NOAA and the US Geological Survey shows some of the 'hot spots' during the early hours of May 11th:

Back in March 1989, voltages only a little stronger than the ones shown above brought down the entire Hydro-Québec power system. The resulting Great Québec Blackout plunged millions of Canadians into darkness.

This time, however, power grids stayed up. "We haven't heard of any serious problems so far," reports Christopher Balch of NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center.

Balch leads an effort at NOAA to model geoelectric fields during solar storms. The map, above, is a snapshot from a real-time display that takes into account the 3D conductivity of the Earth and ongoing geomagnetic activity. A computer at the Space Weather Prediction Center crunches the data to produce minute-by-minute estimates of electricity in the ground.

"I started working on this in 2011 after a NOAA Space Weather Workshop where representatives from the power industry asked for a geoelectric field model," recalls Balch. "It's a collaboration between NOAA, the US Geological Survey and others; we now have a version that covers much of Canada and the United States"

A power blackout (left) and transformer damage (right) during the March 1989 storm.

When researchers talk about geoelectric fields they use units of volts per km (V/km). Earth's crust naturally contains quiet-time fields measuring as little as 0.01 V/km. During geomagnetic storms, these values skyrocket.

"On May 10-11, geoelectric amplitudes exceeded 10 V/km in Virginia and 9 V/km in the upper Midwest," says Jeffrey Love, a key member of the collaboration at the USGS. "These are very high. For comparison, we estimate that geoelectric amplitudes reached almost 22 V/km in Virginia during the March 1989 storm."

This means the May 2024 storm was, electrically speaking, about half as intense as the storm that blacked out Québec 35 years ago. That's too close for comfort. "Although power companies have taken measures to improve the resilience of their systems, no one would welcome another storm as intense as that of March 1989," says Love.

Realtime electric field maps are published 24/7 on the NOAA website. During the next geomagnetic storm, click here to see what's happening underfoot! (Courtesy


I sometimes wonder if some of us are non human?

Be Well



Cellphone-free community forming


Arthur Firstenberg 

11:36 (7 hours ago)
to me

After a year and a half of planning, the twenty-first century’s first cellphone-free community is forming in Central America. Called Intentional Sanctuary Lifestyle Alternative (ISLA), it is located on 40 acres on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. It is a small part of a 2,500-acre gated real estate development called Gran Pacífica, surrounded by rolling hills and teak forest and within walking distance to miles of volcanic lava sand beach.
So far, 83 homes are planned to be built under the supervision of a Certified Building Biologist to minimize chemicals and wireless radiation. Cell phones, WiFi, wireless mice and keyboards, AirPods, smart watches, wireless printers, and all other wireless devices will be prohibited in public and private spaces throughout the property. Interest is growing, and prospective home-buyers have already invested 1/4 of the amount needed to break ground and begin building. There is space for up to 200 homes in the future. The architectural designs for the property include a salt water pool, yoga center, and space for shared permaculture gardens.

Accommodations near the beach have been recently mitigated to be safe and comfortable (low EMF) for investors interested in visiting ISLA.

As of January 1, 2024, Starlink is not allowed to operate in Nicaraguan air space.

For more information, contact Karen Rich at
Arthur Firstenberg 
P.O. Box 6216
Santa Fe, NM 87502
[email protected]
+1 505-471-0129
May 28, 2024

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