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Bring me sunshine, bring me love, a popular song sung a lot by two British Comedians, and greeting friends to warm sunny days, and warmth in your heart.
Another myth busted:

Forget what they tell you: sunbathing is good for you and your heart

Forget all the advice you’ve heard about staying out of the sun.  The benefits of sunshine far outweigh any increased risk of skin cancer, say researchers who believe current ‘safe sun’ guidelines need to be rewritten.
Exposure to the sun’s UV rays lowers blood pressure, and this can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, and can even prolong life, say researchers from Edinburgh University.
The benefits of sun exposure far outweigh any risks because heart disease causes 80 times more deaths than skin cancer, they say.
Just an hour’s exposure to the sun dramatically reduces blood pressure by releasing nitric oxide, a compound that affects cardiovascular health.
The researchers now want to look at the risks of sunbathing over different periods of time.  If they still find that sunbathing has a positive effect on heart health, the current safe sun guidelines will need rewriting, they say.
(Source: International Investigative Dermatology conference, Edinburgh, May 8-11, 2013).

Although the sun is extremely beneficial, some precautions are needed.
MAKE SURE THE SUN CREAM IS SAFE. SOME SUN CREAMS HAVE CHEMICALS IN THEM THAT INTERACT WITH THE SUN AND CAUSE SKIN CANCER {information can be obtained from}. If you have fair skin, go out early in the morning sun and only take 10 mins and build up or late evening sun, at the slightest sign of reddening cover up or go inside. Build up 1 min per day.

The last twenty years I have attended the eye clinic at my local hospital for a complaint that so far has not responded to complimentary medicine, but has assisted me in reducing the drops needed, the clinicians tell me off for being honest and informing them I only take half the amount, and every other day. They say it is impossible that the readings are so good and at my age. 
My local GP is a super chap, and we are on first names, he has prescribed medication for a heart problem, my friend who is a leading cardiac vascular consultant disagrees with my GP. I do not take the medication and do exercise and diet and I disagree with the way the blood pressure and arrhythmia with  BMI are calculated and much research for older folk needs to be revised.  I have blogged on this many times.  

Both the hospital, the opticians and my GP worn me not to go into the sun too much or not at all as it will make me too hot and affect my heart, or make my eyes worse and to put on huge black outed sun glasses.  I go to a local solarium and they have safe sun beds and stand ups, I caught the some of the doctors from the hospital in there and they shamefacedly told me that they have to follow NHS guidelines as does my doctor, and if they said OK and something happened, they could be sued. There is a gradual relaxing, reluctantly and being dragged by the scruff of the neck realising the issues of the elderly, sun exposure and old held myths are melting.
Of course Big Pharma would encourage creams, and also drugs for all the above.

The Doctors waiting room
My doctor as said above is a very caring gentle man. I have great respect for him as he allows me to have leniency whereas many other doctors would have chucked me out, which they can do. He listens and when I shock him with my views he quietly says 'as long as we respect each others views then we will get along' . My view is I may need surgery, medication some day, be hospitalised and I would go if needed. I have not a thing against alopathic medicine, however, I do bulk at its singular approach when other less aggressive means can be employed. 
Dear David is worried that I may drop dead, have a stroke or be disabled because of the diagnosis he has determined. I am a fatalist if you like. At present I feel fit and well as my 75 years young body allows me. I do not feel to live to a goal of say 80, 90, 100 years and be bedridden, maimed or in a wheelchair. How long is long? I am reasonably content now and having had a NDE all those years back, dying, death and whatever is OK for me. I would like many years on this Earth merely to see how the elite/illuminati grab the world and hold it tightly in their grubby little fat hands, or the counter balance Earth Awakening transforming energies redress the balance.  Maybe if there is crustal tectonic spin, the sun does a number, pollution is irreversible or maybe a miraculous something wonderful.  
However, I know and observe Life in a body in which is form and  is transient, here today and gone forever, so just enjoy the moment, do not freeze life and control it, let the film roll  cameras ready  mind alert and go for it. As my old Sensei would say ' Participation is all that is required, cannot always win, cannot always, lose, cannot always draw, only necessary to enjoy'.

Everyday medications cause dementia-like effects within 60 days

Starting to get a little forgetful?  Don’t blame it on getting older—it is as likely to be caused by over-the-counter drugs you are taking for everyday ailments such as insomnia or poor digestion.
Medications with ‘anticholinergic’ effects cause memory loss and other mental functions within just 60 days, researchers have discovered.  Anticholinergic medications include prescription drugs for hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease and chronic lung problems as well as over-the-counter remedies for insomnia, poor digestion and antihistamines.
The drugs block acetylcholine, a nervous system neurotransmitter, but they also cause cognitive impairment, such as memory loss and general mental functioning.
Although the drugs’ effects have been known for some time, researchers from the Regenstrief Institute were surprised just how quickly the drugs can cause problems.  In a study of 3,690 older people taking anticholinergic medication, the researchers discovered that mental functioning began to be affected within 60 days.  As the drugs are so readily available, there’s a danger that people could be over-dosing and could even see their mental functioning decline more rapidly still.
(Source: Alzheimer’s & Dementia, 2012; doi: 10.1016/j.jalz.2012.02.005).
Perhaps another myth busted:

Salt may have no role in high blood pressure

Reducing salt in your diet will not help lessen the risks of high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. The long cherished belief that salt was a major culprit in raising blood pressure has been challenged by scientists.
Researchers from Copenhagen University reanalysed 58 studies that were carried out over a 30 year period until 1997. They concluded that, overall, the results did not support a general recommendation to reduce sodium intake. However, reducing salt in the diet could be used as a supplementary treatment in hypertension (JAMA, 1998; 279: 1383-91).{ Addendum please use sea salt, rock salt, celery salt or Himalayan Crystal salt, ordinary salt is just sodium chloride and has dangerous additives}
At one time salt was a very special commodity and was used for trade and other purposes.  In the bible there is a quote 'You are the salt of the Earth, and if salt loses its saltiness it is useless and thrown to the ground'.  To my mind it means if we are full of the spirit of compassion and care, and we lose that which we are , we become useless and should be helped or picked up and assisted, me being a not so very good example of what I have just said.

                             MMR: a still voice of reason 

Pity the poor parent trying to get anywhere close to the truth about the real dangers of measles and the safety of the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine in the wake of the media hysteria that has been sparked following the measles outbreak in South Wales.
Any voice of dissent or concern has been silenced in the media’s headlong rush to distance itself from its own headlines of 12 years ago which screamed, with a similar volume, that the vaccine caused autism.
To provide a more considered view, including the real facts surrounding measles and the MMR, WDDTY is making available its own definitive guide, The Vaccination Bible, for immediate download.
It includes the truth about the Wakefield saga, the research that’s carried on since his censure, and the real effectiveness – and dangers – of the MMR and all the other vaccines, too.

In cities across Vietnam, police attacked and detained bloggers and netizens participating in picnics in public parks that had been organized on Facebook for the purpose of discussing human rights.

Americans may think their email is private, but federal investigators may not agree. Documents uncovered by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) suggest the FBI is using subpoenas, not warrants, to read email.
You can see from the links above and the whole world issue on blogging, emails, and so on, that then 'rights' of free speech are getting tighter and more punitive.  It's ironic that ' Escape from Bahrain: blogger Ali Abdulemam is free
After more than two years in hiding, Ali Abdulemam, the globally renowned Bahraini blogger and free-speech advocate, is free in Europe after fleeing Bahrain.
Only to possibly get caught up in the net of the EU and USA fear and paranoia.  What are after all all the blogger's on about?  OK agreed some of us are wacky, totally wrong, conspiracy freaks, angry and feel things are deceitful and unjust.  Yes it can stir up people to be violent, HOWEVER, by repression, bottling up unsaid emotions, curtailing freedom, we see from prisons, it merely causes deep resentment AND THE very thing it was meant to curtail, fuels the rebellion in another way.  The more you push the cork down in the water, the more it bobs up somewhere else.
In many cases just letting people rant on the net will eventually die out. There will always be rebellion and revolution whether the net is there or not. If you go back in known history, we have had so many wars, long before the internet was born.

But I only wrote about poverty, war as insane and lack of human rights.

I never thought I would get beaten up by my own buddies or government 

I feel so lonely, isolated, nobody understands me, I feel so screwed up in my head.
Dear Reader, of course some people should be incarcerated  however, if we look and listen in Post 34 there is an attempt to correct the behavioural attitudes that caused offending. In my days as a therapist I heard those words above in the clasped hands so often.
Confusion caused by 'double blocker messages' from religion 'it is OK to maim and harm in the name of your God, your President, your Prime Minister, your boss, banker, parents, siblings, MEDIA roles in violent videos and super heroes'.  
Where is the moral compass? How do we define right or wrong? So many cultures, ideas, all in the mixing pot. What about heart listening, what about searching not for a set of rules, but for that deep inside knowing, that which is beyond belief, dogma, sets of principles, it is inherent in the Universe, It is that which guides nature, it is the innate Intelligence. HOWEVER, it does not necessarily bring material wealth and riches, power and glory. In short there is no cash in compassion.
As a therapist it is not easy when you know the act of violence in which the victim suffered or the perpetrator whose moral compass is to inflict pain and torture and believe the reward is in heaven for doing the work of God. This I have seen in all religions, cults and political ambitions. 

what set of values do you honestly feels rules your Life?
Dear Reader this is such a deep and fundamental Post, I leave you and continue with this in another post to follow on a similar theme. Until now my deep appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for your support and link in energetic mutual appreciation.  Until next.

Another Mystery? But Life is full of Mysteries. Life is a mystery in itself.
Hats off to this amazingly brave Lady.
 Look This Up On YouTube - "Why in the World are They Spraying?" Documentary ** 
At the 2013, Kristen Meghan, former Air Force Industrial Hygienist / Environmental Specialist gave a ground breaking presentation of what she had discovered about chemicals known to be in Chemtrails while serving her Country. Furthermore, she explains why she left the military after an attempt to silence her from speaking out on employee exposures from industrial sanding operations. This BRAVE young lady has put her livelihood / life on the line for U.S. Please take a minute to thank her and help U.S. by redistributing this Video and any other VALID information about Chemtrails to as many people as you can! This is a GLOBAL issue, other countries must get this information as well. "they" are spraying the majority of the population... Why?
At the 2013 Atlanta Music Liberty 
Fest, Kristen Meghan, former Air 
Force Bio-Environmental Engineer 
gave a ground breaking presentation 
of what she had discovered about 
Chemtrails while serving her Country.  

This BRAVE young lady has put her 
livelihood/life on the line for US. 
Please take a minute to thank her and 
help US by redistributing this video and 
any other VALID information about 
Chemtrailsto as many people as you can!  

This is a GLOBAL issue, other countries 
must get this information as well. "They" 
are spraying the majority of the population...
Why? {Thanks to Alexandra Bruce--forbidden knowledge.

Be Well. Geoff

Oh my, what next?

The British Geological Survey has reported that a 3.8 magnitude earthquake has rattled the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales.
The epicentre is being reported to be near Tudweiliog, about six miles west of Pwllheli, in Gwynedd.
It occurred at 4.16am, just off the coast, at a depth of 8km.  29th May 2013
Shaking of buildings was reported as far away as Counties Carlow, Kildare and Wicklow in Ireland.
In Britain, the tremor was felt in many communities in North Wales and even in Douglas, Isle of Man and Southport, Merseyside
The new Sars-like respiratory illness which has killed more than half of the people who have been infected with it is a "threat to the entire world", the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned.
Is this a genuine warning. 
As you see from 'Hats off to this brave Lady' it might be a genuine one and or are we starting the 'Big Pharma ' profit vaccine again?  You know they are manufacturing these things and as we have seen they will use it on innocent people. Chemtrails are a great way to drop to distribute these toxins. Remember world culling of people is a real agenda, but make them sick first and then milk the profits through medication and vaccines.
See Post 32 and scroll down to Kissinger
Please look at this interview with Jane Burgermeister. 
Experts raised concerns that the disease is "emerging faster than our understanding".
The WHO says that since September last year there have been 49 laboratory confirmed cases across eight countries which have resulted in 27 deaths, including two people in the UK.
Officials from the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia today confirmed a further five cases of the novel virus.
Earlier this week, WHO's director general said that Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, or MERS-CoV, is her "greatest concern".
In my years with Forensics I gathered enough information as to not be alarmed by naturally occurring viruses. In fact with decent natural food, clean air, a peaceful life, apart from childhood stuff of measles, chicken pox, colds many illnesses were not so rampant. It is with the 'advance'  of technology, electronic fog, chemtrails, exposure to long hours in offices to computers, TV at home, cell/mobile phones, GM foods, additives, sprays, pesticides, causing anxiety by world wars, austerity measures, poverty and the rest, that the human immune system is weakening. 
It was about November time when boffin's would release harmless bacteria into the underground tube railway network and see how far the air conditioning fans would take through the network, the excuse to see in the event of a terrorist attack how far would this travel before serious contamination or infection took hold.  They also found that these harmless bacteria mutated as people crowded together in packed trains, the heat and the existing health problems, such as smokers lungs and so on, dehydration, and I believe this still is the practice or up till recently.

When I travelled by these 'tube trains' the famous London Underground it was so packed together I could hardly breathe. Winter ti,e with people wearing  heavy clothing, perfume, aftershave, deodorants, all giving off airborne toxins. People with colds and so forth.  Probably the same in many places where commuters travel. Then air travel in which some companies have been fined for switching off environmental controls for a while in order to save fuel.

CT scans increase cancer risk in children by 24 per cent

Children who are given a powerful CT (computed tomography) scan—which delivers high doses of radiation—are more likely to develop cancer.  The CT x-ray increases the risk by 24 per cent, and the risk rises by an additional 16 per cent each time the child has a scan, researchers have discovered.
Overall, CT x-rays will cause 39 cancers in every 10,000 children scanned, and most may be among girls, who appear to be more vulnerable.  Children under the age of five years are also at greater risk of developing cancer up to 10 years after a CT scan, say researchers, although the risk may remain for the rest of the person’s life.
The cancer risk was highlighted by researchers who examined the medical records of 10.9 million children and adolescents aged up to 19 years, 680,000 of whom had at least one CT scan.
Although the researchers say the risk is small, their discovery does emphasise that CT scans should be used more sparingly and only in cases where it is absolutely necessary.
(Source: British Medical Journal, 2013; 346: f2360).
Residents asked to show photo ID during Bilderberg meeting
One of the  Lane's blocked off for the Bilderberg's meeting

British taxpayers to pay 'millions' towards secretive Bilderberg meeting security

Taxpayers are likely to have to pay millions towards the cost of policing the secretive Bilderberg meeting of the global elite due to gather in Hertfordshire next week.

London 2012: British Olympians' favourite hotels
The Grove Hotel in Watford. The town is an unglamorous location for this year's Bilderberg meeting. Photo: The Grove
The clandestine meeting of royalty, prime ministers and business chiefs is taking place in Britain for the first time since 1998, sparking fears of "violence and disturbance" by protesters.
The Bilderberg organisers, who include Tory Cabinet minister Ken Clarke, do not release a guest list but a roll-call of luminaries are expected to descend on a luxury Watford hotel from June 6, forcing police to step up security.
Hertfordshire police have refused to release the cost of security for the event, which has previously drawn anti-capitalist demonstrators in other locations around the world.
However, they are in talks with the Home Office about a grant for "unexpected or exceptional costs" that is only given out if it threatens the stability of the force's policing budget. The final bill would have to total more than one per cent of the police force's overall spend - or about £1.8 million - for the grant to be successful.
The invitation-only Bilderberg meetings are attended by around 140 members of the international elite.
Previous guests are thought to have included Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Prince Charles, Peter Mandelson, David Cameron and Queen Beatrix of Holland but the list of attendees is different every year.
The cloak of secrecy surrounding the meetings, which ban journalists from attending, has fuelled conspiracy theories that so-called Bilderbergers are planning global domination and world unification.
However, the event is most often likened to a political version of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which draws members of high society to discuss business and the economy.
Its steering commitee includes Mr Clarke, Cabinet minister without portfolio, Thomas Enders, chief executive of defence company EADS, and Peter Sutherland, the chairman of Goldman Sachs.
Some activists have decided to hold a Bilderberg Fringe Festival - described by its organisers as a peaceful weekend of speakers, comedy, music, workshops, arts and entertainment nearby. However, Dorothy Thornhill, the mayor of Watford, has raised fears that the summit could also bring "violence."
She told the Watford Observer: “I have my concerns about it because it does attract people who can and do cause violence and disturbance.
“But I am confident the police will be able to minimise that and give them their right to protest.
“I am ambivalent about whether this is a good thing. It’s potentially a positive thing as long as things don’t kick off.
Hertfordshire Police said the Bilderberg Group has agreed to contribute some of the cost of security, but taxpayers will have to cover the rest of the bill.
The force said it could not yet estimate the cost to the taxpayer of policing the event or whether it will need to draw on reinforcements from nearby forces.
"The organisers of the event are paying for a private security firm who will be providing security at the venue," the spokesman said.
"In addition, the organisers have agreed to contribute towards policing costs relating to the event.
"As we do not disclose the costs of operations prior to their event, we will not disclose the amounts at this stage."
The last time the Bilderberg Group met in Britain was in Turnberry in Scotland in 1998. This year's event will be at the Grove Hotel in Watford, which has been booked out for the duration of the conference from 6th to 9th June.
Residents living close to the Grove Hotel will have to show their passport to police officers before they can get to their homes during the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting.
The controversial meeting will see around 150 politicians, academics, business leaders and royals descend on the Watford hotel for a secret three-day conference from June 6 to June 9.
The event is expected to attract hundreds or even thousands of protestors to the area and has prompted what appears to be an unprecedented security operation by Hertfordshire Constabulary.
This meeting is not too far from where I live. I have no interest to see the 'goings on', they are serving a purpose, hopefully they are awakening people to the great injustice and one world government which they are trying to inaugurate.
It is said they are into rituals and so on. Watford, like Barnet where I live, has lots of history on esoteric matters, ley lines, power points and so on. It is said they Bilderbugs use these. Some friends who live near by say the place is already swarming with security, helicopters and so on.
David Icke in a brilliant video sets up the symbology, I used to go to Rome for one month for eight years and I have written about this in Post 24, and confirm David's findings.

I put this link in as sometimes the video above cannot be seen.
The Watford affair is just a show of power. It has been suggested that the 'bilderbugs' are losing power, there is even a press tent to show more transparency.
One wonders because David Banker Monsanto Cameron is being urged to come out of Europe and Monsanto getting so much protest and European Union of Monsanto announcing a slight easing of Austerity measures, the power show saying you cannot beat us, we own you, all soon will, i.e,  making English people show their driving licence and passport to access their own homes, is a bully show. After all they could have held their rituals and meetings away from a residential area.  Bloody cheek.

Wednesday 29 May 2013


Ho greetings and fun.
When we think of drugs as addictive and harmful have a look at this caption:
  • One in four teens has misused a prescription drug at least once in their lifetime, a 33 percent increase in the last five years
  • Many teens and their parents believe prescription drugs are “safer” than illegal street drugs, when in reality they are just as deadly – and often more so
  • 86 percent of teens said their parents had not talked to them about the risks of abusing prescription drugs
  • Signs of prescription drug abuse among teens include constricted pupils, sudden weight loss, unusually increased energy levels, changes in sleeping habits and changes in friends or personal appearance
So if the drug dealers 'the pushers' are getting at people then Big Pharma is as well and both making big money out of addiction and sick people.  Then go to soft drink pedlars, food additives and preservatives industry also these chemicals make one addicted and give the body a false 'signal', also making big money out of the cravings. The media augmenting videos of violence, explicit sex, grotesque monsters, newspapers, celebrity magazines, cosmetic surgeons all making money out of addiction and image promotion.  AND we fool ourselves by not being addicted and saying ' I have choice.  Do we/us / me?
Picture of a housing development in Mexico taken from a helicopter

MAY 8, 2013

Houses, Mexico

Photograph by Oscar Ruiz, Your Shot
This Month in Photo of the Day: The Stories Behind Your Shots
A few years ago when I was working as a helicopter pilot for a local radio station, we were required to fly around all of Mexico City chasing news and traffic. I remember flying up to the highway that connects Mexico City with the neighboring state of Puebla, and on my way back this housing complex that seemed to go on forever caught my attention. I decided to circle around to observe from up close what I later found out was the recently built San Buenaventura complex, which is located in Ixtapaluca, on the eastern outskirts of Mexico City.
The exceptional afternoon sun reflecting those thousands of recently painted small homes just looked so beautiful, and the lower I flew the better the angle, so I just got out my camera, opened the sliding window on my Bell helicopter, and snapped a couple of shots. —Oscar Ruiz
Courtesy of National Geographic.
This shot above says to me, one mind, one city, one world government, all neat, uniform, in control, nothing out of the ordinary. Control, patrolled, mind dead.  On the upside, a place to live, colourful and possibly safe.  Where has nature gone?

Commercial gardeners and farmers in Europe will soon be required to “grow, reproduce or trade” only vegetable seeds that have been approved by the EU bureaucracy.  Organic, small market gardeners and even those trying to achieve sustainable living at home will be breaking the new law if they grow unapproved plants and seeds.
Under the new directive—Plant Reproductive Material Law—a new bureaucracy will be created that will approve all plants and seeds that are sold and grown.  Every type of plant species will be governed by the Plant Variety Agency, which will have the power to approve agricultural plants, grasses, moss and flowers.  The agency will also create a register of gardeners who will be the only ones allowed to grow and sell the approved seeds.
Critics fear that the new legislation will see the end of organic and special varieties that have been developed by independent growers and ‘amateurs’, and the entire seed and plant market will be controlled by ‘Big Farma’ and suppliers such as Monsanto and DuPont.
Most herbal remedies will disappear from stores in the UK and across Europe from  May when new EU legislation comes into force.  Every single remedy from the Indian Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) traditions will also be barred.
Popular herbal remedies – including red clover and chasteberry for PMS, hawthorn for cardiovascular health and meadowsweet for arthritis – will be removed from the shelves on May 1.  
In all, just 79 herbal products – including valerian and Echinacea – will still be available, says the Alliance for Natural Health International, which is mounting a legal challenge to the EU’s Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive, responsible for the wholesale ban.
Under the directive, manufacturers had to licence their products, a process that costs up to £150,000.  Thus far, just 26 companies have licensed the 79 ‘approved’ herbal products, and pharmaceutical companies own one third of these.
However, not one single herb from the Ayurvedic, traditional Chinese or Amazonian traditions has been registered, and so will disappear from the shelves.  Traditional herbs that will go include arjuna and bibitaki from the Ayurvedic tradition,  Chinese goldthread and foxglove from TCM, and cat’s claw, Pau d’Arco and graviola from Amazonian medicine.
ANH’s executive Robert Verkerk is mounting the legal challenge on the basis that it is disproportionate, non-transparent and discriminatory.
The ANH has so far raised £60,000 of the £100,000 needed to fund the challenge in the High Court.  
The ANH can be contacted on its UK number: 01306 646600.
Can you now see the insidious link with the two clips above and uniform buildings above them. One seed, one think way, one food way.  Nature works with variety. Even a rose bush or sunflower have the same differences so to speak, all old village houses, cottages were not entirely symmetrical, lovely to see the shapes. A mind that does not have variance, an eye a spectacle of shape, colour, beauty is a stale stunted imprisoned mind.  The bureaucrats will of course live in their enclaves and have their nature, beauty and pure foods.

A populace dumb, asleep, ushered into complacency and totally brain dead fooling themselves they are smart and alive. I have met smart kids who quote apps, maths, and equations, and are robotic, metallic and without any vestige of emotion or compassion.  They know rage and domineering.  Smart arse little spoiled intellectual brats that eventually become ruthless 'principled bureaucrats'  They go to the best higher education while the populace go to overfilled unruly schools whose school meals comprise of lifeless slop and addictive cheap substances. Which make them hyper and angry .  The two ends of the pendulum producing emotionally cut off beings.

Amazing landing of a plane in Poland. 
Pilot lands the plane without wheels.
These two short 2 min videos show how the media fix things up.
Refers to the the girls incarcerated in Cleveland for many years.
There has been a number of cases  of women being held captive
and having babies by their captors. Austria, Russia, USA.
  • A recent study looking at the relationship between faith and effectiveness of treatment for depression found that those whose belief in God was stronger, regardless of the god or religious affiliation (including non-affiliation), were twice as likely to respond well to the treatment and experiencing better outcomes
  • Recent research suggests that certain types of depressive thinking can “go viral,” spreading to others living in close proximity. While “hopelessness” was not contagious, “ruminating” was
  • Along with a slowly increasing understanding of the role of spiritual faith can have in your physical- and mental health, energy psychology is also slowly but surely gaining greater acceptance
  • In one study of 100 veterans with severe PTSD, after just six one-hour EFT sessions, 90 percent of the veterans had such a reduction in symptoms that they no longer met the clinical criteria for PTSD
This is a French made amazing unusual 5 min video.
I will say no more, please look and be amused surprised 
and --what--eh--? 

A citizens inquiry into the UFO  cover up 7 mins.
by the USA.  A huge amount of investigations, witnesses
going on over the last five months.  Surely the governments
of the world cannot suppress this much longer--- can they? 
  • Modern, unhealthy lifestyles predispose you to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which may lead to liver cancer. Recent research suggests that regular exercise reduces the risk of developing liver cancer
  • Previous research has shown that breast- and colon cancer patients who exercise regularly have half the recurrence rate than non-exercisers, and the cumulative evidence strongly indicates that exercise really should be part of standard cancer care
  • Many recent studies have shown that exercise provides a level of protection against stress-related disorders and depression, and recent research demonstrates that these protective benefits are induced even if the exercise is forced as a mandatory part of a program, such as doctor’s orders, school curriculum or military service
  • Mounting evidence shows that our healthcare and clinical guidelines are based in large part on fraudulent studies that report untruthful results in order to accommodate the interests of corporations. In one review, scientists could NOT replicate 47 of the 53 published studies—all of which were considered important and valuable for the future of cancer treatments
Cooling Down After Exercise

  • Cooling down after exercise has long been promoted as a necessary step to help prevent muscle soreness and improve recovery, but new research suggests it does little to reduce muscle pain or improve recovery
  • A proper cool down does help lower your raised heart rate down to resting heart rate safely, and may also help you to simply unwind after an intense workout, easing the transition back to your normal level of activity
  • With no negative effects reported, and some potential benefit, even if it is merely psychological, if you enjoy cooling down you should continue, but if not, don’t worry about skipping it
I do stretching and the Chi Machine after workouts as it does seem to help me and keeps me from feeling sore and too tired next day, and I feel it helps my recovery.

Chi Machine

This is one of my specialist subjects and may I be an utter bore and refer you once again to a long but thoroughly worthwhile link by GCI, this is most important because one's health especially the heart and brain are deeply affected by Earth Field changes and interconnection:
We are one humanity, one planet, we are unity in diversity, perhaps we should create a world that works for everyone everywhere and not a self selected few. In this spirit I reach out energetically to clasp your hands in friendship and care.

Myth or fact?

Apparently shock waves felt in Central Moscow 

Fact or bluff?

This 2 min video made me think and feel I lived in one of Hollywood's horror sci-fi  movies. 
Dearest God alive what madness and assault on women and the feminine  energy next. 
The implications are massive. What happens if all genes are allowed to be privately owned? Complimentary cures maybe the only chance of a decent life or at least without suffering, knowing some company has blocked testing. 
Its not enough to kill the world's nature, to mine and extract, to log and alter food genes, as Monsanto claims that if their seed is blown onto your land, they have a legal right to that land.  
Canadian farmer's fight against Monsanto.
Will we have to fight to own our bodies? Well make your own mind up.

Be Well.  Geoff