Thursday 26 March 2015

POST 212 'MORE 1967'

Greetings. Yes its ET and UFO again.
Here I would lay out my store.  As you may well remember I was given or channelled, or somehow scribed a large document at the Tibetan Monastic House(as it was then) in December 1967. See some details and pictures in Post 9.
Johnstone House in 1967---Samye Ling
Another view of the above
One of the many aspects of the document was and is I feel occurring now in more eventful and is highly deleterious and I have gotten into many times in energygrid and of course the last blogs in January 2013 1-4 in energygrid( menu Destiny click on my photo) is that the Auric sheaves or sheaths surrounding the body as below:-
The above images are an approximation to my work on Auras and Chakras, perhaps another Post. 
However, in the writing of 1967 it stated that the energies of evolution would be raising the energy levels ah la, chi, kundulini, orgone, vital energy and it would be like an alchemy process, a smelting, detoxing, and the symptoms I have described elsewhere in numerous blogs and Posts. The sexual and corresponding genital to solar plexus chakra would be the first to be cleansed out, this would mean that the meridians and auric sheaves would vibrate at a higher frequency, the cells of the body would 'shake', wobble, hard to find a fitting description and would 'throw' off the more dense 'solidified energy patterns' that were out of alignment, harmony and matching frequencies of the transforming energies arriving via the Cosmic, Solar, Planetary reconfigurations. The resistance to these would cause mental, psychological, and mental disturbances.
Samye Ling now formerly Johnstone House rebuilt.
The sexual energies would be gradually taken upward (like shakti in Yoga) to the higher chakras and the blockages removed on route. The fire of cleansing, this would mean less sexual activity. However in the Astral  aura as above which interfaces with Cosmic energies via human abilities such a psychic powers, clairvoyance, trance, mediumship and so on, this sheath is the antenna for such and the plasma as it were, causing the congestion by and compression produces a wispy body, a sort of apparition.
Scroll down to see Picture of Jaytee.
The narrative continues that that some of the auric shields would be 'burnt off' and that this was a natural process, the first would be the astral sheath, this would mean less glamour, hot dreams, less sexual activity, BUT TV, computers, cell / mobile phones, celebrity culture would hold this process for those who were addicted to it as of drugs, religions and cults etc.. 
The debris from this process would 'explode out' as it were into the atmosphere and those attracted to it would intake it, ingest it and add to their astral glamour and hedonistic pleasures, it would saturate the collective unconscious. These particles, fine energy frequencies would be enhanced by the electronic fog and pollution, and so further 'bog' down the process.  For those aligning to the process of purification they would find themselves more open and vulnerable and would seek solace, new healing practices, complementary remedies, Yoga, Tai chi, Qi Gong, Jiangan, and the like, THE key being meditation. Not imagery, hypnosis, auto suggestion, contemplation(OK AS A STARTER TO DEEPER THINGS) mantras, mandalas, and so forth. Herbs, organic foods, health products are OK as long as they do not become addictive and replace meditation.
It would equate to the stories in holy books of the the end of the age or the next step in evolution that the 'monster comes out of deep' or emerges from a deep cave or vault in the Earth, or from the skies come serpents and demons in strange craft.
Of course this will happen if we believe it and have not got the discerning(not scepticism, naivety, obstinacy, or just foolish acceptance) this means a mind clear and not afraid of emptiness of thought, but alive, dynamic and free, not bound by culture, religion, cruelness or overt over the top helping.
Of course add to this the frequencies I have given out in back Posts and the various delivery systems that are now in vogue, cell / mobile phone, computers, WI FI, TV, Chemtrails, and the like, the chemical additives in food, medicinal and recreational drugs.  In my view these are done and are in some cases pleasurable, and we can escape the deliberate wars, negative news, austerity and so on. I am sure that unfriendly ET are working with the elite and some governmental factions to make us so empty of mindfulness that we become besotted slaves as in sado masochism and just become sheeple zombies.
                                                   In many instances and occurring more these days, the actual pressure of the horror and a sense there is something better than this, can switch an ah ha and then the process begins and one begins the 'withdrawal' symptoms of the brain washing. So the pressure of 'sheepling' so to speak is broken and the path to liberation is taken with perhaps faltering footsteps. This is me a sheepling who is on the path to nowhere which is somewhere and is very fulfilling. I may suffer at times, but this is just part of the energies of separation from my conditioning.
As some of us begin to drown in the quicksands of the lies, the corruption, the false flags, we feel helpless and what can I do.  Yet just realising that we being sucked back down, just when we seem to rise, is the key to knowing one is trapped, then we seek means to escape.  Before we just slept and thought this is the norm.  The elite so called Earth-wise and ET wise know this process of transformation is going on and they will lose their shabby power, so they are battling for our minds. We have to liberate ourselves.
In a way the burning off the sheath or auric astral stuff will introduce us to the telepowers. Telepathy, telesentinence , intuitions as in contrast to intelligence from the known, healing, new harmless technologies, longevity and the rest of such like goodies.
                                                      Courtesy www.disclose.TV
So mass hysteria abounds these days as the debris of the astral sheath is sent flying into the energy fields, the searing new energies of transformation energising the process, the Elete and naughty ET trying to abort the process, merely delaying it, the Universe will advance into the next evolutionary cycle.  Some will be left behind to dance to the tune of the old dying patterns of living, the selfishness, the fanaticism, the anger and the pain, and the energies of information, like the bible story of the Hebrews and Pharaoh ' let my people go' the ten plagues whether true or symbolic, portrays the stubborn arrogance, and clinging to their power, will they let go before their dream of world dominance destroys them, and even when they let go do an after attack to claw it back?
We shall have to wait and see.  However I feel linear time is short before some sort of climax happens. Our individual climax is to break free mentally, psychologically from the fear and propaganda, and the mass biased media which espouses this. 
Then we can look at linear time of space and experience which I call psychological / conditioned by belief into transcending the time / speed / reality barrier.
Perhaps beyond time is beyond thought, beyond death, beyond belief, beyond,-beyond.  
Perhaps we condition time. A rough example, we read a book we are absorbed time seems to fly by yet the clock on the wall registers the time, two hours seemed like minutes. Bored and time seems so long those previous minutes seem like hours.  This seems to me psychological / mental time, we conditioned time according to our interests. 
Then there is dream time and events take place rapidly, vividly and it seems realistically.  What space does this take place as in contrast to so called awake time? Why is time so compressed? Should one say it is mind space, in the brain, then what is mind and how does the brain process this? If the brain is just an electrical phenomena then how does this support NDE,OBE and psychic phenomena, intuition and other explained things such as neuroplasticity, quantum consciousness and the observer and placebo effect.
So perhaps time is conditioned by our beliefs and conditioned reflexes. Perhaps space and its distances are as programmed as our beliefs, perhaps the sound barrier, the speed of light the size and computations about our galaxy are as large as our beliefs will take us, maybe our beliefs our incredibility , our fear to be unorthodox, think or be outside our cultural worldly upbringing limits the very perceptions of time / space reality. Things are not so solid as when the atom was split and what have we that is solid?  Only what our minds tell us  it is. Our beliefs known or unconscious, unconscious beliefs drive us as habit, inclinations and other subtle prompts and signals.  So we all live in a kind of digital virtual world.  
A matrix of beliefs sub-sectioned by ideas, images and impressions.
Move a few pixels and digits around and one's beliefs alter or we have revamped make over of the old, a variation on a theme.
So maybe the edge of the solar system(remember when the moon was just a vision in the sky and to go there?--when a submarine and to fly was impossible and the work of the devil) is the edge of our mind, as far as our imaginations will let us. 
When we fully intuitively understand the wave  / particle not by trying to solidify it into a concrete knowing, it doesn't work that way, you know not by logic and understanding---you just directly perceive without interpretation, then an important barrier or tie has been broken.  There is more space so to speak and the mind has lost some of it confines.
We expand ourselves by dropping concepts and rigid poles with a lead or tie rope on us. This in noway impairs our morality, for we are hard wired to share and co- operate, we are open to Cosmic Intelligence rather than our own limited world view.
Imagine our beliefs tether us to the ego post and we can only move as far as the binding rope allows us, we may reach a threshold and fear or just a blank wall hold us back. If we were to relax, breathe watch our mind without stress or strain we may find we move on, not to something tangible but a peace and OK its fine to be here.
Maybe we can move into another dimension, and find the idea and concept of time differs here.  Maybe we no longer appreciate, sense or belong to the previous time zone or maybe previous is replaced by experience that was necessary to inject me or project me into another reality. Maybe the sense of me is broadened we no longer relate to previous thoughts and concepts.
Perhaps we are not as 'fixed' to our identity and we realise our identity was referenced to our beliefs, our concepts shaped and gave us our identity.  In a dream you may experience you are the watcher, the witness and yet you are without name or body just a conscious witness and sometimes you see the body self that you know as the fleshly human known as Geoff, Bob, Miranda who ever the dreamer is. Space then becomes another concept of belief, it may not exist at all and is another concept / belief / programme devised by a teaching, a culture, a scientific academic notion in some academy.  In fact all we know and especially science of today knows we are merely manifested ideas that have been ingrained in us and encapsulated and enclosed a wide open infinite mind into a smaller ingrained image of Itself.  A net that encloses the open free range of conscientiousness. 
Courtesy of the site at side of cartoon and Google Images.
I described such a trap as a cage with bars that the monkey can only get his hand in sideways, as he clenches his food which he can see through the bars his hand cannot get through the bars and his eyes and hunger or lust cannot allow him to unclench, so the monkey is carried away still holding on.
So it can be with us, until we are free of desire, only for our needs, warm clothing / or cool, simple dry home and natural healthy nutritional food.  Then the mind can find itself and who knows what happens from then and that.
'Buddha described the human mind as being filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, carrying on endlessly. We all have monkey minds, Buddha said, with dozens of monkeys all clamouring for attention'. (Some say Buddha never said this and some say Jesus never lived----what do you say?).
Be Mindful. Be Well. Geoff
Aurora in the Backyard 
Image Credit & CopyrightP-M Hedén (Clear SkiesTWAN)

Explanation: On the night of March 17/18 this umbrella of northern lights unfolded over backyards in Vallentuna, Sweden about 30 kilometers north of Stockholm. A result of the strongest geomagnetic storm of this solar cycle, auroral displays were captured on that night from back and front yards at even lower latitudes, including sightings in the midwestern United States. A boon for aurora hunting skywatchers, the space storm began building when a coronal mass ejection, launched by solar activity some two days earlier, struck planet Earth's magnetosphere. So what's the name of the backyard observatory on the right of the wide field view? That's Carpe Noctem Observatory, of course.
Explanation: Today's date marks an Equinox and a New Moon. Remarkably, while the exact timing of both geocentric events occur within a span of only 13 hours, the moon also reaches its new phase only 14 hours after perigee, the closest point in its orbit. That makes the Equinox New Moon the largest New Moon of 2015, though hard to see since that lunar phase presents the Moon's dark, night side to planet Earth. Still, in this well composed image of a young lunar phase from late January you can glimpse both night and day on the lunar surface, the night side faintly illuminated by Earthshine next to the day side's brightly sunlit crescent. But some will see today's Equinox New Moon in silhouette! The Equinox Solar Eclipse will be total across stretches of the Arctic Ocean, visible in partial phases from Europe, northern Africa and western Asia.(Courtesy
Transformation energies very high, effects on biology in proportion to one's sensitivity, spiritually and mythologically very high. As far as the transformation and evolutionary status is concerned, mega high.
Planetary K-index
Now: Kp= 5 storm
         24-hr max: Kp= 5 
As of 11.44 am  20-03-15
Eclipse  Faroe Island   Courtesy
Meanwhile in the ionosphere.... The eclipse had a dramatic effect on the ionization of Earth's upper atmosphere. Normally, during the day, solar UV radiation breaks apart atoms and molecules, creating a layer of ionized gas hundreds of kilometers above Earth's surface. The Moon, however, blocked those UV rays. Subsequent changes to the ionization structure of atmosphere altered the propagation of radio waves in the eclipse zone. Take a look at these data from Rudolf Slošiar, who operates a VLF (very low frequency) radio monitoring station in Bojnice, Slovakia:
"During the solar eclipse, significant changes in the the D layer of the ionosphere affected the transmission of radio stations I record using my SID monitor, " says Slošiarl. Signals from Iceland were boosted, while radio stations in France and Puerto Rico dropped out (Courtesy of  and Rudolf Slosiar.
Planetary K-index
Now: Kp= 6 storm
24-hr max: Kp= 6 
storm as of 22-03-15 at 11.44 am UK time.
Should any of you feel either hyped or down and not usual, body aches and so on, please refer to my links in:-
 Many weeks now of geomagnetic storms and in my opinion and others, signals for DNA  upgrades of some sort.  part of the next step in evolution and ascension process which to me are the same under the term semantics. 
G 2 Moderate Power systems: high-latitude power systems may experience voltage alarms, long-duration storms may cause transformer damage. Spacecraft operations: corrective actions to orientation may be required by ground control; possible changes in drag affect orbit predictions. Other systems: HF radio propagation can fade at higher latitudes, and aurora has been seen as low as New York and Idaho (typically 55° geomagnetic lat.).** Kp=6 600 per cycle (360 days per cycle)
G 1
Power systems: weak power grid fluctuations can occur.
Spacecraft operations: minor impact on satellite operations possible.
Other systems: migratory animals are affected at this and higher levels; aurora is commonly visible at high latitudes (northern Michigan and Maine)**.
Kp = 5
1700 per cycle
(900 days per cycle)

Wednesday 18 March 2015


Hello again.  Politics have long baffled me. Now in the UK the currency is still the pound sterling(£) while most of Europe is the Euro.  I think that this is or has a deeper meaning. I think that it is a foreseen element in the hidden agenda.
At this time with a general election coming up very shortly, in fact in May 2015 there is a movement in the UK to come out of the EU, at first I thought well that's great now I am not so sure for several reasons.
Now if Britain left the EU there would be a couple of advantages to sheeple Cameron of 10 Bilderberg Street (formerly Downing Street).  Firstly if the election was won by the Conservative or an alliance and UK came out of EU by a referendum, then the Chief sheeple Cameron, and his flock of slobs would be able to take way the Human Rights Laws which he has been bleating about, this and the police powers would be enhanced and THE UPCOMING echoes of an agreement with the USA would lead to drones, imprisonment without trial, storming the Ecuadorian embassy to get Julian Assange out, all whistle blowers incarcerated without trial, fracking and land rites just decimated. Police outrageous as in the States, GMO and other food with vaccine enforcement crazily exploited.  The rich upper conservative bankers or the so called elite would have a field day over the British sheeple attitude ' I say Old Boy that's not Cricket' 'Keep the stiff upper lip'.  I worked for the Home Office all my working life and was and proud to be British, I also respect the once decency and mercy, although the Empire and its slavery is another thing.
The other frightening aspect is that we have the so called 'Minsk' agreement in which France, Germany,Russia and Ukraine agreed about a cease fire and withdrawal of heavy weaponry.


The text of the protocol consists of twelve points:[6]
  1. To ensure an immediate bilateral ceasefire.
  2. To ensure the monitoring and verification of the ceasefire by the OSCE .
  3. Decentralisation of power, including through the adoption of the Ukrainian law "On temporary Order of Local Self-Governance in Particular Districts of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts".
  4. To ensure the permanent monitoring of the Ukrainian-Russian border and verification by the OSCE with the creation of security zones in the border regions of Ukraine and the Russian Federation.
  5. Immediate release of all hostages and illegally detained persons.
  6. A law preventing the prosecution and punishment of persons in connection with the events that have taken place in some areas of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts.
  7. To continue the inclusive national dialogue.
  8. To take measures to improve the humanitarian situation in Donbass.
  9. To ensure early local elections in accordance with the Ukrainian law "On temporary Order of Local Self-Governance in Particular Districts of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts".
  10. To withdraw illegal armed groups and military equipment as well as fighters and mercenaries from Ukraine.
  11. To adopt a program of economic recovery and reconstruction for the Donbass region.
  12. To provide personal security for participants in the consultations.
Why would the UK and I understand the USA want to send advisers to rev up Ukraine's armed forces. What outcry would come if Russia did the same to Pro Russian Separatists? I understand from a clause in the agreement that advisers are classified as mercenaries and of course would stir up to fight again, blaming Russia with false flag operations. MH17 Malaysian plane was shot down by a Ukraine military fighter plane, search bar and Posts will show this, and you could expect a lot more. 
OSCE monitors have confirmed that the Rebels as it were have fulfilled to Item 10 a few days back whilst the Ukraine are dithering and do not want to withdraw and are looking for an excuse to fight again. 
Cameron, Obama and some other leaders are urging many other small countries to join NATO and are itching, having orgasms and dreaming of a third world war or something like it. I think BRICS(see back Posts)
FILE - Leaders of the BRICS and South American nations pose for a group photo at the BRICS summit at Itamaraty palace in Brasilia, Brazil, July 16, 2014. could have a lot of bearing on the issue.
This could be seen as a competitor to the IMF which holds everyone to ransom. Also of course Russia has oil and gas, bans GMO food and products and so on, has arable land and a third world war could bring in the other BRICS members.  Meanwhile the sheeples dream on. 
7 Creepy Robots used by police to spy on you.  7 mins
DARPA are building real life terminators---more Robots Oye Vey. 12 mins.
Could these be used in a future world war?
Quads. 16 mins.
More Quads.  What will they be used for.  16 mins.
Nassim  Haramein and the Sun. Most important.
Pilots, doctors, scientists tell the truth about Chem trails. 16 mins
15 mins.  ISIS  and how it came about, James Corbett you can bet he is one on the ball.  The BEST.  14 MINS
I Posted in energygrid the four times Osama Bin Laden had been killed.
Is Obama Osama? 5 mins
More on Osama Bin Laden not dead.  15 mins More on this.
  • When you feel an emotion, what you’re really sensing is the vibration of a particular energy. Each emotion has its own vibratory signature, and when intense emotions are felt, they can become trapped in your body
  • Trapped emotional energy will typically result in physical dysfunction
  • Energy psychology techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) allow you to correct the emotional short circuit:-
  • that is causing the physical dysfunction   A wonderful video. 1hr. 20 min.
  • The GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is the legal basis used to allow biotechnology companies to get away with fraud
  • To qualify for GRAS, there must be overwhelming consensus present within the scientific establishment, and that consensus cannot be based on hypotheses or speculation; it has to be based on solid evidence
  • In the case of GE foods, there is no such evidence. FDA’s own files contain the admission that they didn’t have any evidence upon which to base the presumption that GE foods are GRAS
  • On January 24, a statement signed by 300 scientists was published in a peer-reviewed journal, asserting that there is no scientific consensus on the safety of GMOs
  • e_cid=20150315Z2_SNL_NB_art_1&utm_sou
  • rce_
  • This Friday 20th March 2015 there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun by the Moon and that will will have significant energetic perturbations. 
  • Europe's biggest solar eclipse since 1999 is on its way next month - and 84 per cent of sunlight could be blocked out over London

    • Total solar eclipse set to take place over Europe next month
    • London can expect 84% coverage with parts of Scotland reaching 94%
    • Total eclipse of the sun will occur in Northern Norway and Faroe Islands
    • It will be the biggest event of its kind since 11 August 1999
    • Astronomers said there will not be another total eclipse until 2026
    • March solar eclipse may cause power supply glitches across Europe
    • Solar power is now 10.5% of renewable sources, up from 0.1% in 1999
    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  • Meanwhile, electricity system operators have warned the eclipse poses a serious risk of blackouts all over Europe as the continent increasingly relies on solar power.
  • mtcCampaign=9228&mtcEmail=13526879
  • Various human biological functions adhere to a circadian rhythm that to some extent may be affected by environmental factors, including light and temperature [1] . Recent evidence from Cajochen et al. [2] indicates that human sleep is influenced by the cycle of the moon, measured in conditions precluding the potential impact of nocturnal lunar illumination Here in a similarly retrospective study of 47 healthy volunteers (mean age 23.3, S.D. ±2.9 years) we demonstrate that total sleep time decreases by 25 minutes and cortical reactivity to environmental stimuli during sleep increases around full moon, and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep latency lengthens by 30 minutes around new moon. The findings strengthen the notion that human sleep is modulated by lunar phase but point to important deviations from the study of Cajochen et al. that need to be addressed, particularly with regard to individual susceptibility.
Come to Tromsø and share Marianne's passion for rural photography: invites you to experience "Heaven on Earth" with an aurora, fjord, fishing, whale watching, photography or sightseeing tour.
Chase the Light Tours
CME IMPACT, SEVERE GEOMAGNETIC STORM: Arriving earlier than expected, a CME hit Earth's magnetic field on March 17th at approximately 04:30 UT. At first,the impact sparked a relatively mild G1-class (Kp=5) geomagnetic storm. Since then, however, the storm has intensified to G4-class (Kp=8), ranking it as the strongest geomagnetic storm of the current solar cycle. This storm is underway now. Before sunrise, bright auroras were sighted over several northern-tier US states including MinnesotaWisconsinMontanathe Dakotas and Washington. Marketa Murray sends this picture from Dalton Highway in Alaska:
Planetary K-index
Now: Kp= 8 severe
24-hr max: Kp= 8 
I am sensitive to the above energies which was why I started my research which led me onto other things. For me at 10.45 am on the 18th March 2015 I can feel the build up. Medical people in the UK do not recognise electronic fog, take into account chemtrails, additives, preservatives, cheap soft drinks, yet they do smoking, drug and alcohol related, vaccine non tolerance, noise, pollution.  The doctors I know are aware of these things, but the NHS(National Health Service) hardly can cope now, and doctors are stretched to the limit.
There is a growing number of doctors who are now warily coming out with the lie of the 60 years low fat diet, the sun and its dangers and creeping towards complimentary medicine and other treatments. They could lose their very, very, very, well paid jobs if they are caught. Perhaps a 100 doctors in all. The EU and this smelly government are cracking down on herbal, natural and supplements some 'alternative practices' which have been proven and been around for at least 100 or so years. 
I give you one guess who wants the market and chemicalise the remedies and so on-----what a surprise Big Pharma and the grubby sweaty hands that have orgasms as their cash flow increases while so many suffer and cannot get what nature has for them. Mind you they are destroying nature and the robotical and genetically modified human is about to arrive, as in distinction from Natures next step in evolution.  
We are dumping our garbage mentally and physically into the forests of human minds and natures loveliness. The rape of humanity just like rapists letting their lusts and power attitudes dominate the less well off, vulnerable and weak. Look at the faces of soldiers be they terrorists or not, the horrible grimacing murderess in horror films, cartoons and videos. This young minds fill up on, children in homes that are split by poverty, dysfunctional parents and family, children in war torn areas and those being radicalised be it in any religion or not.
So l hope the searing energies of change and transformation especially at moon phases, eclipses, CME's, HSS's, flares of the sun enhanced by the powering energies from the Milky way, the Cosmos, act as high pressured hose and clean out the mud and filth that the collective unconscious and all of us individuals who are all linked to the collective, wake up, feel clean and arise in a new consciousness. A world that works for everyone everywhere in compassion, mercy and understanding. 
Be Well. Geoff

Thursday 12 March 2015


Hello great welcomes and extended hugs.  I've always felt that telepathy or something like this existed.  I'm sure many of you have had these experiences. 
Twins and parallel experiences  11. mins
Here is one example and is from my files :-
Journc~lo f Sc rrnt~ficE xplorcltror~,V ol. 9, No. 2, pp. 223-229, 1995 0892-33 10195
0 1995 Society for Scientific Exploration
Psychokinetic Action of Young Chicks
on the Path of An Illuminated Source1
4 rue rks Genets, 44640 Saint Jean de Boiseclu, Frcince
Abstract - We tested the possible psychokinetic influence of 80 groups of
15 chicks on a randomly moving robot carrying a lighted candle in an otherwise
darkened room. In 7 1 % of the cases, the robot spent excessive time in
the vicinity of the chicks. In the absence of the chicks, the robot followed
random trajectories. The overall results were statistically significant at
p < 0.01.
For the past 25 years, researchers in parapsychology have invented numerous
devices driven by random sources to test the hypothesis that consciousness
could alter their performance. For example, H. Schmidt (1 970, 197 1, 1973),
built an apparatus. which randomly selected the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 in an
equal distribution,and demonstrated that one or the other numbers would appear
more frequently in the presence of a human subject who tried consciously
to will this variation to occur. The results were significantly different from
the random expectation at probability of 1110,000. Since then, many other
experimenters have confirmed a psychic influence of humans on such "Random
Generators" (Radin & Nelson, 1989; Jahn et a]., 1987).
In an initial experiment (Peoc'h, 1986), we established that young chicks
aged from 1 to 7 days could attract towards them a robot controlled by a random
generator, and we subsequently developed this research further with the
use of a conceptually new machine, the Tychoscope 1, invented by P. Janin
(1977, 1988). (The name Tychoscope derives from the Greek "tukhe", which
means chance, and "skopein", which means to examine.) This was a small,
self-propelled robot driven by an internal random generator to move about on
a level surface in successive segments of random length and orientation. A
plotter attached to the robot traced a record of the movements, allowing graphic
recording of the path of the vehicle. The use of baby chicks was motivated
not only by the fact that they are easily obtained and maintained, but also by
the fact that birds are readily imprinted (Lorentz, 1978). After hatching from
the egg, many species of baby birds adopt the first close moving object as
their mother. We conditioned our chicks to adopt the Tychoscope as their
mother, by placing them for one hour alone in the presence of the moving
robot, every day for six days after their birth.
After this conditioning, we put the chicks in a transparent cage and left
them in this confinement. From their cage, they could see the robot moving
224 K. Peoc'h
about on the tloor. The objective of this experiment wa? to cee whether the
robot would continue to move at random, or- if it would inigrate towards the
chicks. It was found that the Tychoscope spent two and a half times longer on
the half of the surface closer to the chicks, compared to its motion when the
cage was empty (x' > 1 1. 11 < 0.00 1 ). Using chicks that had not been conditioned
to adopt the robot as their rnother, the I-obot moved in its nornlal random
motion (Peoc'h, 1986). It seemed therefore, that the effect on the Tychoscope
depended illore on the conditioning of the baby birds than on solme
common biological mechanism.
Bascd on these initial results, we undertook a new cycle of experiments, in
col1abo1- tion on wit11 the Foundation Odier de Psycho-phy\iqile, using a new Tychoscope
built by I<. 'kinguy ( 19'79,1987) and R. Peoc'h. This second generation
robot (Tychoscope 2, Figure 1 ) was the s~~bjeocft a doctoral thesis (Tanguy,
1987) and tooh several years t o develop. It is quite a bit larger than
Janin's Tychoscope 1 and is remote-controlled by radio waves emitted Sron~a
con~pi~ttehra t also records all of its ~novements,m aking control and calculation
JIIUC~e asier than befi~rc( Peoc'h, 1994).
The goal of this study was to asses\ the eff'ect of a group of 15 young chicks
on the path of Tychoscope 2 when it was carryi~iga lighted candle. Specifically,
we wanted to know whether chicks raised in darkness would be capable of'
pulling the light-bearing Tychoscope towards them to have more luminosity,
since they do not like to be in d:~rknesx during the day. In contrast to the earlier
study. these chicks were not exposed to the Tychoscope before the actual
experiment. The paper suminari~esth is most recent stuciy.
Fig. 1. 'I'llc Tycho\cope ~liventcdb y R. Tanguy (with cIi~cl\\in thc cage).
Psychokinetic Action of Chicks
Experimental Equipment
The Chicks
Male and female chicks of the Warren ISSA variety, born by a brooding system
at night, are isolated by groups of 15 in 20 x 2 1 x 13 cm cartons punched
with numerous air holes. The cartons are kept at 3 1" C and exposed to the variations
of natural luminosity. Food (water and flour) is distributed automatically,
and the chicks never see the experimenter. The experiments begin after
seven days of life, in a room free of noise.
The Rob01
Tychoscope 11 is approximately cylindrical in shape, 23 cm diameter, 15 cm
height. Its color is beige and it weighs about 2 kg. It is allowed to move about
on a flat surface 1.6 m long and 1 m wide. The device starts from the center of
the surface and runs for about 20 minutes. Its trajectory is recorded and memorized
by the computer, on line, for subsequent detailed analysis.
The Tychoscope rests on its base at three points: two wheels and a fixed
pivot leg. The wheels are set parallel to one another and always turn at the
same speed, but each of them is driven by a separate motor, and may revolve in
either direction. Thus, the robot may move straight forward, straight backward,
or rotate either clockwise or counter-clockwise. The actual movement
of the device is displayed as a jagged line trajectory on the computer screen.
As soon as the robot is switched on, it makes a clockwise or anti-clockwise
rotation of randomly assigned amplitude between 0" and 359". After this rotation,
it moves about in straight line segments, either forward or backward between
0 and 20 cm, interspersed with random rotations. The robot's trajectory
is circumscribed by a rectangular perimeter programmed by the computer, up
to 1 .O m x 1.6 m. When the exterior edge of the Tychoscope reaches the edge
of the perimeter, it stops immediately and will only proceed when the random
generator chooses a direction within the programmed perimeter. Although this
constraint imposes some departure from strict randomicity, it is common to all
calibration runs as well as to the active experiments. The radio control of the
robot has a range of some 15-20 meters. Power is provided by a rechargeable
battery within the interior of the robot with a lifetime of 55 minutes. The motors
drive the wheels in stepped increments of 113 mm. that can be compensated
for wear of wheels and axles.
The random generator that instructs the robot was invented by M. P. Janin
(1 986) and is based upon microelectronic noise associated with thermal electron
motion at a conducting interface. It is placed in a small box (10 x 7 x 3 cm)
and linked with the computer by electric cable. The small dimensions of this
machine make it possible to place it inside a lead box, a Faraday box, a container
full of water, etc., which can shield it against various types of electromagnetic
For each translation or rotation made by the robot, the computer records
226 R. Peoc'h
several parameters. A file in Windows Excel 3 records each movement forward
or backward, and the clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations. The number
of motorized steps is computed and recorded for both linear and rotary
movements. The position of the device relative to the departure point is
recorded as an abscissa and ordinate (x,y). The angles of the rotation are
recorded in degrees. The duration of each experiment (20 minutes) is programmed
to the second. All of the numerical data are listed in tabular
columns, allowing the computer to calculate different statistics, e.g., the average
of the x,y positions, the average number of steps in linear and rotary movements,
the variance of the data, etc.
The experiment takes place in a darkened room, wherein the candle on top
of the Tychoscope is the only source of light. The closer the Tychoscope remains
to the chicks, the more light they receive. During their normal waking
cycle, the chicks do not like the dark and they will cry when the light departs.
They stop crying when the light returns.
Unlike our previous experiment, the chicks stay in their cage for 7 days after
birth without seeing the Tychoscope. Then each group of chicks undergoes the
experiment once a day for three consecutive days. Having not seen the robot
at all for a week, they have not adopted it as a kind of mother, but are more attracted
by their fellow creatures.
The chicks' glass cage, 30 cm x 18 cm, is always placed as shown in Figure 1
on the right of the rectangular surface. It is raised from the floor in such a way
that the chicks are at the same height as the candle. The candle has a diameter
of 3 cm and a minimum height of 10 cm.
At the end of each experiment the computer calculates the average position
of the robot over its 20 minutes of movement. It is the average of the x coordinates
that interests us and will be analyzed. If the average is positive it indicates
that the robot spent more time in the half of its space that is nearest the
chicks than in the other half (Figure 4).
We did 80 active experiments with the chicks in groups of 15, and 100 control
experiments without any chicks or any observer. The average values of x
for each active experiment and for the control experiments are displayed as
histograms in Figures 2 and 3. In 57 out of 80 of the chick experiments, (7 1 %)
the robot spent more time in the chick half of its range, i.e the average value of
x in these 57 experiments is positive. On the other hand, in 50 of 100 controls,
the average value of x is positive and in 50 negative. The usual x2 test indicates
that the results of the chick experiments are significantly different from conPsychokinetic
Action of Chicks 227
-500 -400 -300 -200 -100 0 100 200 300 400 500 600
Fig. 2. The average value of x on 1 5 chicks.
-500 -400 -300 -200 -100 0 100 200 300 400 500
Fig. 3. The average value of x on control trials.
experiments is 105.1, compared to -0.10 for the controls, a difference that is
significant at p < 0.01.
We also noticed that in the experiments with the chicks, there was a larger
number of cases in which the robot had an average position greater than +400
or less than -400), compared to the controls (24% vs. 8%; x2 = 8.64,
p = <0.01). Figure 4 shows a particularly striking example of chick experiment
No. 35 in which it can be clearly seen that the Tychoscope remained near
the chicks (average x = + 474).
It should be noted that the chicks have no awareness of the random generator
itself. This was placed near the computer in another room at a distance of 5
meters from the chicks and the Tychoscope. However, the size of the candle as
228 R. Peoc'h
Fig. 4. Experiment number 35 on 15 chicks in which the Tychoscope went towards the cage containing
the chicks.
well as the length of its wick do seem important in this experiment. If the light
given out by the candle is not sufficient, the chicks tend to fall asleep in the
dark. In that case, they seem to push away the Tychoscope, perhaps because
the light hinders them from sleeping. Furthermore, the time of day during
which the experiment takes place is also important. If the chicks fall asleep
during the experiment the results are very different. It is thus prohibited to do
the experiments at the end of the day. The experiments must take place in the
morning after the chicks wake up, or at the beginning of the afternoon.
As another form of control, we performed the chick experiment without a
candle on the robot, with the room filled with daylight. In this case no significant
deviation of the robot was observed, compared to the random expectation
(p > 0.8). Hence, it appears not to be the physical presence of the chicks that
causes the effect. Nor is it the presence of the lit candle that causes the disturbances
of the robot, since in the control experiments the lit candle was in
place. It is thus appears that both chicks and candle are required.
This research was supported by the "Foundation Marcel et Monique Odier
de Psycho-physique".
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-- -- - - - - - -- - -
h his paper has been substantially edited from its submitted form by Robert G. Jahn. (experiments with Rabbit kittens have been extremely amazing)
Courtesy (also my comments in many posts of chaos / dissipative structures / tip over points, /my inverted V--- an egg has to come to exchange its form with the environment go into chaos, break down to break through. Chaos a very important unit / part of organisation). Perhaps world chaos ifit exchanges coherently as in Nature, as above, egg to chicken, caterpillar to butterfly, foetus to baby----however war, rape, abuse and so forth to ????? Chaos but!!!!!  
Two UFO' witnessed and filmed by many,  10 mins
The Hidden History of the Human Race. 52 mins.
MOST IMPORTANT.  ALSO READ MY LATE FRIEND LlOYD PYE'S  book' All yo Know is Wrong' Founder of the StarChild Project.
Now this raises some points.  Consider the miserable sheep bleats of climatologists and the above.  I have given in energygrid some of the points of pole shifts, such as North Pole Magnetic Drift Eastwards, the correlation between Solar cycles and CME's and the magnetosphere, the Schumann Resonance and so much more. Then consider the letter to NASA from 49 mixtures of astronauts, engineers, scientists of NASA  employees:-
Post 202 Scroll down for details 49 Scientists and Astronauts dispute Climate Change.  Then listen and look at the evidence in the Video above.   THEN SEE the admission of the video of Giants, Vimana's and the like. I still feel that at some point beyond 70,000 years back our DNA was 'Tampered with' either by ET visitors as I have explained way back or from Cosmic energies which are now and  then implanting new evolutionary 'ideas' into the DNA as explained way back in numerous Posts and Blogs, i.e., through the interface of the auric fine layers and found in the brain and tissues of organs fine capillary like interface and frequency crystalline substances.  Also see the Sanskrit works of THE SAMARA SUTRADHARA.  A quote from the many pages:-
The writing of ancient India are perhaps the richest in tales of aviation. The Mahabharata, an epic tells of an "aerial chariot", with the sides of iron and clad with wings,"  
The Hindu Samara Sutradhara, a 11th century AD collection of texts dating back to antiquity holds a wealth of information on flight, treating many aspects of aircraft design and even advising on the proper clothing and diet for pilots.
 "The aircraft which can go by its own force like a bird is called a Vimana," runs one passage. "The body must be strong and durable and built of light wood, shaped like a bird in flight with wings outstretched. Within it must be placed the mercury engine, with its heating apparatus made of iron underneath."  
The text goes on to describe "the energy latent in mercury" at some length; unfortunately, though, it offers little information on how that energy was utilized.  
The Ramayana, the great Indian epic describes a double decked circular aircraft with portholes and a dome – a configuration reminiscent of 20 th century flying saucer reports. Fueled by a strange yellowish white liquid, the craft was said to travel at the "speed of wind" attain heights that made the ocean look like "a small pool of water" and stop and hover motionless in the sky.
Courtesy  springme. VIMANA.  A plethora of Vimana,  and all sorts of craft and technology from ancient times. Truly Amazing.  This can tie together Sitchin and the Twelfth Planet, Adamski, Von Daniken (Chariot of the Gods) Blumrich, and many others.  My UFO STORY included. 

A great read is Timothy Good in his new book 'Earth an Alien Enterprise'   (Thistle Publishing) ISBN 9781910198407.
Normally I do not advertise, however I have met Timothy a few times, read his works, and although we have different slants on the subject I find his books are practical, full of documentation and honestly reported.  
Richard Dolan and Dr Stephen Greer are in the same sort of category.  I realise that many readers find this either repetitive, not real and grounded.  However I was given the '1967' writings and this is my brief and ET and UFO are the main stay as one will see in the years to follow.  You may say that UFO and ET are certainly in some instances non local as in title.
Until we fly together.  Be Well Geoff.
THE ERUPTIONS CONTINUE: For the 4th day in a row, sunspot AR2297 is crackling with solar flares. The latest, an M5-class eruption on March 9th at 23:53 UT, produced a low-frequency radio blackout over the South Pacific: map. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory caught the explosion's extreme UV flash:
Radio bursts, which reached Earth shortly after the flare, suggest that a CME is emerging from the blast site traveling faster than 960 km/s (2.1 million mph). Confirmation awaits coronagraph imagery from the SOHO and STEREO spacecraft.
What is the source of all this activity? According to amateur astronomer John Chumack, "it's a great big Sea Turtle." Using a backyard solar telescope in Dayton, Ohio, he took this picture of the turtle's head on March 9th:(Courtesy  PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THE FOLLOWING LINKS:- (Long but extremely important)
This is Nassim Haramein a brilliant  Physicist.  This is yes 8 HOURS LONG HOWEVER THE VITAL INFORMATION IS  roughly 5 hrs. 30 mins in and you can trawl through to it.  I have watched this several times in the past and it vindicates my theory in the 1967 writings of the increased energies and the transmutation or ascension. Remember please I was sharing this in 1969 onwards after I had the courage to start to do certain workshops on the 1967  downloads.
notice the dates when I was doing these and 61 other subjects and this was after 26 years of pioneering before people would even listen without booing, aggression and many who felt it was right on.  Nassim also mentions the duplicity of NASA ----my experience as well---having worked with a group of 489 others as associate to NASA---this was retired scientists engineers doctors and so called amateur persons as good as if not better than some of the qualified personnel and we skyped, emailed and had a spokesperson an astronaut and a astrobiologist who put the views of the consortium to them at a high level---these people could go beyond ' the box' of orthodoxy and academia 'norm' and so would be useful.  Like  they say in 'mission Impossible' should the wheel fall off so to speak, we will deny all knowledge of your existence and you are on your own.  
May I kindly draw your attention to 25, 32, 36, 37, 41   THESE WERE TITLES IN THOSE DAYS WHICH DREW IN THE MANY TO THE WORKSHOPS.
   THE EDITOR OF of www, took part in one of the above workshops at least 15 to 20 years back from 2005 say 1985 or perhaps 1997.  I presented the very early ones with my late partner Gilly Wells, this we combined on our tours around the UK at weekends to spread the word we also ran a magazine called Universal Approach, it ceased in 1978. 
   .X2-FLARE AND RADIO BLACKOUT: All week long, sunspot AR2297 has been crackling with solar flares. Yesterday it produced a really big one. On March 11th at 16:22 UT (09:22 PDT), Earth orbiting-satellites detected an X2-class flare. The blast zone was larger than Earth tself:
The X-flare scrambled the ionosphere thoroughly so that no decametric radio signals were supported in my part of the world," says Ashcraft. "The ionosphere started to reform after about fifteen minutes when stations began to reappear. (The stuff visible during the blackout was my own observatory electricity. Nothing exterior.)"
The X-flare scrambled the ionosphere thoroughly so that no decametric radio signals were supported in my part of the world," says Ashcraft. "The ionosphere started to reform after about fifteen minutes when stations began to reappear. (The stuff visible during the blackout was my own observatory electricity. Nothing exterior.)"
A coronal mass ejection (CME) was propelled into space by the explosion. However, we do not yet know if it will hit Earth. A glancing blow is possible on March 13th or 14th. Confirmation awaits the belated arrival of coronagraph data from SOHO. Stay tuned. (Courtesy for words and images from  HOWEVER THE BIOLOGICAL INFORMATION IS FROM MYSELF AND SPACEWEATHER MAY OR NOT AGREE WITH MY VIEW. PLEASE LOOK AT THE NASSIM HARAMEIN COMMENTS IN THE VIDEO ABOVE, THEY ARE VERY RELEVANT TODAY, IF NOT MORE SO, AND MY LINKS VERY IMPORTANT------THE SUNS POWER PLUS THE UPGRADE ENERGIES CAN STIR UP ALL SORTS OF THINGS----WARS, ACCIDENTS ---RAGE AND ANGER----FREAK WEATHER AND SO ON)
very important and is occurring today -------also why so much more UFO and ET around.  See more in Nassim Haramein's video on UFO.
Another view of the cyclic nature of civilisations, birth rates, and climate change. Carbon emissions are a very small part of the picture. Much of the change now is chemtrails, GMO stuff, the cycles are mainly ignored.  Climate change deliberately augmented is due to  warmongering, weaponry and downright greed and selfishness by a cartel of rich sordid sick individuals and their minions, who are paying terrorists to be terrorists.
Be Cool, Be Well.  Geoff