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Hey Folks Did you ever see the film ' I, ROBOT'
I, Robot trailer
I, Robot (stylized as i, ROBOT) is a 2004 American neo-noir dystopian science fiction action film directed by Alex Proyas. The screenplay by Jeff Vintar and Akiva Goldsman is from a screen story by Vintar, suggested by Isaac Asimov's short-story collection of the same name. The film stars Will SmithBridget MoynahanBruce Greenwood,James CromwellChi McBrideAlan Tudyk and Shia LaBeouf.( Read the story in Wikipedia and the write up above also from them, thanks and courtesy, elsewhere in energygrid and these Posts I have said that my late cousin Professor Cyril Wolf knew Asimov(who was also a brilliant scientist and they both sat near the late President Reagan when he and his wife Nancy watched ET and Reagan said'they don't know how near the truth this is').
The meeting with the small group in the park and café's with a mixture of a young folk and older folk got off this discussion with regards to this film.  We all agreed that we were all somewhat robotic and in a way we serve the wealthy and somewhat benign elite, and they are tightening the reins.
We also agreed that the internet has its 'dark side' and its 'light side', however we felt the governments of the world wanting to clamp down, censor  and dilute the contents were paranoiac as they told so many lies that it was controlled propaganda by them and they were being found out. Like was a conspiracy channel and many political journalists, whistle blowers and bloggers were just trying to cause civil unrest and so on.
The conversations went on after a fresh round of teas, coffees and some cookies. We felt sad about the refugees and the truth being denied about Ukraine, the fact the West was now being seen to be the result of failed wars in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere. Now it is being seen by some generals, some brave politicians and certainly the bloggers, and so called alternative media, who said this years back. So the image below depicts this.
The flat world, quantum stuff and beyond particles, the illusionary world, matter and consciousness, denial by politicians, money and power is all there is and our education should be guided only to success. We are a world family, the big bang, ET, UFO, who are we, God or no God, only my politics, religion and life style are right, and then perhaps through a shattering experience or by chance something clicks and it becomes self evident. 
This left many of the group in no persons land so to speak, how do we correct the world or make it more safe, Sheeple Cameron said recently 'we have to make the Middle East more peaceful' well who caused the unrest in the first place, a failed programme of invasions.  We had a small silence break with the deep breathing and we then brain stormed it and we came to the conclusion it was down to individuals to wake up from the dream and this came through the disasters and horribleness we are witnessing and to seek within us a peace and not subscribe to the bullying war mongers. To feel the fear in us, the revulsion and not duck and dive and see it through our minds like dark clouds, this was not an escape, but a deep renewing of energy to facilitate us navigating the world of every day experience.  We await another meeting, these are not arranged it depends who turns up at the cafe or park or wherever, sometimes on a bus or a train and then a few calls and we are off. I have often turned up alone when out and about, and that's OK, it is what it is, it is.
So I went my way and just as I went to the bus shelter(I gave up driving eight years ago) two of the group came to me and said(by the way they are boy and girlfriend, an item they call them now, both are lovingly impish, long blonde hair, dancing mischievous blue eyes, maybe they are space beings!!! some of the group thinks so. 'Hey Geoff you are a metaphysicist, a philosopher go away do your 'meditats' (that's what they call meditation) look at your belly and study your navel' . Naomi gave me a kiss on the cheek and Aaron gave me a hug.
I went away and did just that and what followed I do not feel to share with the group just yet, as it seems presumptuous, arrogant, and somewhat foolhardy and to be frank hard to get my head around it, I offer it and trust you will not get hurt or offended.  I know it is judging myself, and I know I have a modicum of lack of self esteem, so here goes, I pray I will not lose you.
This poured out of me and I had to record it on my digital Dictaphone which a small pocket device and I carry it for 'stuff that gives me an ah ha or some reminders'.
I am the conundrum, the koan, the puzzle that the Universe is trying to solve(this is for everyone and being as well) as I am part of the Universe I am trying to solve who I am in essence as is the Universe.  It is this mystery that keeps the Universe rolling and evolving, who am I and where did I come from and so on. Science calls this the big bang and I call it the miracle, science refers to it as the big bang, and with it the Universe becomes formed through the Nuclear Furnace, which then produced conglomerates of various gases, particles and eventually stars, planets and life in its elementary forms until say on this planet, human life and son on.
This explosion according to science was an accident, purely random and by chance, I see this as the inventor putting together in his / her / It, putting together all the pieces implying an intelligence, and awareness,  a conscious sentient Being. Its God's workshop if you want to put it that way.  Its like the potter making the pot,  a jigsaw puzzle, a leggo or meccano set, and saying ' so where did all the pieces come from(particles, atoms, molecules come from, oh yes the big bang and where did that arise from?), its like the magician, the conjurer who does a trick, he knows where he does the trick and how, but the top hat and the rabbit, the vanishing glass, the endless cards, yes OK but how did the materials that I use where did they originate from before their form and were just raw material, that was a formless mass of atomic soup?
Hey Presto and the Universe comes out of the emptiness, the void, or did it? What about being a dream in a mind? Ah you say where did the mind come from?  Its your / my mind, search for the answer within Itself.
The conjurer provides the illusion for us to see and the Universe provides the illusion for all to see.
When I pray or ask for a miracle, because I want something, I am in need, I am not realising I am a miracle.  I am the miracle, how did I get here and son, I know all about the cells, reproduction, Mum and Dad getting it together, yes that's chemistry, biology the birds and bees, it still not answer the fundamental question. Yes as I am a product of the Universe, its creation, its child I can either say 'I am the product the creation by accident of a random non intelligent Universe, freak chance'  Sounds like a one night stand and no condom and it was a mistake, an accident, and maybe it was and is and we are left holding the unwanted baby by a promiscuous Universe.
Yes the symbioses, the mitochondria, the zygotes, ecological cycles and so on, they are still the bits that came from particle /waves erggh?  Back to square one.  I have watched Horizon on BBC and seen Quantum Biology, The Multi Universe, yes it explains beautifully with the graphics the 'bits and pieces', still in  the realms of intellect, science and logic all belief systems until some one or a theory breaks it down and we go further down the rabbit hole, the mind, until we reach ? We may realise we are the mind the witness of multi universes, wherever we are, what ever state we witness it, we are the observers of the Universe and as such one with it.
Therefore I am the question and the answer and the miracle, I got here the same way the Universe did and so did everything and yourselves. We are told that the atoms pop in and out space, like a jack in the box.
We are not solid we are told, we only appear solid, either some scientists say matter is held together by thought, others cannot bear this as this might lead to their person local mind being swallowed up the ocean of being. Maybe the Jack above is the ah ha from the Source and at the same time the big bang explosion.
I am a quantum weirdness, a quantum anomaly. I don't follow the rules, yes my body does in a way because it follows cycles, birth, life, death as all form does. So the randomness, the quirky behaviour of the Quantum level to me means or suggest the working of a super galactic synaptic workings of a mind.  This is a thinking mind without a body of aggregated particles in form.  This also suggests that this Super Mind is going through all the combinations and is logical beyond our limited capacity. God is hatching up something. Because there are so many possibilities in this super Intelligence it presents us, its child / creation all the possibilities and probabilities, that we can access in co operative creation.
Courtesy  Quantum Computer.  
The Quantum computer I refer to is like an energy field which is a conscious all pervading entity which has infinite computing capabilities and covers the entire everything everywhere and because it is an all encompassing energy field that is intelligent it is in and through all of its creation as is our minds in us.
The pieces of the jigsaw, leggo and meccano sets all over the floor, and the floor being the energy field of awareness and the machination of the wave / particle collisions and relationships are the Cosmic Mind selecting its parts for the formation of its creation.  So the forthcoming forms are miracles to the limited mind held captive by its beliefs. So I walk among miracles and if I intention by focussed intention, or by observation, I then collapse the wave so to speak and bring forth by manifestation a miracle. The point being I have to bypass or somehow suspend my beliefs, not by suppression of them, but by letting go and relaxing and let the mind be empty, but aware and free flow.
So the bits on the floor, the endless field of space, are all the possibilities and probabilities and by the intention of the witness / observer select as it were the choice of one's intention. That is what I call the collapsing of the wave Its a hard job for me to get my head around that The Universe and I one.  Because of my ego and its limited beliefs and therefore computing abilities as it were, I, unusually for the ego say 'what me and the Universe are one, no way!.  Yet I would love to be and the ego the dominant world hero and leader, ultimate bullying power, or pride myself on being such a brilliant benign dictator. I am in charge of what you do I mean there is one greater than me, what do you mean that God created me so who am I to be one with him, no way I am me and the rest is a huge delusion.
Whether I believe it not I am a product of the Universe as we all are.  Perhaps the Universe wants us to be one with It and share with It, perhaps the Universe wants us to be companions, to go forth and delve into who we are in order to help the Universe in the same QUEST and that quest maybe 'I created you out of me and I do not know how I was created so together we may find the solution, yet it seems I am exploring myself and can only come too I am me, you are me and that still leaves the magic, the mystery and without that seeking and searching what else is there to do? So this drives me / us on and on and forever, yet these are words and what then does the evolving Universe which you and I hold have in store? Try as you may you can never get away from yourself, you may get lost in distraction, kind of unconscious, yet at the back is the observer who records it as it were, yet does not hold the recording the ego does that. Maybe that is why the Universe is expanding, is it trying to get away from Itself?
So it isn't arrogance to feel one is one with God / The Universe, it maybe to the contrary, because the nature of the Universe is humility and compassion, we punish ourselves, dwell on this, we live outside the Universal oneness and we break our bond by our own egoistic agendas and blame the Cosmos for it. We can never be outside the Universe we are intrinsically bound. We only separate ourselves in the delusion our beliefs are real. So it is a delusion and illusion we are separate, this is the deceit of the programming and brain washing. 
So saying I and the Universe are one means all of anything in the Universe is one with its source, we just cannot be separated from it. THE ILLUSION AND DELUSION  is that we fail to feel and recognise that I  / we / us are  and are one with the Source of all Life and experience.  No matter where or what we shall always be the observer or witness whether in pain, joy, death of the body and all else. So be the witness and know it and not the event and experience. The event is the content and the witness the observer of the event. 
When we becomes aware of oneself watching thoughts the I,miracle you / me, the I,Robot becomes free of it being just a reactive set of programmes. We have a mind that recognises thought before that we were just thought, automatic knee jerk beings.
The ego is a multinational conglomerate, a package deal sold or imposed on us by history, what sells, cultural and religious customs and political dictators or the algorithms chipped into the Robot or the laws of those in authority.  Those in power, priests, doctors, lawyers, judges, institutions, cult leaders and our own harsh ego's enslave us and we struggle to break free, and yet some rather would accept slavery rather than the unknown.
The ego is composed of the leggo, jigsaw piece, the meccano nuts and bolts and so coalesces them and juxtaposes them with its own intelligence which is formed by the pieces, each piece a belief system with subsystems, like the particles, atoms, molecules, the cells and so on that built us all of it, and so it seems solid and indestructible until its 'cell' /sell by date looms and fear or a wake up call sets in to remind one---this is not you only a temporary house of cards that gave a temporary home to a boxed awareness known as a local mind, a mind limited with card tricks of the magician of that house. One day the house of cards tumbles, and falls apart---who are you then if you have identified with that transient impermanent house.
We might well ask ourselves who is the flimsy ego who dwells in this house? A ghost like entity trying to make itself more stable and secure in this flimsy house, our body.  When we are young and strong we may feel invincible, we may realise later on that this is not so and so may seek the reality beyond the house and inhabitant.    
Taking the analogy again of the cinema with the big light of the projector shinning through to a blank screen, then the film canister is emptied and the film threaded onto the reels, each a frame a bit of the whole, it is run through at speed so it appears real.  The film in a cinema appears on a screen, in us it has never left the brain, however, the projected film here in the likeness is a hologram in space with no screen and appears even more real. Yet with a hologram it has no physical solid substance, so you can put your hand through it, so the mind is deluded it is real, YET it is only a projection of the belief systems in space.
So scientists as with some philosophers, meditaters and mystics look for the next particle bigger Cern Collider's, Larger Telescopes, more Space ships, they are looking for the origins of the Universe which is like saying they are looking for their version of 'Who Am I ' and How did I get Here' beyond the logic and intellect, and yet this is the very thing they have to surrender to find who they really are, for that is beyond and transcendental to thought and logic.  It is beyond understanding. For you everything is possible in Me.  This is an Intelligent miracle.
The limit of the ego is confined to the frames of reference its has and its ability to superimpose them, juggle them, reinvent them, modify, so they seem original and spontaneous, and they can be aesthetic, beautiful, yet just egoic structures.  The empty mind, not barren, senile, a vegetable, boring, dull and inert, and is a dynamic, and potential, and potential holds unlimited power and resourcefulness. Or the mind conjurers a wild long haired scattered brained, half naked idiot running amok or something else, because it cannot conceive or imagine what it would be like to one with the Source or of empty awareness.
In my view a wonderfully crafted programme and thesis beautifully explained by a humble scientist, yet in my opinion one sandwich short of a picnic, one cog missing from the machine, a spanner short of tightening.  Yes its how the watch or clock works and its functions, and the repeat that is how evolution and nature made it so over the billions of years, and of course from the chaotic big bang accident all came and self taught itself by trial and error. Mind you I love the journey scientists are taking but will they ever surrender and stop creating more than there is.  It is the hoarding and acquisitiveness, the lust for intellectual power that is the same energy of the elite and tyrants.  Some scientists love the power of creating super weapons. Chaos has its own intelligence we are told yet the Universe hasn't.
The the theologians and politicians join in the hunt for more and more. More congregations, more donations, bigger places of worship, the politicians well I guess you know about them.
We were told we are bound by genes, now neuroplastcity and epigentic's tell us intensionising can alter the stuck beliefs and so we are seeing the beginning of freeing up the mind, which means clearing many beliefs. Our beliefs are on the film of life and we project just a few probabilities and possibilities, we do not go out from the box, the house of cards, so when the box collapses and the house is seen as fragile it may take this to start the Quest for who you are not,  to find out who you are.
Happy Hunting. Be Well.  Geoff
Neurosurgeon and NDE.14 mins.
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I mention that as we 'burn off' some of our redundant auric sheaves, we will come into the 'telepowers' and the human frame and organs will go through a transformation. At first seemingly more unisex, then an appearance of a glow around the body and into the far future to an energy body that will be able to be like a floating light being and some to have the ability to solidify into an appearance of a flesh body. Reports of high Lamas, and some high Shamans are able to do this.

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