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Hello and welcome.  Starting off with an unusual  video.
Linked below, is a translation that I 
have made from Spanish, with the 
original below - of what looks like a 
little demon/elf/robin - or a living 
version of the mysterious "Ati", the 
star of Dr. Steven Greer's film, 'Sirius,' 
an 8-inch tall humanoid with an extra 
rib but otherwise, with many similarities 
to Homo sapiens, except for its tiny 
stature and the relatively much larger 
size and different shape of the skull, 
which was recovered in the Atacama 
Desert of Peru and thus dubbed with 
that nickname.

The family, from Santa Fe, the 9th 
largest town in Argentina, remarks that 
their little boy plays with these entities 
regularly and that they would be ok with 
this, if these creatures didn't STINK TO 

They set up their YouTube account, after 
hiding their discovery of these events for 
4 years, in hopes that other parents with 
similar encounters occurring with their 
toddlers might wish to share their 
information, with everybody's anonymity 
protected. (Courtesy ForbiddenKnowledge --Alexandra Bruce)
Another one of these amazing youngsters.

Father held in psychiatric unit for protesting against wi-fi in his children’s school

A father in Northern Ireland is being held against his wishes in a psychiatric hospital and forcibly given antipsychotics—while held down by hospital staff—because he has protested against wi-fi in his children’s school.

Stephen Clarke has been held at a psychiatric unit in Belfast for around 14 weeks since he mounted his protest against the use of wi-fi networks at his children’s school.
He was held under the Northern Ireland Mental Health Order 1986 after he protested against wi-fi in school by climbing a statue in Belfast and waving a white flag. He is in the middle of a custody battle with his ex-wife over the children.

At the hearing, the judge issued an application for assessment—which has involved him being incarcerated in the Mater Hospital in Belfast—because, in his view, Stephen was “suffering from mental disorder of a nature or degree which warrants his detention in a hospital for assessment.”

He is being medicated with the antipsychotic Abilify (aripiprazole)—also prescribed for schizophrenia and depression—and, during his time at Mater, his dose has been doubled.  Doctors are considering a tripling of the dose.  On several occasions, he has been held down by five members of staff and forced to take the medication.
Stephen is resisting medication because he is perfectly sane and well, and wishes to keep a clear head for the custody hearings.  However, hospital staff has refused to allow him to attend unless he takes the medication.

Ironically, Stephen would be considered perfectly sane in other EU countries, such as France, which have banned the use of wi-fi in schools because of their potential danger to the development of small children.

A twitter campaign #FreeStephenClarke is being proposed, and people are urged to write to Home Secretary Theresa May, Home Office, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF, and to the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, Temple Court, 39 North Street, Belfast BT1 1NA.   The Mater Hospital address is 45-54 Crumlin Road, Belfast BT14 6AB.( This is draconian and horrendous. Courtesy WDDTY)
Deep sea find.!slide=aol_1248036
Repeat performances can be viewed as history repeating itself, karma, and  reincarnation.  Of course these can be nit picked and theorised according to one's predilection.  To me they have a similar or nuance of the same ethos.
Perhaps the lesson of history is to learn by the mistakes. What are mistakes? Well again it is a matter of choice, upbringing and the subsequent outcome programming, conditioning, all under the banner of some sort of brain washing. In a way all of us are brain washed to larger or lesser degree. The point is how fanatical and tyrannical  are we about the programme? If we try by force or coercion to change people, nations and even animals by mind distortion, war, incarceration, torture and poverty, we then are going to perpetuate our beliefs on others and wo betide those who oppose us. 
My standards of history repeating itself is to somehow have the opportunities to live in a peaceful way, encouraging planetary inclusiveness for all races and beliefs, politics that encourage natural farming, food, and husbandry.  To develop technology that is in harmony with the Earth and its inhabitants.
Courtesy to Helen and Rick.
Looking at reincarnation maybe on a personal level we have who feel for this, may have been given the chance to complete unfinished business, mainly in my view by forgiveness, understanding and looking and recognising the truth about life. Hence the more of us who can avail ourselves of this opportunity can help the world scenario. So in this light history is a record, sometimes miswritten by historians of a world wide nature and reincarnation a personal one.  There is some research I have done on group souls and families reincarnating.  A typical one is Dr Arthur Guirdham's  book 'Reincarnation and the Cathar's',  there are many others. I mention some in energygrid.
Dictators would view history completely different from a Buddhist Monk.
My criteria for history and reincarnation is through the tool of karma, which I view as the means for recognising repeat patterns, sometimes and mainly through suffering, bringing about an awareness to signify and make  one aware of these repeat patterns of dysfunctional attitudes and behaviour.
Then the question arises what is the correct mind set? This again can be of programming and choice derived through that.  Maybe then there is a deeper truth or feeling, that beyond words and 'that peace that passes all understanding' (a bible quote)  and maybe we can reach this in certain ways.
Courtesy of the above and this by
For me meditation, reflection, deep looking inside of my head as it were, has at times brought me to an occasional 'brush' with this inner peace. It is neither to the left or right, up or down and so on, it seems out of duality.  Here it is felt to be compassion, harmlessness and a relaxed body and mind. Perhaps this what the world needs, a middle way, a way that compliments all religions, cults, politics and all else. Can the world and its populace embrace such a simplistic idea for world peace.  After all nature is simple and yet beautifully interwoven, a mysterious wondrous place.
Yet I have seen in myself the avarice, the ugliness, the anger, the judgement and self righteousness aloofness, the fact is I acknowledge this and this serves as an opportunity to look at this, not be in denial and come through, not as an escape, to reach this inner peace, and at times look at the disturbing thoughts that seem to impinge.
Sometimes it feels as though there is an entity who comes to zap or sabotage this peace and I feel to push it away, if I do it comes back with more force, as if my push strengthened it, gave it recognition and importance.  I gave it power, I felt threatened by it. By looking at it with curious none judgemental awareness it subsides.
I may sound all knowing, yet I speak from personal experience, what seems to work for me, it is a sharing. Just recently I have been put to the test and am finding out things about me, the pain has made me reach deep and some things have come up that are very revealing. I thank the circumstances which allowed me, although terrifying, painful and sickening, bring home to me, like the pain a kind of sword that cut away a lot of dross and took away blame, injustice and found some forgiveness and compassion. I wonder if our war mongers and terrorists ever felt the pain of their own doing, I did and yet I wonder if the third parties in this felt this as I did. Perhaps these are rare opportunities, maybe karmic, I do not know, but it has cleared a bit more of the darkness and garbage and allowed more space for the inner peace, which I feel is the real me /us /you. 
Our Home in Space----a fascinating 4 mins.
It puts into perspective our planet amongst the Universe-----and us?
Good to reflect on.
Be Well.  Geoff
Was the Scottish independence vote rigged?
More Police violation.  4 mins
  • Physicians and scientists with financial ties to the drug industry should not be permitted to participate in broad policy and public health recommendations, yet this routinely happens
  • A recent study reviewed how financial interests affected the voting behavior of nearly 1,400 FDA advisory committee members who took part in drug approval decisions between 1997 and 2011
  • Members with financial ties to the company sponsoring the drug under review voted in favour of approval 63 percent of the time; members without financial ties had a 52 percent chance of favouring approval
  • Committee members who served on a sponsoring firm’s advisory board had a whopping 84 percent chance of voting in favour of the drug’s approval( Courtesy Dr Mercola.  mercola. com)

India Mars Mission Arrives In Orbit - India Mars Satellite Mangalyaan Successfully Enters Orbit

At US$45 million, this Mars mission is also 
the cheapest, ever. Prime Minister, Modi, 
joked earlier this year that the launch of 
this deep space probe cost less than the 
budget of the Hollywood film, 'Gravity.'
19 mins of about Obama and the men behind him.  Very, very interesting.

Sunday 21 September 2014


Hello.  What a world, what a horrific news media horror., Al Jazeera and the politically managed media news put out by governments give conflicting opinions--- how do you decide which is real or near real?
To ignore them both is one way and just meditate or get into distraction. Yet the stuff goes on and inevitably will affect / effect oneself.  How so? GM food, chemtrails, the EU taking away herbs, supplements, austerity measures, fear alerts over terrorist attacks, censoring the internet, bloggers perhaps targeted for upsetting the peace and yet some revealing the lies and deceits of government and their agencies and yes some stirring up hatred and isolation.
I still feel one can look at the stuff and with meditation perhaps see through the whole lot as a mad insane crazy dysfunctional mind sets on both sides.
This does go into the collective mind set, deep within the unconscious mind so to speak, at the bottom of the ocean, where we are joined as one humanity, and a planetary consciousness.  We are affected whether we are sensitive or not in some way. Road rage, anger at neighbours, bias and prejudice and so on.
The issue of GM stuff is beautifully portrayed in the video below and Dr Mercola reports on the many suicides by Indian Farmers.
This should be a video when you click on it if not here is the link.  Should this report by a national media paper last and not be taken down it will be startling and revealing.  I wonder if the General will be 'sorted out'?
Continuing on the theme as above on the collective unconscious as the collective mind set usually programmed by the national media TV, education, politics and newspapers along with 'foreign' inciters and covert agendas, as the the 'unconscious Radar' as it were picks up the trends and fashions it then percolates into the unconscious mind where it co- inhabits and mixes with one's personal data, here it is transferred to the collective ego supervisor and its end product is a personal / religious / life experience projected image, mixed, shaken up and delivered as reality.  So the collective gets a cocktail from the individual via their mind set and those allied to them. Similar to 'Chinese Whispers'.
'Chinese whispers[1] (or telephone in the United States[2]) is a game played around the world, in which one person whispers a message to another, which is passed through a line of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group. Errors typically accumulate in the retellings, so the statement announced by the last player differs significantly, and often amusingly, from the one uttered by the first. Reasons for changes include anxiousness or impatience, erroneous corrections, and that some players may deliberately alter what is being said to guarantee a changed message by the end of the line.
The game is often played by children as a party game or in the playground. It is often invoked as a metaphor for cumulative error, especially the inaccuracies as rumours or gossip spread,[2] or, more generally, for the unreliability of human recollection or even oral traditions.
The game is also known as broken telephoneoperatorgrapevinewhisper down the lanegossipdon't drink the milksecret messagethe messenger game and pass the message.[2]
Today, the name "Chinese whispers" is said by some to be considered offensive.[3][4][5][6] Historians trace Westerners' use of the word Chinese to denote "confusion" and "incomprehensibility" to the earliest contacts between Europeans and Chinese people in the 1600s, and attribute it to Europeans' inability to understand China's culture and worldview.[7] Using the phrase "Chinese whispers" suggested a belief that the Chinese language itself is not understandable.[8] The more fundamental metonymic use of the name of a foreign language to represent a broader class of situations involving foreign languages or difficulty of understanding a language is also captured in older idioms such as It's all Greek to me!.'( No offence meant to the Chinese or Greek nations) Courtesy of Wikipedia.
Are Serena and Venus Williams who they are?  Is Michele Obama is who she is?  Another of these intriguing videos. Forensically it would seem the video has a valid point in making this. What do you feel or think?  Incredible as it might be, when you consider 9 /11 and the duplicity it wouldn't surprise me or would it? It seems anything goes these days. The moral compass well gone and confusion is rife. In this chaos anything seems justified and money the goal along with power and corruption.
I was standing with my paper there
Minding my own news
For everything that someone said
Someone else had a different view
I watched the whole thing there
Unfold upon my tv screen
"A new world order is on its way"
Well pass the popcorn please
You don't mean to tell me
No one here is going to get hurt
When there's folks at home who
Eat dog food they can't afford a shirt
Sure find out real fast who's a sitting duck
When it's a
Mad mad world shake your hands
And say good luck it's a
Mad mad world I can not believe this stuff it's a
Mad mad world getting madder every day
Mad mad world get involved and they'll blow you away
Sure find out real fast when you're a sitting duck
That it's a mad mad world
A little man sits up way high
Way above the crowd
Can you make them dance real fast
Can you make them cheer real loud
Money doesn't talk it swears
It sounds like a big machine
A voice on high says you reap what you sow
Just keep your own nose clean
More smoke fills up the air
More toxins up the creek
That's when the cash it changes hands
So we turn the other cheek
Sure find out real fast just when you've
Had enough when it's a
Mad mad world shake your hands
And say good luck it's a
Mad mad world I can not believe this stuff it's a
Mad mad world getting madder every day
Mad mad world get involved and they'll blow you away
Sure find out real fast when you're a sitting duck
That it's a mad mad world
He walks into the office and
He finds a big pink slip
It's says "you are no longer needed here
So take a good long trip"
You can take your gold watch and
Stick it you know where
Cause he's fired up and he's jacked up and
He's loaded up for bear
Mad mad world shake your hands
And say good luck it's a
Mad mad world I can not believe this stuff it's a
Mad mad world getting madder every day
Mad mad world get involved and they'll blow you away
Sure find out real fast when you're a sitting duck
That it's a mad mad world
Published by
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

 The above song says a lot .

MAD World sung by Gary Jules..
I see the despair on so many faces. The buses, the tubes, the TV interviews.  Its easy to get in distraction, drown your sorrows, keep your head down, bury yourself in grief, poverty and poor me. I know this because I have been there and because of recent traumas in my home I felt it rear its head again.  I felt alone, in pain, isolated and financially inept.  I went for counselling and the therapist felt I could cope well with the tools I had at my disposal. No one could help as my friends are miles away.  Phone calls many and grateful.
I felt trapped in my own skull, a  great pressure, nowhere to turn or run, I wished I would have had some holes as above to escape through. I felt this was a great opportunity, to sit with it, watch it, be the witness, walk with the fear, observe it, no running, just stark naked observation, no matter what.  Then it seemed to lift and I felt the inner peace come in bits and pieces as the fearsome storm gradually lifted.  There is still a residue and I am glad in one way to have faced it, and gradually walk through it as it were.  I share this because so many I know are going through the 'dark night of the soul'.  
Dear friends, those of you in war torn countries and face the most awful atrocities, I really feel for you, because your suffering is so greater than mine.  Yet no matter how one suffers it still feels one's own is greater than anybody else's.
So as I type this I still have cramps and tense feeling yet the meditation helps me face up to things and somehow dilutes the situation.  The situation is still there yet my reaction is less and I can view it more with a modicum of inner peace.
I use the breath by watching and feeling it, watching and witnessing the fear / thoughts / pains / tense muscles and a holosync CD, Tibetan five rites yoga, qi gong and native American flute play, walking in nature and very little TV.
This of course would not apply to war torn and severe poverty and refugee, drought strewn areas, and may seem a facetious remark by me.  This is a personal experience for and to me.  In a way I blessed the situation as it gave me a chance to look at my life in depth, the fears I still have, the areas that do not serve me and so forth.  It has been a honesty rating and huge eye opener. The excuses, the blame, the hurt, revenge and so forth.
In my uncomfortable pain, it was like a sword cutting away the dross, the accumulation of 'mind grime' and where this chaos resided was in thoughts, actually magnified by fear which released pent up emotions.  Facing the storm and not running for me in this experience is making a path towards 'the next step'. 
Why I think this world should end. 4 mins.  (Very important information.)
Followed By  (About the end of money)
Followed by  ( cannot get this on You Tube, you may have better luck)
Potentially Habitable Moons 
Image Credit: Research and compilation - René Heller (McMaster Univ.) et al.
Panels - NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute/Ted Stryk
Explanation: For astrobiologists, these may be the four most tantalizing moons in our Solar System. Shown at the same scale, their exploration by interplanetary spacecraft has launched the idea that moons, not just planets, could have environments supporting life. The Galileo mission to Jupiter discovered Europa's global subsurface ocean of liquid water and indications of Ganymede'sinterior seas. At Saturn, the Cassini probe detected erupting fountains of water ice from Enceladus indicating warmer subsurface water on even that small moon, while finding surface lakes of frigid but still liquid hydrocarbons beneath the dense atmosphere of large moon Titan. Now looking beyond the Solar System, new research suggests that sizable exomoons, could actually outnumber exoplanets in stellar habitable zones. That would make moons the most common type of habitable world in the Universe.
The title at top states 'Now and Then' well we see history repeating itself on the the world wide stage. More in next Post.  Until then.
Be Well.  Geoff

Monday 15 September 2014


Hello and welcome to odds and ends.  This is like the world, seemingly disjointed and separatist. Yet deep down we are one, far deeper than the surface façade and media hypnosis. So the scenarios below will depict this and that, yet there is a theme.  


   3)                                   Alien at conference
Roswell again
4) A beautiful collage( not quite the correct word yet it felt OK) of the heavens.
WOW MH17  A must 5 mins watch
Dear Geoff, 
People have been asking me for
more information about Flight MH17,
which seems to have fallen off the
map, given all of the diversions we've
been deluged with daily, ever since it
crashed in mid-July.

Well, here's some more grist for the ol'
mill, which YouTube rockstar, Dahboo7

"The most Explosive proof to date!"

Dahboo7 shows us radar evidence that
Singapore Flight SQ51, accelerated from
behind MH17 and caught up with the
doomed plane, matching the latter's
course exactly, RIGHT at the moment of
that MH17 disappeared from the radar

Dahboo7 also claims that the radar
records also show "Smoking Gun Proof
that MH17 was picked back up on radar
jumping up under the Singapore Airlines
Flight path with its transponder turned off

With the transponder off, it would appear,
on radar that there was only 1 airplane
flying that course.

Readers, take note, because this same
tactic could one day be used again in the
future: "ghost riding" a plane on radar, to
attack an area...

Dahboo7 also claims here that, despite
some reports of corpses free-falling out of
the sky at the time of the MH17 incident,
he affirms there was scant evidence that a
plane actually crashed at that location in
the hotly-contested, battlefield that is the
ethnic Russian-dominated region around

There are several shots of an on-the-ground
explosions at the site of the "crash," if you
search YouTube. We also know that there
were many oddities reported about the scene
of the crash: pristine passports, gathered
together in a single pile (with reports that
 none of these belonged to living people);
completely unscathed childrens' toys; reports
of long-since-dead bodies, showing signs of
torture, but no signs, that a living body would
show, from the physical trauma of an airplane
crash from over 35,000 feet in altitude.

The first story that I posted about this event,
on July 19, presented the "no crash" theory
and deserves another look, for those interested.
As expected, much hate spewed forth at me from
the web, after I published Clifford Anthony Paiva's

There is also the matter of ample and very
plausible evidence that the aircraft, which was
either staged and blown up at the scene or
which actually crashed in Eastern Ukraine last
July was none other than the unsolved mystery
plane from flight 370, which went missing -
and has officially stayed missing, since its
disappearance while en route from Kuala Lumpur
to Beijing last March. The video, with lots of
evidence to back up that theory also bears review,
for aficcionados of these very unusual Malaysia
Airlines cases, as well.

The twin of the plane from Flight 370 (as all
commercial Boeings are built two at a time) was
last known to be purchased in Lourdes, France
by a shady South Florida aviation company and
was last known to be parked in an airplane
hangar at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv - unless
any planespotters out there have noted any new
activity for this commercial airliner, which is in
the very unusual situation of being perfectly
operational and relatively new - yet parked, for
what must be a hefty parking fee - and not
currently in use...

 Courtesy Alexandra Bruce  Forbidden Knowledge. 
A Fish?  Rogue interceptor cell phone towers---my, my what next?
Try Calling Google?  In my 1967 writings I mention telepathy will become the norm in time and is increasing now.  Many are picking up the 'crazed' thoughts of so many dysfunctional folk. Suppression and Distraction is not the answer. Deep meditation is a way, a way of surrendering to the Cosmic Mind, and realising we as individual are powerless in this mad world ethos of today. ' I am nothing it is God in me that does the works' This is not to say self deprecation it is recognising the programmed self is not able to cope and control, only the deeper consciousness can do this ' Behold I make all things anew' 'what is impossible for man is not impossible for the Divine Mind'.  'Expect a Miracle but leave the details to the Great Spirit, the Source of Life'. 
Ancient Yogis and Tibetan Lama's
Bush, Blair and co wanted for war crimes as in contrast to the above.
Dear Geoff, 

Simon Parkes is an Experiencer,
who has mastered the issue and
is able to give a wide perspective
on the subject.

He was born into a family with a
history; mother in British MI5
(actually, the NSA) and father at
MI6 (really at CIA).

He presents his data with some
authority. Simon normally speaks for
2 to 3 hrs, so listen carefully in this
1 hr brief.

Video: (60 mins)  (Courtesy Forbidden Knowledge--- Alexandra Bruce) Weekly Digest Newsletter 38/2014‏  There is so much of interest I suggest you look into this----its very revealing.

MOST , MOST IMPORTANT.  Please sign the petition at 
ae9/ (May have to go to main site)
I have little to say.  I feel that 9/11 is the lynch pin to the whole current world chaos.  If it is proven that it was a false flag, then the excuse to hunt down terrorists, invade countries and cause the economic confusion and poverty, wars and attrition would then cause the culprits behind the false flags to become known and then the truth about invasion, mass killings, who is on this and so many other things maybe would be made clear.
If it came about that 9/11 was a 'home job' then it would prove the perpetrators are sick, and are and have been killing their own.  This would bring down the one world government issue, the false Big Pharma screw ups, the arms trade and so much more.
I feel the future of our world depends on the 9/11 real evidence and to clear up the notorious awful thugs that rule our world in the name of peace and security. Such a travesty of justice should be revealed and our march to a world police state ever closer.  Please sign

Be Well.  Geoff