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Hello again. I trust you are well and getting through the calamity of this virus. Below is a very important News Letter and in particular the videos. 
As I POST this I am in self isolation and there are two very important videos one on 5G and viruses and the other giving some lovely ways of thinking and feeling.
From Link
Courtesy  Google Images
I had to go out to shop before I found help from kindly people and the image above depicts the empty shelves. Some supermarkets have an early hour for Seniors (I am 81 years young) and have experienced before help arrived being pushed aside in the hours, I have witnessed fights and kindness. By the way a good tip to casserole a toilet role!!!. Mind you there is a point to toilet roles being sort in abundance; washing hands most important and drying them on towels can retain the bacteria so paper is a better option, I am informed air drying just spreads things further.
From one of the videos in the link above I feel this is a most important book.
Studying the work of Peter Gariaev you might see the connection with transference of  laser and electrical energy and virus, bacteria and contaminants; 
1) Peter Gariaev proves that DNA retains / captures and releases light this is part of the 'phantom wave effect'.  (research for yourselves for further details it is too lengthy to insert here and not for those interested in some astounding science). In this it is seen that light 'supplies DNA like feeding it'. What stored the light when the molecule was removed from the experiment and left the phantom effect?
Courtesy  FLIKR 
2)Coherent light like that of laser when subjected in a burst of light  to the DNA molecule transforms one life form to another? Can you see we are surrounded by many electromagnetic frequencies and 5G is certainly that. Just one wave /pulse could contain the genetic code to construct an organism. We live in an information Universe and data in the 5G internet of everything is run by data through surveillance, download speeds, algorithms which maybe the new currency, reminding you of the credit colour code system in China, the corona virus has afforded China with complete Dystopian powers and beyond Big Brother. 
Using the imagination what coded information will be 'beamed at us' and the dream of Eugenics become an awful reality. 

Courtesy Miridia Aqupuncture Technology
3)This is monumental;Dr Gariaev then directed a green non burning laser through to salamander eggs and then sent the beam into frogs eggs. Incredibly when the frogs eggs hatched they were baby salamanders.  
PLEASE just digest this and think about the implications !!!. 

Courtesy Science Hobbyist
As you know I have been saying since 1970 that we are moving into a new evolutionary era, not by human endeavour but by the energies that are saturating this planet from coded signals and information from the Cosmos. However human endeavour is trying to outdo nature with Eugenics, cyborg-ism, transhumanism and the like by trying to manipulate nature with chemtrails, additives and preservatives, GMO foods, HAARP and Chemtrails and now social engineering and deplatforming using deep state social media as an ally in this one way street only. 
Now you will no doubt remember and probably go, Oh Geoff no, not again but;
from panel above
 An example of ELF Brain Simulation

Bioelectric Resonance Frequency

Motor Control Cortex                      10Hz                    Information Induced through Modulation                  

Auditory Cortex                               15Hz                   Motor Impulse coordinator

Visual Cortex                                   25Hz                   Images on the brain by passing the eye. 

Somalosensory                                 9Hz                     Phantom touch sense.

Thought Center                                20Hz                   Imposed subconscious thoughts.

So with the capturing and transferring one form to another and the above were way, way back can you imagine these scientists can conjure up viruses and beam them DOWN or THROUGH to us and the spread of viral impregnation and that it was so rapid, could it be, God forbid this was done A)unintentionally as a careless escape(not from animals) or markets. B)Intentionally by the Deep State or some other group of collaborators as a culling experiment or as a means of secretly installing the 5G network of everything and so they can BEAM INTO OUR BRAINS AS ANY ONE OF THEIR CHOICE.  C) if you think this science fiction IT IS SCIENCE FICTION come into reality. 

Courtesy Natural History Museum
As the Earth and the attendant solar system travel through space they are subjected to various attenuation's in the form of Cosmic Rays, planetary line up harmonics, the various cycles in the 700,000 cycle and it 24,000, 12,000, 5,500 cycles within the former large one and that is contained in the various billions of years cycles, then the energies, vibrations re-calibrate, reconfigure, upgrade and research will show one that there are sudden 'spurts' of evolution as in the five and now facing 6th natural extinction and not by viral or humankind interference, in fact human interference is making it worse, hence the above viral and other messes mentioned.

Be Well


A dear friend of mine sent me a recipe and he calls it;

Here it is;

One Pint Glass

Two spoons of honey or more to taste.

Four Desert Spoons of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

A pinch of Himalayan Salt.

Squeeze one whole lemon and the pith into the glass.

Add just a small amount of hot water to make the mixture smooth and stir.

Top up with filtered or pure water.

Take a good palm full of Nigella seeds into your mouth.

Drink and swill down.

Should you have any comments about the elixir let me know and I will send them to my friend. Thanks.




         A classic example of staging and fake news from the past.

                 Once again the OPCW at the centre of the mess.

Friday 20 March 2020


Welcome and here again. The HeartMath videos that start this POST are for those who wish to meditate  in a way that does not use the traditional methods and in the days that follow and more on what's up 5G and related may calm one down and then onto more updates in the 392 series.

Heart Math
Heart Math

Now onto more of the 392 series
Supports all from POSTS  372 until now.

Brilliant Investigation
This 96 minute documentary will expose the truth behind the global “Race to 5G”, the health, privacy, and local power concerns, and the corruption between the Big Wireless industry and the U.S. government.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Electromagnetic Spectrum and 5g
Chapter 2: The Concerns Around EMF’s and 5g
Chapter 3: The Big Wireless-5g Takeover
Chapter 4: Solutions for .

 5G  some science by a who installs them. He gets a lot of  sarcastic comments please decide for yourself after looking at the one above

Most, Most Important.

I have written a lot about Eugenics and here in the UK a person tried to get into the cabinet in the high ranks and a friend and so called adviser to the Prime Minister Johnson. Fortunately he was forced out.
Image from article 
He also advertised for; Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s chief adviser, has written a rambling blog calling for “weirdos and misfits with odd skills” to apply for new jobs within No 10.

Eugenics:the science of improving a population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics.

Courtesy Foundation for Economic
I would add 'only selective breeding'  this to me is insidious, repulsive and repugnant and no doubt the howls and baying will start and the acrimonious comments and emails. Like the discussion (argument in many instances) about Intelligent Design it can get heated. I have disabled the comments but have left my email address some people get upset at vile comments like those on YOU TUBE, I would be ashamed to swear and use profanity as a means of making a point although I did use strong words above.
Various examples in history have racial prejudice, religious prejudice and then exacerbated to racial genocide and terrible ethnic cleansing along with executions, torture, maiming and children being abused, indoctrinated to be child soldiers, young girls and women subjugated to slavery, trafficked, prostitution and used as fodder by some wicked demented satanic sacrifices. I saw some of this in my years in Forensics and heard a lot from patients in the clinic and workshops. Hitler was the most well known to most.
Courtesy  CBS
If Cummings would have had his way his revolutionary political agenda would have been crippling. When the UK finally agrees to part from the EU and the dust settlers there are fears of the Loss of Human Rights, Workers Rights, GMO for for the less well off, better expensive food for those who can afford it, forced vaccination, forced smart meters and so on, Cummings was and is an attempt to get the Eugenics movement 'foot in the door' and Technocracy is an attempt by '5G and the internet of everything' along with the horrible abuse of the disabled and treatment of Julian Assange, more or less forced homelessness with Austerity are all insidious 'steps' in a creeping Eugenics. As you will read below this can creep in to so called Western Civilised Countries who are causing the misery to those as seen below and even in their own domains.       
Courtesy  Stars and Stripes
I know and feel how much I cried when my dear Mother passed over and died on the operation table and I was not there to hold her beautiful hand and a cancer of an unhappy life and stress took her away. I remember going into the Matron's office to collect her belongings left in the hospital. The Matron suggested I sit down and offered me a cup of tea, I thought I was brave and seen it all in Forensics, but when they brought in a brown paper bag just containing her nightdress, her glasses and small watch, her  wedding ring, all that was left of a lovely anxious smile of my Mum and life and her possessions for we had barely much at home. It tore at my heart and I wept so. My Mum died from a disease that lovely lady above by war and terror, just a number 132 and perhaps in the coffin a dismembered bomb torn corpse, I feel for her, OH dear souls who have lost your dear ones in the ravages of war, persecuted and have to flee to another country, be further abused as asylum seekers, refugees and get further abuse by those who sell you to traffickers, costly fees to get on a rubber boat and cross the seas, live in tents, starve in drought ridden countries, what can I do or say---I can only trust that one day those that perpetrate these atrocities wake up and repent or at least an attempt made to bring them to justice. As Shakespeare might say 'What thinkest thou'  

Be Compassion, Be Well


More on www.shackisback.blogspot
Shack is one of my nicknames and I write about my life and experiences and some homespun philosophy.


This short video gets to the point 

This 30 minute interview between Sayer ji  and Josh de Sol
The date today is 2nd March 2020 and the book is not due to be published until the end of March.
From the interview I have purchased the book and was duly impressed.

As I POST this today we are in the covid-19 virus and the worst of human nature at the supermarkets, fights, anger at some who look Asian, Chinese and so on yet the kindness of volunteers. I have to self isolate and am 81 so in the 'danger zone' yet there is kindness. There seems be no shame in those marauders of the empty shelves in the shops. 


Saturday 14 March 2020


Hello and welcome. There is a mixture in this and I do this because of the information just below:-


Fear drains the kidney energy, your body’s very vitality.


Worry harms the pancreas energy, and your pancreas is in charge of sending the right amount of the right energy to the right places in your body.


Anger harms the liver energy, and your liver does 70% of your body’s detoxifying.

Unbalanced emotions are the gateway to illness; this is the Qi gong view. Chungyi Lin
I have no connections other than emails from the above or promoting them, I just admire his work, I do my own Qi Gong.

NEW ATMOSPHERIC RADIATION MEASUREMENTS: We're back from the Arctic, and we have some new results to share. In January 2020, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus and traveled to Abisko, Sweden, to launch a pair of cosmic ray balloons. We'd been there before, launching three identical balloons in March 2017. Putting all the data together, 2017+2020, we find that radiation has increased +12% in the past 3 years:

 The graph shows radiation dose rate (uGy/hr) vs. altitude (feet) all the way from ground level to the stratosphere. Radiation appears to be increasing at nearly all altitudes--even in the range 25,000 ft to 40,000 ft where airplanes fly. Polar flight crews and passengers are therefore absorbing ~12% more cosmic radiation than they did only a few years ago.

What's causing the increase? Solar Minimum. At the moment, the sun is near the bottom of the 11-year solar cycle. During Solar Minimum, the sun's magnetic field weakens, allowing extra cosmic rays from deep space to penetrate the solar system. These cosmic rays are hitting Earth's atmosphere, creating a spray of secondary cosmic rays that shower toward the ground below.
Secondary cosmic rays are what we measure. Radiation sensors onboard our helium balloons detect X-rays and gamma-rays in the energy range 10 keV to 20 MeV, similar to what you get from medical X-ray machines and airport security scanners.

Above: Schematic diagram of a cosmic ray air shower. Learn more from CERN 

The graph shows radiation dose rate (uGy/hr) vs. altitude (feet) all the way from ground level to the stratosphere. Radiation appears to be increasing at nearly all altitudes--even in the range 25,000 ft to 40,000 ft where airplanes fly. Polar flight crews and passengers are therefore absorbing ~12% more cosmic radiation than they did only a few years ago.
What's causing the increase? Solar Minimum. At the moment, the sun is near the bottom of the 11-year solar cycle. During Solar Minimum, the sun's magnetic field weakens, allowing extra cosmic rays from deep space to penetrate the solar system. These cosmic rays are hitting Earth's atmosphere, creating a spray of secondary cosmic rays that shower toward the ground below.
Secondary cosmic rays are what we measure. Radiation sensors onboard our helium balloons detect X-rays and gamma-rays in the energy range 10 keV to 20 MeV, similar to what you get from medical X-ray machines and airport security scanners.

We've been launching radiation sensors almost weekly for 5 years--mainly from California, the "home base" of Cosmic rays in the stratosphere have been increasing the entire time, a sign of deepening Solar Minimum.
The new data from Abisko, Sweden, show the increase is not limited to the stratosphere. It is also happening at aviation altitudes with a 3-year increase of ~12% even below 40,000 ft. We're planning another ballooning trip to Sweden in August 2020 to confirm these results. Stay tuned.
 Courtesy (Read the bit about flight attendants and crews especially please, this applies to everyone and with additional 5G and intended 6G  well !!!!?)
These Rays do have a bearing on our health as mentioned in many back POSTS and this couples with pollution, 5G, GMO and so on especially Chemtrails will in some cases cause compromised immune response. In a way restricting air travel and city cars can give some clean air and like when aeroplanes at 9/11 were curtailed air pollution was remarkably down a few measurements. QUESTION do we have to wait until crisis awaken us to our part of the climate debacle and add to the daunting 6 extinction natural cycle, which could make COVID-19 look like a baby, and will when all this clears up virus wise will return to our past behaviour?
 Many people have complained about most of the governments in the world lacking transparency and a kind of paranoia and voyeurism with all the surveillance and this also causes stress and with the EMF's involved with electronics and digital technology adding to our immune systems responses and stresses and the money to purchase non-filled supplements from genuine organic sources. Ask yourself are we being manoeuvred into a 'social accepted norm', never to be questioned and with the virus, there is no other way but than one has to rely on the governments and is there an alternative before we become robots of 5G and the internet of everything. Mark you I am grateful to the UK as we do have the NHS and I get a small pension and works pension and if I live carefully and sensibly I manage well.  
Courtesy The Independant George Galloway
There are some people who are fearless and have been verbally and physically attacked George Galloway a Scottish politician has a program on named Sputnik and has infuriated the British MP's and the BBC and nearly all broadcasters, he is a true journalist and speaks up no matter what. Many governments still use barbaric torture and rendition. although backed by Russia are on the air in many countries and they have been persecuted and are often banned in many countries, it takes courage to go against the current climate of political correctness (an excuse to be pompously piously hypocritically justified) and stand up for what is more truthful than other journalism. The fate of Julian Assange and his trial will decide the fate of journalists and whistle blowers everywhere. Another instance the truth and cover up over the COVID-19 Virus.   ( )
Courtesy  Chinese Embassy USA
Will we see more expelling of diplomats and a year or two later they return (see back POSTS Russian expelled diplomats now returning to USA). There maybe some evidence to come out of this and from Canada. Watch this space for further updates in future POSTS, this is the blame game again, will we learn cooperation out of this crisis or we just use temporary truces. President Reagan once said that if an ET source threatened the world we would put aside differences for the sake of survival. I wonder if the world threat lifted would it go back to me, me, with greed and power returning.   
Courtesy Department of Energy 
Courtesy Neutron Bytes
I have a nagging doubt about this; supposing we still have terrorists, people with grudges, unstable people, people who feel this offends religious ethics and principles, unless these are really, really safe and the debate between fusion and fission reactors are in use plus I cannot see the power, lust, money salivating jaws of energy suppliers willing to give house energy nearly free because there will be no nuclear large reactors and staffing (unless robots are used to monitor the safety and production) and even a mini radiation leak would be a hazard which make corona virus be reasonably preferred.
I could foresee a new 'nuclear material war' amongst the drug dealers.
Both fission and fusion are nuclear reactions that produce energy, but the applications are not the same. Fission is the splitting of a heavy, unstable nucleus into two lighter nuclei, and fusion is the process where two light nuclei combine together releasing vast amounts of energy' 'Fission is used in nuclear power reactors since it can be controlled, while fusion is not utilized to produce power since the reaction is not easily controlled and is expensive to create the needed conditions for a fusion reaction'

Bye for now and be well


Unknown Author



Wednesday 11 March 2020


Hello and welcome to 'J' the tenth in the series of POSTS  392. I am speculating and hoping my feelings about this below is not going to become the standard for the world and the greedy technocrats who make data the new currency. 
God forbid that this virus was intentional, although reading 392 'I' just a few days ago I have my doubts and reservations.
Is 5G and the internet of everything and everybody the real plan along with the Virus if it was intentional it is just the excuse to bring total and utter surveillance and make the ultimate dystopian dream of world domination become real and here now and right in your face? 
If it was not intentional it is a great coincidence and synchronise event which has fortuitously played into the hands of the technocrats / elite / deep state / Bilderbergs / illuminati or who ever or whatever.                                                                                        
courtesy article and image to THE GUARDIAN
                                                      Chinese residents say technology used to track suspected
                                   coronavirus cases has made public monitoring more obvious. Photograph: Aly Song/Reuters

The new normal': China's excessive coronavirus public monitoring could be here to stay

Experts say the coronavirus has given the Chinese government a pretext for accelerating the mass surveillance

Over the last two months, Chinese citizens have had to adjust to a new level of government intrusion.
Getting into one’s apartment compound or workplace requires scanning a QR code, writing down one’s name and ID number, temperature and recent travel history. Telecom operators track people’s movements while social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo have hotlines for people to report others who may be sick. Some cities are offering people rewards for informing on sick neighbours.
Chinese companies are meanwhile rolling out facial recognition technology that can detect elevated temperatures in a crowd or flag citizens not wearing a face mask. A range of apps use the personal health information of citizens to alert others of their proximity to infected patients or whether they have been in close contact.
State authorities, in addition to locking down entire cities, have implemented a myriad of security measures in the name of containing the coronavirus outbreak. From top officials to local community workers, those enforcing the rules repeat the same refrain: this is an “extraordinary time” feichang shiqi, requiring extraordinary measures.
As the number of new infections in China falls, having infected more than 80,000 and killed more than 3,000, residents and observers question how much of these new measures are here to stay.

“I don’t know what will happen when the epidemic is over. I don’t dare imagine it,” said Chen Weiyu, 23, who works in Shanghai. Every day when Chen goes to work, she has to submit a daily health check to her company, as well as scan a QR code and register in order to enter the office park.
“Monitoring is already everywhere. The epidemic has just made that monitoring, which we don’t normally see during ordinary times, more obvious,” she said.
Others are more emphatic about the future. Wang Aizhong, an activist based in Guangzhou, said: “This epidemic undoubtedly provides more reason for the government to surveil the public. I don’t think authorities will rule out keeping this up after the outbreak.”
“When we go out or stay in a hotel, we can feel a pair of eyes looking at us at any time. We are completely exposed to the monitoring of the government,” he said.
Experts say the virus, which emerged in Wuhan in December, has given authorities a pretext for accelerating the mass collection of personal data to track citizens, a dangerous prospect given that the country does not have stringent laws governing personal data.
“It’s mission creep,” said Maya Wang, senior China researcher for Human Rights Watch. According to Wang, the virus is likely to be a catalyst for a further expansion of the surveillance regime, as major events like the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing or the Shanghai Expo in 2010 were. “The techniques of mass surveillance became more permanent after these events,” she said.
“With the coronavirus outbreak the idea of risk scoring and restrictions on movement quickly became reality,” she said. “Over time we see more and more intrusive use of technology and less ability of people to push back.”
Many Chinese residents see the extra layers of public monitoring as additional bureaucratic hurdles, more frustrating than sinister, that further demonstrate the government’s ineffectiveness in handling the outbreak.
China’s surveillance dragnet, while proudly promoted by officials, is full of loopholes. An ex-inmate infected with the virus managed to travel from Wuhan to Beijing last month, well after quarantine measures had gone into effect, prompting widespread criticism over how she left.
Citizens are particularly critical of a system called Health Code, which users can sign up for through Alipay or WeChat, that assigns individuals one of three colour codes based on their travel history, time spent in outbreak hotspots and exposure to potential carriers of the virus. The software, used in more than 100 cities, will soon allow people to check the colours of other residents when their ID numbers are entered.
One resident complained on Weibo that he had driven through Hubei without stopping but his colour code changed to yellow from green, indicating he would need to be quarantined. “I can’t even go out to buy bread or water,” another in Jiangsu province said, after his code inexplicably changed to yellow following a work trip.
Many described the app as “for appearances,” or xingshi zhuyi, a way for lower level officials to impress their higher ups with added strictures on citizens.
“I have a health code, a pass for my residential compound, and another certificate of health and still I can’t get into my home,” one commentator said. “This is garbage. Please release us regular people,” another said.

Low-tech security measures have been employed as much as high-tech ones. An army of workers guard entry points to public spaces, ordering pedestrians to log their information or questioning residents about their recent movements. Religious sites like mosques have been closed. Many cities and counties have banned group gatherings, including small dinner parties.
In February, Sichuan province officials broke up a group playing mahjong party and forced the participants to read out an apology, captured on video. “We were wrong. We promise there will not be a next time and we will also monitor others,” the group of 10 men said, heads slightly bowed.
Other videos posted online have shown local officials pushing residents to the ground for not wearing a face mask or tying a man to a pole. Local law enforcement in Wuhan were recently fired after a video of them beating a man for selling vegetables on the street was posted online.
An article by the official state news agency Xinhua last week reminded citizens that those who violate virus prevention and control measures could be subject to three years in prison, and up to seven for particularly serious cases, as outlined in China’s criminal code.

“Intrusive surveillance is already the ‘new normal’. The question for China is what, if any, is a level of surveillance that the population refuses to tolerate,” said Stuart Hargreaves, an associate professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong’s law school, focusing on privacy and information law.
Some worry current measures will continue in part because citizens are growing accustomed to them. Alex Zhang, 28, who lives in Chengdu, refers to Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben’s theory on the state of exception, and how measures taken during a state of emergency can be prolonged.
“This type of governance and thinking for dealing with the epidemic can also be used for other issues - like the media, citizen journalists or ethnic conflicts. Because this method has been used before, citizens will accept it. It becomes normal,” he said.
Additional reporting by Lillian Yang
Credit...Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images
I have heard and read that travel papers are required to travel around Italy and maybe Smart Cities and Towns as in China will persuade Italy and others to follow suite and of course the good old sales point as an agent against extremism , terrorism and climate, energy, GMO, Chemtrail activists activities, they claim the Chin's facial recognition technology can see through masks--- way to go eh!!?

I am repeating the James Corbett video below as I feel his reporting is very factual and if you see his site it is always backed by solid fact and his delivery is concise and clear.

Dragnet 5G
Just listen to the opening words in the above video 'everything can be connected' so if facial recognition, CCTV cameras, digital appliances, all and everything connected which is humanity's attempt to be like the Cosmos all connected and most of all in humanity's version 'NO FREE WILL' as in the video your Smart Meter the key to the net of everything will feed information of your 'floor tiles, your cosmetics, your eating habits, your toiletries, your sexual interplay, you may think I am exaggerating well you have it nearly here in China and the UK proposes draconian surveillance and so the sales pitch is set=====then those that say ' I have nothing to hide so what if they want to voyeurs and watch me pee and have sex, well let them'.      
China's social credit system
So if you don't care the system will take over as you see from above your behaviour will cost you and everyone's choice is eroded (take North Korea and it's mass conformity and fear) and gradually after realising it is useless to protest and one's anger and sense of injustice wears thin and tiredness and feeling helpless, depressed and futile one gives in, perhaps reluctantly and one may realise that 'they' have the army, the ways and means, the surveillance and so we looked at science fiction films and thought this can never happen, the virus escape films, this can never happen well it is and we are in it now.
Courtesy Deadline
Perhaps someone in the Trump administration (maybe Bolt or Pompeo) might see the advantage of the Chinese system of credits and President Trump's ethnic and immigration control that this can facilitate this without personal and let a Robot with Algorithms all money saving and yet more unemployment as I understand it the Silicon Alley Boffins Technocrats are salivating over the prospects of more high tech stuff and as for Elon Musk and co, glory be hallelujah.
Hey President why not use a 5G wall instead of a solid one, its cheaper. Maybe some future President or world leader may just build these electronic walls=====they have already in China.



On a very conspiratorial tract I hope this is not the 'survival of the fittest' and the culling of weak and disadvantaged with an eye to the Super World Eugenics Agenda.

It could be the early days of this and again the 5G Internet of everybody and thing and Smart Meters and Smart Zones, Cities, districts and town and eventually countries in a world wide net of Everything and Everybody.