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Once again into the the breach dear friends, or the more precise ''Once more unto the breach' - is from the 'Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George!' speech of Shakespeare's Henry V, Act III, 1598.
Just recently my accounts for telephone and broadband and so on have been hacked and this was extensive throughout the UK. A source close the government jokingly said to me ' I think it is GCHQ so that Cameron can say'that's why we need the surveillance and tapping and restrictions on the internet'  The source went onto to say, he felt it was another false flag to hype the fear and put trust in the government security forces and policies. I must say I had a very confirmed feeling in this.
I came across a group of my cafe 'mates' and they were in the park pavilion in an animated discussion and sharing with a group of young folk. They invited me in. Many were saying they were sick and tired of being vilified by the government as 'lazy, drug takers, benefit cheats and so on' I know many had travelled to other places to get a job, for if the didn't they starved and lost their benefits.
Many took mind deadening jobs, bored and got depressed, they felt the government was squeezing their life force out of them, making them dull and depressed (so many are on antidepressants) throughout the world.  They felt like a fist in the brain as one young lady put it, and others felt their head and brain was being squeezed, in a clamp.

Another said ' they have destroyed families, turning them out of London for the tax dodging millionaires to live, and it's if they have our brains in their hands, and they gloat over it'. Its interesting how the governments of the world demean their citizens, very little encouragement. The encouragement is for the successful and is for making loads of money, big executive pay and tread on the unions and workers. No wonder the youth are despondent and want to fight back and do not know how, and if they get rowdy and drunk, get arrested and abused by brutal police ( not so much in the UK with the police --yet).  Many of them blamed the USA and the UK for going to other countries and causing unnecessary wars and when they read on the internet,, Al Jazeera and so on they get confused and angry as the above stations get ordinary people in the situations and hear for themselves and not Western Media propaganda. So they want to fight, and some do and go abroad, these did not and just sat perplexed and defeated. They realised they could not be celebrities and two were at one time but that just got  nowhere for them.
Some of them knew me and said what do you think? My reply was I agree with what you say and think, however I have another approach.  You may think or feel it is stupid and will not put food in your belly or get a good job and so on, however, our education and parental system is caught up as with politicians, the medical profession and especially the screwed up borough council officials, frantically trying to eke out their commitments and services on a tight budget.  So I feel it stems with basic values that should be instilled in our education before the materialistic mind set gets so ingrained that it does feel like a clamp, fist squeezed brain. THE squeezing tight band in an around the head is THE trapped mind HEMMED in and bound, fenced by limitation AND that limitation is the number of programmes of BELIEF that have been hammered in, compacted, impacted, the heart should lead the brain and not the other way round.
If you study the latest breakthrough and research on the heart brain interactions, one will find that the heart has a 'brain'  then I gave them the and they read up some of the stuff and then referred them to GCI commentaries and a lovely video, I felt that this approach to meditation would seem less mystical and more practical,
GCI Commentaries.
   OK in the video it does show that at certain brain wave levels very creative ah ha's, opportunities open for one and it is a different way of 'thinking' it takes away that limited feeling(local mind and personal) and feels like a wider impersonal (non local mind and impersonal) and yet there is a sense of self not  as a confined in the 'shell of the brain self' and still retain who you are at a deeper fundamental level. The video is presented by Judith  Pennington of Psychology of the Future, its much more than psychology, and I knew Maxwell Cade years back and the mind mirror he created.  Post 14 Scroll down for Maxwell.
Some of them said we will go away look at the stuff you have given us and perhaps will hook up sometime. With that we all went our way, I took my shopping and got on the bus.(Apologies my computer is playing up, however, I know my layouts are not professional yet I prefer them this way as it comes from me and I do not seek money or any sort of kudos from this).  I have many offers to be more professional and yet this does not appeal to me and I cannot afford web designers, graphic specialists and grammar correction processes. Also the number of hits are not the end game, it is a 'hobby' and gives me satisfaction, whether it does for any one else I know not---it is an offering.   
Modern research shows us that memory may not be in the brain, this is shown above and in other Posts, and one of the quotes I see often 'You are Your Brain' I would modify this and say your brain is an instrument that downloads who you are either from Cosmic Sources (the non local impersonal mind) or the hardrive and software stored in fields of magnetic imprints of programmes, cultures, experiences, job training, religion and so on(the local personal mind) 

Judith Above goes into this fabulously well and it is good to see Maxwell's research and ideas getting evolved.
The pavilion folk had my cell / mobile number, I only keep this on when needed, and about 65 % of us met up in a cafe as the weather was atrocious but lovely.   Those present had tried the breathing I suggested and researched and felt their spirits coming back. More energy, more enthusiasm and although there were no 'miracles' of a job and so on, they said that this alone was worth it. ( subsequently synchronistic opportunities arose for a few).
Then some of them questioned me about meditation and is it running away from what is.  We went into reality and identity crisis, addiction and did I believe in God.
My version went like this; during the course of my meditations over 72 years(started 1942 am now 76) I have had glimpses as in Post 230, and have felt that I had 'gone out of my local mind' explained beautifully by Judith Pennington above and felt I 'touched or blended with the Divine albeit briefly or for some extended periods'  I felt I went there on occasions because I was scared and yes took refuge in the solace of the meditation, sometimes I went out of need and prayed for money, peace and so forth and I wondered whether I was 'using' God, the Divine or whatever name one feels comfortable with as a prop. I did not really love God, I was conning God to get my needs which were really wants, lacks. Then I tousled with do I need God or meditation it maybe was a cop out from wars, want, self limitation, many doubts arose and some still do.
                                                       Courtesy However,  the more I went into the meditation and was not a habit, a routine, it became more spontaneous, thinking was less and intuitive ah ha's more.  So the proof was THAT I am very much in the world, my body, yet there is not so much importance in the temporary abode of who I really am, I am realising that my personal limited self is just that, a limited self, a limited company of one with many hang up's a limiting belief systems imposed on me by the words standards, and now not having to run around my internal brain box searching vainly for the computer to pull out convoluted and juxtaposed graphics which further added to the distortion. So now there are more extended periods of these spontaneous episodes.  I know that they are not escapes and mere impulses of a unbridled impetuous mind giving way to sudden impulse simply because I know from the EEG feedback they are not. 
The experience is like a lid being lifted, an attic widow opening and lifting off into a gentle breeze, going way beyond the limitations, the ring fence of conditioning, and coming back grounded, seemingly solid and refreshed. Energy for the world and its Earthly affairs. 
So if  say that lifted and unlimited feeling is akin to a Godlike feeling, yes, does it feel divine? Here the 'I' personal dissolves and I am aware of being an awareness and it does not feel Geoff Freed, it feels something else, the I am of Me is something else, not labelled or explained in words or thoughts. Who are you or I? Open the attic window, go beyond the box and you never know what awaits one on return and on death one remains outside the box(the corporeal flesh) and so one does not fear death or beyond the body for one has died in the body, not a dead corpse, a  zombie, but happy and free in the body, ONLY the personal self dies, the other Self is what is eternally; why so because it is impersonal. 

I am going into a quote from the bible, and I explained before that because of political correctness and retribution and for some free speech is a sin or offensive(not only religious zealots but governments as well) I am sticking to the bible, and may I say that these slants or views are my own personal stuff and I apologise if it offends. I certainly hope this is not preaching.
'Let us come boldly to the throne of  grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in the time of need'(Hebrews 4:16) and 'Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not to thine own understanding' (Proverbs 3:5).
The throne of grace to me is that 'special place' going back to Judith Pennington video at level 6-8, where I have experienced in those brain waves in the lab and before I went to the lab years back, that peace and joy, upliftment, when I was confronted by anxiousness and fear and so forth, then fortunately I was able through breathing and focus to find that peace, it came suddenly as a kind of sliding gently down a slippery slope or a curtain being gradually and lovingly pulled aside.  This is to me  is the 'throne of Grace' and boldly to have the courage to sit during the assault of fear and tension.  The mercy is the relief from the stress. The dwelling in that peace is the Lord, the Divine, not a figure or image, but a lighted non thought awareness.
'Lean not to thine own understanding' means to me to not always rely upon the logic, the intellect.  Some say if you sleep on a problem sometimes there is a solution.  However in the seeking of the Grace, or inviting the grace, we like in sleep, let go of the problem and somehow hand it over to a greater 'State of Being'. In terms of brainwaves which explains the process so well in the video above, it takes one out of mystery to an obtainable peace 'that peace that goes beyond understanding. To my mind intellectual understanding of course has its merits and its place in the process of living. However, when all else fails and our programmes and conditioning, our culture seems not to meet our needs, then we may consider turning the outward eye to the inward eye and bypass all there is in the software / hardware 'electronics' of the brain and go beyond, up, down, sideways or however your meditation has it for you.
Some friends of mine invited me to lunch and outside the restaurant is a large lake with birds, ducks, lovely trees and squirrels in the trees. As we were passing the trees to go to the lake on this beautiful warm day I came across a squirrel sitting like the image above, without food and facing myself. The squirrel and I looked in silence and quietness for about a good seven or eight minutes, passers by thought I had lost it. I felt a real link and energy with this beautiful being, a true quietness and beingness. 
My friends offered to take me to hospital as they thought I was having a fit, they gently escorted me to a seat by the lake, and lo and behold a duck came out of the water, presumably looking for a feed, they usually turn away, this one shared a meditation for a good four minutes, ignoring passers by and some dogs. My friends got angry and walked away saying they could not stand this and I could get the bus home and they stormed off to their car.  I do this with flies, insects, dogs, cats and especially pigeons and horses.
On our third meetup I plucked up courage and shared the above bible quotes and their meaning to me and the animal stories above. Some of the young people felt it was fun and some shared their own religious incites and we shared if we felt they had meanings other than the written word. Some felt words were useful but to go to the essence, or as I put it the feel was real and not an escape from reality or using God or inner peace as 'please daddy if I do my chores will you give me more spending money or a present'.  Then forget the inner source of Life. 
Well maybe every experience is make believe and an illusion see many back Posts on this and identity crisis.  However in my life I can say those glimpses and living in the inner and yet outer, no kind of borders, just a vast ocean of rolling peace, not blissed out, that may happen but just observing and not indulging, it turns into this 'something else' beyond understanding. The ego(collective experience and habitual programmes) which has built itself into an energy being living in the energy matrix, the vortex of the total you, me, it tries to regain centre stage but when it feels(yes it has its own guardians, sentinels and security protocols)that this greater something is a energy that is far beyond itself, it capitulates and enjoys itself and one becomes whole as the separated wave, rejoins the ocean and for a brief while knows its origin until the vibrations, the frequencies are lowered(returning to more Beta frequencies and so the mundane world comes into the horizon of awareness).
Conway Twitty and 'Its only Make Believe' 3 mins  
Where I went to the dojo (A dojo (道場 dōjō?) is a Japanese term which literally means "place of the way". Initially, dōjōs were adjunct to temples.
In the Western World, the term dōjō primarily refers to a training place specifically for Japanese martial arts such as aikido, judo, karate, or samurai; [1]in Japan, any physical training facility, including professional wrestling schools, may be called dōjō because of its close martial arts roots.[2] The term can also refer to a formal training place for any of the Japanese arts ending in "do", meaning "way".
A few doors away was a cafe where they played Conway's record a lot, it was a top ten as it were then. Sensei who was a Roshi from the Butoku kai Monastery in Kyoto;
 Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (DNBK) 大日本武徳会 (lit. "Greater Japan Martial Virtue Society") is a Japanese martial artsorganization established in 1895 in Kyoto.[1] DNBK states that its aims include the restoration of classical martial cultures and promotion of international peace and harmony through the education and training of the traditional martial arts disciplines.[1]
used to laugh and say ' yes it is all make believe', we all felt he was talking or referring to the impermanence and transitory nature of Life on Earth.
The Kyoto City Budo Centre was built by the Japanese government as a comprehensive training centre for the Japanese martial arts in 1987. It is based around the Kyu-butokuden (pictured left), which was built in 1899, and is the oldest martial arts training hall in the country.
As far as I can remember this was as near to the photo and literature he gave us. Some of my old colleagues at the Zendo feel Sensei may have come from Kyoto Kokusai Zendo ;

Some of them say that there was a link between the two Kyoto organisations and the later being just meditation and za zen, anyway when I introduced Sensei to the late Gunji Koizumi (Gunji Koizumi (小泉 軍治 Koizumi Gunji?, 8 July 1885 – 15 April 1965), known affectionately by colleagues asG.K.,[1][2] was a Japanese master of judo who introduced this martial art to the United Kingdom,[3] and came to be known as the 'Father of British Judo.'[4][5] He was the founder of the Budokwai, a pioneering Japanese martial arts society in England.[2][6][7] Koizumi helped establish the British Judo Association,[8] and founded the European Judo Union.[2] He held the rank of 8th dan in judo.[1] Koizumi's apparent suicide in 1965 shocked the worldwide judo community. (Koizumi Sensei bowed very low and called him Sensei) Another Sensei of mine was Kenshiro Abe(Kenshiro Abbe (阿部 謙四郎 Abe Kenshirō?, 15 December 1915 – 1 December 1985)[a] was a prominent Japanesemaster of judoaikido, and kendo.[1] He introduced aikido to the United Kingdom in 1955,[1][2][3][4] and founded theKyushindo system.[3][5][6] Abbe was a graduate of the Budo Senmon Gakko, having studied judo and kendo there. Following an illustrious early career in the martial arts, he served in the Imperial Japanese Army before and during World War II. He then trained in aikido under its founder, Morihei Ueshiba, for a decade. Abbe held dan ranks in several martial arts, most notably 8th dan in judo, 6th dan in aikido, and 6th dan in kendo. After introducing aikido to the UK, he established several Japanese martial arts councils there during the late 1950s. He returned to Japan in 1964 and remained there for most of the remainder of his life. There are contradictory accounts of Abbe's final years, but it appears that he was in poor spirits and poor health towards the end.) Excepts from Wikipedia, many thanks).
I knew Sensei(name we called him Nanken) and he said that Koizumi and Abe were disillusioned with Western and particularly UK Judo and its forthcoming inclusion into the Olympic Games and weight groups, some say Koizumi's suicide was because of this and Abe Sensei was homesick and abused by Western power wrestlers and the famous bouts with the Robinson Brothers. 
Kenshiro Abe 8th.danJudo and several 6th dan in other arts.  I used to go over to Abe Sensei who lived in Acton at Master Masutaro  Otani's residence. His son Tomio taught me Kendo. 
Nanken also nearly cut my head in a Kendo exhibition and did cut a lock of my hair, this happened also when Abe Sensei did it with Tomio Sensei.  Dear, dear Tomio had an impish face and grin and loved rolling his own cigarettes. 
I tell these stories to many a person and the youngsters love them and they see that these arts along with others help to get to the 'quiet mind' if you can become still in action then you have it.
My Chinese Sifu was Lei Nei Chong a Shaolin Monk. He taught me Tai Chi, Qi Gong and some Kung Fu. Spelling maybe incorrect.  Both Sensei's NanKen and Sifu never talked about their pasts, but were both amazing raconteurs (A person who tells anecdotes in a skilful and amusing way:) This I inherited from them it seems. So I sow seeds, they may blossom, some of mine have, others I do not know and yet I do get some encouraging phone calls, emails and Skype's. I have many letters from my past workshops and patients, some very flattering. The purpose to share what I know for myself and if it assists others well then a my stay in this world has not been in vain, and to pass down the words of the masters above, as faithfully as possible. Sensei's words to me 'if all else is an illusion, do know harm with this temporary jacket and only necessary to enjoy'
Hey Folks Be Happy, be joyful, Be Well
Japanese name for me by Sensei 'Shindo' 

What Does Name "Shindo" Mean

You are spiritually intense and can sting or charm. Your name brings love and new starts into life and attracts money. In business, you are the creator and promoter of original ideas and usually enjoy considerable financial success.You are intuitive and might be interested in the arts, drama or science.
You find the best contentment in life when you own your own home and provide well for your family and loved ones. You have a great sense of responsibility and duty. You are comforting, appreciative and affectionate. Your obligation in life is to hold justice and truth, and if you follow the Law, you can find the great happiness and satisfaction.(SENSEI SAID IT MEANT 'THE WAY OF THE COSMOS OR SPIRIT')
I rather liked President Reagan and Cyril said at heart he was a charming, sincere man, and unfortunately kept 'down' by the elite.    
Well this might be a fist in the brain for you. It is a long transcript of 'How President Reagan was informed of UFO AND ET by the CIA.  Make up your mind time.
My late Cousin and Asimov were at the showing of ET to President Reagan and his wife and his comment.  It makes sense if he was briefed as above.  Look at POST 22(2013) and scroll down to a photo of my late cousin Prof. Cyril Wolf, my late brother Woolf Freed and myself(our family name is Bilangroski on one side and Glickenfreid on the other).  MAKE up you Mind Time Folks.
Just out of interest Cyril and myself had other names, enough said. When in India I was given a name by a Swami 'Krishna Mitra Ananda (the blissful friend of Krishna) and Native American Chief and medicine man and his clan gave me the name Soaring Eagle. Some scientists because of the nature of the work and you will see in the Reagan briefing the 'Caretaker'.  I cannot go into why and who this name applies too, it is multi person name and is highly regarded, there are other names, the sentinel, the guardian, this is in the public domain so I am not a whistle blower.
Sometimes when I submit certain information elsewhere on the net, NOT CLASSIFIED, but conjectures to other scientists I use another name.  This then does not interfere with the blog /Post otherwise they would not listen as unbeknown to them some of them have come across the energygrid and this site and rate as a load of 'hot air and b------s, and balderdash'.  It amuses me to hear them going off at it and realising I am in the room with them. 
A GREAT AND POWERFUL 44 MINUTES. Beautifully documented and narrated.  Facts and proof.
Here is another brain teaser another fist in the brain. 
Read about this in the link.
Post 56.  I have said before many of the videos and sensitive articles have been removed. However, please read the text and you will find Bin Laden has ostensible been assassinated three or four times.
The late Sir David Frost interviews the assassinated Benazir Bhutto.  
Part of the video above has been doctored because in the original she also mentions the about Marfan Syndrome.
You can see the lies about him and probably he is still alive as Snowden says.  Make up your mind time again Folks.  Does it matter? Only if you really believe the media, the hype and the deceits or are they?
Is someone trying to kill them off so they do not give away Bin Laden's hideaway in the Bahamas as Snowden reports?
15 minutes. 
This video at the start may put you off and the language is strange at first and does get better. I like it a lot.  I have always thought that Noah's Ark was real but not a large boat, BUT  a genetic bank, a vault of stored DNA, like a seed bank. I agree we were infected and I have written so much about giants, ET and the rest. A synopsis; to me Adam and Eve were an example of many an Earth being, the tree of life the genetic code given by the creators of Earth by the Hand of The Universal Mind / Cosmic Consciousness / The Source, and that genetic CODE were violated by the Serpent a new strand of DNA helix introduced by the seductive Apple and this to me was the chemical / vibratory frequency which altered the 'God Given' CODE AND SO A HYBRID WAS FORMED----US. That is why we are so belligerent and war like, we battle with the original DNA and the hybrid introduced ones.  The fallen Angels are ET like the creators of Earth through the Universal Mind, and a war took place. Laugh all you will Prof Sitchin  'The Twelfth Planet' is a long tome but explains it well.
I know a lot of people disagree with Sitchin and I do and wrote to him but only on one matter, my research shows that the twelfth planet was not as he describes that is all, otherwise I agree in almost most parts. I have written extensively on this and is contained in my UFO STORY;
This is my view and to back it up have a look at my late dear friend  Lloyd Pye;
Read the technical details of this skull and Lloyd's book(one of many) 'Everything you know is wrong'
Many may scoff and shout rubbish, balderdash, madman, freak, lock him up, get him off the net, close his site down and yet if you research deeply you will find that the above by the video, Sitchin, Pye and many, many, many others including many scholars and academics realising daily they have been conned by the 'EDUCATION AND RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL agendas, especially palaeontologists, archaeologists, Darwin and others. Yes do the research and do the maths. 
To put the record straight I agree that we are repeating history as the video states, I am not a Christian not for any reason, I am not into religion I feel like all of us are Children of the Source. So I feel Universal.  However many wise prophets, some say Avatars, some say Messiahs, whatever your belief is OK with me, BUT I also feel that they were not just inter-dimensional beings. I feel they used human flesh bodies to create a hybrid for their own slaves and racial propagation------it is happening now with genetics and multinationals---cross breeding---AND NOT all UFO / ET are into this game.
There is enough evidence that UFO  can be solid so to speak and their occupants flesh like or flesh.
There are many inter-dimensional beings, discarnate humans, psychic vampires, ET that can shape shift by the nature of their vaporous energy bodies like smoke coagulating to form a seemingly solid form, those that holographic-ally project their mind forms, angels, higher energy beings who inhabit planets and stars and so on.
WHAT is abundantly clear looking at Earth's history beyond the Five Books of Moses and New Tantamount, Vedas, Upanishads and so forth, the history of wars, dictators, empires, civilisations, refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants are well documented. HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF BIG TIME NOW. As Buddha said 'How do we stop the Wheel of  Karma' ( my words).
 Saṃsāra (Sanskrit, Pali; also samsara) is a Buddhist term that literally means "continuous movement" and is commonly translated as "cyclic existence", "cycle of existence", etc. Within Buddhism, samsara is defined as the continual repetitive cycle of birth and death that arises from ordinary beings' grasping and fixating on a self and experiences. Specifically, samsara refers to the process of cycling through one rebirth after another within the six realms of existence,[a] where each realm can be understood as either a physical realm or a psychological state characterized by a particular type of suffering. Samsara arises out of avidya (ignorance) and is characterized by dukkha (suffering, anxiety, dissatisfaction). In the Buddhist view, liberation from samsara is possible by following the Buddhist path. (courtesy Wikipedia)
An angry frustrated world, caught up in the rat race, or no home, homeless in a rich country or homeless because of a cruel war, or tsunami, a flash flood, imprisoned by ill health.  The wheel of World Karma, samsara, history repeating itself, there seems to be no answer to many world problems and the very thought of co operation and loving compassion and kindness, only in a few places, and maybe many more BUT DOES THE MEDIA HIGHLIGHT THIS? no because the governments rule by fear and separation.  HOWEVER, there is one place where we are ll joined.
At this moment in history the collective unconscious(read Jung) is full of pain and misery, although there are many trying to inject more hope, positive energy by prayer, mantra, affirmations,visualisations, net webinars, gatherings, meetings and so on.
I could not find an image that represents what I wanted to depict and I am not very good at drawing, so I will attempt to describe it; In the above image of the personal and collective unconscious, I feel there is another which is inserted below the collective unconscious and becomes Cosmic Consciousness where there is no human thought in the collective. OF course I am saying one experience this by meditation and beautifully explained by frequencies in the video above by Judith Pennington and in my view it is a solution far and beyond history repeating itself, the collective unconscious repeating itself and trapped by the hamster wheel of existence.
The video shows you how, or some other technique making sure there is no mantra, yantra, selling the technique, affirmations, prayer, imageries, visualisations, hypnosis, mind control, THEN ONE IS OUT OF THIS WORLD ---NOT DRUGGED, HIGH, LOW, UP OR DOWN, but this is where solutions are found FROM THE COSMIC MIND, and not from the dizzy power thoughts conjured up by the storehouse of the past, the dark unconscious, the kaleidoscope of confusion and I leave you with this below.
             End suffering and pain----you do know how by now. 
When darkness becomes conscious it becomes the light, not the light of photons, not sunlight, but inner light.  Then who are you?
Be Light, Be Well, Be who we are in essence.


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