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Hello and welcome. It was awe inspiring to read William Shatner's report of his 'real' space encounter and there is a similarity between Dr Edgar Mitchel's brave report of his 'inner space' revelation. 

William Shatner

Reading the link below will tell you more ---- a quote from it;

Last year, I had a life-changing experience at 90 years old. I went to space, after decades of playing an iconic science-fiction character who was exploring the universe. I thought I would experience a deep connection with the immensity around us, a deep call for endless exploration.

I was absolutely wrong. The strongest feeling, that dominated everything else by far, was the deepest grief that I had ever experienced.

I understood, in the clearest possible way, that we were living on a tiny oasis of life, surrounded by an immensity of death. I didn’t see infinite possibilities of worlds to explore, of adventures to have, or living creatures to connect with. I saw the deepest darkness I could have ever imagined, contrasting so starkly with the welcoming warmth of our nurturing home planet.

This was an immensely powerful awakening for me. It filled me with sadness. I realized that we had spent decades, if not centuries, being obsessed with looking away, with looking outside. I did my share in popularizing the idea that space was the final frontier. But I had to get to space to understand that Earth is and will stay our only home. And that we have been ravaging it, relentlessly, making it uninhabitable.

Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D., Ph.D. (1930 – 2016) 
6th Astronaut to walk on the Moon.

Although William and Edgar had different emotions, emotions they were deeply moved by and their lives transformed.  The beauty of the Earth the awe of space and the possible loss of all life on Earth. Edgar says that many astronauts have had similar experiences and prefer not to talk about them. Protesting and circulating these experiences and the number of people signing forms has a minimum impact on the greedy politicians , WEF and meatless Gates. BUT  experiencing Space does have a significant impact, like a NDE it connects one to their roots.

 CourtesyInner Peace
To Dive beneath the everyday thoughts and materialism is to dive beneath the constant chattering mind, self talk and thoughts that have been inherited and ask yourself 'who am I' before I was brain washed, how much of me is original and how much choice did I have and how much do I follow trend and fashion. HOW much of me is me how much is brain washing. The most likely is 'i AM NOT BRAIN WASHED i HAVE CHOICe' What choice did you have when you given your name at Birth, did you have a choice in your religion and culture in your early years, have you ever seriously and honestly, hand on heart really examined this? Chances are if you were taken completely out of comfort zone and familiarity you will not awaken. Space flights do just this. 

'I was on the way home and was observing the heavens and the Earth from this distance. (I was) observing the passing of the heavens. As we were rotating, I saw the Earth, the sun, the moon, in a 360-degree panorama of the heavens.”
And because there is no atmosphere in space, Mitchell said everything looked ten times brighter than on Earth. As he stared out the window, an unforgettable feeling of ecstasy and unity washed over him. He felt connected to the stars on a subatomic level with his body, his crew, and even his spacecraft. In his book The Way of the Explorer he wrote, “It occurred to me that the molecules of my body and the molecules of the spacecraft itself were manufactured long ago in the furnace of one of the ancient stars that burned in the heavens about me.” He said every time he looked out the window during that three-day trip back to Earth, he had this incredible, overwhelming feeling of joy.' 

Courtesy Applied Science 
This cavity is filled with three main frequencies (vibrations) the main ones are 7.83---14.1----20.3 Hz. If you wish to see more I suggest your read up on the Schumann Resonance it could just save your life. To see the effects on weather and climate I have many blogs on this but to see the effects by Cosmic Rays and other phenomena go to and scroll down to the ### in the text. Just a snippet from Schumann there are similarities between EEG 
Courtesy Event Spiker
Before I go into the link below the Angela Merkel as above I have been asked many times what do I think of the Ukraine / Russian war and my reply is; read the Minsk agreements, there are two of them and they WERE in Wikipedia and then make up your mind. Well the link below may assist you.

Courtesy Inner Space
One of the many aspects about meditation and the natural ceasing of inner dialogue, the busy mind and not being in a trance, hypnotised, dumb and inert sleepy mind and so on, which by the way can be measured or seen on a screen is that the fear of not 'thinking' and the sometimes darkness and the stillness and quiet and the feeling of either going down, out, up and yet alert and a sense of 'knowing you are you' in fact one is witnessing the witness which has no discernible  or describable form form, one is pure awareness then one can experience endless as it seems, light, bright, ecstasy and joy, there maybe body feel and senses at as distance. One may feel connected to everything everywhere, a seamless something. Maybe Edgar felt this experience in outer space and William as a sadness that turns to an awareness of beauty, yet their awareness was experienced in consciousness in their aware mind, they had feelings which shifted their perceptions.   
It may take a great huge experience to break the concretised rigid  superglued addicted mind set of those who want to change our DNA, go into Cyborgism, GMO foods, want to be voyeurs of the mass populace make us eugenic clones, weaponize viruses and be the ultimate Despotic masters in a holocaust and a monstrous technocracy. What might wake them? 
So meditation happens in inner space, could then consciousness be the space in which awareness dwells and maybe by finding that inner peace without outer Astronaut spacecraft travel eventually realise we are joined as as an innernaught sitting in the quiet-----we are travelling in consciousness.  We may find the same experiences as Astronauts of joy and ecstasy as Astronauts as Innernoughts ?
Courtesy Vox Space Junk

There are 300,000 pieces of garbage orbiting earth, and 550 tons in weight


On the evening of Thursday, December 8, 2022, OneWeb launched 40 satellites from Cape Canaveral, Florida, bringing the total number of active satellites in orbit around the Earth to more than 7,000. These cell towers in space are altering the electromagnetic environment of the entire planet and are debilitating and exterminating all life on it.

Even the first fleet of 28 military satellites launched by the United States caused a worldwide pandemic of influenza when they became operational on June 13, 1968. The Hong Kong flu began in June 1968, lasted through April 1970, and killed up to four million people worldwide. To understand why requires a proper understanding of our connection to the universe and what it is that really gives us life and health, and makes our bodies move. In a sense, we are all puppets on invisible strings that connect us to heaven and earth, strings that resonate at the age-old frequencies of the biosphere in which we live, the space between Earth and Sky, whose dimensions never change. And when we modulate and pulsate those strings at random from thousands of locations in space, we change the beautiful music of the earthly orchestra into a discordant chaos that scatters bodies all over the world, helpless before it.

On March 24-25, 2021, the chaos was brought to a new level, that the world now accepts as normal. In that 24-hour period, a record 96 satellites were launched into space on a single day—60 by SpaceX and 36 by OneWeb—and on the same day SpaceX dramatically increased the speed of its satellite internet connections. On that day, people all over the world suddenly could not sleep, were weak and exhausted, had muscle spasms, and hurt and itched all over, especially in their feet and legs. They had skin rashes, were dizzy and nauseous, and had stomach aches and diarrhea. The ringing in their ears was suddenly amplified. Their eyes were inflamed, and their vision suddenly worsened. They had heart arrhythmias, and their blood pressure went out of control. Some had nosebleeds, or coughed up blood. They were anxious, depressed or suicidal, and irritable. Their cats, dogs, chickens, goats and cows were sick at the same time.

My newsletter of April 15, 2021, Survey Results, quoted from some of the thousand letters I received from people young and old, from people who called themselves electrosensitive and from people who did not, from people who had no wireless technology and from people who had smart meters and 5G antennas outside their homes and who emailed me from their cell phones, all reporting the same experiences, commonly reporting that not only they, but their spouse, children, parents, neighbors, friends, coworkers, clients, and everyone else they knew were sick, exhausted and irritable on March 24 or 25 and had trouble sleeping. The reports came from 42 states and 50 countries.

Deaths of blue titmice spiked in Germany beginning on March 25, 2021. March 25 registered the second highest number of COVID-19 deaths in 2021, and the fifth highest since the pandemic began. The number of mass shootings in the US rose suddenly on March 25 and remained high for three weeks. An average of 6 shootings involving 4 or more victims occurred every day between March 25 and April 13. Photographs of hundreds of worms, and of hundreds of sheep, moving silently in perfect spirals, were taken on March 25 and March 26.

Long-term pain, sickness, and debility has become so common that it is now accepted as a normal part of life that the world thinks it can address with endless vaccinations, mask-wearing, and the wiping of all hands and surfaces with toxic disinfectants.

Last week, on December 8, 2022, on the day OneWeb launched satellites that will expand its coverage across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, I experienced within my body, and heard from some other people both locally and far away that the pains and debilities from which we have been suffering at some level for the past 20 months suddenly intensified. I was almost crippled for three days. As on March 24-25, 2021, I would like to find out how widespread this is. Please reply to this email if you have experienced something similar.

Although SpaceX and OneWeb are (so far) building the largest fleets of Earth-destroying satellites, they are far from the only entities launching them. The 7,000 satellites presently operating were launched by governments or private companies of the following countries:

​        Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium,
        Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark,
        Ecuador, Egypt, European Space Agency, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France,
        Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan,
        Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Laos, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco,
        Morocco, Multinational, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan,
        Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, South
        Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan,
        Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United
        Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam

And they were launched from the following spaceports:

        Baikonur Cosmodrome (Kazakhstan)
        Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA)
        Dombarovsky Air Base (Russia)
        Guiana Space Center (French Guiana)
        Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center (Inner Mongolia, China)
        Kodiak Launch Complex (Alaska, USA)
        Kwajalein Island (Marshall Islands)
        Naro Space Center (South Korea)
        Palmachim Launch Complex (Israel)
        Plesetsk Cosmodrome (Russia)
        Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 (New Zealand)
        Satish Dhawan Space Centre (India)
        Pacific Ocean (from Odyssey Sea Launch vessel)
        Shahroud Missile Range (Iran)
        Svobodny Cosmodrome (Russia)
        Taiyuan Launch Center (China)
        Tanegashima Space Center (Japan)
        Uchinoura Space Center (Japan)
        Vandenberg Air Force Base (California, USA)
        Vostochny Cosmodrome (Russia)
        Wallops Island Flight Facility (Virginia, USA)
        Wenchang Satellite Launch Center (China)
        Xichang Satellite Launch Center (China)
        Yellow Sea (from a mobile sea platform)

Other Satellite News
European IRIS Satellites

The European Union just got into the act with its own program to provide high-speed broadband from space to all of Europe and Africa. On December 5, 2022, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement to launch 170 new satellites called Infrastructure for Resilience, Interconnection and Security (IRIS). “This new component of the EU Space Programme will put an end to dead zones in Europe as well as the whole of Africa using the constellation's North-South orbits through a resilient and ultra-secure space and ground-based system,” says the EU’s Space Program (EUSPA) website.

AST SpaceMobile

On September 10, 2022, AST SpaceMobile launched the largest, and probably the most powerful, commercial communications array ever put into space. It is the first of a planned fleet of 243 Bluebird satellites designed to connect directly with people’s existing mobile phones, no matter where on Earth they may be located. The size of its solar array -- 64 square meters -- is causing alarm among astronomers because it is as bright as the brightest stars during the hours after sunset and before sunrise.

So far AST SpaceMobile is working with Rakuten Mobile, AT&T, Bell Canada, Telecom Argentina, Africell, Liberty Latin America and Orange, for a potential customer base of 1.8 billion mobile phone subscribers.

The immensely powerful signals from the Bluebird satellites are also worrying radio astronomers, as well as human beings who are concerned for their well-being. The effective radiated power of each satellite, according to AST’s filings with the FCC, will be up to 83 million watts, and the exposure level at the surface of the earth from such beams, according to my calculations, will be up to 3 nanowatts per square centimeter, which is 100 times more radiation than what I am exposed to in my house in Santa Fe from the nearest cell towers.

"Every person should have the right to access cellular broadband, regardless of where they live or work. Our goal is to close the connectivity gaps that negatively impact billions of lives around the world,” said Abel Avellan, CEO of AST SpaceMobile.

We beg to differ, Mr. Avellan. Every person, every animal, and every plant should have the right to drink from the Earth’s natural frequencies, and not to be bombarded with artificial radiation from space.

Donations to support this work are needed. The Cellular Phone Task Force is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and donations from U.S. residents are tax-deductible. Our Tax ID Number is 11-3394550.
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    December 14, 2022

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    Can you imagine this junk and other things as satellites and other things that are not mentioned are doing to the resonances and natural frequencies that coordinate and inform and sustain nature---- I'll leave it at that.

    Tesla's said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. 

    Albert Einstein said: "Everything is vibration''

                              BE WELL KEEP UP THE GOOD VIBES


    Thursday 8 December 2022


    Courtesy Hypomania

    Greetings on a frosty sunny suburb of London. I know the Oxford link below is mainly about the UK but these I feel to class them as auto crats have a sort unnamed club worldwide, these are not the big game players but stiff little petty officials who have caught onto anything to lock down and control people, nasty officious people who have a little power and it goes to their bonce. 

    I know I am reiterating and many readers are going to grumble and tell me off but I feel the urge to repeat this often. So if you are angry with me please 'sob, sob, spare the fact that at 84 years of age I am trying to reach as many people as I can. I live a simple life in a former shelter housing building now over 55 years can live here and I came here twenty years ago because I had severe health problems and in those twenty years I have as perhaps many have seen profound changes. 
    Courtesy Shanghai Tribune
    Oxford or Wuhan 

    For a start can you imagine this spreading to the whole of the UK or the world, isolation and depression, children segregated, fear and suspicion, we already have a financial lockdown and the same symptoms of the Covid lockdowns will arise just after we may be coping after that. 
    My feelings about climate change can be found in;
    blogs Monday 24 May 2021 

    ·                       CHANGES IN THE SOLAR SYTHEM ---PLANETS---- ASCENSI...

    ·                       PHOTON BELT---BLACK HOLE-- THE EXTINCTIONS----SYMP...

    Read in article about the cameras; what is the difference between the Chinese colour code and the OXFORD  permits. Mind you the UK local councils are begging the Government for more money as many of the local services for care, council tax, road repairs, homelessness, garbage collection and all else are being cut out or sadly neglected, mind you the Councillors want their salary rises whilst the staff and others stage strikes for more wages. I do not see any councillors or any poor or struggling MP's our prime minister has £75.million in the bank and his wife is a millionaire in her own right, I am not jealous believe it not, I once was very wealthy and well known in certain circles and it brought my 'so called downfall' I am grateful to have a small dwelling and two small pensions. 

    UK city defends new ‘climate lockdown’ policy

    A ‘traffic filter’ program that fines residents for traveling outside their neighborhoods too often is raising eyebrows
    UK city defends new ‘climate lockdown’ policy

    The city of Oxford has embraced the concept of limiting citizens’ personal travel to fight climate change, an idea once dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

    The Oxfordshire County Council’s so-called ‘traffic filter’ system, adopted last week, has gone viral, denounced as the first step toward “climate lockdowns” by climate skeptics and civil liberties activists. 

    The city will be divided into six “15-minute neighborhoods,” containing all local necessities, with residents required to register their cars so their comings and goings can be tracked by a network of cameras. They are allowed unlimited movement in their own neighborhood, but in order to drive through the filters, they must apply for a permit. Read more in link

    ·                                                                                                                                                         CHANGES IN THE SOLAR SYTHEM ---PLANETS---- ASCENSI...

    ·                                                                                                                                                         PHOTON BELT---BLACK HOLE-- THE EXTINCTIONS----SYMP...

    This plays into the hands of the New World Order; not only satellite surveillance but drone, cell / mobile phone and all else as mentioned in last three blogs, total privacy demolished, fear of doing anything and being watched, this will give Herr Swab with Uncle meatless and insane Gates orgasmic ecstasy, I wonder if some of the OXFORD mob really have thought this through or could it be some of them are WEF disciples?

    What is a permit colour coded existence do for the sanity and normality of some sort of elementary living other in an already paranoiac WHO and a hungry vaccine profit motivated pharmaceutical industry.

    Watch out for these voyeurs and hungry get rich local ‘overlords’, petty officials and intellectual snobs who feel depriving people of their freedom is clever and is definitely a local eugenics movement and probably have their meetings and self ego boosted.






    Monday 5 December 2022


    Apologies for long Blog. I feel time is now gone. We can salvage whilst we can.
                                                             Courtesy London Tops 
     Hello and greetings. Thank you for the emails and telephone calls with Skype chats and from the sound of these many are very concerned about the 'the digital lockdown'. My email address is found on blog and I will only give skype and telephone numbers to people I can check out and friends or former workshop participants. When I had responses to the blog I got so much frantic abuse, threats and vulgar comments I decided to just do emails.
    Courtesy Executive Order  

    I appreciate I have included a large text from and he includes the text to his article by Maria Zeee with ZeeeMedia unfortunately I cannot get the video but the text will suffice.
    Before you read the text below and my comments to follow may I suggest you look at my www.Monday September 21 2020 ' Welcome to Smart City', I have lectured and presented workshops on the subjects in this blog since 1979 and then from 2005 in blogs and of course '1984' by George Orwell and many others; I did a workshop presentation in Berlin, Germany in 1981 and many others to follow, however in this particular one on the subjects in this blog, I got assaulted, thrown out and had to find my way back to the airport without any money as I was to get a fee. I was reported to the University and was banned and thrown out and had my degrees nullified. However my Forensics was allowed to continue as I had signed the 'official secrets Act' and was deemed a harmless eccentric. Plus working for the Home Office we all were under observation.
    Courtesy TWI
    Before you read the texts from Mercola and perhaps my Smart City with another blog of mine Wednesday 11 March 2020 'Is this the Tip of The Ice berg' I would like to explain that not all the readers can get and have requested I insert relevant articles. Also you can find on and also the TOR browser which will direct to to many other media blackout sites, even if you think it is fake news research will lead you to you to authenticate the facts or not.  
    Courtesy Chinese Interns
    The two images above are Chinese internment and quarantine camps.
    In the blog Wednesday 11 March 2020 'Is ------Iceberg, the full colour coding system and first hand reports lay out the system, now let me speculate and in some parts of the Western world and the USA (see smart city) this is being implemented.
    Courtesy New York Times
    Fantastic my cousins said 'my new front door bell sends messages to my phone, to my car and tells me who delivered parcels and trespassers and ALSO connects the house security alarms as well as I can switch on heating, lighting and has ports to connect other devices' they bought it at Amazon and old sceptical me, old age me, said watch out it can be hacked, it was, the hackers got into the house they left a note just to tell you anything is hackable if it is digital. Amazon replaced free of charge a new one and updated the system for many had complained, there is also a facility if the cabal nosy parker network can connect this to the police, the national surveillance network.
    Courtesy Easy Access
    Now there is a craze to have an implant in your hand insert a chip which will open your front door, car and in some cases your safe and also unbeknown to other networks, some of these have been hacked and some people have been abducted to open the appliances aforesaid and in Mexico an arm amputated and so all these appliances can be joined to the SMART CITY NETWORK as depicted by the first three images above and in my back blog SMART CITY.
    Courtesy DIGI. org
    The key is the digital passport and if one refuses one then the next step is a 'correction camp' as they tried in Australia in the Covid Lockdown I reported and blogged that a friend in Australia refused to vaccinate, she and her daughter were bundled unceremoniously into a prison type van , forcefully masked and then went to a site in the outback where there were a thousand basic cabins with just a bed, toilet and table and were questioned and ridiculed and called traitors and virus spreaders and so on. I was told by a well known Aussie cricket star of old that the cabal chose Australia for its solid hard headed (in a nice way) and if anybody would reject the lockdowns and other trends to end liberty and expression it would be 'down under'. It was an experiment of 'how much will you be brain washed and scared and respond to police and government being ruthless. She is a vegetarian and they fed basic GMO and for the few weeks she was in there she felt weak and psychologically frail.
    Courtesy Soluxio

    UH!! I'll go off grid; Off grid folks will have drone surveillance and as image shows there will be poles for them to recharge and also solar charging to supplement the poles which in some towns and cities are being installed usually in the dead of night along with 5G masts and Cell / Mobile extended network, the drones will have 24hrs camera shots and sent back to the central computer, who may have AI deciding threat or not or a human being. I have heard that a Drone or Robot device may ask you to speak and you probably know many banks and other institution's ask for you to speak 'My banks and so on ask me if not sure of card details to speak and the message is 'Say your voice is my passport' So with face recognition as well----digitally imprisoned all of the above with biometric eye, fingerprints and so on. In blog you will read about how your colour coding gives you points and you will read you cannot get into any homes in China unless your finger prints and or some other form of ID identifies you.--Weds 11 March 2020 'Is this the Tip of The Iceberg'.
    Courtesy of no one
    yes its Father Klaus Doomsday and his wonderful present to you

    Courtesy your job

    So your job and the lovely robot or even more scary and Android. will replace you and you will own nothing and be happy.

    ·                      An international vaccine passprt digital identity, a social credit system and a central bank digital currency (CBDC) form a digital control system that will lock down the population in perpetuity

    ·                      Facial recognition is an essential part of the control structure, as it’s the “password” to your digital identity

    ·                      By the end of 2022, there will be 1 billion data collecting surveillance cameras in the world, all connected to the internet and artificial intelligence (AI). Cameras and audio recording devices in cell phones, automobiles and smart appliances also collect and share data

    ·                      All these data are then used to give each person an individual score, based on their behavior, expression and interaction with the world. Ultimately, your social credit score, will dictate what you can and cannot do, what you can buy and where you can go

    ·                      Artificial intelligence (AI) is an absolutely crucial component, without which the control system cannot work. The easiest way to push against this system is to starve AI of data by refusing to use technologies that collect and share your personal data

    • An international vaccine passport, digital identity, a social credit system and a central bank digital currency (CBDC) form a digital control system that will lock down the population in perpetuity
    • Facial recognition is an essential part of the control structure, as it’s the “password” to your digital identity
    • By the end of 2022, there will be 1 billion data collecting surveillance cameras in the world, all connected to the internet and artificial intelligence (AI). Cameras and audio recording devices in cell phones, automobiles and smart appliances also collect and share data
    • All these data are then used to give each person an individual score, based on their behavior, expression and interaction with the world. Ultimately, your social credit score, will dictate what you can and cannot do, what you can buy and where you can go
    • Artificial intelligence (AI) is an absolutely crucial component, without which the control system cannot work. The easiest way to push against this system is to starve AI of data by refusing to use technologies that collect and share your personal data

    In the video above, Maria Zeee with ZeeeMedia interviews computer scientist Aman Jabbi about the coming international vaccine passport, digital identity, the social credit system being built in the West, and central bank digital currency (CBDC).

    All these factors are now coming together to control the global population. As noted by Zeee, this digital prison, which is already mostly built, will be the final lockdown of mankind.

    Your Digital Identity Will Be Your Digital Prison

    In the video, Jabbi goes through a presentation that explains the digital prison that is your digital identity — in other words, how your digital identity ties in with the coming social credit system and will control what you can and cannot do in your everyday life.

    As noted by Jabbi, surveillance cameras with facial recognition software have already been erected around the world. They are an essential part of the control structure, and this surveillance will be linked together with digital identity, the social credit score system, carbon footprint tracking, CBDCs and more.

    Facial recognition has been sold as a great convenience and security feature. With facial recognition, you don’t need to remember pins or passwords, and since no one has your exact face, it’s supposed to keep your personal accounts more secure.

    But, as with most other technologies sold under the guise of convenience and security, facial recognition is ultimately a tool for mass control and an essential part of your individual digital prison. As explained by Jabbi, the Chinese control system is based on facial recognition in combination with a social credit system.

    He describes the Chinese social credit system as a feedback system that responds based on your behavior. Unbeknownst to most Westerners, an identical system has already been set in motion behind the scenes in Western countries — they just haven’t told you yet.

    Weaponized Surveillance

    By the end of 2022, there will be 1 billion data collecting surveillance cameras in the world, all connected to the internet and artificial intelligence (AI). The United States actually has the most surveillance cameras per capita. China is second place and the U.K. in third.

    In addition to all of that data collection, cameras and audio recording devices in cell phones, automobiles and smart appliances also collect and share data, even when you’re at home.

    All these data are then used to give each person an individual score based on their behavior, expression and interaction with the world. Ultimately, that score — your social credit score — will dictate what you can and cannot do, what you can buy and where you can go.

    As noted by Jabbi, there are also additional control mechanisms already built into the hardware being erected. For example, many smart light poles have built-in charging stations for drones, which in the future will be used for law and behavioral enforcement purposes. We will largely be policed by AI and machines.

    These smart light poles can also be weaponized. Built-in are LED incapacitators. Sometimes referred to as “puke rays” for their ability to induce severe nausea, LED incapacitators are weapons designed like a flashlight that emit an extremely bright, rapid and well-focused series of "differently-colored random pulses." According to Jabbi, these lights can also induce brain damage, spinal damage, sickness and likely even death.

    LED combined with radar on some smart poles can also be used to identify people carrying guns, and could theoretically be used as a weapon to selectively take out people carrying weapons.

    A New Chapter in the ‘Social Contract’

    Digital identity has been described by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a new chapter in the social contract. The problem, as noted by Jabbi, is that the WEF’s new social contract is one that none of us has agreed to. It’s being revised by the WEF and its allies and thrust upon the rest of us, without our consent.

    The vast majority of people don’t even know what this new social contract actually entails, or how it will affect their personal day-to-day lives and individual decision-making ability. That, for obvious reasons, has never been fully delineated because, if fully understood by everyone, virtually no one on earth would accept it. After all, few people with normal intelligence relishes having their lives dictated by someone else.

    Source: World Economic Forum

    As shown in the graphic above, your digital identity will be required to unlock all aspects of life, from logging onto the Internet to accessing social services, travel, food, shopping and financial services. If your social credit score is too low, one or more of these aspects can be turned off and made unavailable to you. “So, by default, you’re always a prisoner,” Jabbi says.

    Your digital identity is confirmed through facial recognition, and is tied to your social score, carbon footprint score and CBDCs. As your social and carbon footprint scores go down, so does your purchasing ability.

    As noted by Zeee, the international vaccine passport proposed at the 2022 G20 meeting is, at least right now, THE key to the entire effort to get everyone into the digital ID system. So, preventing the adoption of vaccine passports is a central component of resistance to the digital prison system in its entirety.

    Once we accept digital identity, it’s Game Over for humanity. ~ Aman Jabbi

    You must also reject the vaccine passport unless you’re willing to be a medical lab rat for the rest of your life. Zeee cites documents stating 500 new vaccines will be ready by 2030 that are targeting most common diseases. It is likely that having an up-to-date vaccination status will be one of the requirements to maintain a valid passport, which will also serve as your digital identity.

    In other words, vaccine refusal can be used to nullify or “lock” your digital ID, leaving you unable to do, go or buy anything. The question is, what will those vaccines be? Basically, you’ll have no choice but to comply, even if you believe or know that a vaccine can injure or kill you, as is the case with the COVID jabs.

    Zero Trust System

    As explained by Jabbi, the new social contract created by the WEF and its allies is a zero-trust system. In a physical prison, prisoners are under a zero-trust policy. In other words, the guards don’t trust the prisoners and there are security measures in place to make sure they behave. The new open-air prison system envisioned by the WEF is based on the same premise.

    Everywhere you go, you must prove who you are and that your compliance metrics are in alignment with the prevailing rules. So, to buy food, you have to not only identify yourself so that your purchase can be permanently logged as one of your purchases, but you also have to meet certain compliance standards, or else your CBDC won’t work.

    The default in this system is denial, so everything you want to do — absolutely everything — must be unlocked by your digital ID. As noted by Jabbi, “Once we accept digital identity, it’s Game Over for humanity.”

    Geofencing and Smart Cities Form the Walls of Your Prison

    To enforce your conditional access to life, geofencing will be used. Smart light poles equipped with LED incapacitators can be used to prevent you from going beyond your designated geofence, but there are also other geofencing mechanisms. For example, your CBDC can be programmed to not work outside your district, and your smart car can be programmed to shut down past a certain perimeter. Jabbi also reviews the inexorable push toward smart cities, which will:

    ·                Limit your mobility and eliminate car ownership

    ·                Control you through weaponized surveillance

    ·                Ration water, electricity and gas consumption

    ·                Surveil your speech

    ·                Track your actions and whereabouts 24/7

    Starve the Beast

    Jabbi cites a formula created by the WEF’s philosophical guru Yuval Noah Harrari, to describe technocrats’ ever-growing ability to hack humans: B x C x D = AHH

    B stands for biological knowledge, C is computing power, D is data and AHH is the level of ability to hack a human being. As noted by Jabbi, the ability to hack humans is dependent on AI being fed a constant stream of data.

    It’s a “beast system” in the sense that AI is the beast, and it needs to be fed. Its food is data, gathered through a vast array of data conduits such as cameras, recording devices, facial recognition, GPS and sensors of all kinds that make up the Internet of Bodies. You can learn more about this in “Manufactured Dystopia — Globalists Won’t Stop Hacking Humans.”

    AI is an absolutely crucial component for success of the digital prison. Without it, it cannot work. The answer then, is to starve the beast, and we do this by withholding our data. “No amount of legislation can stop this,” he says, “it has to be done by the people.” In short, we must refuse to use the technologies that gather our data.

    We won’t be able to avoid them all. Smart light poles and traffic cameras, for example, cannot be avoided unless you avoid certain areas, which could include your own street. But there are many we can avoid, such as smart watches, fitness trackers, smart thermostats, smart TVs, AI assistants and Ring surveillance cameras just to name a few.

    We can also fight, on a local level, to prevent the expansion of facial recognition cameras and 5G, and we can refuse the coming vaccine passport, and the push toward virtual reality. As noted by Jabbi, one way in which people are surreptitiously led into the digital prison is by relying on apps that offer convenience, such as apps that allow you to order food or transportation.

    Eventually, they’ll phase out apps on your phone and transfer them to virtual reality googles, so that you have to be in the virtual world in order to use them. It’s important to understand why this is done. It’s to force you deeper into the digital prison system, which includes digital clones and living much of your life in a virtual reality.

    China Demonstrates Coming Prison State

    At present, China is being rocked by massive protests against the Zero-COVID policy that is used to imprison tens of millions of people in their homes for weeks on end. You’d think an American company like Apple would stand for American values like freedom but, no, it does not. It’s working with the Chinese government to quell dissent.

    As reported by Bloomberg1 November 9, 2022, Apple is limiting its iPhone file-sharing tool, restricting AirDrops from non-contacts to 10 minutes. The wireless file-sharing feature was used to share pictures and videos from the protests, thereby encouraging more people to join.

    According to Bloomberg, while the change was only made to phones sold in China, Apple says it plans to roll out the same limitation globally. Why? Are they predicting anti-government protests elsewhere?

    According to a Twitter user named Songpinganq,2 the video above shows iPhone workers clashing with police over the country’s Zero-COVID policy. In response, the Chinese government is alleged to have remotely switched all of the protesters’ COVID passports to “red,” which prevents them from entering public spaces.

    If they try to enter a building, for example — including residential complexes — an alarm will go off and they’ll be detained and escorted to a quarantine camp which, by the way, they have to pay for. That’s how easy it is for the government to eliminate undesirables from society once this kind of control system is in place.

    (For the record, I cannot confirm that the featured video is indeed iPhone workers, or that they’re specifically protesting the COVID measures. Regardless, the basic premise remains true, which is that government would be able to control large masses of people remotely, through their digital identity/vaccine passport.)

    The video3 below is said to be from a Chinese quarantine camp. A health worker walks through the complex measuring the detainees’ body temperature. The second video4 shows the inside of a quarantine cubicle.

    The World Is Starting to Catch On

    The good news is people around the world are starting to realize what’s happening. As explained by legal philosopher Eva Vlaardingerbroek (video above), the reason there are now mass protests around Europe is because they’re realizing that the COVID vaccine passport system rolled out in Europe is a control system that has no expiration date. They’re realizing it’s meant to be permanent, and that it will be expanded.

    In the video below, a young Chinese man describes how the digital ID, CBDCs and the social credit system operates in China. By 2017, they already had the technology to automatically deduct fines from your account for infractions such as jaywalking, and the control network is only getting larger and more sophisticated.

    Is this what we want in the West? Is this what you want for your children and your grandchildren? If not, you need to participate in the movement to prevent it, and that starts with making changes in your own life to starve the beast of your personal data, and educating your family and friends about this necessity. Video found on Mercola .com and diagrams


    Courtesy Chinese Pension  and Due Diligence

     According to your score and tort report you will get a meagre salary. At this time think tanks are working out the pension / salary ands your worth and use to society (see back blog on Kissinger) this will be worked out by surveillance and those friends who spy on you to get an extra few points and colour code. 

    Courtesy quarantine camps CHINA
    Some Chinese contact have said' Perhaps I will be fed and clothed in these boxes because protesting will be worse or if we are shot before torture, death would preferable' You may think it cannot happen hear in the so called West----well it already is and it is creeping and now slowly walking to a PLACE NEAR YOU.
    Courtesy The Game

    In my view the war between Ukraine and Russia is one of the final pieces in the jigsaw puzzle and chess board; 
    Courtesy PM  LiVe
    These countries are in BRICS and several others are wanting to join. I am not sure if they will adopt their own horror 'plan' and copy or innovate on the Western alliance and WEF or maybe they are secretly the same with clandestine links and spies. However it may just delay either side to fully implement the total digital lockdown prison. Each side may feel that they can eliminate the other and close down any leaks. Well good luck to that. What it could do is promote a third world and nuclear war to end all life. The madness for lust and power is so addictive to some that end it all, rather than compromise and peace. 'If I can't it have neither can you' 

    I could on and on with other aspects but there is enough to at least get read and hopefully promote research and spread the word.

    Be ever so well