Thursday 24 December 2015


The whistle blows, the doors shut and the train starts off. Welcome aboard the ride. The train follows on its rails, it has a set path, no deviation unless of unforeseen circumstances and its departure and arrival set at a predetermine timetable and schedule.
Courtesy fanart
In a film I saw many years back this was the actual shot of the final leap of the man before it crashed.
I use the title because for me it depicts many a persons mind, as indeed mine although through meditation and mindfulness less so nowadays.
Many of us are on fixed rails of thought, like a computerised train we act robotically and we do so, so automatically without being aware of actions, that we firmly believe this is our reality.  We fool ourselves we have choice but in reality we have very little, sometimes when our 'reality' is challenged and we get a 'wake up call'. Many a film, book, crisis and the like, give us a wake up, and we may find ourselves realising we have been sleep walking through life.
Of course there are many who feel the same old, same old is safe secure and reliable and go on for life after life, even after wake up calls and that's OK if that is ones predilection. The problem with that is that when say as as country or religion the cultural indignation is so offended that war and hostilities can ensue.
Then there are those who wish to explore, expand their horizons, not to conquer another, although they do exist especially in today's climate.  These are explorer's  of consciousness, they fly above the rails and seek out new horizons, their origins, their purpose in Life.
Of course the dear refugees and asylum seekers are forced to seek new lives, and they may never adapt to their new way of culture, they keep to their own enclaves, seek to change their new destination and silently rebel although grateful for the safety and refuge. So fixed are our minds to the rails and tracks of culture and programming. 
Then there are those who keep their culture and mix freely with their new country of when the dream of the past has dissipated. They have a free mind, a mind that is not impulsive which is the mark of a unfettered belief system of  'daredevil irrational junkie ' type mind, the grasshopper of a mind out of control and yet organised by its own fantasies. 
Those who have found a calm in themselves, grateful for life, a kind heart settle wherever they are and are able to cope and adapt with joy and gratitude.
See the video of this Sheriff  and draw your own conclusions.
Hey watch Danny and his amazing bike skills.  5 mins
Wow. 4 mins
Alliance for Natural Health

Grassroots pressure on HPV vaccine and natural medicine
Too many people feel disempowered by the society in which we find ourselves. “There’s nothing you can do,” they say, “Countries are now run by corporations, politicians and bureaucrats, none of which are answerable to a democratic process”.

That might be the view of some, and it might even be the case much of the time. But it certainly isn’t all of the time. Our two pieces this week demonstrate this. The first deals with the issue of the complex neurological syndromes that are affecting more and more adolescent girls, the onset of which are being found (at least some of the time) to be associated with administration of the HPV vaccine. The symptoms range from reversible conditions, to chronic, long-term debilitating ones and even death. Find out more, especially if you are considering giving consent to have your child HPV vaccinated.

Our second story this week relates to the derailing of the South African drugs laws that were about to hamstring natural medicines. It may have been too much of a hot potato (like the HPV vaccine?) for the South African Parliament to handle. But the law that would have required manufacturers to prove safety before marketing natural health products—enough to sink most of the sector—is at least in abeyance for now.

Both these issues have been driven into prominence because of the activity of a few people who are not prepared to stand by. That’s why we always ask you to share our stories – it’s a key way of increasing awareness of the precarious situation in which we live, and the even more precarious future we leave for our children.

In health, naturally

Rob Verkerk, PhD 
Unfortunately this is happening a lot. I feel it is the hidden hand of TTIP and certain products I get from South Africa and the AIM Companies are being got at.  Soon if we are not active we will have a chemicalised, mechanised GMO polluted environment in every conceivable way, whilst our lord and masters get huge profits and live in their luxurious air sanitized and organic food with natural health herbs and medicines available. 

Single Mum Gets Anonymous Note And £100 Cash Through Door To 'Keep Christmas Magic Alive' For Son
claire rock
A heart warming experience.  Thank you kind neighbour who ever you are.

For many life seems like this, fast, furious and just out of control.  It seems to me that politics too is mad, out of touch, more than insane and distraction is easier than dealing with the pain.  
I'm not sure if this is authentic.  I cannot get any word from my contacts.
Like the Mum and son who got that generous warm hearted gift above bring this to many hearts as the New Year Approaches.
May Compassion and Generosity fill the skies and Earth now and forever. Be Well. Geoff

Tuesday 15 December 2015


Hi there. I trust all is well that can be well.
Portals in space by NASA.  5 mins
I have a different take on this.  If you wish to read this very early take on it, this can be found in
The video above describes a form of entanglement which to me proves the interconnectedness, the interrelated in dependency of a seamless one Universe and its components which are entangled on all levels. A hologram of Universal fractals, the weaving and entwining oneness we all all share. 
Sometimes when I sit upright and still, connect to my breathing and seem to travel somehow into a different mind set, I know this to be when my brain waves alter due to breathing and becoming still and inwardly aware, I experience a feeling as in the image above, of witnessing as if 'standing' at the shore of the vast ocean of the Cosmos and feeling at one with it, not as a flesh body but a joining of consciousness, an awareness of the vastness, yet intimacy of that joining, that entanglement.
Then there are moments which I feel 'Mother Earth' in her care and kindness and a great wave of love envelops me, whoever me is when just as awareness and I feel uplifted, at home, grace pervades the emptiness of space, this is an eternal energy, a consciousness far from the mundane, yet it feeds my soul, nutrition to the mind and a recharging to the physical house of my body.
By sitting still and just relaxing and letting thoughts go by as clouds in the sky so to speak, I sense as if 'spiritual energy hands' are reaching into the unknown and on occasions I find the awareness and  the loss of bodily sensation, kind of frees the awareness from the body, from the brain and seems to expand into space. Yes it is an emptiness of a sort, at times dark, at times mellow or bright. Yet there is a comfort, an assured security in nothing tangible to the five / six senses.  I have a notion that on the demise of the body, our awareness goes into this dimension, also I have a sense that our habits, stern stubborn beliefs, our traumas can bring us back to another Planet Earth body in order to relinquish these and move on. We may have to work out these left overs so working them out in relationships and experiences until we see the light and move on.  The choice is ours.
Many may say reincarnation is rubbish and many may say meditating is just an escape and another cop out, an addiction, a running away from a harsh world reality, not being able to have a psychological coping mechanism or support circle.
Maybe as in the image above we may feel trapped in a job we do not like, feel life is passing us by, what's  the point, same old, same old, the mortgage, the pub, the annual holiday, repeat TV and so on, so meditation may help to give an intuitive knowledge about the real meaning of life.
Then the political scene, terrorism extreme, government response in cutting human rights, surveillance from every angle, welfare cuts, poverty, extreme weather, bogged down by seeming endless horror and tragedy so feeling weighed down and hopeless to alleviate the world condition, trapped in a foreign country between borders, a sense of powerlessness, hopelessness and depression, seemingly buries many under the stress of living--- what's the point.  I have felt this many times and at one time sort out relief in many forms including running away and going off grid.  
I lived in Minorca for a while as a kind of hermit, then the Findhorn Community and many journies to far places.  For me I took the head trash with me, my baggage went with me.  My challenge was 'could I live in society with all its stuff and live with it' . Believe me Forensics deal with the gutter of human experience and then listening to peoples agony in counselling and psychotherapy took me to the shadow side of psychological depths.  I witnessed many a healer, psychologist, psychiatrist, doctors and nursing staff go down under the pressure or find some relief in alcohol, sex fantasies, weirdo behaviour and mental illness, I witnessed some scientists go off the rocks when discovering the emptiness of the quantum world.
To me religion was of no use, it merely gave my 'head' an escape and I wondered where God had gone and why so many wars were fought over the 'right to God's ear alone'. Guru's were demanding loyalty, my Japanese and Chinese teachers were 'kind of hard' and would not allow attachment to them, if you tried long enough, you were asked to leave.  I needed a way that was simple, that worked for me, that I considered not 'addictable'  that proved to me that I could be in the world and yet not of it at times. Also kept my sanity, and for some periods of time left me calm, aware, loving and generous, also to live alone if needed and not get all my approval from outside. For me meditation fitted the quest.  
This does not mean my life at present is smooth, blissful and totally satisfying.  There are still ups and downs, however the turn around's are faster.  You could say age and some meagre finance makes it so.  But this has gone on for many a year now and I face serious financial problems and health issues due to recent events and change of law.
So what about God and the angels now? I firmly believe in God, not as a human, although I feel many a great person has found God as an experience, a deep feeling within themselves and not necessarily religion, ism or cult.
I feel in that stillness there is a feeling of inner knowing that there is an intelligence throughout that 'Emptiness of Divine Eternal Space' that feels right and not just a belief.  It is an experience not a belief. If that experience becomes a belief then it is more head trash. 
I chuckled when I downloaded an image to illustrate the text because many of peoples problems are with tax relief, by the way all the images are merely to illustrate the text and are not those of the artists who gave them to be generously downloaded.
The power mongers, war lords, politicians, religious leaders,general public, industrial and military leaders and so forth, could or would actually sat down and meditated and found this loving energy, this quiet stillness away from the busy head buzz of head trash, the trash that feels to them real, solid, and who cares if it it is transient, impermanent, not solid as atoms show, there is no after life, this is it, so I will enjoy all, take all and f--k all. Then there is little hope.
However, through sheer weariness running out of every conceivable thrill, stronger drug, daring experience, multiple relationships, deadening the mind with more Hollywood block busters, just maybe many will seek inner peace as it seems political external peace is far from becoming a real consciousness.
So give the 'be still and know God within thee' a chance feel the peace and know that this maybe the saviour we are after.  The Knight in Shinning White Armour is within our hearts and is eager to come to those who open the doors of their hearts and let the Saviour pour out, spread the peace heart to heart and the web of Love melt the hard and stony hearts of those whose love is for material gain at the expense of their human sisters and brothers and Mother Earth.
Stephen Seagal  26 mins   A video is in article.
Maybe there is another mass surveillance, the peering into the heart and a network of heart surveillance, the internet of the heart, the downloading into our brain hard drives and neuronal networks, the world wide web of hope, peace and loving care.
As 2015 comes to an end maybe we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and bless 2016 with a real determination to bridge the gap of fragmentation and join in a Universal Unity of One World, One Humanity and One Divinity.
From My Heart to yours. Be Well and at Peace.  Geoff  



Tuesday 8 December 2015


Hello and seasons greetings and new year as well.
Yes you may have paid for it or got it as a present also insured it. BUT DID YOU know you may be a walking spy, innocent of the fact.  This is the governments way of free spying as well as collecting mass data elsewhere on their systems. THIS  turns every person INTO A SUSPECT.  YOU have nothing to fear if you are innocent so they say, yet an innocent remark can be digitally manipulated to make you a target or suspected terrorist. 
2 mins,
Many readers have never heard of Hayabasa 2. It is an amazing mission. After the spacecraft reaches Ryugu in 2018, it will orbit the asteroid for a year and a half. During that time, Hayabasa 2 will deploy four landers and drop a copper impactor toblow a hole in the asteroid's side. Hayabasa 2 itself will touch down on the asteroid, briefly, at least once to collect samples excavated by the impactor. In Dec. 2019, the spacecraft will leave the asteroid and use its ion engines to return to Earth, carrying precious samples of Ryugu. Ambitious? Yes. But if Hayabasa 2 completes even a fraction if its mission, it will be a success.
The spacecraft is small (mass: 590 kg, dimensions: 2 x 1.6 x 1.25 meters), so when it flies by Earth it will not be very bright. A telescope will be required to see it.
Veteran satellite observer Rick Baldridge notes that "for the US west coast, the spacecraft gets barely 7 degrees above the western horizon at closest approach. Observers in Alaska, Hawaii and Japan are favored. Ephemerides for specific locations may be obtained on the JPL HORIZONS website." Additional charts, a ground track map, and data are available in Japanese at this URL.  (COURTESY
54 mins of sheet genius.
I could have started after the above with a subtitle to the Post 'who owns your Mind'.  This brilliant cohesive, brilliant lecturer says it all. From this my case for heart coherence, meditation, breathing mindfulness has been lifted for me. One can see how the world turmoil is impacting human health, stability, sanity and well being, indeed that of Nature and her beauty with her Kingdoms. 
Huge Skeleton found in Bulgaria, Varna. 3 mins.
If there was an ancient civilisation of Giants and I have written a lot about them elsewhere in energygrid, then either a climate catastrophe or wars like we have now may have been the causes to have made them extinct. There is a theory that dinosaurs, giants huge vegetation was too much for the planet to sustain and the 'plan'  of Evolution maybe to refine and evolve more economic and energy efficient forms. I feel if we view our lives it maybe that accepting death as a natural evolving principle, then if lived well the next 'stage' maybe an energy body in some form in another dimension. Our bodies going through evolutionary change as with nature, as we are part of nature, this is a natural process, it is only painful if we work against it.
John Kerry admits 'order out of Chaos for world order ' 6 mins
YES AS SAID IN THE VIDEO 'WHILST THE PRESS, sensationalise the celebrity culture  with soccer games, Charlie Sheen, X Factor, Soaps, we sleep as the new world order stealthily creeps in'.  
They know we are so hypnotised and so deeply entrenched in our slumber, that the human rights are steadily diminishing and I say again another title to this blog could be' Who owns your Mind'? and then with natural medicines and GMO's 'who owns your body'?.
The rise of the superbug. 3 mins
With doctors prescribing antibiotics in large quantities, many are becoming useless or powerless. Is this part of the New World order, for doctors and Big Pharma are getting rich on it, and who are the heads of the Medicals and Pharma's? Have a look at the next Bilderbug meeting, and relate this to the video above this one.

Prospect of TTIP already undermining EU food standards. (The Guardian and Freedom Alliance)

Opponents of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership say EU negotiator has admitted to approving entry of banned goods

EU negotiators will resume controversial trade talks with the US on Monday amid claims that multinational companies have jumped the gun in advance of any agreement to import goods that are currently banned – including genetically modified crops and chemically washed beef – into European markets.
A campaign group says that a report in a US journal concerning the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks show that Europe is already capitulating to huge pressure from the US to allow imports of previously banned goods before an agreement is reached.
The accusation comes as the European commission faces intense pressure to abandon the controversial talks, which critics say will undermine food safety, environmental standards and job security. More than three million people in Europe have signed a petition against the deal while an estimated 250,000 people marched in Berlin last weekend against the proposals.
John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, has described TTIP as “toxic” and resulting in a huge transfer of powers to Brussels and corporate interests that will bring about a form of “modern-day serfdom”.
The EU commission wants to sign a trade accord before next spring with the US to lower trade barriers and boost growth. EU leaders argue that a TTIP deal would create a free trade zone covering 800 million people and act as a counterweight to China’s growing economic power. Brussels has predicted it would add $92bn to the EU’s $18.46tn GDP.
More than two dozen EU negotiators will meet US officials in Miami to discuss harmonising regulations alongside new rules for public procurement.
But now Nick Dearden, director of anti-poverty group Global Justice Now, says the EU’s chief trade counsellor, Damien Levie, has let slip that free trade means undermining current minimum standards agreed by the EU.
Dearden says that according to a report in the newsletter Washington Trade Daily, Levie told a conference held by US free market thinktank the Cato Institute that genetically modified crops and chemically washed beef carcasses were being allowed into the EU ahead of a deal.
The outcome of TTIP talks on public contracts, which will govern how US firms can bid for work in the health service, schools and other areas of the public sector, is also expected to prove controversial. Unions and anti-poverty campaign groups have warned of backdoor privatisations that will undermine the public sector ethos of health and education provision.
EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström has rejected concerns that an agreement will result in US health and education businesses undercutting European operators to secure contracts.
A spokesman for the EU commission said that Malmström’s team intends to secure an agreement to allow public bodies to support sustainable development that safeguard labour and environmental concerns. He said there would also be “thorough technical discussions” covering the sale of cars, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, engineering, pesticides, cosmetics and textiles.
“Our objective is to define more precisely what can be achieved concretely in terms of greater regulatory compatibility,” he said.
Malmström has also sought to head off criticism that a TTIP deal will allow corporations to win compensation from governments if they suffer from public policy changes via a new “investment court”, though this will not be discussed in Miami.
Levie, who is expected to attend the Miami talks, told the Cato Institute conference that neither side wants to reach anything less than a comprehensive economic agreement. He conceded the deal could founder on resistance from the US to include financial services in the deal and Washington’s reluctance to open local and state procurement to bids from EU businesses.
In defence of Levie’s comments on food, the European commission said Levie was referring to separate decisions to allow chemically washed beef from the US into European markets that were agreed in 2013 “following favourable advice from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on its use”.
The spokesman said: “This issue bears no relation with the ongoing negotiations. Our stance on not lowering our standards in the framework of TTIP or any other trade negotiation is clear.”
Dearden said he remained concerned that to harmonise regulations, negotiators were engaged in a “race to the bottom”.
“TTIP is already letting big business interests dictate our laws for the worse. This week an EU negotiator has let slip that negotiations on TTIP have helped speed up entry of GMOs and chemically washed beef into the EU market. In our briefing released today we found an example of US officials bullying the EU into dropping plans to ban 31 dangerous pesticides with ingredients that have been shown to cause cancer.
“Just imagine what will happen when TTIP actually comes into effect. Even the most optimistic of citizens must surely doubt the EU’s good intentions on TTIP after hearing how TTIP is already letting big business take over our legislative system. TTIP is about forcing governments to see the whole of society from the viewpoint of big business. Every regulation which is important to society, workers’ rights or environmental protection becomes simply an obstacle to profit.”
 This article was amended on 3 November 2015. An earlier version said that according to a report in the Washington Trade Daily, the EU’s chief trade counsellor, Damien Levie, told a conference that EU member states had been stepping up case reviews and approving new genetically modified organisms with five new products approved so far. The WTD has now accepted that Levie did not mention GMOs in his presentation.

                           Those who serve and then are deserted---Drone Pilots. 6 mins.

Who indeed owns Europe.  4 mins to decide
Who owns your money?. 7 mins
By now you maybe thinking 'Geoff stop this who owns stuff' however to my take on this is that we own not a thing.  In one sense we do as long as we live and we may feel it is so.  I own my car, house, my body, my thoughts and so on. However from another point of view when we leave this planet in the transformation named death, we may realise then or before  all I had was temporary, impermanent a kind of delusion of everlasting reality.  I gave up driving and owning a car many years back.

Perhaps the world crisis and indeed past crisis maybe due to the false sense that ownership of land, possessions, wealth, status could be the cause of jealousy, covetousness and a false sense of security. This is mine, keep off, this is my property, my country, my culture, my body.
Of course we have a basic human right to privacy, dignity, some food of good quality, warmth, clothing and safe shelter, other than that the accumulation by hoarding can lead to a false sense of protection.
Some say that hoarding is in the mind, safety is misplaced in objects, materialism because it can be seen and touched and is visibly concretely observable and as long as it there it is a safety net, it is a false addiction to security in the object of verification by the five or six senses.
However if the 'objects, the things' of perceived indestructible or replaceable material forms are not forthcoming, panic and uncertainty may ensue.  In extreme circumstances this could lead to war.
The oil situation is an example of this, invasion of other peoples lands, burglary, poverty, wealth, are all situations of certain circumstances and experiences, traumas and life styles, upbringing and so on.
Many of the world's leaders have preached peace, yes, as long as its on their terms.  As a friend said to me 'if all the world were xxx religion all would be well'. 
So as the video at the top of the Post states and in my view of it 'as long as you own anything electronic the status changes from citizen to suspect, one is owned by the state, the cell / mobile owns ones privacy, one is an unpaid spy for the government and ones life is dependent on their mean wages and high taxes. Is there a way out?
I know that I have bleated on about consciousness and meditation and although I am not a good example of walking my talk, I do have some experiences of the saving power of it. Not a miracle but a kind of lessening of the anxiety which in itself is a blessing, but I have noticed it can bring about opportunities which may have been missed by the fear and tension.
Then I might hear some say 'well its OK for you, your 77 yrs of age, you live in a small flat in a sheltered situation, you have a pension, you are warm, fed and clothed, how about refugees, asylum seekers, homeless street people, child abuse and the rest'.  Yes I feel and see this and I am grateful and apologise if I seem pompous and pontificating. 
I have been on the rocks and in extreme situations and have interviewed and read of people who have meditated and relaxed their minds naturally who have been in the situations I have outlined and it did bring about synchronous opportunities.  I feel it alters the brain chemistry, alters the neurons, causes one's intentions to redirect anxiety to a more positive frame of mind which has been shown to shift circumstances.  There is a vast amount of research about fundamental changes in attitude that can somehow can alter the 'reality' of a seemingly impossible situation.
Many bullies of which nearly every ism and government seem to be, some landlords, local councils, neighbours some officials given a little power, uniform  and status USE  the tool of fear. If one can remain calm, not by force, but cultivating inner release and anxiety, the bully's power is busted. Bullies have the 'street' sense to feel one's fear, body language, voice, eyes, they prey on this and see how frozen or running the victim is, how conforming.  It is is surprising how effective fearlessness is, not  a stupid reckless defiance and impulsive angry response. 
Of course Mahatma Gandhi was one of many as an example. One can do this without physical protest although some peaceful demonstrations maybe necessary, however if each protester went the 'quiet way' if may have more effect.
Now we come to the end of the Western European Year and celebrations I wish all of the peoples of the world in the new Western Calender year and whatever time frame or year that is particular and significant to your way of Life. A life of peace, health, food, clothing, safety, warmth and love.
Dear Citizens of Earth, we are one family under the Rule of the Universe.
Be at Peace, Be Well.  Geoff

Wednesday 2 December 2015


Come on in and make yourself at home, Welcome.
I have written about being empty.  To some it may conjure up a very stark serious monastic punishing martial arts or religious fanaticism or an escape from a cruel world and then retreat into an abyss of a dark cold austere Buddhist void, or a 'spiritual depression', or even another religion or cult with very demanding rituals and abstentions. 
A type of zealot.
This type of extreme enthusiasm can be seen in sport to religion or to homespun ideologies. It means to me that one has been indoctrinated and programmed, brain washed and conditioned an can become a bigot, a despot and tyrant.
So my take on this is, is that somewhere along the line from birth to early teens some may have been deprived of love and affection, or the love given out as a reward for being a good child.  Naughty children can get more attention than more well behaved at times.
So we may look outside for the love we never got because of the restraints that took away our 'call of the wild' I'll come to this later. 
To me this is the emptiness of LOVE of ourselves. Not and egoistic admiration and show off type of love, not the love of achievement or the rush of a new purchase that wears off when the honeymoon is over.
In the image above I am reminded of the Buddhist aspect of the 'realm of the hungry ghosts', they have small mouths and big bellies, they are always hungry and they eat continually to fill their stomachs, they seek nourishment of all kinds from 'outside' however inside they are malnourished. In this blog I am talking about where we get the love and care we never got as youngsters, maybe abuse was substituted for love or on a reward base. We have been deprived in many ways and not knowing it was our own approval we sought we became 'beggars' for love and approval. In that sense we are empty.
This is an illustrative image and any resemblance to anyone is unintentional.
I have had sessions with many clients who have been addicted to money, power, sex, drugs, isms, science, religion, nature in obsessive and addicted behaviour.
THE point being IT was not the drug, ism, alcohol and the many of such things these things were ideas brought into practise to RELIEVE  a certain empty unfulfilled uneasy anxiety AND THE PAIN KILLER was the substance or mode of relief. TO POINT AGAIN THE SUBSTANCE ITSELF WAS NOT DANGEROUS OR ADDICTIVE ----IT WAS THE RELIEF, THE DEADENING OF THE PAIN. THE RELIEF FROM THE ADDICTION AND IT COULD HAVE BEEN RELIEVED IN MANY OTHER WAYS---BUT THIS WAS THE CHOSEN ONE SO IT BECOMES A HABIT.
We blame the substance and yet it is the empty hollow feeling that urged the relief. Then of course follows the damage to the neurons, hormones and so on.   So in this sense we are empty and like the ghosts above keep filling that emptiness.   Some of the most empty people are those top political leaders and terrorists, harsh multinational CEO's and their addiction to power goes to killing the planet and poisoning the population and nature.  They are 'hell bent' and to tell them that they  are addicted would probably be a sever punishment.  You can see the fate of whistle blowers as they expose the habits and lies of these addicts.  Yet many addictions are encouraged, religious, political, success at all costs and so on. Nearly all addicts Course all addicts are in denial, which when questioned deny.
Now let's look at emptiness ah la 'spiritual' emptiness.  When the dysfunctional unconscious belief, trauma and programming have been expunged, either through self growth work, decent authentic Shamanism, meditation and so on, then the the relatively or mostly cleaned out false reality manifested through a belief system that alienated one from the natural environment nature and its energy love. NOT  emotionally needy love, not ego love for oneself, a feeling of BEING FULL, not an empty yawning gaping threatening black hole to suck one down into hopelessness, despair and depression forcing one to take deadening action by addiction.
As one begins to clear the dysfunctional 'old me patterns' this leaves gaps and the so called 'vacuum' the void, has been termed emptiness, but this gap, if no new outside solutions are sought after leaves a peace, an inner smile, IT IS ONLY EMPTY OF THE INNER DIALOGUE, this allows the remaining debris to appear, arise and come up, as the fear of these uncomfortable feelings are seen as not so threatening.  Then one can allow these emotions and feelings through as an interested viewer, the unbiased witness and see that they do not grab and cover the awareness. The clarity of 'empty mind' is inner calm and one's fear of being taken over by uncomfortable feelings and fear gradually or some cases quickly dissolves. Then one can feel the glass is half empty and it safe to be so and half full with inner peace and well being.
Courtesy quotesbysrian.blogspot.
Many of my clients and myself had a few experiences regarding the 'sexual energy'.  I had a memory when very young say 3-4 yrs of age of feeling the sexual energy in my genitals, many children touch or even masturbate without knowing why and you could say are they picking up their parents stuff. With my understanding of it, it felt sheer joy, a joy, a joie de vivre, an exhilaration of sheer bliss and abandonment,  I also experienced this when I was naked and felt free, stretching luxuriously like a wild cat. 
Many a times in deep meditation and in some Qi Gong sessions I have felt a clear channel for sheer energy, chi, ki, kundulini, life force, it is like a waterfall of heaven, a Cosmic Orgasm, it spoilt me for sexual orgasm's. Some people use tantric yoga for the buzz of holding the orgasm and sending the energy to the brain, the down turn on this the Yoga becomes the tool or technique to get this 'high'.  Then the technique becomes a walking stick or addiction.
When this grace arrives the body is a river, a conduit for the feeling of sheer love, passion but not sexual, because the energy does not get 'stuck in any particular chakra'. 
To me Life is a River, and our bodies are part of the Life energy it flows through.  The River of Life can have boulders in it, blocks, mainly through hurtful experiences which translated to dumping in the unconscious and pushing them away and so burying the stones or hard knocks until they deposit in the body controlled by emotions and thoughts and we have only a trickle or constricted flow.  This then leaves us with little joy, only in proportion to the inner river allowance. We meter our inner joy and get outer joy in things that get addictive.
Have you seen the grace and litheness of animals, they way they stretch and repose?  I can feel their 'wild energy stream' I feel I would love to run with them.  When we cage tigers and lions and so on, I can feel their chi get stuck, they are trapped, I see the sadness in their eyes, their chi gets stuck and they get ill.  We get ill when our chi sticks, usually through fear,  in old age we are told we get sick, stiff, fat, frightened and yes the body does age, but these messages are downers. I am beginning to get free of a few of these downers which my folks handed sown to me my 'message downer inheritance' who I should like and dislike, be wary of other religions, make sure you go to heaven not hell, and then all my parental breakup,  childhood illnesses and son.
So the River of Life is Evolution in process and we are there swimming in it, we either feel the exhilaration of Life, the utter bliss of (not to be mistaken for ego impulses that are madness and drug fuelled or egocentric---animals in the wild do their natural thing) or we live in limited INNER JOY.  Inner joy only needs the basics of Life, warm clothes for winter and a warm dry place to live, light clothes for summer, unpolluted food and clean air and water.  Outer joy demands artefacts beyond that base line.
A one one liner from Bruce Lee when a pupil was looking to jump over a high fence ' FEEL don't think'.
Lately I have been laughing a lot, like the 'laughing Buddha' apologies for repeating the Video
Mooji  and Dennis  7 mins
I had this before the video was on the net and a friend sent me this because I had repeats of the laughter for three or four days at a time. Then a relapse and more 'ancient karma' in the form of buried and hidden stuff came up. My latest laughter was in the form of a Koan 'If I am not beliefs and Programmes and these 'head / brain messages gave me psychosomatic symptoms, and my illusions and fantasies are not me, and I feel they are not the real me, and this becoming very apparent and I am not my thoughts as such, how can I treat with herbs or medicines that which is an illusion and not real? I must be treating an illusion with an illusion and Einstein said you cannot solve a problem by that which caused it.
I feel I am laughing more often as I realise the 'old patterns are not me', they never were, they were imprinted and impregnated in me from way back when. A lovely experience in meditation, 'I felt I was back in Mothers Womb and I heard a little voice say " Oh Fuck not another incarnation". This came to me and I started to laugh so much that I spent an hour of it on the floor. 
When this laughter ceases there are hours and sometimes days when I feel liberated, very little thought and an easy body relaxed way of being. I hope I can release more and the beauty is there are no programmes and beliefs or research that fills the gap.  Long may all of us find the fun, that wild stream of energy, that feeling of the freedom of the animals on the Serengeti Plains and to roam free and find that love pours out from oneself and there is no need to obtain it from someone else, there is no ego in this just a flowing non resistant being, in love with love because we are love.  This love is not sentimental but a never ending flow of Evolution and Promise of Eternal Life. For the River Of Life is an Eternal and wonderful Phenomena, a mystery and may it stay that way, as we journey with it and its wonders to behold.  
Laughing Buddha 2  11 mins
The Wonder of Nature.  5 mins
A great explanation . 8 mins.
Rewire your brain. 8 mins
Will Valkyrie Robot Go to Mars? 4 mins.
Mikhail Lesin


I’ve been breaking the news as gently as possible on all the holistic doctor deaths and I will continue to do my best as I tell you that Mikhail Lesin, founder of popular alt network RT News, was found dead in his hotel room just a few days ago in Washington, DC.
He was  57.
The network he founded has interviewed more than one holistic doctor we know personally, including Mitch Gaynor, MD (RIP). Dr. Gaynor was found dead not long after his appearance on RT.  We gently broke the news about Mitch’s death to the media, including a video of his RT appearance.
Here is a detailed recap of the first 12 doctors who were found dead since June 19th (though we are at 13 now, you can see the timeline at the bottom of the piece).
Full disclosure: RT News also recently interviewed my better half for their show just weeks ago. He too is a well known holistic doctor of over 30 years.
Lesin, was staying at the Hotel Dupont, and the Metropolitan Police Department is now investigating his death, along with Russian officials. His family was quick to say that the cause of death was a heart attack at age 57.
Lesin has previously been involved with controversy in the US surrounding RT, the Russian-based news source he founded. RT has challenged the western narrative of foreign policy and privacy issues. Some US politicians have suggested that RT be banned in the US for “spreading propaganda”.Some US Senators, including Roger Wicker of Mississippi, recently called for the Department of Justice to open an investigation into Lesin’s finances.
From the article:

Lesin is credited with creating Russia Today, the English-language news network backed by the Russian government. Now known as RT, the network “provides an alternative perspective on major global events, and acquaints an international audience with the Russian viewpoint,” according to its website.
“Lesin pushed for establishing the Russia Today satellite TV channel, later renamed RT, once saying that Russia “must do propaganda for ourselves, otherwise we’ll always look like bears.” RT credited Lesin with “inspiring the creation” of the agency.”
The President has a high appreciation for Mikhail Lesin’s massive contribution to the creation of modern Russian mass media,” the Kremlin’s press service said on Saturday.
The Russian Embassy in the US put out the following statement:
“Our consular officials had an opportunity to confirm that the Russian national who passed away in DC is indeed Mikhail Lesin. Out of respect to the privacy and sensitivity of the matter we are not at liberty to disclose any other information, and would ask you to refer all further requests to his family and the law enforcement officials”
We’re not sure what to make of this. Interesting that people from Eric Holder to many politicians weren’t happy with RT News’ “alternative view” on vaccines to GMOs and much more. May he rest in peace. My heart goes out to friends and family.
This article was republished with permission from Health Nut News
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GRATITUDE it really works.  8 mins of neuroscience that works.  Masuru Emoto the Japanese water crystal man proved this as well.
If you want a clear and insightful report on what is going on and you want your beliefs tested look at this video of 7 mins below  and when it seeps in it may wake you up, I knew this but when it appears as a news bulletin then my contacts were correct and this does affirm my suspicions.

3 Stories That Show the War of Terror Is A Fraud

Please read and watch the videos and data on Climate Change.
see my Post on letter to NASA.  POST 202
May the climate change of love be the real one.
Be Well, Be Love. Geoff