Tuesday 26 August 2014


Dear Reader.

I am having a rest for awhile.  There are situations which are so complex and convoluted, that I am sort of boggled. Each country has its agenda, some fighters are joining with others having been enemies to fight another common enemy.
In the UK the Home Secretary has brought in the FBI and there is a calamitous mix up. 
I can see the point in British people wanting to go to Syria and having their passports removed and other measures. Then there is the mess in the Ukraine and it goes on and on.  I really am bamboozled, so until I get a clearer picture or certainties---are there any certainties--- I will be back whenever.

In the meanwhile there are so many sites that say the same as me and with more proof or whatever. That I'll sign off for now.  

However I might begin a new approach by sharing imagery to send peace and calm and rationale to troubled waters.

I expected this turmoil as the hidden buried thousands of years old karmic accumulation in the collective mind set is surfacing and all sorts of unconscious motives coming to the fore and surface. It is letting the bully, the dictator, the few, with giant agendas foist this on the many. It is not only the USA but there are many numerous war lords, religions, cults and maniacal factions in the mix. The bible amongst others had forecast, a monster coming out of the depths.

I feel that the monster is up and rearing its head and it will ravage decency until its savage rage is burnt out, its been locked away in its subterranean labyrinth, its hunger for revenge and its taste for innocence is almost unquenchable.  It turns everything blood red, the spilled blood of the innocent, its appetite to spoil, divide and conquer.

It has no morals, no conscience, it is only interested in its set of programmes and agendas  

I feel that angers, tempers, deprivation, poverty, women and children massacred, rape, pillage, deliberately culling the masses is the work of demonic forces. I do not know the answer for everyone but for me to draw nearer the light and love in myself. Just lately this has put me to the personal test.  Its hard but it has given me the choice. Light or fight. Perhaps fight with light would be the most applicable.

Be Well.  Geoff 

Monday 25 August 2014


Dear Reader 
 PLEASE GO TO www.enegygrid.com  and in the menu left hand side click on AGENDA 21.

Agenda 21
Not so crucial but maybe the first real ET contact.
      Be Well.  Geoff

Saturday 23 August 2014


Hello again dear readers.  I may not know you personally, however I feel a deepening of the oneness with humanity and so to you, through the collective unconscious, which now seems to be becoming more 'conscious'.
Courtesy LilouMace.com
I have included the Lilou and Barnet Bain's above as part of a sort of introduction to what I have to share later on.  I also see that Eckhart Tolle is in on this and like him I love certain movies as well.
Lilou was , so far, the only 'celebrity' who actually personally replied to an email I sent her some time back acknowledging her tremendous work. Many others sent a impersonal kind of pre-made reply.  I realise they are busy, but when I was on the trail as it were, I always emailed or telephoned back.  I made time.  It sometimes ran me into financial difficulties with the long telephone calls and sometimes letter posting.  People were good enough to attend my workshops, seminars and lectures, and so I felt connected to this stream of consciousness and as family.  The world family.
Courtesy soultravellers3.com
So what has all this to do with the above?  In January 2013 the last blog I did was in www.energygrid.com under the menu Destiny.  I did know when I was going to blog post again.  I started again in this site on the 25 February 2014.  I felt I had finished what I had to say, yet there was more to arrive. I felt a renewal and yet that expression was not to be in the mode / style / expression I felt. There was something brewing in the depths and it was coming through, however much the same old, same old, ALTHOUGH I felt a different energy in it.  It was if the electricity supply was fresh and vigorous and YET the wiring was old and running on habitual routes and circuits, something was building up, I FELT  a deep new inner awakening. 
Courtesy Inspirably.com
It was though at times I was cold inside, I felt a deep energy, sometimes it seemed an omen a sign of a forthcoming doom, and with the world situation and everything going down the tubes as it were, many of my friends and whistle blowers felt at times this was apocalyptic. 
Courtesy www.idlehearts.com
I had written, way, way back about two very significant 'heart opening' experiences and how they felt very, very physical and accompanied by the 'spiritual aspect' in which I knew it was not a heart attack(If you experience chest pains and so forth please check with your GP or A+E, emergency rooms, everyone's experience and knowledge is different, I merely offer these in the Post, they are not everyone's,  these are specific to me, next time should this happen I might go for treatment or check up) .  I offer some videos below to substantiate my point.

More Heart
More Heart. ( A five part)
To go on, some synchronism came along with a few incidences and then in meditation, some special 'letting go Qi Gong', some Taoist and a book sent to me about then true meaning of Shamans and their experiences, then compounded by the Lilou / Barnet / Eckhart video interview and some astronauts, especially Commander Chris Hadfield's remark as other astronauts I know and communicate with have shared.  Chris is a real comic see just one of his videos below, he has many comical takes on You Tube. 

Commander Chris Hadfield on the ISS.
Just as a side issue.  I mentioned many times in energygrid that my 'main stream scientific research' is not to  be confused with my blog / post 'outside the box / metaphysical take' and my objective is to 'marry' or at least find parallel links between the two.  I 'work' voluntarily, with 499 other retired scientists, astronauts, doctors, lawyers, politicians and anyone of a like mind but more importantly 'kindred spirits'.  So yes my main stream work is completely separate from the Posts.  I am retired as it were from earning a living, my work is voluntary even for the main stream. People I meet ask me this many times.
Inside the ISS Courtesy NASA and ESA
Just recently on British TV there has been a series on
Anyway many of the Astronauts keep their 'spiritual opinions' and other things to themselves for their own private reasons, however, in the above programmes in which just ordinary 'facts' were shared, many mentioned the beauty of the Earth, our oneness, a world without borders, and we should try to preserve and protect it and ourselves.  I felt a warmth and genuine concern and Chris Hadfield was short but specific, he really would try and do things to bring this unity about.
Courtesy queenpinmama.blogspot
My heart physically was beginning to feel pressurised, not just a physical pain, but a bursting with emotional pain. I was throwing off the 'past' as it were and as I did I literally felt my chest expand a deep yawning, a new breath and a bursting forth of tears of joy, release.  I felt a freedom. Barnett Bain's above describes some of it in words as Lilou and the feelings I got from HeartMath and the ISS astronauts. Something was awakening in the collective, the shift was being gradually grounded from WORDS, CONSPIRACY EXPOSURE  to SOMETHING ELSE.  What was this something else?
IT IS LOVE.  Not emotional and yet it could be, it was a deep compassion, a warm heart felt greeting.  I FELT this as I experienced in a deep connective way my GROUND BEING, that SPACE, the Emptiness the planets and stars float in, the INVISIBLE Womb where the Universe came from which ever way one perceives it, we all and everything COMES FROM THIS and Goes Back to it. 

Courtesy People.Tribe. Net
I have felt this connection before, never this deep, I felt joined at one, We all, the Cosmos, you and I, stars, planets, the whole darn shebang came from the same source, we are merely different aspects of the one. This is known from time distant and said by many.  It is not UNTIL the last programming, the shackles that bind the heart, the vacation from head to heart occurs that the real EXPERIENCE beyond the word or intellectual appreciation and understanding fades that the floodgates open and love in its pure sense pours out. The sluice gates, the dam walls break and then this flows into the sub stream to become soon main stream  which begins and the percolation filtering process enters the hard shell of ego and gradually wears it away until there is a thinning of the shell, the thick skin, the carapace and it lets in the waters of purification and one arrives home.   

Courtesy thekeytoeternity.blogspot
Suddenly I felt no animosity to the bugs above, the elite, the bankers, the medical, chemtrail, petroleum, fluoridating, fracking, fiddling connivers. I felt it differently. Intellectually, logically and a deep understanding I reported these issues since 2005 until now, and knew about these issues since 1958.
I felt the obvious that I stated and said to patients, these are programmes not really who they are, we are lights not the lampshades and so on. I felt this, but an anger, a mind numbing, an incredulity came upon me. 'How could such educated people become so stupid, with children, grandchildren to kill their supply from the Earth with pollution and you know what.  Are they so addicted, blinded by ego greed?  No surely they have a plan, maybe they will go to the moon, Mars as Ben Reich suggests, live in underground cities, or just kill us all off and have the world for themselves and rejuvenate  it when we are gone'
Courtesy www.123rf.com
A bleak future, a programme in a computer as Posts 135/6,  a burnt out exhausted world as some or many people are feeling now. So many adverts for vitamins, minerals, diets, exercises all to buck up the spirits as it were.
Then as the heart opened, as the floodgates burst open, the prison bars of mind cracked open, the heart / love / pure life force without word, pictures or meaning flooded through my being, my cells, my body, I felt clean, reborn, 'Behold I make all things anew'.  I felt rejuvenated, regenerated, reborn, relaxed and it didn't mean I would continue to live in this body, be super fit, never be ill, it just simply didn't matter. 
I felt all of the reporting in the blog / Posts are redundant, I felt that a NEW CHAPTER IS BEING BORN for me and the world.  I cannot report on the political issues, the corruption and the rape. I am not foolish I know it goes on and it seems foreign, alien and inappropriate to me now, as it did then, but in a fundamental shift.  It does not mean I turn my back, a blind eye on it.  It is not for me to express myself in this way for now and maybe not again. There are so many who do this, Rense, David Icke, David Wilcock, Disclosure, HealthFeedoms, ForbiddenKnowledge, Well Org, Matt Monarch and I could fill the page.
Courtesy mataandreasen.com
This shift is difficult to put into words because it is away from the head to the heart, and as you will witness in the HeartMath videos, the heart is connected to a whole lot else than logic and intellect.The anxious feeling of some dreaded apocalyptic event I sense now was the head sensing, the ego sensing, the abdication to the heart. This could well be the way the world ego senses its demise and is fighting back to regain its 'head start'.
Yet there can be a marriage. The love of the heart married the logic of the head as I have mentioned physically about the corpus collesum in many Posts and Blogs(blogs are in energygrid, Posts in this site).  Logic is needed in worldly matters to some extent.
Courtesy WillliamTwo Feathers
Courtesy edelmahony.com
I also stated a lot about being a spiritual warrior, although I have to be alert, present, mindful as the above suggests, I feel an easiness arriving, a joyous relaxed river of relaxed inner beingness. A river of love (not slushy and sentimental but passionate and clear, a dynamic rather than a specific).  Not an effected effort to be on the alert, that wicked pain body ego ready to jump and ensnare me. Yes that may occur, yet somehow, the saboteur may lurk, yet it is not finding the 'solid me' the impacted conditioned ego me, compacted into solidity that was easy pickings because the target was bold, in your face and evident. 
The fading ego, the net of conditioning has holes in it, the bricks are falling out of the dam, the veil has rents and tears in it. It is harder to find anything solid to attack, it is hard to attack emptiness and space. There is ghost, a phantom of the 'old self' yet it seen through because of its transparency, there is not the urgency to claw back the old, even the ego is beginning to release its grasp as it realises that its fundamental 'goals' and ideals are for easy living as well.  So it is beginning to piggyback / picky back onto the nowhere-ness and as it sees being a nothing is OK, its energy fades as it realises its fragile existence as a programme, a set of habitual responses and reactions which have no substantial reality at all.
So I will rest, as this comes easy now, and see how it unfolds. so until next time or not.

Be Forever Well.


Welcome dear readers to a mystery tour and other things.
Admiral Byrd and operation High Jump.
UFO's at the Arctic and Anarctic 
A very interesting interview about Admiral Forrestal 
Admiral Byrd. Resent from a previous Post.

This then gives a detail overview of many current trends that have matured from early history. It is long, BUT  take your time, have frequent breaks and you will see how all these strands come together from seemingly disparate sources. I will attempt to do a synopsis further down.
PETER LEVENDA    http://www.sinisterforces.info/
Again factual information corroborating the above.

Some of the interviews deny ET stuff, yet Hoagland and others do not.  David Icke's brilliant video 
David Icke  Rome-London -Beltane.
This brilliantly depicts the symbolism and the some of the inner secret societies. I have written of these back in the grid.  My UFO story and my account of the 'Garden of Eden' and its symbolism, the ancient 'cloning' and abominations such as genetic engineering, symbolised by the stories of Soddham and Gomaroh, Gardens of Babylon and the Tower of Babylon, The Sumerian Texts and so on, the great genius of African lines of ancient history carried on to this day by Credo Mutwa, the Native American / Canadian Elders, all historical holy writings from many nations show various bloodlines, sects, secret organisations that have come under one more or less banner for either 'Good' or 'Bad'.   Here above and elsewhere there is food for research, material very carefully researched and some one might think is just hearsay or without proof. Just look at the interviews as in this list, one of many that other organisations have interviewed and their research and make up your mind and research.
To Counter balance all the above I have felt and subscribe to meditation as the solution. I HAVE EMPHASISED this is not mantra, yantra, mandala, visualisation, imagery, contemplation, affirmations, EFT, hypnosis, psychotherapy or such like. ALTHOUGH THESE MAYBE  necessary in order to come to meditation.  I feel Eckhart Tolle, J KrishnaMurti, Vipasna, and as I describe it 'attention without intention, Awareness without Bias, non judgemental viewing, Zen Buddhism(does not get into ritual or religion-- the way I was shown) IF ONE IS desperate and cannot and needs an assist I recommend HOLOSYNC(  Centerpointe - Home » Holosync® Meditation Technology ...)
When my mind got shattered by all the Forensic and client / workshop stuff, along with the ascension energies I used Holosync and my research into it found it to be the best and technically safe and I still use it now and then.  Great Stuff.  However I still feel that awareness / breath /  sitting and being is for me the royal path.
I have mentioned how we are all programmed, brain washed, programmed to some extent. This to some extent is the human condition.  However, we can become the witness to it and not get addicted to it.   This beautifully explained and depicted in the below video
This video says it all and contrast it with the above. illuminati stuff. We are in make up your mind time.  Choose endless killings and conspiracies true or not or the spiritual path with no religion or indoctrination as above.
Below is some more 'stuff' the ego grabbers and the world of complicity and duality. We can change this but it needs choice and careful evaluation as to the two outlined above.

Can We Reprogram Our DNA and Heal Ourselves With Frequency, Vibration & Energy?

Ooops.  Comet!!!!.  Buildings - Nah
The above was a case the team and I investigated in 1971.
First it was Barry and Michael---now Barry and Osama Obama. WHAT NEXT? 
Is Sarah an Alien as well?  I am confused.  Ahhhhh. 

Max Keiser and Alex Jones.  9 mins.
Mystery of Bank Accounts re. MH370

Another view
A very good view of MH370.  A very informative and clear explanation which backs up my earlier views.
This will be substantiated by the video link below and note fighter planes as in Ukraine incident.
This is it then.  Make up your mind time again.

Best Wishes.  Geoff.


Hello Folks. Welcome and come aboard.  This whole question about reality may have far more reaching implications than we may first think.  How so?  Well if we are merely a projected illusion, frequencies and vibrations, decoded by the mind we could; ignore it as science fiction, too complicated, well I can do what I like without any consequences, morality is a mere self preservation thing and Darwin is right, the fittest or the strongest survive. Then again why should I hang onto an illusion when there maybe something else when I take it on board and realise the impermanence, the transient nature of the Universe and the conundrum postulated at the start of the video below.  
I feel that from my meditations and contemplations and from others who have had similar experience, that piercing through the clouds of illusion, getting past the magic show of the conjurer's sleight of hand so to speak, lands us in a different dimension.
Not spaced out, blissed out, stupefied, high, low but a quiet place, an inner peace which seems to unite one in a strange way. One tends to lose their identity as like a wave entering back into the calm ocean, here one is depersonalised, not a bland blank entity, but an all encompassing whole.  One has a sense of unity and there is a joyful element which settles into a flow of something else, the river has joined the sea.   
Are we as real as we think?
I feel this video puts into perspective what I endeavoured to express from my own(my seems inappropriate) experiences.  I feel Greg Braden's view of the original atom he describes as a pea, differs from my view.  He of course could be correct, however my view is as follows after the image.
Courtesy paleopineer.com
I feel that the 'explosion' which is sometimes referred to as the 'Big Bang' which some scientists are contesting, was a ah ha from the Cosmic Intelligence (God, Source, original principal and so on). No one has ever seen a mind only the projection of the mind in its holograms, pictures and thoughts.  One can see electrical activity in the brain, a robot has have programmes designed by another intelligence, and if we say ET designed us that begs the question who created them and then again how did the Cosmic Intelligence arrive.  
However in Greg's postulation and CERN with the Higgs stuff what created the first atom, wave, particle? For me there is an Intelligence and how it got there I know not. So my view is full of holes as well.  Mind you so is matter!
You and I know we are here, wherever here is in a frequency, vibrational soup / sea / field until we apparently 'fix' glue it, collapse the wave and from that morass of seething energy creation comes about from the observers choice albeit through the programming, brain washing and conditioning.  
What I feel happens is, when my thinking kinds of goes away, like when you try to remember something and it is 'on the tip of your tongue' and when I go away and do something else or think of something else, suddenly an explosion, I remember it, the more I struggle and get intense with it the more it alludes me. 
Courtesy  indiana.edu
For me it seems when we go away from the 'trying'  to remember there is a choice of 'ideas'. We either have a 'self search' as in a computer which hunts for the missing word, and since we do not know what that is then it kind of falls short, its like hunting in a maize for something we do not know, or we could say we have a reference because we are requesting information from the memory banks and like thesaurus we come with similarities which the computer like brain can identify and it strikes the right note.
For me it the second option, when we go away from the subject of memory recall, I feel we relax the left logical brain as it were and we go into the right brain creative brain so to speak, actually it is not cerebral as physical act, it allows the 'field' the wave of information to collapse, this then 'remembering that waves CONTAIN and deliver INFORMATION, this then interacts with the quantum realm where all possibilities and probabilities exist in WAVE / FREQUENCY form, there is a resonance, a phase lock and hey presto the information is relayed to the brain.  Also the saying 'sleep on the problem'.  Many people have woken in the night with the answer or an inspiration.   
Courtesy www.tappingthematrix.com
For me tapping the zero potential field is not zero.  It is potential and as such potential is energy which are frequencies, waves, vibrations which like raw plasticine / clay are ready to with information that we 'GATHER' BY CHOICE. So we become co creators. HOWEVER, I feel the Cosmic Creator has, the mind of the Universe has designed the Universe and left in the matrix of field laws and suggestions, we have been given the gift of creating as well. We can go our own way and break the Universal codes, however the come back maybe unpleasant.  The gift of free will can be a two edged sword. Given no law and order what may ensue? However given guidelines such as co operation, sharing, natures ecology as an example then we have enough licence and freedom to create within in it.  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JefLrISvEF0 A Great 42 Minutes.  MOST, MOST ENLIGHTENING.
This is a very important video--- it is something I have inserted so many times.  'Learned Helplessness' it is so true, produces sleeping while the government churns out its own will----I have said we must wake up.  Then I have pushed meditation as one of the tools to become awake. Also the battle is going to be in winning minds to either side and this brings in internet and media. 
WOW.  Long but dynamite.
 http://www.healthfreedoms.org/man-in-oregon-jailed-for-collecting-rainwater/  If its madness affecting the wars and pollution then this is one of them.  There are already laws in the US banning prganic food and other natural commodities, and its spreading world wise.  The cause---power mad, self inflated politicians, authorities who are in denial of reasoning and ordinary common sense.  
Amber Lyon
By posting this link and article I am not supporting the use of any medicine, drugs legal or otherwise.  However I know of people who have gained from Amber's experience and we should research and always be aware of medical drugs, and some fake healers, and con merchants. I feel we should not always just rely on medical, government or Institutional authorities especially if there is a vested interest like Big Pharma and so on.
A Great 4 minutes.
A beautiful conjunction even though it might have passed by, by now. 
  • Trees and forests in the US removed 17.4 million tons of air pollution in 2010, with human health effects valued at $6.8 billion
  • Although this pollution removal equated to an average air quality improvement of less than 1 percent, its effects on human health were significant, especially in urban areas
  • The health impacts of trees on air pollution resulted in the avoidance of more than 850 deaths, 670,000 cases of acute respiratory symptoms, 430,000 incidences of asthma exacerbation, and 200,000 school days lost
  • Trees remove air pollution primarily by uptake of pollutants via leaf stomata (pores on the outer “skin” layers of the leaf)
  • Houseplants can be living air purifiers for your home; NASA recommends using 15 to 18 "good-sized" houseplants in 6- to 8-inch diameter containers for an 1,800-square-foot house(Courtesy  mercola.com)

  • While sometimes I am accused of attacking doctors I can assure you it is not true (except of course the paid spokespeople doctors of Big Pharma). In fact some of my best friends are doctors and they really care.

    I am in fact attacking the fraudulent system created by the Medical/Pharma Cabal they have to work under. When I discuss this, one to one, they tell me it is a trap they are in, as their livelihood and possibly their career are at risk if they step out of line. They are left in no doubt what will happen to them if they do step out of the ‘official line’.

    There are many examples of the attacks they come under for stepping out of line and the worst thing they can do is to allow publicity when they have successfully prescribed natural solutions.

    As I type this I am listening to the BBC Radio and they are discussing that in the future, UK GP surgeries may be closed down for poor performance.

    You and I being sane would consider this meaning the doctors who do not help enough people to get healthy, would be the ones who face sanctions.

    No, the measurement of effectiveness will be prescribing the required number of drugs and vaccinations. This can be monitored by the Pharma salespeople/representatives who visit the doctors and push their own drugs. Doctors who ban these visits may be especially monitored as someone who ‘has something to hide’.

    Conspiracy theory? Not really, there have been many books exposing this system and the former editor of the New England Journal, Marcia Angell MD revealed the corruption of the medical system in her many books, when she said.
    “Similar conflicts of interest and biases exist in virtually every field of medicine, particularly those that rely heavily on drugs or devices. It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.

    As Editor of the New England Journal, Marcia was at the heart of the whole system and in effect is saying the whole medical systems are rotten to the core and you may not be able to believe anything that comes from it.

    When doctors I speak to tell me they are in a trap you can see from this how they are virtually blackmailed into following the ‘official line’.

    More Problems for Doctors

    A question I get asked daily is “should I carry on taking aspirin?”

    Doctors are asked the same question and for many years (based upon unbelievable evidence) they were instructed to put as many people as possible on Aspirin. This they dutifully did until a few weeks ago when a review of those studies and the side effects of taking aspirin showed that any benefits were outweighed by the side effects and that the doctor should not simply hand prescriptions out to as many people as possible. This many doctors dutifully did.

    Big Pharma was not going to take this as a fact and quickly put together a group of people on their payroll and paid consultants who came up with a new angle. A couple of days ago you may have seen in the tame media:

    “BBC News - Daily aspirin 'prevents and possibly treats cancer' “

    Imagine the doctors and their patients reading this. A few weeks ago they were telling their patients to stop taking aspirin and now their patients come rushing back demanding aspirin to prevent cancer. If the doctors read the same reviews that I read they will see that the so-called evidence was unbelievable. To quote Marcia Angell MD “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines”.

    The doctors are in a trap but not of their own making. 99% of doctors were kids that left school and were pushed by their parents’ dreams or had their own dreams of healing people. They went to University and believed everything they were told. They did their time in medicine or whatever branch and eventually over the years realized it was mostly pushing drugs, surgery or devices. By now it was too late, the trap had sprung, they had a mortgage, kids themselves.

    If aspirin has any benefits it is as an anti-inflammatory. Since inflammation is a large factor in just about every disease (but you already know that) then all you need is a safe anti-inflammatory that is better than aspirin that you can take all of your life.

    Let me think?

    I know, why not take serrapeptase for the rest of your life? It works better than aspirin, clears inflammation, fibrosis, scarring, mucus, helps clear infections, helps prevent Alzheimer’s and most of all it is safe.

    I guess you know I am joking with the last paragraph. The whole purpose of this newsletter is to convince you to take serrapeptase for the rest of your lives. Take the highest dose you can afford combined with Curcumin for the extra protection this gives against cancer and countless other health problems. Something is better than nothing.
 Welcome to an amazing Robot
Here's the original Castanet.net video report, showing the UFO at approximately 26 seconds.
A video shot outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, during a forest fire unexpectedly captured a lot more than firefighting efforts.
On July 17, 2014, Castanet.net, a news organization in Western Canada, posted a video shot in West Kelowna -- northeast of Vancouver -- featuring efforts to stop the Smith Creek Wildfire.
"In the news piece, a bright object appears from behind clouds above the fire area quickly moving left to right," according to Castanet.net. The news site revealed the following description from a witness who noticed the unusual aerial object in the video:
Shot out from the clouds above the mountain during a forest fire near our neighborhood. It pulled a wisp of cloud with it as it exited.
A forest fire broke out on the mountain behind us and during the attempt to put it out, this event took place.
I was watching a video online of the fire from a little earlier in the day and I spotted the UFO 37 seconds in. I have no idea whether anyone else has noticed this or not. Most folks would be focused on the fire.
37 seconds into the video the UFO comes shooting out from a cloud right above the mountain and passes through a clear spot back into the next cloud. I was quite startled and surprised when I saw it.
The UFO left a thin trail of cloud vapor as it exited the cloud. This, to me, eliminates any thought that this might be a camera lens artifact or light phenomenon effect.
The event lasted only a few seconds. Judging by the distance I was from the object it had to have been moving very fast. The scene cuts away while the UFO is still visible. I'm left to assume that there must be more footage of it than I saw.
I phoned the website's news department to ask if it would be possible to see the full footage, but was met with disapproval. In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned the word UFO.
While no official explanation has surfaced about the UFO, OpenMinds.TV asked Marc Dantonio, chief photo and video analyst for the Mutual UFO Network, aka MUFON, to look at the video. He suggests the object could have been a bolide, a type of very bright meteor that streaks through Earth's atmosphere.
"I am convinced that this was a really good find," Dantonio told Open Minds. "It is an Earth-grazer, a meteor that approaches the atmosphere at a shallow angle, and continues on, skipping off the atmosphere back into space. Some of them will slow down enough to become trapped and fall to Earth but they many times just skip on off and keep going.
"This one does indeed show a vapor trail as it moves through, it does come out from behind the cloud, and it moves at a speed completely consistent with Earth-grazers."
Make up your mind time again?
PETER LEVENDA    http://www.sinisterforces.info/
Again factual information corroborating the above.
This then gives a detail overview of many current trends that have matured from early history. It is long, BUT  take your time, have frequent breaks and you will see how all these strands come together from seemingly disparate sources. I will attempt to do a synopsis further down.
This could be the synopsis as above.
AMAZING. There is a book 'Zen in the Art of Archery' by Eugen Herrigel.  This German Professor studied Kyudo with a Japanese Master. A truly inspiring book. In my view well worth purchasing.
Guinness World Record holder,
Isao Machii demonstrates his
uncanny ability, using his classical
Kenjutsu training, to slash a BB gun
that's been fired straight at him and
traveling at 200 MPH into pieces by 

using what the neurologist observer
can only describe as "Not using his
faculties of vision", in what can only
be described as a sixth sense.  (Courtesy Alexandra Bruce. forbiddenknowledge)
When I went to Sensei (Japanese Teacher) and requested to learn Kendo (Japanese way of the Sword – sword fighting) he asked me if I was sure.  I said I was. He then asked me why I wanted to learn.  I said it was very dangerous and would sharpen my awareness and get me nearer to satori (freedom---enlightenment) and lose my fear and anxiety also ridding myself of my unhappy childhood and illnesses. He asked me gain if I was sure. I said yes.

Then this gentle yet firm man suddenly, quickly banged me on the top of the head. I was so surprised I fell to the ground.  He then came at me shouting and grimacing, I ran home. My Jewish Mother saw a slight bump on my head and said ‘what’s this’? I told her, ‘Oye Vey(Jewish expression), ‘Get a job, get married, be wealthy, got to shool(synagogue)be somebody’. The next few weeks were purgatory to say the least, Sensei tormented me with jumping out, yelling and so on, I got so up tight, I even put string with cans from my bedroom window to the bed and door in case he came in.

One day when walking down a hill to Spring Hill Park in Stamford Hill where I lived at the time, and going to the park to play some soccer, I felt Sensei behind me, he was walking swiftly like a Ninja (Japanese super spy and assassin) I turned and very impolitely said ‘Oh no you don’t you ------!!!’    He laughed and said ‘Good, good you to feel me, Katana (Japanese sword comes very quick in the hands of Master, eye cannot see it, you must feel it’ I developed a modicum of sensitivity and was hard to beat at Judo / Kendo and other arts.  It helped my soccer and later I adapted it for my therapy work with patients.

Unfortunately a great deal was lost doing the forensic work, the long weekends around Europe presenting workshops, many patients and some very heavy family stuff and relationship problems? However meditation and a reservoir of sensitivity of a sort got me through a huge cancer scare, burn out and loss of nearly everything, including a vast financial debt which I am paying for now and will last at this rate until 2020 should I live that long.

The long and the short I tasted albeit a small ‘sense’ of the master swordsman Isao Machii abaove.
This takes away my need for a synopsis as above. Just watch this 5 minute video. In our society today we hoard, maim, kill, rape and plunder.  One can see this in local councils, governments, wars, poverty and raping the Mother Earth’s resources and not giving anything back.

Here we see how Darwin was mistaken, of course like Newton he was ahead of his time and correct in some ways, both of them of course.  The application of their theories and practices are relevant in some levels.

Sunbear and other wise persons from the natural world told me that before they cut a tree down, and only if it was for a specific use and a need, they never cut down a Mother Tree, and the spoke to a tree next to the one they were going to cut down three days before saying they were going to cut it down, then they cut down the tree next to it. The reason being that the tree to be cut down would not dwell on the felling and the swift cut would produce less shock and the other tree relief.

My view on ‘survival of the fittest; Two men in a tent in a forest.  Suddenly a bear approaches.  One man puts on his shoes and starts running, ‘hey wait for me the other man says’ ‘No way I can run faster than you, at least one of us will survive’( Darwin). Same scenario; ‘let’s split up and run opposite ways and let the bear decide who it runs after’ (a 50 / 50 chance and co operation).

Now compare this to the 1% who are hoarding the wealth, the nations taking all the minerals and wealth from weaker countries, the austerity measures, the religious domination against other faiths, the murders and injustices. So the forest teaches us about sharing, caring and shared survival.

Wow and Yes.
A research unit that influenced wider statin use in the UK was all the time being funded by drug companies, including £217m from Merck, one of the largest producers of the cholesterol-lowering drug.
The Cholesterol Treatment Trialists Collaboration (CTT), based at Oxford University and headed by Sir Rory Collins, has been very influential in shifting UK health policy, which this year started to recommend statin use for all over-60s.
The new guidelines, issued by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), followed the publication of ‘independent’ studies from CTT that maintained that statins had few side effects but many major benefits.  Sir Rory was also highly critical of studies published in the British Medical Journal that claimed the drugs caused side effects in 22 per cent of users.  He demanded that the papers were retracted, which an independent review panel refused to do. 
All along, Sir Rory claimed that he and the CTT were independent, and that any funding came from charitable sources such as the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.  Even as recently as last March, Sir Rory repeated in an email to the BMJ that the British Heart Foundation was a major funder, and demanded to know who had funded the critical research he wanted withdrawn.
But these have been minor funders of CTT and its parent body, the Clinical Trial Service Unit (CTSU).  Over the past 20 years, the two research bodies have received £268m donations, including £217m from Merck, a major manufacturer of statins.
The true picture came to light only after nutritionist and wholefood campaigner Zoe Harcombe uncovered the original documents that outline the CTSU’s funders.(Courtesy WDDTY)
Courtesy NASA
Speaks for Itself

Be Well.  Geoff