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Hi again, yes keeping up the pressure and information that you may pass on and convince people of the other side of the Covid nonsense narrative. What's wrong with us 'Brits' are you not seeing through the guise, well if you look below you will see Dr Wakefield on vaccines, Dr Coleman and Kendrick speaking out and boldly as well. I get more views from the USA, RUSSIA, UKRAINE, FRANCE, SWEDEN  than GB, where  is the so called Great British justice that is spoken of and letting fiends like Ferguson Of Imperial College, Cummings and Cambridge Analytica people in to advise the UK Government and all Eugenicists (and remember Cambridge Analytica and Facebook's Zuckerberg were implicated in the Trump Election fiasco and blamed Russia----and they all got away with it and with lore and law breaking AND US POOR SUCKERS MADE TO LOOK STUPID AND MASKS,MASKS,MASKS crippling children and Seniors). Remember Eugenicists are wanting the 'perfect or near perfect race' CAN YOU NOT SEE that they are 'grooming us' by fear and the way to do it is by censoring all other opinions, your health and breaking you down by what Amnesty International names as 'TORTURE' see POST Monday AUGUST 10 2020 'Amnesty International Torture Facts'


·                      “Soft power” is a term that refers to stealth influencing using celebrities and other social media influencers
·                      In May 2020, celebrities and social media influencers agreed to “pass the mic” by allowing the World Health Organization and other pandemic response leaders to use their social media accounts to share their messages
·                      The WHO paid PR firm Hill and Knowlton Strategies $135,000 to seek out influencers to help build trust in the WHO’s coronavirus recommendations
·                      As noted by Corbett, Hill and Knowlton Strategies was also the PR company responsible for crafting a powerful enough campaign to get Americans to rally together in support of the war against Iraq
·                      Hill and Knowlton is also the very same PR firm that the tobacco industry used in 1950 to carry on a 50-year successful strategy to have the public believe that cigarettes were not addictive and did not cause cancer

The tobacco companies’ guiding light through it all was the very same public relations firm they hired in the 1950s: Hill and Knowlton Strategies. Rather than play the losing game of simply denying facts, Hill and Knowlton proposed brilliant strategies. It is revealing to review the bullet points below from a leaked document outlining the objectives of tobacco company Brown & Williamson at the time:
·                Objective No. 1 — To set aside in the minds of millions the false conviction that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer and other diseases; a conviction based on fanatical assumptions, fallacious rumors, unsupported claims, and the unscientific statements and conjectures of publicity-seeking opportunists.
·                Objective No. 2 — To lift the cigarette from the cancer identification as quickly as possible and restore it to its proper place of dignity and acceptance in the minds of men and women in the marketplace of American free enterprise.
·                Objective No. 3 — To expose the incredible, unprecedented and nefarious attack against the cigarette, constituting the greatest libel and slander ever perpetrated against any product in the history of free enterprise.
·                Objective No. 4 — To unveil the insidious and developing pattern of attack against the American free enterprise system, a sinister formula that is slowly eroding American business with the cigarette obviously selected as one of the trial targets.

The UN’s Verified initiative amounts to an army of internet trolls engaging in censorship in an attempt to shut down opposition and opinions that run counter to the status quo.
One recent example is that of Sen. Scott Jensen, a medical doctor. In a July 6, 2020, vid
 Compare the video above with Dr Malcolm Kendrick in POST Friday 3rd July 2020  'NO NUMBER FIVE'  and Dr Ronald Coleman 
Just three of Doctors and many more who have confided in me but have 'not come out of the woodwork' and are afraid too.

There is a trend to destroy humanness; masks, culture, history and all to make us bland, sure I have advocated the addiction to culture, religion and politics, however one can relate to being in compassion and the lessons learnt from these aspects. I am not saying just bland living as a robot with no guidelines; I am pushing for the self realisation beyond just flesh and materialism. This self is found in deep meditation as a loving energy, a deep compassion and a sharing of open non masked faces, smiling faces, non oppressed living and hands that touch, embraces that are non sexual and emit warmth and security with trust.
Courtesy Los Angeles Times
MASK-dehumanise, MASK -deface, MASK - or feel guilty, MASK - I am ashamed and ugly, MASK- I am a murderer for killing people with the virus, MASK- I am a traitor, disloyal, an activist, I am a conspiracy person, MASK -the new religious, political uniform so that you are easily recognised as a sheeple and subservient creature or a dangerous person without one, MASK I AM A DOMINATRIX, I AM YOUR MASTER / MISTRESS-you will obey me you naughty, naughty dumb shit person---yes, yes, please whip me again,I deserved to be punished, I am a worthless piece of garbage, you are right Mr Kissinger when you said the populace has no idea how to live or behave so we the elite like Epstein, Prince Andrew, Bill Gates, zip up flies Clinton, the deep state are your role models----come to our free orgies and be groomed to be a sadomasochist, a satanist and really be the groomed being we want, we own you, you have no rights---you think we are not there yet----well we are well on the way.    


·                      Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski blew the whistle on the horrific maltreatment of COVID-19 patients at Elmhurst Hospital Center, a public hospital in Queens, New York, that was the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.
·                      Elmhurst did not isolate COVID-positive from untested patients, instead rooming them together, thereby ensuring maximum spread of the disease
·                      Some patients who tested negative for COVID-19 were listed as positive and placed on mechanical ventilation, thus artificially inflating the case numbers while condemning the patient to death from lung injury
·                      One such case involved a male patient admitted for high blood glucose, which is easily remedied and under no circumstance would require ventilation
·                      Some of the doctors treating COVID-19 patients at Elmhurst were first-year residents who were treating without supervision. Most also ignored the expert advice of more experienced nursing staff, choosing to use patients as test subjects and “cash cows” instead



FILE PHOTO: Medics in Portsmouth, Britain. May 2020. © Reuters/Leon Neal
Please watch this the most banned video so far.

Another Plandemic
As these articles are exposed and as you read the history from other sources and my fifty back POSTS you will see the gradual evidence coming home and exposing the scams.

Courtesy  Daily Maverick
I have written a lot about BRICS in back POSTS and this could be another reason why someone somewhere wanted a huge financial chaos and why multi-billionaires wanted one as well---an interesting discussion?
Courtesy  Wikipedia
BRICS  so far---one of those countries is accused of leaking Covid-19 by accident or by intention--another reason to break the dollar and all other currencies?
Courtesy Lumen
Could this be a Quasar ---or ET phoning Earth to stop messing about?

The truth of these statistics will astound you and beautifully presented
The iconic Arecibo Observatory's giant radio telescope dish suffered serious damage on Aug. 10, 2020 when a support cable broke. (Image credit: University of Central Florida)


UFOs NASA Planetary Defense SpaceX TTSA Arecibo Asteroids!

Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt is back with a Special UFO news update.
On August 11th, the large Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico sustained serious damage - it's shredded, as you'll see from the photos. Then DJ shows us UFO pictures were released on August 20th, taken from the International Space Station by Russian cosmonaut, Ivan Vagner over Antarctica.
Now you know my fascination with UFO and ET and now some wild speculation or is it; Could the quasar above be an attempt communication see this at Arecibo:-

The Arecibo message is a 1974 interstellar radio message carrying basic information about humanity and Earth sent to globular star cluster M13. It was meant as a demonstration of human technological achievement, rather than a real attempt to enter into a conversation with extraterrestrials.[1]
The message was broadcast into space a single time via frequency modulated radio waves at a ceremony to mark the remodeling of the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico on 16 November 1974.[1][2] The message was aimed at the current location of M13 about 25,000 light years away because M13 was a large and close collection of stars that was available in the sky at the time and place of the ceremony.[3] The message forms the image shown here when translated into graphics, characters, and spaces.[4] see more details in Wiki Pedia
Seemingly a reply was sent in the form of a crop circle nearby the Arecibo complex; 
from my  January 2013. Apparently the reply.
In my 1967 writings and in precis in the archives as above I mention the upgrade in DNA and now we are experiencing very large unexpected Cosmic Rays due to the magnet fields of Sun and Earth weakening I believe this all the precursors to the 6th extinction which is a natural cycle and if you care to read THE UFO STORY; You will read how many thousands of years back a planet was 'smashed' and the inhabitants that survived came to Earth. There are mentions in many sources of their arrival. We are at the brink of a natural cycle to which we are going to be given the opportunity to be reconfigured and upgraded NOT BY TECHNOLOGY AND TINKERING WITH OUR DNA as archives explains through the 1967 writings.
ARE we being warned and given notice we are interfering too much in natural processes?
I have fully POSTED  in back POSTS the signs that usher in the next Cosmic Change for Earth. Has this Covid stuff pushed ET's buttons?
Courtesy  Live science.
I suggest the so called illuminati, Bilderberg, Elite and The Deep State are aware of the 6th extinction and the forthcoming and now processing DNA upgrade to the new Human for which I name as Homo Energetica / Spiritulana as given in the 1967 writings.
 I further espouse that the rush to Mars and Moon bases(which are there in simple form now) is because they know about the ancient writings of the mistakes made and outlined in my version in The UFO STORY and the watcher's as described are are concerned we might split the planet and then spread the destructive nature into space.
The construction of the Catedral Nueva began in 1513 and continued until 1733  

There are  other ancient writings in Native American, Siberian, Indian and other ancient works.

Be  that as it may perhaps I can conjecture; should there be a 6th  extinction and the New World Order gang know of this and the possibility of super humans (Back Posts on children and their remarkable abilities and the COVID and vaccines that are destroying them with slow creeping debilities especially in the large number of vaccines in the USA  to kids) then the mind set as I have suggested would strip the elite of power, they are trying that now as this article hints at. They would rather have transhumanism  and worst of cyborg humans both of whom can be controlled and robotised which most of the world's populace is being lead.
Courtesy  Reddit
Cyborgs can have their parts replaced and live longer and can adapt to Moon and Mars bases more easily than complete flesh bodies, THE  new COVID  Vaccine is the mRNA one I suspect and a trial to alter our DNA  quicker than the other monstrosities. In a back video you will see they planned this for a hundred years, I have mentioned Eugenics and its roots may go back to Atlanta, Mu and so on.
Reading through this link above and following in depth 'The Dark Journalist' in his X series you will be amazed.
I have POSTED about this for years and years and the choice between natures way and the Cosmic Plan as seen in the extinctions and the new humans that followed with plant and animal life is clear and transparent now we are due for change===will the illuminati thwart our natural DNA evolution or they change our evolution with mRNA?

28 Minutes of another take on the Arecibo incident

Friday 21 August 2020


Hello back on the trail and hunting the villains of the Covid robbery.
Two Long reports at the end say it all.

Courtesy Pinterest
The following is a transcript from the More or Less BBC radio programme with Professor David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at The University of Cambridge. You can read the audio transcript below or simply click on the YouTube video at the bottom of this article to listen to the audio track. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM.
“The death toll from Coronavirus in England fell by mr than 5000 yesterday although the official statistic fell due to a change in the definition of who was counted from who died of COVID. Previously, people who died at any point from a positive test regardless of the cause, even if they died of a car accident, were counted in the figures. So, is this measure better and what does the headline statistic hide?
The man who knows is Professor David Spiegelhalter and Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at The University of Cambridge. Morning to you.
Professor David Spiegelhalter: Good morning.
Presenter: The figure may be better but we’re all in danger of becoming horribly confused, aren’t we?
PDS: I do feel sorry for everyone and I make there’s at least five different counts of COVID deaths going around the country at the moment. The old one was ridiculous, if you look at the dashboard as they show it at the moment, they say 72 deaths in England reported on August 11th. But in fact, you know, NHS England recorded only one death in an English hospital during that day and that may go up a bit by five, but the claims of 72 is just nonsense.
Presenter: That really matters doesn’t it? Not just as a scientific assessment but also what we do as a nation?
PDS: People have been watching this daily figure and haven’t realised how ridiculous it is. It’s going to plummet by 80-90% from tomorrow. But actually, it can go the other way if Scotland’s not reported a single COVID death for five weeks. Usually we’d be choosing the same measure as we’re going to use and yet the bean says yesterday there’s at least 30 deaths from COVID in Scotland over that period. The pendulum seems to be swinging the other way. Now there’s been 41,000 deaths but the Office of National Statistics say 56,000 when they look at death certificates. It is very confusing.
Presenter: But is this measure the old measure in other words? Does it explain why we appear to be more cautious as a nation? Less willing to go to work than any other European nation? Is there a danger in other words that we may be overreacting?
PDS: This will make a difference but it doesn’t make a difference to the fact we’ve done very badly with a very large number of deaths. I would also say that people are on the whole rather too cautious, rather too fearful and the communication hasn’t helped in that. Particularly, that’s why the current communication with the risks and deaths at the moment are so vital but the communication has been so poor. The dashboards have been terrible and up until recently, say the number of additional deaths was on Wednesday 22nd July and it was something…well they weren’t, they didn’t happen then and they weren’t COVID deaths and the BBC have been just as bad. In average in the last week, 58 people have died every day from coronavirus. That’s terrible – there was about 15 to 20. So, the media has been responsible for not reporting the figures I think responsibly and if and possibly increasing people’s worry and anxiety, unnecessarily.
Presenter: Well then, finish if you would David in this way, if you had to in layman’s language to communicate the risk to someone whose not in a special category – they’re not very old or got co-morbidity, how would you try and capture that for them?
PDS: It’s very difficult as you’re talking about two things. There’s a risk if you get it and that depends crucially on your age and there’s roughly about the usual risk you’ve got of dying in the next year anyway which is very low if you don’t hang around people. Then there’s the risk of catching it. That’s a highly fluid thing, more like a pollen count – what currently is the infection in your community? And I’ll say again, very low at the moment. The risks of catching it are low but for some people if you catch it, it can be very nasty. And so, it is a complicated issue and it is changing. That’s why we really have to pay attention to the way in which the limited facts we’ve got are communicated.
Presenter: Ok, must do better I think is the motto and listen to More or Less as well as Professor David Spiegelhalter. Thank you very much indeed.”

Courtesy New Food Magazine
A very important on safe food consumption (not to be confused with myotoxins in snake venom)
Dr Mercola  --A very brave courageous man.


·                    Bill Gates wields powerful influence over global food and agriculture policy through his funding of a large number of organizations involved in agricultural development and policy making
·                    Eleven of just 12 people urging the UN to retain Agnes Kalibata, the president of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), as its special envoy to the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit, were funded by Gates
·                    This is in stark contrast to those who opposed Kalibata: 176 civil society organizations and farmer groups, plus 500 additional signatories, called for withdrawal of her appointment due to her clear conflicts of interest with corporate actors
·                    Gates’ massive investments in global food production have failed to solve any real problems. The solutions he backs are “Band-Aid solutions” that only deepen the root problems
·                    Examples include the funding of the development of GMOs. These crops end up replacing local diversity with just a few GE varieties that don’t take local conditions into account. By pushing GE crops, malnutrition actually deepens, as biodiversity is reduced

·                    Gates is a perfect example of a philanthrocapitalist. He has “donated” tens of billions of dollars over the years, yet his net worth hasn’t dropped — it has doubled, and this is largely because his donations are treated as tax deductible investmentsu
Read so much, much more in link---vital information
Robert Redfern

Dear Geoff,

I have been writing about the Con-a-Virus since the last week in February. I genuinely thought it would be just a few weeks before the overreaction by the authorities was exposed. Here we are over 24 weeks later and yet the fiction persists.
Why? Because this is a Plandemic. (A planned epidemic using a manufactured and renamed coronavirus to terrorize and subdue the world population).
I am explaining below why and how it was all planned, and I apologise for those of a nervous disposition but I do rate my readers as above-average intelligence, since they are inclined towards natural health rather than the pharma alternatives.
Why in God’s Name Would ‘They' Do This?
God has nothing to do with this. They have also brainwashed the religious leaders around the world (or worse).
  • They say they are abandoning democracy and our human rights to keep us safe yet fewer people have died this year compared to the flu epidemic of 2018.
  • They say we must do exactly as we are told to stay safe, whatever they say, with no right of appeal to any court.
  • They say they are destroying businesses and jobs to keep us safe but it hardly affects anyone under aged 70. The consequences of destroying businesses and jobs are destined to kill millions worldwide.
  • They say they are closing schools to keep us safe. Healthy children and young people have nothing to fear from any coronavirus. The risk is possibly causing psychological abuse and damage to their minds, beyond the imagination of intelligent thinking people.
  • They say we must have an unproven and unsafe vaccination or we will never be allowed the freedom to travel, or possibly even work, until we submit to the vaccination.
  • They say that there are no other treatments for coronavirus, which is a lie as Dr. Doug Deibele D.M.D shared his successful treatment regimen:
1.    Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg twice a day for 5 days
2.    Azithromycin 500 mg once a day for 5 days
3.    Zinc sulphate 220 mg daily His team treated 500 patients in New York with this regimen - zero deaths, zero hospitalizations. Many other doctors have replicated this and in fact, successfully added Vitamin C, yet are criticised in the corporate media. The cost of these treatments is negligible. The Canadian creators and world experts for Hydroxychloroquine would have been able tell the world of its success, but were murdered in the early days of planning the Plandemic.
  • They say we must in future have a digital ID to leave our home and join society.
  • Lastly, they say we must reduce the population of the planet. This is part of the Plandemic’s goals (see Bill Gates’s public comments).
Who Are ‘They’?
The Gate Gang (includes W.H.O., Pharma, Medical systems, Researchers in Universities receiving funding from Gates), The Deep State, Politicians, Judges and Courts, Journalists and Corporate Media, Police Chiefs, Military Chiefs and a huge number of the frightened populations around the world.
How Was the Plandemic Created?
A film that explains in detail how the Plandemic has been created by London Real which was immediately banned from YouTube. Click below to view it, but do give yourself plenty of uninterrupted time to watch it fully.
VIDEO HERE   Plandemic Indoctrination
How ‘They’ were recruited and organised to take it around the world?
The Deep State has been slowly taking over most countries in the world through corporate media and monetary control.
Again, a film has been created to explain but it is so complicated you may have to take time to watch it multiple times to get a full understanding. Click below to view it, but do give yourself plenty of uninterrupted time to watch.
VIDEO HERE  Shadow -Gate
Where Can You Go From Here?
You can try street protesting, but unless millions get out on the streets and it stays peaceful everything will stay the same. Street protests only work when they support the plans of the Deep State and they are part of Plandemic, so it’s unlikely to work.
An example is around 1 million people marched to protest in London against the illegal invasion of Iraq by Blair and Bush. It made no difference; millions died and were injured and the wars continue today, 10 years later.
You can try going to the courts to demand a judge gives back your human rights and restores democracy. The problem is judges are part of the establishment and they are either part of the problem, or afraid of the Deep State. (Many deaths have been at the hands of the Deep State as executions, see Dark Journalists, Info Wars and back POSTS---Geoff)



Wednesday 19 August 2020


Hello and Welcome.  To make a change from the 'Altitude / Bends viral infection' I am going back to my real work as it were; the natural cycles ancient and modern back ups, real climate change and their cycles, the 6th extinction, the shift, the next step in evolution. In POSTS gone by I have written at length on the tie up and very distinct similarities between recorded cyclic weather changes, findings at Poles with ice drilling's, the true Mayan Calendar, the Yuga's and the many other signs; the drifting of the magnetic north, fossil evidence, archaeological and palaeontology evidence and so on and most significantly how there is a unity and oneness about creation, a symmetry an interrelationship and ecology and all pointing to evolutionary steps that are not in Darwinism and more like intelligent design and with research into the 5 previous extinctions and evidence old life forms and nature were wiped out as if their sell by date had well and truly expired and new forms and fauna appeared in a leap so to speak so thereby gradual Darwin adaption could not have taken place and I am predicting a new upgrade in humans and nature, the humans I name are Homo energetica / spiritulana. More of this you can see in my archives and the '1967' writings.  

1. The Late Ordovician

Global cooling has led to mass extinction. Mark Brennan/FlickrCC BY-SA

This ancient crisis around 445m years ago saw two major waves of extinction, both caused by climate change associated with the advance and retreat of ice sheets in the southern hemisphere. This makes it the only major extinction to be linked to global cooling.
This extinction caused the demise of around 57% of marine genera (the taxonomic rank above the species level), including many trilobites, shelled brachiopods, and eel-like conodonts.

2. The Late Devonian

This period is now regarded as a number of “pulses” of extinction spread over 20m years, beginning 380m years ago. It saw the extinction of around 50% of marine genera; among the species killed off were many corals, trilobites, sponges and the heavily armoured fish known as placoderms. This extinction has been linked to major climate change, possibly caused by an eruption of the volcanic Viluy Traps area in modern-day Siberia. A major eruption might have caused rapid fluctations in sea levels and reduced oxygen levels in the oceans.

3. The Middle Permian

Scientists have recently discovered another event 262m years ago that rivals the “Big Five” in size. This event coincided with the Emeishan eruption in what’s now China, and is known to have caused simultaneous extinctions in the tropics and higher latitudes. In particular, there were exceptionally high extinction rates: more than 80% of species were wiped out, among them brachiopods and single-celled benthic foraminifera.

4. The Late Permian

The Late Permian mass extinction around 252m years ago dwarfs all the other events, with about 96% of species becoming extinct. This included more trilobites, corals, and whole branches of species of terrestrial animals. The extinction was triggered by a vast eruption of the Siberian Traps, a gigantic and prolonged volcanic event that covered much of modern day Siberia, which led to a cascade of environmental effects.
A greenhouse effect rapidly took hold in the atmosphere, while the oceans suffered acidification and xygen depletion. The ozone layer was partially destroyed, meaning lethal levels of UV radiation reached the Earth’s surface. The recovery took almost 10m years and even then, the unstable environment this catastrophic crisis created meant the subsequent Triassic period saw intermittent bursts of heightened extinction.

5. The Late Triassic

The supercontinent Pangaea before it split.Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA

The Late Triassic event, 201m years ago, shares a number of similarities with the Late Permian event. It was caused by another large-scale eruption, this time of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province, which heralded the splitting of the supercontinent Pangaea and the initial opening of what would later become the Atlantic Ocean.
A similar cascade of environmental effects, as seen during the Late Permian, led to the extinction of around 47% of all genera. The extinction led to the final demise of the eel-like conodonts, as well as the largest known extinction of scleractinian corals. It also wiped out a significant proportion of terrestrial reptiles and amphibianspaving the way for the diversification of the dinosaurs in the Jurassic period.

A mass extinction in slow motion

So, are we currently in the middle of a mass extinction? If we really are, this time the cause is not a meteorite impact or volcanic eruptions. It is the work of a single species: Homo sapiens. Habitat destruction and climate change from rising carbon dioxide levels has driven extinction rates to levels reminiscent of the mass extinctions of the ancient past.
The similarities between today and the past are uncanny. The majority of past extinctions are associated with carbon dioxide from volcanoes causing rapid global warming, which led to a number of environmental cascade effects. The cause may be different, but the results will be the same.
However, it is now 66m years since the last mass extinction. Earth’s ecosystems are very different, and perhaps more stable given the length of time elapsed since the last major biotic crisis. The position of the continents has changed, meaning atmospheric and ocean circulation are different; that makes it very difficult to use past data to predict the outcomes of any future mass extinctions.
Current extinction rates are 50 times higher than expected background rates, suggesting that another mass extinction event is underway. But mass extinctions are also about magnitude: if we could travel millions of years into the future and examine rocks preserving today’s ecosystems, I’d wager we’d see little evidence of a major extinction event.
If we can stop the biodiversity decline in the near future, we may yet escape mass extinction. But 100 or 1,000 years more of human-caused stress on the biosphere will likely tip us over the edge into oblivion.
In my view there are major flaws in this presentation; It is now been proven that the Sun is involved in these changes and the Sun Earth connection is really worth exploring. In number one the Late Ordovician it is said it is the only one due to global cooling but it is not clear what caused it.

The gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon produces the tides, so it makes sense gravity could affect plate tectonics and potentially trigger earthquakes. In a solar eclipse, the Earth, Sun, and Moon are aligned, so you’d expect the effect to be greatest. Is there a correlation between eclipses and earthquakes? The short answer is yes, but it’s not really the eclipse that increases the probability, but the lunar phase.
According to the U.S Geological Survey (USGS), recent studies have indicated a correlation between high ocean tides and earth tides and earthquakes on shallow thrust faults and undersea subduction zones. In an earth tide or body tide, the Earth’s surface is displaced by the gravity of the Sun and Moon. An ocean tide works the same way, except it’s water that moves rather than land. Both types of high tides occur during the full and new moon. A lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon while a solar eclipses occurs during the new moon, but there is no statistical increase in seismic activity compared with any other new or full moon. If you stop to think about it, the alignment between the Earth, Sun, and Moon has to be very precise to produce an eclipse, but the bodies come close to that alignment relatively often.
During earth tides, the surface of the crust may rise or fall by a few centimeters. The affect of ocean tides is more pronounced. Ocean tides can change the sea level by over a meter, which changes the pressure on subduction zones and the faults near the edges of continents.
How significant is the increased risk? The USGS calculation estimates a 3x increased risk of an earthquake. While this may seem like a lot, the risk at any given time is extremely low, so multiplying it by three still yields an extremely tiny probability of an occurrence.
The semi-diurnal tides also have an affect on seismic activity and have been connected with aftershocks in volcanic regions. Even so, the chance of an earthquake occurring is the same whether it is day or night in the region.
There is a  view that it is heat that can do it during the eclipses, the Earth cools down and then heats up  and in fault lines and fissures this has an expanding and contracting effect, then there is; (I have another view regarding the eclipses and evidence that there is a cooling and heating effect and other constituents)
More can be found in POST 353 Sunday August 2018; such as El Nino and La Nino 


A solar superstorm can make your lights go out. New maps released by the USGS show where the power is most likely to fail: The Denver metropolitan area, the Pacific northwest, the Atlantic seaboard, and a cluster of Midwestern states near the US-Canadian Border. Bright yellow and orange trace the trouble spots across the contiguous USA:

Power companies have long been wary of the sun. Solar storms can cause strong electric currents to flow through commercial power lines--so strong that the lines can't handle it. Fuses blow, transformers melt, and circuit breakers trip. The most famous geomagnetic power outage happened during a space storm in March 1989 when six million people in Quebec lost power for 9 hours.

Whether or not *your* power goes out during a solar storm depends on two things: (1) The configuration of power lines in your area and (2) the electrical properties of the ground beneath your feet. In areas of more electrically resistive rock, currents struggle to flow through the ground. Instead, they leap up into overhead power lines – a scenario that played out in
Quebec in 1989.

The new maps are possible thanks to Earthscope--a National Science Foundation magnetotelluric survey of the upper 2/3rds of the contiguous
USA. Earthscope mapped the electrical properties of deep rock and soil on a continent-spanning grid with points about 70 km apart. USGS researchers led by Greg Lucas and Jeffrey Love combined this information with the layout of modern power lines to estimate peak voltages during a century-class storm. 

    Sprawling power lines act like antennas, picking up currents and spreading the problem over a wide area.
They found a huge variation in hazard across the USA. "The largest estimated once-per-century geoelectric field is 27.2 V/km at a site located in Maine, while the lowest estimated once-per-century geoelectric field is 0.02 V/km at a site located in Idaho. That is more than 3 orders of magnitude difference," they wrote in their research paper "A 100year Geoelectric Hazard Analysis for the U.S. HighVoltage Power Grid." Notably, some of the most vulnerable regions are near big cities: Denver, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC.
To complete the hazard map, the researchers are waiting for a new magnetotelluric survey to cover the rest of the USA. It can't come soon enough. The last "century-class" geomagnetic storm hit in May 1921 ... 99 years ago. (Courtesy
Courtesy New Dawn Magazine
see further information on natural cycles and effects of Geomagnetic Storms on Humans
THE GREAT GEOMAGNETIC STORM OF MAY 1921: 99 years ago this week, people around the world woke up to some unusual headlines.
"Telegraph Service Prostrated, Comet Not to Blame" — declared the Los Angeles Times on May 15, 1921. "Electrical Disturbance is 'Worst Ever Known'” — reported the Chicago Daily Tribune. "Sunspot credited with Rail Tie-up" — deadpanned the New York Times.
They didn’t know it at the time, but the newspapers were covering the biggest solar storm of the 20th Century. Nothing quite like it has happened since.
It began on May 12, 1921 when giant sunspot AR1842, crossing the sun during the declining phase of Solar Cycle 15, began to flare. One explosion after another hurled coronal mass ejections (CMEs) directly toward Earth. For the next 3 days, CMEs rocked Earth’s magnetic field. Scientists around the world were surprised when their magnetometers suddenly went offscale, pens in strip chart recorders pegged uselessly to the top of the paper.
Then the fires began. Around 02:00 GMT on May 15th, a telegraph exchange in Sweden burst into flames. About an hour later, the same thing happened across the Atlantic in the village of Brewster, New York. Flames engulfed the switch-board at the Brewster station of the Central New England Railroad and quickly spread to destroy the whole building. That fire, along with another one about the same time in a railroad control tower near New York City's Grand Central Station, is why the event is sometimes referred to as the "New York Railroad Superstorm."
What caused the fires? Electrical currents induced by geomagnetic activity surged through telephone and telegraph lines, heating them to the point of combustion. Strong currents disrupted telegraph systems in Australia, Brazil, Denmark, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the UK and USA. The Ottawa Journal reported that many long-distance telephone lines in New Brunswick were burned out by the storm. On some telegraph lines in the USA voltages spiked as high as 1000 V.

Above: Sunspot AR1842 on May 13, 1921. [more]
During the storm's peak on May 15th, southern cities like Los Angeles and Atlanta felt like Fairbanks, with Northern Lights dancing overhead while telegraph lines crackled with geomagnetic currents. Auroras were seen in the USA as far south as Texas while, in the Pacific, red auroras were sighted from Samoa and Tonga and ships at sea crossing the equator.
What would happen if such a storm occurred today?
Researchers have long grappled with that question–most recently in a pair of in-depth papers published in the journal Space Weather: "The Great Storm of May 1921: An Exemplar of a Dangerous Space Weather Event" by Mike Hapgood (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK) and "Intensity and Impact of the New York Railroad Superstorm of May 1921" by Jeffrey Love (US Geological Survey) and colleagues.
The summary, above, is largely a result of Hapgood’s work. He painstakingly searched historical records including scientific journals, newspaper clippings, and other reports to create a moment-by-moment timeline of the storm. Such timelines are invaluable to emergency planners, who can use them to prepare for future storms.

Above: Aurora sightings in May 1921. The leftmost red circle marks Apia, Samoa.
Jeffrey Love and colleagues also looked into the past and–jackpot!–they found some old magnetic chart recordings that did not go offscale when the May 1921 CMEs hit. Using the data, they calculated "Dst" (disturbance storm time index), a measure of geomagnetic activity favored by many space weather researchers.
"The storm attained an estimated maximum −Dst on 15 May of 907 ± 132 nT, an intensity comparable to that of the Carrington Event of 1859," they wrote in their paper.
This dry-sounding result upends conventional wisdom. Students of space weather have long been taught that the Carrington Event (-Dst = 900 nT) was the strongest solar storm in recorded history. Now we know that the May 1921 storm was about equally intense.
If the May 1921 storm hit today, "I’d expect it to lead to most, if not all, of the impacts outlined in the 2013 Royal Academy of Engineering report led by Paul Cannon," says Hapgood. "This could include regional power outages, profound changes to satellite orbits, and loss of radio-based technologies such as GPS. The disruption of GPS could significantly impact logistics and emergency services."
It’s something to think about on the 99th anniversary of a 100-year storm….
An expanded and sharable version of this story is available here.(Courtesy

SPACE WEATHER BALLOON DATA: Approximately once a week, and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus fly space weather balloons to the stratosphere over California. These balloons are equipped with radiation sensors that detect cosmic rays, a surprisingly "down to Earth" form of space weather. Cosmic rays can seed cloudstrigger lightning, and penetrate commercial airplanes. Furthermore, there are studies ( #1#2#3#4) linking cosmic rays with cardiac arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in the general population. Our latest measurements show that cosmic rays are intensifying, with an increase of more than 18% since 2015:

Why are cosmic rays intensifying? The main reason is the sun. Solar storm clouds such as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) sweep aside cosmic rays when they pass by Earth. During Solar Maximum, CMEs are abundant and cosmic rays are held at bay. Now, however, the solar cycle is swinging toward Solar Minimum, allowing cosmic rays to return. Another reason could be the weakening of Earth's magnetic field, which helps protect us from deep-space radiation.(Courtesy
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Perhaps when all the power struggles and materialistic hedonism and huge profits out of peoples health and welfare hopefully dies down one can get down to more hidden as yet from mainstream science although I have several well known climatologists, archaeologists, palaeontologists, astro / particle / and other scientists of various disciplines especially in NASA, ESA and Russian Space Academies who are well aware of the above yet to save their funding and credibility keep ostensibly quiet.   
When you or others are feeling out of sorts or uncharacteristically anxious or irritable, saying "there must be something in the air" -- this may be closer to the truth than you think. Scientists today believe the earth's constantly changing electromagnetic fields can affect your day-to-day health, feelings and behavior. This enlightening video is full of interesting facts about our physical and emotional relationship with the earth's magnetic field and the sun. These facts were brought to you by the Global Coherence Initiative (, a special project of the Institute of HeartMath Research Center (, where ongoing research is being conducted to help us and humanity find a better understanding of how we are all connected. To contribute to this research, go to:

Just consider the human collective unconscious and how we are all connected and this lock down and stuff has permeated our brains and consciousness and then contemplate the effect consciousness has on the human psyche and the Schumann Resonance and whether one scoffs at the idea of how it effects the weather, moods, and the evidence of the gamma rays all making the cocktail for human experience more complicated to say the least. 
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Truly outstanding series of photos and top class stuff===fascinating
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Also see POST 2 February 2013.
EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD IS QUIVERING: A fast-moving (600 km/s) stream of solar wind is blowing around Earth, causing our planet's magnetic field to shake and quiver. "The solar wind is moving the needle on my magnetometer here in the UK," reports Stuart Green, who sends this chart recording from Preston, Lancashire 

"It's always so interesting to see geomagnetic effects for myself, with data streaming down the wires to my PC, showing up as wiggles on a chart." says Green.
"The sensor is buried in my garden about 0.5 meters below the surface in an East/West orientation," he adds. "This allows very sensitive (sub ) measurements of magnetic declination. The plot shows the change in magnetic flux density in nanotesla occurring between readings every few minutes."
The stream of solar wind causing this unrest is flowing from a northern hole in the sun's atmosphere. Earth is expected to remain inside it for another ~12 to 24 hours. High latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras through August 5th. Aurora alerts: SMS Text.(Courtesy and Stuart Green) 
Seeing from previous POSTS and information that everything is interconnected and interrelated and that Cosmic Rays have an effect on arrhythmia's and sudden heart attacks so the shaky (nanotesia = An SI unit equal to one billionth of a tesla).(The tesla (symbol T) is the derived SI unit of magnetic flux density, which represents the strength of a magnetic field. One tesla represents one weber per square metre. The equivalent, and superseded, cgs unit is the gauss (G); one tesla equals exactly 10,000 gauss). 
From this we can deduce that sensitive people can feel shaky or whatever and also it effects the Schumann Resonance. There is also a discussion that the Planets of the solar system are having climate change which puts a doubt of just human made climate change.
Another kind of astrology?
Do the planets fields really affect who we are or what happens to us on a daily basis? Dr Michael Nitsche, of the Institut Z & S in Grosselfingen, Germany, has created an entire mathematical model suggesting that planets are continually vibrating through the heavens. 

He theorizes that the weak fluctuations of gravity have an effect because the planets also have constant giant frequencies created by their orbits. 

In a sense, the rotating planets are all giant oscillators (vibrating entities) that create huge vibrations throughout the cosmos. The vibrations of these gravitational fields lead to higher vibrations and higher harmonics in material structures, such as ‘open’— that is, constantly changing—biological systems like us. 

Nitsche has carried out a body of research showing that the fluctuations of the closest planets to earth—the moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn—have an effect in forming the structure of human intelligence and the stability of psychological processes—and even the triggering of earthquakes. 

“A metaphor for this is the formation of waves through movements of the air over the ocean,” says Nitsche. “The powerful masses of water on top of the deep ocean can be compared with the constant gravitational field of the earth. The small waves can be compared to the fluctuation of the planetary gravitational field.” 

Nitsche hypothesizes that these planetary fluctuations have a lifelong effect on the structure and stability of the human brain, particularly during the period when the brain is first developing and synaptic connections are being formed—in other words, when a child is born. 

Nitsche put his ideas to the test by examining 186 children and the positions of certain planets at the time of birth. Despite some variations, his results show a correlation: that children with a higher intelligence were born during a time when the planets were more in harmony and stabilizing. 

By the same token, when carrying out certain word tests with the children, Nitsche found an association between children unwilling to take risks and birth dates at a time when the major planets were particularly in harmony. In other words, those born when the planets were in close accord seemed likewise to prefer accord in their lives. 

His model also suggests that psychological instabilities and crises could be triggered by these planetary fluctuations.

Other researchers have found a correlation between schizophrenia and the position of certain planets at birth. For instance, Dr Jude U. Ohaeri, consultant psychiatrist (currently at the Psychological Medicine Hospital in Safat, Kuwait), found a correlation between certain planetary positions and relationships at birth in a group of Nigerian schizophrenics. 

According to Frank McGillion, a member of the Research Colloquium on Astrology from the University of Southampton, there is a scientific explanation for these findings. The electromagnetic fields and levels of light during the time of our births affect our levels of melatonin. Many of these factors, in turn, determine our subjective response to the effects of electromagnetic fields on our body and brain from all sources, including the planets, for the rest of our lives. 

“This could also predispose and/or cause an influence on our mood and other states of consciousness on a day-to-day basis,” he says. If there is a significant effect of certain planets on EM fields of a type and intensity known to influence the pineal gland,” says McGillion, “it’s just possible the positions of certain planets at the time of birth could— to a greater or lesser degree through the perinatal actions of melatonin—influence our development and behavior from the time of our birth as astrologers have claimed for millennia.” 

Not astrology as we know it, but something about our fixed relation to the always changing stars of our birth. Courtesy Lyn McTaggart
Reinvented the Wheel Dr Percy Seymour did this:-
Courtesy NASA Mars exploration
RESEARCHERS PREDICT A SURGE IN COSMIC RAYS: Interplanetary space is about to become a more dangerous place. A new study just published in the research journal Space Weather predicts that galactic cosmic rays will surge in the decades ahead--a result of the sputtering solar cycle. This could limit deep space missions for astronauts to as little as 200 days. Get the full story at

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