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Hello and welcome. This article is reporting on the general feelings and descriptions and my own input at several meetings via SKYPE, telephone, cell / mobile, various meetings at Church, synagogue, Mosque, cafe's, bus and train passengers and street meetings ad hoc.  
Many felt they were falling into a pit of despair with the dreary climate and its forecast, politicians who were out off touch with the general public and yet they knew they had no solutions, whilst the very pitfalls that the authorities knew off many were capitalising on them.
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Many felt there was an invisible yet somehow felt monster a lurking somewhere and stalking them, some felt it was Big Pharma and greedy doctors while they knew the plight but just as in Covid lockdown years they were frightened of speaking out for the loss of the jobs were at stake. Now it is coming out about the vaccine injuries and lies and no prosecutions there was real tangible anger and depression.
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Then there were some who felt they were trapped in a pit, surrounded by crazy wars, atrocities in crime, falling standards of living, politicians rabbiting (cockney) for endless nonsensical rhetorical mumbo jumbo. This I learnt from relatives, friends in many countries were much the same. This pit like in the image can be seen from the bottom and although not particularly high seemed to a have a force field effect around it and one felt lethargic and stayed in its relative safety and yet a prison or trap. There is a lot more, however I want to go onto as I feel it the possible solution.


When Covid 19 was in full flight and just after the WEF and other nasties said this is a chance for a RESET and you know what Herr Klaus Schwab and his cronies said 'you will be happy with nothing' along with a New World Globalist Agenda, and reading my back articles you will pick up more. Then the alternative or I prefer complimentary side put their 'eighteen pence in' (cockney expression cockney rhyming slang) and stated yes world peace, sharing, natural medicine and so on and this was censored just like the doctors, scientists, micro- biologists and many others by the media and governments, but that is coming out now and back articles are full of it. However, some people began to wake up or those who foresaw this it had such a blow to their normal routine and being in lockdown and repression that it awoke something in them and those who foresaw it confirmed the prophesy and their gut feelings.     
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Now please bear with me as I go back some years in order to back up a possible or I feel growing certainty of a solution, this has been on my mind for sometime. Many of you know of the prophesies and energetic and DNA changes that I have been writing about and presenting in workshops since the early 70's and the late world magazine 'Energygrid' and the base of this the '1967' writings which is the foundation of all my work. In the 1967 writings it gave me a brief to endeavour to find out some scientific facts to back it up, the two earliest ones are below and I was to watch the electron volts and Cosmic rays and relate them to the up and coming consciousnesses change in tandem with the DNA science and so on and I have done this to my capacity of limited information held secret and yet leaked out by my contacts.

Monster" outflows of charged particles from the centre of our Galaxy, stretching more than halfway across the sky, have been detected and mapped with CSIRO's 64-m Parkes radio telescope.

Compare this with 'An article by the Daily Telegraph Science Editor 5th July 1995 revealed the startling findings of scientists in America and Japan

This is latest research above
An article by the Daly Telegraph Science Editor 5th July 1995 revealed the startling findings of scientists in America and Japan.

They normally measure cosmic rays in millions of electron volts.  Over the last two years they have measured rays to the power of 320 billion, billion electron volts.  To quote the article:

“ Something out there –no-one knows what- is hurling high energy particles around the Universe, in this case the most energetic ever observed by scientists…Not even the power released by the most violent exploding stars could account for them. Indeed conventional theory says such particles should not exist…”].

From 1967 to 1987 the energies would incrementally increase in a triple lock sequence until the end of 2012, when it would change to a Binary lock system lock system . [, ]

Some of this information was retrieved from energygrid in my
An article by the Daly Telegraph Science Editor 5th July 1995 revealed the startling findings of scientists in America and Japan.

They normally measure cosmic rays in millions of electron volts.  Over the last two years they have measured rays to the power of 320 billion, billion electron volts.  To quote the article:

“ Something out there –no-one knows what- is hurling high energy particles around the Universe, in this case the most energetic ever observed by scientists…Not even the power released by the most violent exploding stars could account for them. Indeed conventional theory says such particles should not exist…”].

From 1967 to 1987 the energies would incrementally increase in a triple lock sequence until the end of 2012, when it would change to a Binary lock system lock system . [, ]
According to ABC News, "A new examination
of Einstein's brain has revealed one of the likely
reasons for his brilliance."
What is it? The left and right hemisphere's of
Einstein's brain were unusually well connected
according to findings published online recently
in the journal Brain.
This is the first investigation to look at the bundle
of fibers connecting Einstein's left and right brain
hemispheres--the corpus collosum.
Courtesy Bill Harris of Holosync. I use Holosync material  it is a great aid to meditation and the Corpus Colosseum.
from energygrid is the following:-
Steve Judd mentions this in his January 27 2011 blog. energygrid

95% of the neurons (the bits that trigger and fire information) in our brains are in the cerebral cortex, the thin brown layer of jelly that actually surrounds the brain, analogous to humanity's existence on the surface of the Earth. Linking the two hemispheres of the brain is a bunch of fibres known as the corpus callosum. It can be proved that in artists, musicians, left handed people and in those who are comfortable with being out of the norm that the corpus callosum is growing physically larger, and it appears within the last thirty or forty years that this growth increase is exponential, not only in these people but in all of us. The bridge between the left and right brains was the width of a thin pencil a hundred years ago, and I'm assured by a couple of mortician/pathologist clients of mine (really!) that in many people now this bundle of fibres is now the width of one's forefinger. This suggests to me that the interface between the left and right brain in most of us is now considerably more active than it was three or four generations ago. Of course this could be down to our diet.

In the 1967 downloads it mentions the corpus collosum and the writings went on to say the upgrade would continue until we have what was described as a Binaural brain which when developed would enable some extra abilities such as telepathy and other 'extra sensory abilities' and the name for the knew emerging humans would be homo energetica spiritulana (some Shamans and groups have started calling the new race Homo Luminous).
Then some other things were mentioned; the angle of the spine to the pelvis would alter slightly and this would cause discomfort until the process would be sufficiently installed and this process would be inclemently between the years 1967 -----2075 and the critical years being 2012 ---2032----2033----2075, there would be a concerted effort by the 'elite, Bilderberg's, Deep State and other negative influences to stop and block this natural evolutionary process and cycle and the seduction would be through high tech, eugenics, GMO, cyborgism, transhumanism, chemtrails and unhealthy vaccines, genetic manipulation and general messing with nature. 
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The position of Earth's magnetic north pole was first precisely located in 1831. Since then, it's gradually drifted north-northwest by more than 600 miles (1,100 kilometers), and its forward speed has increased from about 10 miles (16 kilometers) per year to about 34 miles (55 kilometers) per year.3 Aug 2021   During a pole reversal, Earth's magnetic north and south poles swap locations. This happens on average every 300,000 years or so, but the last flip occurred around 780,000 years ago, according to NASA. In Earth's geologic history, pole reversals are relatively common, reversing 183 times in the last 83 million years.3 Jul 2023
The '67' writings said there was a correlation between spine to pelvis, the corpus coliseum, this can be found in the Geoff Freed Archive as above although many article about 500 were lost when energygrid closed down. 

The video above will give you some idea of the magnetic influence on the brain and indeed the cells and of DNA. Believe me there is so much 'secret' research and use of these magnetic fields, for instance our Earth's Magnetosphere and its relationship to the Schumann resonance, and then leading onto Cosmic Rays and the 'New Age Energies' again in the '67' brief (instructions) it said that Cosmic  Rays were carrier Waves of information and would trigger many of the so called way back then name of 'Junk DNA' and some brain reconfigurations with the soma, axon, myelin, this was beyond me and still is, its all to with upgrades and part of what is called the Ascension Process. Apparently there is a tie up with the 5 mass Extinctions with all of the magnetic shifts. Following on as one can see the magnetic fields do alter the brain receptivity and the informing Cosmic carrier waves will set up new configurations and upgrades which the 'old previous mind patterns' cannot recognise and merely pass by, the new energies are finer and at differing frequencies from the 'old networks in the collective unconscious'. The Ascension energies are commensurate and concomitant with finer tuned natural evolutionary upgrades of the impending 6th radical change and possible extinction which could be turned around. Remembering Einstein and Tesla, the secret of the Universe is vibration and energies. Choice between human made cyborg's, android's, technocracy and eugenics and the Ascension Cosmic reconfigurations? The choice of working Inside Out, Ground to upwards and onwards or Outside in with human intervention of the natural cycles.

Who cares? Cosmic rays are a surprisingly "down to Earth" form of space weather. They can alter the chemistry of the atmosphere, trigger lightning, and penetrate commercial airplanes. According to a study from the Harvard T.H. Chan school of public health, crews of aircraft have higher rates of cancer than the general population. The researchers listed cosmic rays, irregular sleep habits, and chemical contaminants as leading risk factors. A number of controversial studies (#1#2#3#4) go even further, linking cosmic rays with cardiac arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death. Courtesy ( and I have no contact with myself and you can download their daily reports, I merely am using their data to illustrate my point of view) 
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Then there were many astrological events like the Harmonic Conversion in 2003, The Great Grand Cross and then just lately Pluto into Aquarious and this was hailed by many as the underworld Pluto going into hell and releasing old karma and and the rising of the purified energy as Aquarious, all I was told that stars and planets attenuate or refract Cosmic Rays to certain set Cosmic frequencies and this is coded in geoffreedarchive as above in the bi and triple lock.
From File and previous articles 6
Today, the Earth's axis is tilted 23.5 degrees from the plane of its orbit around the sun. But this tilt changes. During a cycle that averages about 40,000 years, the tilt of the axis varies between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees. Because this tilt changes, the seasons as we know them can become exaggerated. In the 1990s, the Earth's axis underwent a major shift. It is normal for the Earth's axis to move by a few centimetre's each year. But, in the 1990s, the direction of polar drift shifted suddenly and the rate of the drift accelerated. Another factor in the changes and frequencies.

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Then it went onto say everything we know and think would begin  become meaningless and then to dawn on many sensitive minds and that a SHIFT would be felt FIRST and that as the awakening took hold a mass psychological and mental levels confusion as if one feels to becoming a different person, even though you may have read this and noted this it would deeply change one. AH in what way; instead of looking for answers and solutions from OUTSIDE that is the world authorities especially rogue scientists, medicals like Big Pharma, WHO (although they do like the UN have some saving aspects but are mainly funded by wealthy Billionaires) and one of the most vital changes is about sexual habits and procreation; the '67' said 'the astral sheath in our Auras would be modified and some aspects would be 'singed or burnt off' and sexual intercourse would be limited not by suppression or design but a more of 'sharing of energy' something like in the film 'Cocoon'

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When the actor wanted to have intercourse the alien said we do this and he felt the glow of energy and expressed it was fantastic and also birth or 'inviting a soul' would be done in this as above and a pre life contract this would be a good deal later than 2075 but many are feeling this now (when I was in Forensics our professor and the police said many of the crimes would be of a sexual nature and certainly in the UK and I understand elsewhere the crimes against women and children and now increasing on men are enormous and in the UK many police officers are guilty of sexual offences and so on.
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 It is interesting that there is a lot going on about GUT MICROBIOME and when I studied with Sensei and Sifu they used to say hara, dantien, is first brain, heart is balance brain and head logical academic brain. as we have become so technologically minded , technocracy, it is interesting how many are turning to mindfulness, Tai chi, Qi gong, Yoga, Pilates, humming and the whole study of the Vagus Nerve and this SHIFT turns us towards less thought and getting all information from 'outside' to being quiet listening to and feeling, gut instinct, feeling the heart and as such we are damping down thought as adjunct for practical day living, relaxing at home or wherever and feeling the calm and the SHIFT honouring the quiet time, admiring the beauty of stars and nature, less noise and beauty instead of violent videos and noisy monsters and gun fire and gore.  AND I feel there is an awakening to this and this will mean we listen to out Inner Wisdom and not so much to trends and fashion, feelings to be simple and direct, pleasure to just Being and cutting down on doing, this should not be forced or practiced, it should just come from an AWAKENING WITHIN YOURSELF,  if one is quiet enough the new energies will 'call' to you this means that the authorities will lose their power of persuasion and will do their utmost to seduce you into more films, more additives and preservatives in food AND  remember that SPACE JUNK is so enormous that many are questioning do all these satellites attenuate the natural star and sunlight along with distorting Cosmic Ray signal codes to upgrade and reconfigure the rise of homo sapiens to homo energetic spiritulana (homo luminous---maybe Cocoon had something there) and force one into Robotics, Cyborgism and so on. It cannot be a logical decision IT HAS TO BE FELT IN ONES BEING otherwise the head comes in and doubts the AWAKENING. 

Do you honestly feel the shift or like me till recently acknowledged as logical, good for us all and was feeling little shifts and drifting back to the old comfortable 'me' now I really feel it, it grows more each day and what it feels like is an empty free head, little thought and no I not saying this because I am 85 there are many who feel this and more and more are telling me so. Such as the video below. 


I insert this video because I have not heard a monk of this ilk say things like this---I do not feel you have to do Kung Fu or Karate to feel the awakening as he says he feels it.
Remember Bruce Lee when a friend said ' I cannot jump this high 'Bruce replied Feel don't Think' mind you obviously it depends on the situation, when I used to procrastinate my Sensei / Sifu said sit down, relax, feel, listen to your stillness, breathe and invariably the solution came many times ignoring logic and yet it was the correct action at the time.

Hope you can bear this long winded article. There is so much more.


Geoff aka Shack


  • SPECIAL 1967 WRITINGS Part 1
  • (or .com )
  • It's a Pole Shift of the Brain as it were. Some are endeavouring to keep the status quo, this on many levels is failing and only benefiting the 'chosen self elected cabal' your chance to break free from the dystopia of the deep state.
  • Meta Universe
  • Some years back there was an interest in holography and Karl H Pribram was one of those scientists who put forward the Holographic brain and I collaborated for a short input with Maxwell Cade in the UK. 
  • Recently there is a lot of research and upgrades to 3D  - virtual goggles or headsets and many who have used them have said that they were for a while confused at which reality they were in. An experiment in Sweden took 150 volunteers half went to the gym and the other half did deep concentrated imagery of the exercises as those in the gym at the same time as it were. The results were astounding both were fitter, and muscle mass were the same. It seems the brain cannot decide which is real and only the sensations, similarly in the placebo effect and imaginary exercises.
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      Now I am suggesting that in the Cabal Reset as above mentioned they have encouraged the Meta techniques in all sorts of ways and the effects on children is concerning. It is possible for 'hidden' algorithms to be inserted similar to subliminal effects. The brain can download all sorts of information HOWVER the fact that the brain cannot depict the reality of the data the Cabal can use this in all sorts of ways.
  • Your Choice; The everyday 'so called reality supplied by your inculcation as the background reference information---religion, politics, culture and life experiences on  a software appliance named ego or a meta reality supplied by the Eugenics, Technocracy and cyborgism, transhumanism, Androids, robots and GMO genetic tinkering'
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As I looked out on my lovely garden I have these beautiful two trees right in front of my bedroom window which is in a large bay so I have a great clear view. I have written a lot about the trees in the garden and particularly these two. From one of the trees a rather large broke off and on it was attached another branch that sticks up vertically at an angle to the flat one on the grass one, the large end of the branch is covered in ivy from the tree it fell from. It has formed a beautiful natural sculpture and my neighbours and I get a great pleasure in its natural simplicity and the way nature 'lets' things go in the natural way the 'Dao of life'.

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You probably know that the fallen branch will eventually rot and bacteria will do this and recycle the debris to the earth as a natural compost, death and decay begets new life, so there is in this view of things no death but birth of a new form, birth and death are opposites Life has no opposites. The bacteria which are feared are now found to be the gut and as the gut microbiome. Mind you there are healthy bacteria and some harmful bacteria. 
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The number of bacterial cells in the human body is estimated to be around 38 trillion, while the estimate for human cells is around 30 trillion. The number of bacterial genes is estimated to be 2 million, 100 times the number of approximately 20,000 human genes. When I was in forensics it was possible to estimate a decaying half or shallow earth grave of a human body by the various bacteria and maggots. So everything in nature has a use and nature does not waste anything, although we humans do. Everything is impermanent and transient and even our Great Sun will 'die' and erupt and us should humans survive!!!!?    solar  cycle  3

So everything has its consequences and sequences and in nature it happens naturally; we have a natural sequence. Try holding your breath, nature brings you back to breathing, then go quiet and try to feel where your breath comes from, go past the intellect and logic, for instance, it comes from the pressure in my lungs and the oxygen and so on and you may realise 'you are breathed'(of course if you have a breathing problem this is a different event), some of us may realise 'I am Breathed' should  one have to remind yourself that you need to breathe every moment it would be a daunting task, I agree that breathing exercises as I do Qi Gong and others do Yoga and so on they temporarily may alter their natural daily living rhythm's. Perhaps if more of us studied the fact we are breathed and we breath automatically and sleep (which many are telling me is getting laboured), healing of cuts, hair growth all of this comes from nature and whatever your faith or not, it is gifts and many go in cyclic sequences.
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In summary, for a typical human of 70 kg, there are almost 7*1027 atoms (that's a 7 followed by 27 zeros!) Another way of saying this is "seven billion billion billion." Of this, almost 2/3 is hydrogen, 1/4 is oxygen, and about 1/10 is carbon. These three atoms add up to 99% of all total.
So question; we are 27*----billion as above of nothing, amazing how we are so seemingly solid and apparently here or we? Add this to the image below.
From previous blogs 5

and its probable reason why we are so hooked on what is real below image taken from previous blogs;
From previous blogs 6

So now to a vaster picture, the video above at 3, you see the video is contrary in places because it refers to climate change and the Sun and then contradicts itself in the photo of the snow and freezing, yes it is a fact we are exacerbating a natural cycle and we have been through many times;
Taken from previous blogs 7 
As mentioned we are facing the 6th, however as I have explained in Post May 24th 2021 where there is  trilogy '
  • SPECIAL 1967 WRITINGS Part 1

  • In the past many have skipped Part 1 and had a right go at me over it, but liked 2,3.
  • So what is the point of this article; it is hopefully to suggest the various assumption we make and their consequences, whereas the facts and realities may show us a different reality to those we have ben accustomed too. These are my views and I do more than tolerate other views I applaud those who think along other lines of thought and if we are wise we can learn in the mirror of diversity and relationships.
    May I throw in a word of caution; are our views based on our own volition or have we been taught and learnt our beliefs, have we been inculcated and brainwashed, are we mere clones of somebody else's theories, beliefs, are we merely hand-me-downs, second hand clothing(see image 6) indeed are we so inured that we are 'blind' to other ideas and systems, only a deep questioning and not blindly accepting and all that is not logical and intellectually, religiously, politically an established facet of society be true and reliable---only by unbiased scrutiny and thinking deeply and being honest with oneself can one accept the present reality one is in. And what is reality?

    Be Well

    Geoff aka SHACK 

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Addendum 2 just added 23/03/2024

 Hello and a warm welcome. Listening to many conversations on buses, trains and neighbours in cafe's and restaurant's with my friends in many countries I hear several themes. This country (theirs and mine) is going down the drain, of course you hear people of my age (85) saying ' it wasn't like this in my days and so on and listing many fallen standards' however I am hearing this from younger persons and their saying 'where are the standards of anything, wars, genocides, gangs ruling countries, food chains being affected' and generally a grand malaise. The never ending homelessness, poverty and abuse, drugs and alcohol fuelling desperate people desperate to escape loneliness and depression whilst the wealthy are shielded and hide in mansions, private enclaves often fenced in and private security guards so widening the gap between the poor and the rich and the middle classes dwindling day by day. It seems the erosion of morality, respect and law and order are rapidly fading and wild lustful power seeking desperadoes and rich politicians out of touch with the world at large and although recognising its dilemma are just voices and puppets of a few who have dreams of eugenics and the master race and total control and surveillance.  They do know of the plight in the world but just shrug and murmur and reach for the next glass of Champaign.
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Image 2 depicts the rise and fall of empires and there has been attempts by minor empires of shorter duration, each one of these imposed ideologies, laws and dictates basically to be one faith, one belief and one common factor 'ultimate control, ultimate loyalty and fidelity and in some instances to alter the genetics to look alike, the super race of Hitler
'Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party, argued that the Germans was superior to all other races. Hitler became obsessed with 'racial purity' and used the word 'Aryan' to describe his idea of a 'pure German race' or Herrenvolk. The 'Aryan race' had a duty to control the world.
The Nazis believed that the Aryans had the most "pure blood" of all the people on earth. The ideal Aryan had pale skin, blond hair and blue eyes.
Non-Aryans came to be seen as impure and even evil. Hitler believed that Aryan superiority was being threatened particularly by the Jews. Therefore, a hierarchy of 'races' was created with the Aryans at the top and with Jews, Gypsies and black people at the bottom. These 'inferior' people were seen as a threat to the purity and strength of the German nation.' This is not aimed at the German people as a whole and is a TEMPLATE that many countries have attempted and their choice of gender and colour.(South Africa and Apartheid) For Instance the late Henry Kissinger voiced much the same;
SEE Saturday August 2022 The aftermath and Kissinger's and USA Government and a statement by the late Duke of Edinburgh ( I was taken off once but on contesting this Kissinger statement and contents and I have mentioned this way back in the 70's with the official UN Stamp on it, the Fake News people reinstated it, they tried just recently, however I have the official stamp), now we see this with gender manipulation and THE MOVEMENT of peoples I call it Asylum Trafficking as non asylum trafficking, organ and child with precious specious trafficking and its all to cause unrest war, anxiousness and eventually a Globalist strategy, the powers to be actually are behind the unrest after all who do you turn too?
The military and those who have the fire power, keep law by any means this we see with brutal police forces and corrupt politicians and those who REALLY carry the power behind them. The Deep Unelected State which is a world wide cabal called the elite, The WEF, The UN and WHO run by the  PHARMACUTICAL companies and their backers the Banks and Multibillionaires.
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Since Covid 19 that shook the world and showed how hopeless and hapless the general population were and now coming out how we were duped and many doctors were taken down and some who knew and went on turning 'a blind eye' and politicians who broke their own laws and even now having been exposed are not jailed or sentenced in some way, because this was attempt to get the eugenics and world population to heel by global Masters. BUT it has woken up a few and damaged many more. Many are only now realising the shock of the imposition of human rights of the lockdown and are now only coming to terms of  'How could they lie and cheat and even more the trust I had has been shattered and I feel overwhelmed at the colossal assault of human dignity and the people in charge I trusted' The trust in the UK for political authorities is at an all time low now. My friends in Germany have told me generally they do not trust their authorities and their economies which were the best in Europe they are suffering and I hear this from so many more countries, the attrition is gradually siphoning off the strength and power of human dignity and  aliveness to a meagre level of just basic survival and the next set of economic taxes and food prices, with houses being repossessed is leaving in the UK families to street living or hostels or by scrupulous landlords or government or local council rules and the Government not funding the local councils I here the same in the USA and elsewhere. Gradually wearing people down and gradually making them more depressed and eventually becoming just like sheep surviving on basic handouts. They are siphoning the very life force out of us.
Courtesy Boston Dynamics Atlas  Image 4  Boston Dynamics Atlas and assisting a builder. There are many more and I assure you much more advanced.  Image 5
Courtesy Google Images Image 5

Getting up early taking the kids to school, going to work and the daily grind, car tax or tax or travel fares, retiring, getting weak or flabby sitting watching TV in a care home or returning home from work, supper, the pub, watching the ball game, football or whatever, perhaps senile and not aware of anything, or training for old age and so on. The two week holiday, the car, the mortgage and so on this is the daily grind for many and for some laying in the street homeless, others foraging for food in war torn countries this is for many the plight of human existence. YET in some laboratory something else is going on; the urge and dream to become immortal or at least extending human corporeal living, most of us may realise this Earthly existence and even the Universe with its trillions of stars and planets are in a transient state and all is impermanence and most humans have a silent or natural fear of death and perhaps extinction.  So going a few steps up the eugenic ladder we arrive at the Android.
Courtesy YouTube  Image 6
Now use your imagination; supposing Atlas Robot had facial features far and advanced as above and covered in a synthetic skin that no doubt AI will develop it may become science fiction and not really know humans from Androids. Robots are usually designed for tasks Androids well ?. Now since the beginning of human intelligence humans have dreamed of immortality in some sort of body, although there are two paths to this. One is to download ones personality that is ones life time experiences or one could say programmes into an  Android in my view this is downloading ones life experiences into another 'brain' so to speak. I have written so many times about inculcation and brain washing in www.shackisback, that here is a rough outline; birth name given maybe not your choice---religion given, life style given cultural upbringing given and so on, were these your choice or a mere hand me downs? Some awaken to the fact they could have been many names, many religions and so on, or just atheistic and so on.  What happens when you awaken to this--perhaps shock---fear of loss of who you really are or were and without my brain washed programmes who am I? Some run and go back to their brain washed programmes, others try other programmes and some just run and bury the idea or get hooked in drugs, work, alcohol, hobbies or just get depressed, others seek what it is like to have the naked mind thought meditation and exploring philosophies and Eastern thinking on this others lose the plot and become mentally ill or go on a lust revenge well its all programmes so what the hell.  Image 7  Listen to Will Smith's words and courtesy to You Tube.
OK so now you have a robot not the above one and is just a programable 'brain machine' that can self learn up to a point, even with a quantum computer brain it can only conjugate and compute and reconfigure and its life depending on an energy source this could even be fed in the future by energy from the zero potential from the vacuum BUT IT WOULD BE ENERGY it is not the INFORMATION OF LIFE that created the Universe and IT THIS LIFE FROM 'GOD,SPIRIT,THE CREATOR' that is the difference, the programmed Android may have a moral code, just like DATA in Startrek but it is never alive and self aware, YES like Data it can monitor its own programmes and add algorithms to learn from 'bumping into things', activating its own self safe systems, but it will never 'feel' like a human because we were created by an Intelligence far and ABOVE any human endeavour. Eventually it could be centuries  before the programmes have reached beyond all advanced amazing capabilities and then the PROGRAMMES collapse and the robot / Android simply closes down. It couldn't ascend its own programmes. It tried and tried as several captured ET have shared and it is known some ET envy our unique Humanness although at the moment gradually discovery what is to be an evolved human---this is birthing now ---and there are those who want and desire to squash this brave beautiful birthing like a bug.  
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Courtesy My Blogs Image 9
Image 8 and 9 are to be paired. In my view after every extinction a new form of humans arrive by NATURE AND NATURAL EVOLUTION NAMED THE ASCENION PROCESS. THE CHALLENGE is do we take the quick option the Robot / Android or Natural Ascension which may take longer. There are signs that we are due for the 6th Natural Extinction, I feel the Elite Deep State know this and want to get there before this happens for they will lose their status. Many persons I have been talking with around the world such as some scientists, politicians, Shamans, priests of various religions, hard and fast Atheists and of course many wise persons of Life the backbone of society just seemingly ordinary folk are feeling a shift of some sort not a horrible disaster, they feel the disaster will come through the robot / Android Globalists Agenda. I felt the dawning of the birth Homo Energetica Spiritulana (many call this Homo Luminous) I felt this in 1967-1971 and climate change is not what the scientists think and surmise, yes there is climate change and it is explained in my view in Monday 31st May 2021 Titled 'Super Special' you may want to read the trilogy, one of the trilogy explains 'climate change to all the planets, the Sun, Moon and Earth and in my view the real cause of climate change, a natural cycle exacerbated by human destruction mainly due to its technocracy and robotising the natural order and polluting the  skies with Chemtrails, GMO foods, and Rockets firing off and satellites and harming the magnetosphere, thermosphere, Ionosphere and so on.   
Courtesy Nature Conservation Image 10
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I have witnessed telepathy and other psychic powers and there are children and adults who have these gifts and they are growing in numbers with the enhancement from the Ascension energies as in triple articles 31st May above and we could lessen the effect of the 6th Extinction or in fact turn it to out advantage if the growing Ascension powers in people change the collective unconscious not by violence or coercion but by the tele powers that are growing in many.
MAY I remind you as we are so heavily censored that these are my own views, I have no followers as such only those who freely read these articles, I maybe  wrong and I am sure there are many out there especially religious folk and academics who have valid views and could tear down everything above and it is their right to do so. I have never earnt a penny / dime from these blogs and do it for my own satisfaction and the 1967 writings that came to me at Samye Ling at Christmas of that year.

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Geoff / Shack  

I have written about this just recently; about a hundred year back there were many open Esoteric and Occult groups along with years before these Indian and Shamanic Prophesies from the natural indigenous peoples of the changes to arrive in this 21st century, such as the Yugas from India, many Hopi, Mauri, Aboriginal, Siberian and Mongolian with Tibetan Seers and out of the thousands I select just the following; Rudolf Steiner a German Mystic said there would be at this time what he called Ahriman (  Ahriman is the evil spirit in Early Iranian Religion, Zoroastrianism, and Zorvanism, Lord of Darkness and Chaos, and the source of human confusion, disappointment, and strife) not the same but similar and that an Astral Magnetic field with an intelligence would encircle the 'collective unconscious' into an Eighth Sphere with technological and lustful power in order to disrupt humanity (my interpretation of the Sphere and Ahriman and Steiner sculpted an image of this below to epitomise the 'feel' of it')
Courtesy Rudolf Steiner

We are living through extraordinary times and with science entering into the particle energetic areas we are coming close to intelligent magnetic fields which are containment fields of information and they are capable of manipulating matter and they have their own agendas!!!?( See Cern) Remembering everything is energy and radiating frequencies this poses the question; are we able to protect ourselves from the onslaught of these? We are already subjected to Radio, TV, EMF's from all modern digital appliances and because we have a modicum of protection by Spirit sheaves and Auras and are strengthened by non religious prayer, stillness meditation with Yoga, Qi Gong and various Shamanic ancient rituals we are barely surviving but the Ascension energies will assist and one can clearly see the technological obsession of the sterile programming of mere algorithms which are just information as in distinction of sustenance by living feeling life giving nature and it evolution.    
If you care to study the downfall of Atlantis it is if its happening again to this era. The spiritual aspects  of the technology were ignored and the sheer greed and lust for hoarding and power were sort after and as nature has warned us with ET we could bring about our own downfall and its all about brain washed inflated ego's.    
Visions of Hope
Made in 1987 when I was 49yrs young.