Tuesday 30 July 2013


What a life and a very cruel saying when angry at someone 'oh get a life''. What is Life and how do we define it? Dear reader greetings and trust your life bode's well and I am so glad and honoured to greet you again. Although I do not know you, I trust you are a wonderful person experiencing your life in a way that fulfils you and those around you. In these troubled times, the beam of your smile, the love in your heart can uplift those less fortunate  and suffering. Something in the way we are is more important or has an effect more than words or deeds, although these are vitally important as well.
I was in meditation and it came across to me 'what is life'?  I have pondered this for many years and have blogged, posted, discussed done workshops, witnessed peoples lives in family, as a therapist, in forensics and so forth. Yet these were the experiences of life, the furniture in the room so to speak.
This new insight was deeper and nearer source so to speak.  Life Itself is basically an unknown 'force, energy,' yes it is that and yet still in the realms of the known, that is frequencies, vibrations, thoughts, concepts.  So Life is beyond all this and that, and it is a non definable whatever.  
Life is Life and because of this, this is what we are and am, we are trying to define the essence of ourselves which is mysterious. We know we are here because we experience ourselves and we know we came from out of  nowhere, like being dead asleep and waking up, and we know people die and disappear, and I will disappear as well.  
Then there are those that feel we live in another dimension as ourselves when we die and we are born from that dimension.
This is all experience as personality, a being of form albeit more subtle than our bodies. We also know from this Earthly experience we are only apparently solid.  SO before any personality trait was impressed on us by religion, culture, before babyhood, before and in the womb were we pristine, primordial, unformed?
Maybe emptiness?
Maybe the unknown may seem empty, devoid of shape, seemingly sterile and frightening to the known that we are.  And if one believes in reincarnation one merely comes back to reinvent the wheel, a modification of the old and perhaps being given a chance to break the mould. To be a new personality. However this can go on for a considerable while whilst we in form called time. So maybe the known is concerned with time and is time, that which we measure time by and the unknown is timeless.
By that then we might assume  that timelessness is formless, empty. 
The Road To Nowhere.
Maybe Nowhere is pure potential, invisible intelligence, the fount of creativity in which is the custodian of every possibility and probability, sounds a tad scientific, heaven forbid, then it is always spewing out from Itself, creative 'knowns'.  And perhaps this potential, this consciousness, this mind, this non local mind, is where Cosmic thoughts arise from and create through itself all that is.  And then reclaims it to Itself.
It would seem as form becomes aware of Itself, as a separate entity from the Unknown, it has no recollection of its intrinsic origin, it localises itself, a kind of solidification, it is compartmentalising itself, giving itself a local identity, which it clings to and clones itself by reincarnation. 
Who am I?
There seems to be a few types of self realisation. There are those who realise their bigotry or are in denial and become robotic, there are those in all modes of behaviour, some recognise or self realise their characteristics as some psychiatrists and therapists do and see in others, and depending on their training endeavour to insert one back to an accepted moral norm, a code of ethics designed for survival, a kind of handbook for survival, the manufacturer's instructions, and can be as we often find out like in flat pack assemble guide highly confusing, with parts missing, and not having the right tools. There are some who realise they are not who they thought they were.
Oy Veh 
What religion, what culture, what image, what politics, poor, rich, whatever.  You choose or are chosen to choose whatever your parents, mentors, whoever and however you /we are programmed, conditioned, brainwashed.  
So the local brain encased mind is formed and along with it solid, experienced reality, or so we think.  Someone comes along an upsets the apple cart, naughty quantum guys, solid neh, no way, and so panic to some, and then comes an experience perhaps a life threatening illness, an accident, a film, book, or just starting yoga, tai chi, meditation, suffering,  and or there must be more to life than this.  Just so many triggers.
Who am I? I am me,who is this Me?  Am I just a set of concepts, someone's hand me downs, a kind of old idea genetic disposition?  Am I more than this?  If so what is more than this and so on? One can go quiet bananas and definitely lose your mo jo. Distraction, distraction, help, alcohol, sport, sex(is that the number after five?)thrills, spills, you name it people pay millions for running away from that burning question.
I cannot lose my self programmed identity, I cannot die, I must be immortal.

Another Oy Veh.
Eventually we can come to contemplate the Universe, its vastness, its sheer incomprehensible size, yet this is a form explanation, because emptiness has no comprehensible size, definition and is outside the brain so to speak, it is non local.
So it is not definable, immeasurable, incomprehensible, dimensionless, unexplainable, it is in fact the unknown, HOWEVER it is the very fact that it is space, not the space of scientists in which particles still reside, dark matter and all That, it is in fact where all That arose from, it is from this unknown that the unknown is known, and from the known to the unknown the absence of light brings night, the appearance of light brings day.
This we see and understand, although a miracle.
However, the day, the hour, cometh the hour, cometh the man, when the impeccable timing is right, it dawns on the person, I am beyond thought, beyond anything I can see, hear, touch , smell or think I am indeed a ---------something --------words fail me, I desperately search my mind for an explanation, something to hang onto, I write blog /posts, I present workshops, lecture, pontificate, I become a guru, a philosopher, a scientist.  Yet it does not satisfy me, something urges me on, I must know, I must, I must, another theory, build a bigger CERN Collider, get a Nobel Prize, another PH.D, wear my funny gown and hat, be somebody, important, people look up to me, I have arrived.  OY VEH.

An intellectual thorn
Yes I can understand philosophers, scientists who need to know that they know and what they know is the truth and stable, safe, and many now are dipping their toes into the unknown and recognising this is the end of the trail and withdraw hastily, haemorrhoidal flaring and butt clenching, I could lose my lucrative job, my position, my credibility, I will go mad, be a vegetable,  vegetate, become a nobody, so I go deeper in my studies, there must be a plausible rational logical explanation.  Yet if one is an honest researcher and not shun the seemingly impossible, unusual, then the QUEST, THE SPIRITUAL THORN takes over, and one never rests until WHO AM I IS FOUND.  Ramana Maharishi was once asked is there an answer to who am I? He said' when you no longer need to ask it'.
So one slides out of the quest not into a way, a cult, write a book, become a somebody, wear a persona, cultivate a mask, an impressionist, one becomes to realise that the unknown, the emptiness is awareness, it is consciousness, is LIFE, it is all right to drop thought, and allow one to dwell in the unknown emptiness and there is an OK, OK about it, and thought arises of itself and usually to do something in daily life, it is more spontaneous than a deliberation, one seems more simple, yet wise, living at a slower pace within brain activity, whilst around it may feel one is less ambitious, less thrustful and yet gets surprisingly a considerable amount done with less huff and puff.  So one begins to realise that potential is life(Capable of being but not yet in existence; latent: 
 Having possibility, capability, or power, this is potential)  One Realises that emptiness is potential, like a bullet in a gun.  All power is there and so Life is emptiness and one is merely a witness to that Life which issues out of and back to Its origin. Be Empty be life. So trusting the letting go, being the witness without bias and prejudice, the unbiased observer ah la natural, a non trying natural relaxed but highly dynamic witness is Life. The very act of witnessing is Life in Action.  Can one define awareness?  It is experiencing the experience.  Experience is the act of an event issuing from emptiness, and explosion from birth, and returning to its source. 

Who is the dreamer?
Can one ever find emptiness?  After all how can one find that which is not definable, invisible, non dimensional?  The solution 'ONE FINDS ONESELF' and who is this self, only one in delusion can answer that. If one looks inside the mind with eyes turned inwards, like listening to your 'head brain', thoughts seem to arrive from nowhere, and if pursued and perused without attachment, one allows them to drift like clouds and they subside into nowhere.  Here again we see or experience this nowhere everywhere phenomena. So one sees that to let go to the emptiness is not a vegetative state, that indeed the state of awareness is emptiness and that means Life is the emptiness and that emptiness is the witness of awareness. Is it possible to be an Eternal Being?  To me the comings and goings, the hither and thither, from fullness to emptiness is Eternal Life and the fulcrum, the dividing line on this see saw is the Witness and from the centre, from the midpoint which is the witness all is born and becomes dead, and in one way there is no birth or death for they are just complimentary aspects of the whole.

The tip of the Triangle is symbolically the witness.
My Sifu said that from Wu 'emptiness' came duality and then it went to the four corners, the eight directions and so forth. All the explanation above does not mean a fig, it just allows me the experience, another slide, another letting go, my hand / brain loosening its grip on my perceived indoctrination and unlearning my education of what reality and illusion maybe. 

For me I am loosening the grip of my childhood.
I see the world peoples seemingly floundering as our whole reality is floundering, squirming and like a person in quicksands desperately trying to get out, only makes it worse by struggling. Our mind patterns are worn out, tired, not working are not efficacious. We need to stop struggling to let the stillness, the quiet, the peace saturate us, become empty of fear and worry, trust in who we are and honour that.
So many crying for help, scared and have no way out.
The beggars, the houses being repossessed, the despondent, the youth of today who are drug fuelled, laden with additives, wild images, electronic bombardment, all these are wake up calls to go back to WHAT?  History has shown we have repeats, reincarnations of slavery, the rich, the poor, the wars.  Many are looking for a new way--- but what is that way?  who is going to lead us, where is the Messiah, the knight in Shining White Armour? 
The Knight is inside our minds, transparency, care, sharing, respect, feeling grateful and so on. It is a matter of choice, forget the celebrities, the corrupt political hypocrites who say one thing and do another.  Be still, be quiet, be alone in your 'head' be not afraid,  watch your thoughts, breathe, let the itching body rest, let sleep go, stay alert, watch, watch, shun not, encourage not, watch the raging mind wanting to escape into distraction, stay with it, be a spiritual Samurai, this being a gentle but determined passively active watcher of yourself as you sit and look, listen and learn about yourself.  Sitting quietly there is an experience whereby the darkness of the mind is found, like a dark blank sheet, this is sometimes a precursor to a widening of the darkness like an iris opening, the shadows of the darkness recede like the sun evaporating the blackness and as the shadows withdraw, gradually creeping along the ground of consciousness, a beautiful dawn approaches, a quiet bubbling joy, like soft dew, there is an exquisite  joy, a radiance soft and pearly and shot through with mirth and yet a quiet assurance that all is very, very well indeed.  It is here that one learns of love, caring, agape, unconditional beingness, it is not taught or instilled, it is direct from source, and it this that all and everyone is bathed in that transforms the collective unconscious and the world ethos into a new era.  This is indeed could usher in the golden age.

Resistance is said to be that which opposes change? Maybe Starman would be better to fall into the unknown than to give in to that which will bind him to a false path.
Then, then, then, quietly and yet suddenly, a trap door opens, the mind seems to expand into a still dynamic inner and yet everywhere space and at last you have found emptiness, there is nothing there. However you are there a nameless witness, a watcher on the threshold, perched between form and no form and you are both and none at the same time. 
Be the emptiness we all are, for there is but one of us and in that emptiness we dissolve are just one. Your emptiness is the same experience as mine------the truth is my, ours, theirs, I, me us, yours all these fade away and there is only -------?
From the temporary form that is Geoff.  Be Well.

Sunday 28 July 2013


By a babbling brook, hello friends I hope your life is like the babbling brook, bringing you natures nurture. My late Father used to hum, sing and whistle this a lot, and he actually met Donald once or twice when he visited the working man's club in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. High Wycombe was famous for its chair factory.  This song was very popular then.  In this video there is the old vinyl or plastic 78 record.  Incidentally the late Glen Miller gave a concert in the Guildhall before he disappeared Post 11.
My Father used to whistle and sing this song way back.
He was born Donald Rhys Hubert Peers in the Welsh mining town of Ammanford. His father was a colliery worker and a prominent member of the Plymouth Brethren who disapproved of the variety theatre, and never heard or saw his son work. Donald's family were hoping he would become a schoolteacher, but he had other ambitions and left home at the age of sixteen to live his life elsewhere.
Donald travelled around the country working as a house painter and, for a time, went to sea as a mess steward on ships. He met his wife in 1930 in Richmond, North Yorkshire and they had a daughter Sheila in 1931. He joined a dance band as a singer and continued his day job as a painter. His first BBC Radio broadcast took place on 17 December 1927, with the popular comedy duo, Clapham and Dwyer. One of his songs he sang was, "In a Shady Nook by a Babbling Brook", which became his most requested song and, later, his signature tune. His London debut took place in a revue at the Bedford Theatre in 1929. He struggled on until 1933 when, after an appearance on the BBC Music Hall programme, he got a recording contract with HMV Records.
Donald Pears.
Where do I wander in springtime, 
when the violets say "Howdy do"?
Where do I go in the summer, 
when the skies are so peaceful and blue?
Where do I go every morning,
And linger the whole day through?
Where do I go when the stars are aglow
And dream of the byegones and you? In a (To chorus)
shady nook, by a babbling brook, 
'mid the flow'rs, I spend hours, ev'ry day;
that old shady nook, and that babbling brook, 
they're my mem'ry's book, since you're away. 
I can hear the strain, of the bird's refrain, 
but it's not the same, since you have left me;
in a shady nook, by a babbling brook, 
that's where I fell in love with you. 
Dear Reader you may wonder 'why on Earth is Geoff rambling on down memory Lane when he is always on about leaving the past behind and so on'? Well I feel it is all right to  have memories as one  long as one does not dwell in them and as I hear my neighbours say ' Oh for the good old days', and when I was in my teens I heard neighbours say the same thing then.  There is a way to have memories and yet not live in them not by suppressing them, but by being aware of the emotions and allowing them to surface then I have felt they drift away and just become factual.  It happened, it was a cloud in the sky and it passed.
I used to sit in trees in our orchard after my NDE and in the nearby recreation ground where I fell in the river that caused my NDE see Post 11.  I used to go over to the 'rec' even at that young age, folks were more trusting in the town and outside, and sit by a babbling brook.  This came up this time 06-07-13 talking to a neighbour who brought up Donald's name of which I hadn't heard or remembered for yonks(Informal a very long time; ages I haven't seen him for yonks-- origin unknown). 
Babbling brook
This on returning home sent my head so to speak into a deep reflective state, then I fell into a kind of reverie, and then into a deep, deep, profound stillness accompanied by a hushed quietness.  I felt the brook alive and chortling, a merry child like gleeful chuckle and it grew into a lovely experience.
Suddenly I felt my DNA and the twisting turning spirals, glistening gold helix's, sinuous like snakes embracing one another as in their mating rituals.  The helix's gave off star like speckles, like fluff being borne in the wind, landing hither and thither.  They seemed to settle and when they did they turned into cells in my body, each cell was joined  or underpinned to a spring which seem to 'bubble up' from the emptiness of space, it seemed to come from nowhere, yet this nowhere was the fount, the quantum space, a kind of zero field, pure potential.
I could feel this Life force entering into the cells, I could 'hear' it whispering like a soft wind, its life renewing and informing energy. It is as if the energy was 'the voice in the wildness of my soul'. I had no idea who me was or is, I was a delighted viewer and danced in the heart of the beingness that was before me, I was in it, from it and yet apart and yet joined, intimately connected and at the same moment completely uninterested and yet profoundly moved. 
I felt the joy of living, and I knew there was no death, only the death of the form that this energy, this bubbling brook sustained for as long as its mysterious purpose served.
The realisation came that time was an illusion. Of course intellectually I had known this.  As long as there is a form, there is time.  As long as the wave arises from the sea, there is time.  When the wave recedes into the ocean, the ocean of being, when the bubbling spring ceases to nourish the form, time is not evident. The ocean of being, the emptiness where it all arises, where the waves, the bubbles, the spring effervesces from its source, cease their eternal activity, to die out to be reborn ' oh great sun why are you setting? My dear only to rise again' an adaptation from a Sufi saying. 
Fir Tree
So this great experience was preceded on the  5th July 2013 whilst sitting on the loo, I suddenly became aware of my body, as if an inside outside viewer and it seemed I was transformed into the type of tree above, and yet it was vegetable like, I could feel it grow, it was slow and yet comparably fast, again all at the same instant. I  was this highly amused interested witness that was aware of the 'force field' as it were, like a shower of many faceted particles, dancing like fireflies, speckles in steam, and I sensed a mighty intelligence in this.
I was a bemused witness and wondered at this miracle, and how did it appear out of nowhere, like the conjurer's trick, and the miracle of its creation, and yet I knew I had created it, and  yet the paradox, the Cosmic Koan, the Universes conundrum, the absurdity, the very enigma, WAS the source of creation. Without the mystery life becomes plain, stalemate, stagnant, so create a mystery and if it 'catches' one's attention then it fires one up. THE TRICK is there never is an answer, only temporary apparent solutions, and then one finds out, yeah that's OK for now, a true artist raves over their latest, then after a while, perhaps there is something new to do, after all I am an artist.
A true creator is always dissatisfied and yet delighted. In the Unversal scheme of things, the mystery can never be solved as there would not be eternity.  Since space, awareness, intelligence is invisible, there is no end to its capacity, indeed space has no form, no boundaries, it is potential, it is consciousness and produces from itself all there is, and all there is, is 'an idea' in the vault of space. Now you see it, now you don't. For in that emptiness is every possibility and probability waiting to be born and eager to die. 
All this can come from sitting on the loo and chatting idly with a neighbour, not at the same time mind you, I do have my modesty. Life is indeed so simple and complex.  For simplicity is Nature at work and betrays the hand that created it.


Ain't that right Tony? Ain't that right Blair buddy and 'flatmate', Charlie boy?
The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday
For people to understand the world they are living in they have to grasp the true nature of what is called 'The State' all over the world. 'The State' is not there for the benefit of the population because 'The State' is an organised crime syndicate and operates in the same way.
Crime syndicates can only function by employing criminals and others who are terrified of the consequences of defying the orders of the criminals. The State is just the same. Crime syndicates survive by destroying the opposition and killing anyone with the knowledge and inclination to bring them down. The State is just the same.
The great advantage that State organised crime has over the other variety is that while crime syndicates can have insiders on the payroll within the police here and there the State owns the police, the military and the intelligence networks. This makes them Super Crime Syndicates with those officially charged with protecting the people from organised crime being employed by the ultimate in organised criminality.
The State not only owns and controls those who engage in its criminal activities - like the murder of David Kelly - but also those who are supposed to investigate the crime and find the criminals. It also largely owns the media that is reporting the crime and so the official narrative is the one that dominates public perception.
But with David Kelly the official story is so outrageous and his death so perfectly timed to benefit the invasion of Iraq that there is widespread public opinion that Kelly was murdered to shut him up and there is good reason for this view because he was. (Courtesy of David Icke)  I MET DAVID KELLY A FEW TIMES. I DO KNOW THE INS AND OUT'S OF THIS CASE AND WILL REFRAIN FROM BEING PERSONAL AND WHISTLE BLOWING COMMENTS AS THIS IS MOST SENSITIVE.

Dr David Kelly: doctors start legal action for new inquest

Six senior doctors have begun legal action to force a new inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly, the scientist who died days after being exposed as the source of a controversial BBC storyhe action is being taken because six doctors are convinced that the original verdict of suicide is unsafe and should be overturned.

Some suspect that Dr Kelly, 59, was murdered shortly after it was revealed that he was the source of a BBC story which alleged that evidence against Iraq had been "sexed up" by the Government in order to justify the 2003 invasion.
The body of Dr Kelly, who was a UN weapons inspector, was found more than six years ago in woods near his Oxfordshire home after he went out for a walk. His wrist had been slashed. He also had painkillers in his bloodstream, although not at a lethal level.
At the time of his death, Dr Kelly was under pressure because it had emerged that he had provided confidential information for the BBC story.

However, in a 13-page dossier prepared as the basis for the legal action, the doctors argue that the bleeding from Dr Kelly's ulnar artery in his left wrist is "highly unlikely" to have caused his death. They say a number of studies have shown that it is unusual for a patient to die from a single deep cut to the wrist. 

http://www.globalresearch.ca/ten-years-ago-the-death-of-dr-david-kelly-murdered-on-the-orders-of-her-majestys-government/5343229  (BECAUSE THIS IS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN IT SAYS A LOT AND MOST OF WHAT I FEEL, I'LL LEAVE IT AT THAT)
Amazing new engine and craft The Skylon.
About time.  One of many not caught I suspect
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has said that some of its executives inChina appeared to have broken the law as part of a major bribery scandal that has ensnared the UK pharmaceutical firm.
The company also said that new proposed changes to its operations would result in lower prices of its medicines in China.
"Certain senior executives of GSK China, who know our systems well, appear to have acted outside of our processes and controls which breaches Chinese law," the firm's head of emerging markets, Abbas Hussain, said in a statement.
Mr Hussain, who was sent to China last week to lead GSK's response to the crisis, held a meeting with the Ministry of Public Security at which he also promised to review GSK's business model.
"Savings made as a result of proposed changes to our operational model will be passed on in the form of price reductions, ensuring our medicines are more affordable to Chinese patients," Mr Hussain added.
GSK initially denied any wrongdoing when police first announced an investigation into the company's Chinese operation.
Authorities alleged that more than £200m was funnelled to hundreds of travel agents in  the country, which was then given to doctors, hospitals and health foundations as travel kickbacks.
Chinese police last week accused GSK of bribing officials and doctors to boost sales and raise the price of its medicines in China.
They said GSK transferred up to 3bn yuan (£232m) to 700 travel agencies and consultancies over six years to facilitate the bribes.
Four senior Chinese executives from GSK have been detained and it said it was deeply concerned by the allegations, which it called "shameful".
In a statement, China's Ministry of Public Security said Mr Hussain apologised for the scandal during the meeting.
Mr Hussain was dispatched to China by chief executive Sir Andrew Witty, along with the group's global head of internal audit and a senior legal official on Friday, according to sources.
The CEO is expected to further detail what action the drugmaker is taking in response to the bribery allegations when he presents quarterly results on Wednesday.
The company has run into problems despite conducting up to 20 internal audits in China each year, resulting in the sacking of dozens of staff for misconduct.
In 2012, GSK dismissed 312 staff for policy violations worldwide, according to its annual corporate responsibility report, of which 56 were in China.
There has been widespread speculation that other multinational drug companies would be drawn into the corruption investigations.
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) - China's powerful economic planning agency which sets and enforces drug prices - has announced the sector.
The NDRC said it would establish a web platform to monitor the pricing behaviour of drugs distributors, but has so far given few details.
Since 2000, the NDRC has made three rounds of adjustments on the maximum retail prices for medicines, the agency said in a statement posted on its website.
Those efforts were geared toward preventing a rise in prices.
"The next step is to establish an online platform for medicine factory price monitoring, and strengthen monitoring of distributors' pricing behaviour," the statement said, citing an unnamed official.
At one time back in 2008-9 there was a lot of talk about The New Madrid Fault in the USA. To be fair and another aspect of the FEMA issue as in Post 75A, FEMA do some charitable world work. However it is much like some motor companies that say they are saving wild life and the forests in certain locations, whilst polluting like hell in others, a neat distraction so it was thought this applied to the New Madrid Fault.
Magnetic potential map of the Reelfoot Rift
Reelfoot Rift and the New Madrid Seismic Zone in a 3D topographic image

The New Madrid Seismic Zone (pronounced /n ˈmædrɪd/), sometimes called the New Madrid Fault Line, is a major seismic zone and a prolific source of intraplate earthquakes(earthquakes within a tectonic plate) in the southern and midwestern United States, stretching to the southwest from New MadridMissouri.
The New Madrid fault system was responsible for the 1811–1812 New Madrid earthquakes and may have the potential to produce large earthquakes in the future. Since 1812, frequent smaller earthquakes have been recorded in the area.[1]
Earthquakes that occur in the New Madrid Seismic Zone potentially threaten parts of seven American states: IllinoisIndianaMissouriArkansasKentuckyTennessee and Mississippi
At the time of blogging this in energygrid, it did seem that a huge earthquake could erupt, so FEMA was preparing the coffins and such like, however since all the above 'camps' have been constructed the suspicion arises, that this may have been an excuse and distraction.  There were other events which gave alarm. More in this just scroll down :http://www.energygrid.com/destiny/geoff-freed/2011/05d.html  scroll down.  The other interesting facts at that time was the sinking of Japan's East Coast. Also  http://www.energygrid.com/destiny/geoff-freed/2011/07.html
Until next time. Keep grounded.  Geoff
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Friday 26 July 2013


Greetings.  This Post could be well named a trip to the underworld and back, well at least the first couple of paragraphs.
Some have named Pluto following  a description from NASA.

 Pluto's newly discovered moons now have names. Known previously as P4 and P5, the International Astronomical Union has now given the fourth and fifth discovered moons of Pluto the namesKerberos and Styx. The small moons were discovered in 2011 and 2012 by the Hubble Space Telescope in preparation for the close passing of the New Horizons spacecraft by Pluto in 2015. Keberos is named for the many headed dog in Greek mythology that guards the entrance to the underworld, while Styx is named for the goddess who overlooks the mythological river that runs between the Earth and the underworld. Both monikers are related to the name of Pluto, who rules the mythical nether region. Because their reflectively is unknown, the size of each moon is quite uncertain -- but each is crudely estimated to be about 20 kilometers in diameter. The robotic New Horizons spacecraft is on schedule to pass by Pluto in 2015 and provide the first clear images of the dwarf planet and its companions.
To go into mythology and what little I know of astrology and its esoteric inferences, may I take the liberty to pontificate my view. I firmly believe we are in Armageddon and this to me implies not so much the end and destruction, punishment and a curse on this civilisation for its evil manifestations. 
No, to me it is the end of a natural cycle, and like puberty and adolescence the en masse population is suffering from an extreme dose of hormonal imbalance to say the least.
New Horizons Spacecraft
By now you probably guessed my reasons, the magnetic pole shift, the solar planetary climate change, ice drilling's and fossil evidence and a host of other things.  However, it is sort of symbolic to say the least that as the Horizons Craft visits the underworld so to speak
the underworld symbolised by the 'evil' boo hiss Bilderbugs the  so called 'elite', who are are in my view a bunch of hormonal old men and cranky women bullying their young children and grandchildren, the young smart rich educated into a monetary haven, and to get  them there at all costs. These are the smutty sticky fingered well laundered expensive aftershave thousand dollar suit guys who looked up girls dresses and masturbated at nights in their expensive boarding schools, and the young spoilt princesses who went to finishing school in Switzerland and later on wore expensive Christian Dior perfumery, while their parents 'took the waters' in Royale and Vichy.  ( My late Uncle Ben used to take the waters at a region near Royale-les Eaux ) and he was a 'character' and told me of these folk as he was one of the 'Set' at that time.  I lived with my Aunt Milly and him for a while as a youngster and was being groomed for the role as they did not have any children. They both died and this set me free and as Mum and I were poor we then went from pillar to post as described elsewhere in back posts.

If I seem harsh on the elite, the same takes place in fervent religious sects, we see a mirror image in these to the elite in their own way, both are extreme, adamant, and hell bent on preserving their way of Life. Many a strict cult or religion see women as the devils temptress, provoking men to evil lust filled thoughts, many masturbate and in some religions this is a sin because its pleasurable and lures one away from Godliness and also spills precious seed that could have been a child, cover up the wicked women, circumcise their pleasure centre, the clitoris, I find this repugnant and abhorrent, male circumcision at least has hygiene as its excuse and a religious connotation, put the fear of God into the act and they will do it, I have had the procedure and I am not sure whether it is beneficial or not, as for a covenant with God, I have this without my willy being snipped.  The number of rapes in the UK that are done by immigrants that have not seen women in short skirts, bare waists and plunging necklines, that expose cleavage has increased.  ( There was a quip when mini skirts first arrived on the scene 'when the mini skirts meets the plunging neckline that's when I want to be about' ---- and a mini skirt is a pelmet board for genitals {changed slang word to genitals}the days of flared trousers, hippies, beatniks and flower power).
Like adolescents we want to explore more, more thrills and I feel evolution is pushing us to grow up or we will all perish or at least a lot of us. Like a drug fuelled youngster in a stolen powerful car, careering wildly out of control. (footage on TV of police chasing these alcohol / glue sniffers / drug users or just plain show off to gang members to impress the 'top man' are all too common)

Young Offenders cleaning up graffiti. 
In Sweden they used to and maybe still have large boards in the town for those who wish to do graffiti. I do not know whether this reduced the incidences elsewhere? They tried this in the UK, it did not work as the youngsters involved said they liked the thrill of doing and the chase, the hunt and also climbing to almost inaccessible places to do it.  The dare, the challenge.
Many of these younsters are making a statement 'look at me, I am a real person, see what I can do' the elite so called 'look at us we can do anything, rule the world, tread on anybody, anywhere' 'cults and religions 'look at us we have God on our side, you wicked sinful people will be punished, we are powerful and God is on our side, we glory in his name', celebrities 'we are rich, powerful, adored by the plebs who make us rich, poor deluded people, I was once like you, no more, I have power, fame, adoration'

Many times we over react or compensate for the unease in adolescence, we try to impress those around us, we are programmed and brain washed, in awkward and broken childhood situations we feel unloved and so capture an outside manifestation, 
the world will love me if I become famous, rich, a leader and yes there are some of these who are benevolent and have a balanced altruism.  This mask is a cover up in many situations for lack of self esteem, so we might go over the top and obtain 'false esteem' through an outside mode of operation.
This merely can make us hollow on the inside and like a predator that is constantly hungry, look for the love we never got, or didn't find and when this is not forthcoming we feel depressed and that useless feeling in lack of self esteem haunts us and we seek ever more greater and greater distraction to fill the lonely gap, whilst a smiling exterior masks the pain and anguish inside.
I have experienced this, seen it in patients, friends, and in celebrities, the real problem is the DENIAL, and so we never own the true feeling, we give it away or repress it. This then leads to a constant running away, a trampling down deeper into the vault of the unconscious, and now again a trigger causes the pain to rear up from the depths, like a horror movie monster and catches  us unaware and quickly we move to bury it again.
So we have the naughty, naughty USA looking up the skirts of their friends, who admonish them for the same thing they have done. And Daddy Edward Snowden decided he couldn't tell his children lies any more. So now the naughty, naughty kids are getting their drone toys and are going to punish him.  Then they abuse the South Americans, who they have been spying on for years, robbing them of their minerals and now are crapping themselves for possible rebellion from the South. Oh boy how the web tightens.  The more you lie, cheat and broker power, one day the bird comes homes to roost, the trouble is she lays infertile eggs.
Yes a story about this: Many years back when I lived in Colindale I wrote to the local newspaper, the main ones, all the embassies in London and the head of Harrods(A posh up market store then owned by the famous Mohammed El Fayed  Mohamed Abdel Moneim Al-Fayed (Arabicمحمد عبد المنعم الفايد‎ Muḥammad ʿAbd al-Munʿim al-FāyidIPA: [mæˈħæmmæd ʕæbdelˈmenʕem elˈfæːjed]; born 27 January 1929 as Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed)[3] is an Egyptian business magnate. Amongst Fayed's business interests are ownership of the English Premiership football team Fulham Football ClubHôtel Ritz Paris and formerlyHarrods Department StoreKnightsbridge. Fayed has four siblings: Ali, Salah, Soaad and Safia. Fayed's first son, Dodi, from his first marriage to Samira Khashoggidied in a car crash in Paris along with Diana, Princess of Wales and driver Henri Paul on 31 August 1997. Fayed married Finnish socialite and former model Heini Wathén in 1985, with whom he had four children: Jasmine, Karim, Camilla and Omar. Fayed's wealth is estimated at $1.2 billion, making him the 993rd-richest person in the world.
This campaign was carried out with two friends in response to a 'expert review by experts at York University on Fluoride'

What the 'York Review' on the fluoridation of drinking water really found

Originally released : 28 October 2003
A statement from the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD).
In 1999, the Department of Health commissioned CRD to conduct a systematic review into the efficacy and safety of the fluoridation of drinking water. The review specifically looked at the effects on dental caries/decay, social inequalities and any harmful effects. The review was published on the CRD Fluoridation Review website and in the BMJ in October 2000.
We are concerned about the continuing misinterpretations of the evidence and think it is important that decision makers are aware of what the review really found. As such, we urge interested parties to read the review conclusions in full.
We were unable to discover any reliable good-quality evidence in the fluoridation literature world-wide.
What evidence we found suggested that water fluoridation was likely to have a beneficial effect, but that the range could be anywhere from a substantial benefit to a slight disbenefit to children's teeth.
This beneficial effect comes at the expense of an increase in the prevalence of fluorosis (mottled teeth). The quality of this evidence was poor.
An association with water fluoride and other adverse effects such as cancer, bone fracture and Down's syndrome was not found. However, we felt that not enough was known because the quality of the evidence was poor.
The evidence about reducing inequalities in dental health was of poor quality, contradictory and unreliable.
Since the report was published in October 2000 there has been no other scientifically defensible review that would alter the findings of the York review. As emphasised in the report, only high-quality studies can fill in the gaps in knowledge about these and other aspects of fluoridation. Recourse to other evidence of a similar or lower level than that included in the York review, no matter how copious, cannot do this.
The full report is available via the CRD Fluoridation Review website. For more information, please contact Paul Wilson.
The review was done by dentists and not scientists, we submitted one thousand scientific reports and many of those from Europe who HAD BANNED THE USE OF FLUORIDE.
The only person to answer us was Mohamed El Fayed who agreed with us. The government bodies stated that there was no conclusive evidence and that THE EU had laid down safety margins of how much can be added to the water supply.  We mentioned that many countries in the EU had banned the substance and we just got the same reply.
At that time I wrote to the local newspaper and the reporter looked at the evidence and had a photograph of me drinking a glass of water much the same as above in black and white with just a small caption, the editor and reporter were fired because of pressure from the local council who were told by the government watchdog to do so.  The reporter never was employed anywhere else again as the editor.  I wrote to the 14 local water boards about this, and five scientists replied saying they were not in favour of fluoridation and agreed with my findings, they got the sack. 
I then submitted my evidence of the sacked scientists to the head of the council, he then agreed and said he would put it to the council for a vote.  He got fired and sent to another area.
Newspaper Reporter
Some years earlier say in the mid 70's I taught Judo, Kendo and Aikido in local schools around the area in Hendon where I lived at the time.  The local press came with a pretty young reporter and she asked if I would do a 'trick jump' if she pretended to throw me. I was in my Judo gi ( Judo Uniform).  When it was printed it said 'Judo Black belt  Geoff Freed teaches anyone to throw anyone anywhere in10 minutes.
The paper would not retract the comments, so I sued them and at the last minute before the court hearing they retracted the article and said it was a misprint and offered apologies. 
So you see they were at it in the 70's and even 2,500 years back and several thousands of years before that. Will it ever change, will transparency ever reach a world wide acceptance?  We shall see.  Let us hope a major calamity of world wide horrific implications does not happen in order TO WAKE US UP.
This urge to purge those not in agreement with us, to politicise everything, to be superior, dominate and be the dictator, the leader in a harmful way, to tyrannise, to rape nature, to shed blood of the innocent and worst of all to be in outright denial about it.   

My Goodness this is an amazing disclosure
  • Using brain imaging, researchers confirm that highly processed carbohydrates stimulate brain regions involved in reward and cravings, promoting excess hunger
  • Previous research has demonstrated that refined sugar is more addictive than cocaine, giving you pleasure by triggering an innate process in your brain via dopamine and opioid signals
  • Food manufacturers have gotten savvy to the addictive nature of certain foods and tastes, including saltiness and sweetness, and have turned addictive taste into a science in and of itself
  • Refined carbohydrates like breakfast cereals, bagels, waffles, pretzels, and most other processed foods quickly break down to sugar, increasing your insulin levels, which eventually leads to insulin resistance
  • To protect your health, I advise spending 90 percent of your food budget on whole foods, and only 10 percent on processed foods
If you’re overweight and over 50, your doctor is likely to hand out a statin drug to lower your cholesterol levels, while urging you to exercise more.  What the doctor doesn’t realise is that the drug stops you getting fit from any physical activity.
Statins—and especially simvastatin, marketed as Zocor—block any positive effects that exercising might otherwise have, researchers have discovered.  
People who take the statin and start exercising as the doctor ordered will find their cardio-respiratory (heart and lung) and skeletal-muscle levels remain the same, even if they have been regularly exercising.
Researchers from the University of Missouri monitored a group of 37 individuals, aged between 25 and 59, who were overweight and had not exercised; of these, 18 had also started to take 40 mg of simvastatin daily.
They all followed the same exercise regime for three months, but those taking the statin saw almost no improvement in their health, while the non-statin group achieved a 10 per cent improvement in their cardio-respiratory fitness and a 13 per cent increase in their skeletal-muscle system.  In fact, those taking a statin saw a nearly 5 per cent drop in skeletal-muscle efficiency, despite exercising.
(Source: Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 2013; doi: 10.1016/j.jacc.2013.02.074)
Kidney stones are extremely painful—and they can be brought on by drinking sweetened colas and sodas, while people who usually drink tea, coffee or orange juice are far less likely to suffer from them. 
People who drink one or more sugar-sweetened drinks a day are 23 per cent more likely to develop kidney stones compared to someone who rarely, or never, drinks sodas and colas. 
Drinks such as tea, coffee and orange juice appear to have a protective effect, and people who regularly drink these beverages are far less likely to develop kidney stones, say researchers from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital who made the discovery after they analysed the health and lifestyles of 194,095 people for around eight years. 
(Source: Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 2013; doi: 10.2215/CJN.11661112).


Britain must be prepared to go to war if it wants to end the conflict in Syria and keep chemical weapons out of the hands of al Qaeda, the outgoing head of the armed forces has warned.
General Sir David Richards, who steps down today as Chief of the Defence Staff, said that if the West wanted to see an end to President Bashar al Assad's regime it would have to step in as in it did to end the Gaddafi regime in Libya.
He also warned that if the regime suddenly collapsed then Britain "would have to act" to prevent chemical weapons falling into the hands of terror groups.
His comment were backed by the Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, who said that no option was being taken off the table when it came to Syria.
The 61-year-old general said there was "a lack of international consensus" over how to act over Syria but a shared reluctance to see Western boots on the ground.
"If you wanted to have the material impact on the Syrian regime's calculations that some people seek, a no-fly zone per se is insufficient.
"You have to be able, as we did successfully in Libya, to hit ground targets.
"You have to establish a ground control zone. You have to take out their air defences. You also have to make sure they can't manoeuvre - which means you have to take out their tanks, and their armoured personnel carriers and all the other things that are actually doing the damage.
"If you want to have the material effect that people seek you have to be able to hit ground targets and so you would be going to war if that is what you want to do."
Mr Hammond responded by saying: "I think it's very unlikely that we would see boots on the ground (in Syria), but we must never take any of the options off the table."
Gen Richards also said that British forces could also be sent to the country to prevent chemical weapons falling into the wrong hands.
"The risk of terrorism is becoming more and more dominant in our strategic vision for what we might do in Syria.
"If that risk develops, we would almost certainly have to act to mitigate it and we are ready to do so. I think it is a very big question. If we saw chemical weapons proliferate as a result of what is happening in Syria then we would have to act."
He said in an interview with The Sun: "Some could characterise that, even though it might be for a limited period, as a war."
It comes after independent reviewer of terrorism laws David Anderson QC warned in a report that Syria is the new hotbed for terror.
He cautioned that it could soon become more significant for groups such as al Qaeda than Afghanistan and the lawless tribal areas of Pakistan.
And last week the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), warned Syria's arsenal of chemical weapons could fall into the hands of al Qaeda militants if Mr Assad was toppled with potentially "catastrophic" consequences.
Tensions over Syria dominated the G8 gathering in Northern Ireland last month, which took place in the wake of an announcement by US President Barack Obama that the US was ready to arm the rebels despite Moscow's opposition.
Prime Minister David Cameron said Mr Assad had "blood on his hands" and insisted it was "unthinkable" the dictator could play any part in the nation's future.
The conflict, which is into its second year, has now claimed 100,000 lives, according to United Nations estimates.
General Richards steps down after a career of more than 40 years in the Army.
A leaked North Korean Video which depicts their view of the Western World
I would hope every school in the western world viewed this.
ALREADY the scheming con tricks of the government spin doctors are coming into play.
David Cameron hints at tax cuts, government spin doctor economists hint at growth in the economy, we should support arming the rebels in Syria. We saw from the POST 75 and the Question Time Video that arming the rebels will mean Russia giving more arms to Syria’s Assad.  The lessons of Iraq, Russia and the Taliban in the occupation, Afghanistan, the Israel and Palestine, can we ever learn a lesson?
This is political posturing, putting into the time frame (see David Icke in Post 75) already planting seeds for the next election.
In the Question Time debate, it is clear that an Independent Scotland would want to join the EU, and so many in the UK want out. 
What is better, The EU or the Bilderbugs under the Auspice of the Codex UN Monsanto, it’s all a ploy under various names and disguises for the one world dictatorship.
How long is it before people who read national newspapers, look at the news realise it is based on spin, lies and lack of transparency.
 At least RT.com their Radio, Videos and TV along with Al Jazera give a more unbiased view.  

The Mystery remains---who is this man?
Interview with Dr Herman Oberth NASA scientist 
                                    "We cannot take credit for our record 
                                   advancement in certain scientific fields,
                                 alone. We have been HELPED. And we
                                 have been helped by the people of
                                             OTHER WORLDS."
Take care dear readers and keep looking up. Geoff