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Hello and welcome to these somewhat fractious times that seemingly unconnected and randomly associated aspects and facets maybe significantly interconnected and have meaning under the surface of things that appear disassociated.  

June 19, 2019The 2019 season for noctilucent clouds (NLCs) has been remarkable, maybe the best ever, with NLCs appearing as far south as Los Angeles CA and Albuquerque NM. What’s going on? Researchers aren’t sure, but Lynn Harvey of the University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics has just found an important clue.
“The mesosphere is quite wet,” she says. “Water vapor concentrations are at their highest levels for the past 12 years.” (Courtesy Dr Tony Phillips and
I have mentioned space weather a great deal in these POSTS and refer to them as part of the Ascension Process as mentioned in the 1967 downloads to which the data is referring in a shift and upgrade in the evolutionary process of Earth and much further afield. To this effect and affect it is part of the general unrest and dictatorships that are vying for supremacy and world domination as laid out in a specifically latest ploy of 5G.
There is a suggestion from the many scriptures that the collective karma of humankind who over the millennia’s have built up  a collective record of stored events which I mentioned as the Akashic or possibly the quantum particle field where there is said to be every possibility and probability.  However this karma of built up events is leading to my theory of the Inverted V;
 An organic system it is functioning optimally then exchanges with its environment, it intakes and excretes as it were, when the system reaches a certain capacity, it then can dissipate into chaos and in that reform itself into a higher more evolved form. I liken it too a caterpillar entering a chrysalis, it dissolves into seemingly chaos and comes out a butterfly.  It depends on how well the system exchanges with its environment and entropy and so on.

In the V the left hand base lies is mega crisis and the right hand line is mega solution, as the crises and solutions pace each other to the top, say put in yin and yang, male - female and so on with all duality's, the differences begin to merge, as with the binaural brain, so when they reach the purple top or apex, then the polarities become complementary's and they then go off the V, the tipping point, the critical mass has been reached.  The forms then go into a kind of blending , a mix and match, and ordered chaos as it were, and then emerge if the input and exchange were equal a higher form. I felt 2012 despite the seemingly 'non event' put the chaos into motion, look at the weather, wars, madness and so on, we shall see when it comes from 2016, 2032 and 2072’. From POST 225 14 JULY 2015
I feel now we have reached the ultimate tipping point when 5G becomes fully operational and note the years as above. I feel that an event will see this as follows.
The ‘battle’ as to which private company has the data and who is competing for all the data and control for the surveillance to not be in the hands of private companies but for the ruling body of everything. This is the prize; the non elected Royal Family of the World, the one world, one destiny, one divine King and Queen or President and first Lady, one loyalty and one philosophy and divinity as self appointed.  The private corporations with their high tech may not like to bow to the supremacy of the Industrial Military Complex by the present Deep State, Bilderberg, Illuminate, elite and may vie for power, and perhaps if you believe my UFO STORY that is what caused the destruction of the planet and forced them to come to Earth. Many scriptures and books write about such events (UFO STORY MAY 2005) and so the Ascension process may encompass such an event on Earth in which a power battle ensues and the destruction will lead to a sort of wipe out.
Then I have written about the 6th extinction which is another possibility and perhaps the elite know about this and want to have it all before the ship goes down. To their arrogant psychopathic socially maladjusted minds we are cattle fodder and there is no god then so be it we will enjoy the pleasures of Earth and flesh and when the ship goes down we will have had a dam good time and we die with a smile on our faces and those poor suckers who believed in Ascension, a new race of beings, sharing, caring, compassionate beings will die in terror and disappointment.
So we have options; a 6th natural eruption and partial or full extinction, a power conflict with the goal of reaching the ultimate hierarchical crown President King and Queen First Lady and the companies annihilated and become the sole one company of the Earth Royal Family. The story of Babylon and other scriptural anecdotes spring to mind. Then we have Ascension with the energies of transformation altering the DNA and the Cosmic Rays which maybe part of this as carrier waves of information during this unprecedented changes in climate change throughout the solar system and the damaging interference of chemtrails, HAARP, 5G and satellites all causing perturbations mentally and astronomically. With these mixtures or cocktails of energies, vibrations and frequencies, each and everyone of them endeavouring to entrain and dominate and the ruffles of the waves as they clash like a river at the sea edge as it were, it will be a battle of high energy and ruffled disturbed minds to those who are sensitive and many who feel it and are at a loss to know what is causing this apart from the political upheavals, wars and perhaps the cause of wars, violent crime is this ‘beneath’ the surface tension and bubbling volcano of the millennia’s karma such as old patterns of living, outworn tired stale dictates all fermenting and ready to blow. Many who feel this unrest run to distractions to which the media and entertainment provide ample subliminal cop outs and cause a numbing of the mind, V Goggles, hundreds of box sets of movies, e-books, surfing the net, drugs medical and so called private and recreational, opioid s by the dozen, vaccines and so on and of course the master class one 5G.
A sinister as aspect of the Smart 5G network of all things a seamless interaction of everything will be the Queen / King Bee or Ant; the hive mind. As the Queen Bee or Ant sends out its chemical messages (a kind of telepathic chemical command) the workers who are divided into several categorise as to their work ethic, such as worker ants, builder ants, warrior ants and bees similar, the main point being they obey the dictates without hesitation from 'A Central Command' which could be the head of the New World Order, there are many movies that portray this and to less grandeur aspiration the Godfather of Mafiosi, the Commander of Fundamentalist Groups, the egotistic boss, the bully and so on.  It would be easy to do this with the proposed 5G network as I have described the frequencies involved and the delivery method, implant chipping would not be necessary or it might be necessary depending how numbed and dumber the minds would be of the plebs, sheeple is a phrase which is apt, implanted chips maybe at first and then as it seems through the collective unconscious the sleeping awareness will just cave in completely.
Is there then hope as it seems all is lost; there is but many will not agree. There are many awakening to the above and these are of all ages and they either by pre life agreements, parents who are aware and life experiences have realised their awake- ness, their awareness, their very ‘I’-ness is being clouded and instead of despair and dissolution of groups and so on, seek means to sharpen their awareness, it as if their feeling the huge energy input, this wave of uprising old vile, castigating, punitive, selfish, hedonism, this actually provides a wave which they surf and ride and not be drowned and over run and drowned the seemingly great odds against them.
They in a way accept the conditions of the age and realise this was bound to happen as to change a snake must shed its skin, a crab its carapace and to evolve the old has to be shed and the 5G and the network of dominance and everything is an age old dream regurgitated, resurrected by modern technology, its old and stale at its core and then their network goes to the planets and Stars with the dream of conquest and of course the moral hypocrisy shown in STAR TREK with Prime Directive, which by the way in the UFO Story it is mentioned that interference in another civilisation and planet is not desirable, they have their own karma to work out;     

     Sunday, 1 May 2005

WAS REQUESTED to research 1800 cases of ET encounters. These incidents were conducted by a five person team of which I was a participant. The research was carried out in Europe and the UK. The notes were then shared with other teams worldwide and a synopsis hopefully leading to a consensus of data and opinion sought. Following is my précis extracted from a huge amount of information.

The categories of findings were termed, in those years, as: artefacts and traces of ETs; sightings and appearances of ETs; and interviews and personal interactions with ETs. During all the team's research there were no incidents of abductions, harmful medical or intrusive/invasive procedures; instead, there seemed to be only compliant procedures of a pleasant and reassuring nature. Painful and horrific procedures seem to be carried out by other sources. Genuine ETs will not telepathically contact humans, nor do they come through in channelling. It was found that spirits and psychic entities often mimic ETs (although in a way, non-corporeal beings are a kind of ET).

ETs will contact certain individuals, but not as one might expect, highly spiritual, intelligent or open-minded individuals, rather it would very often be very sceptical and ordinary humans, probably so that when they were convinced of the authenticity of the contact — it added more weight to the encounter. In specific cases, Angelic and hierarchical channels could even prompt or arrange a contact.

ETs will not take on the role of saviours or "Knights in Shining Armour", spiritual mentors or any other form of rescue. It was found that they had a definite belief and position, and this will be outlined below. The evolution of humanity into the Aquarian form will, however, precipitate open contact, or should Earth (and not its life-forms) be in dire trouble — such as the breaking up of the planet which would cause a major upset to the solar system and beyond — then a rescue mission to save Earth would ensue (although not one for life forms and humans).

What follows are brief facts as gathered from the research and interviews, and may or may not be similar to other research. I accept that no one has the entire story or truth, however it will give the intuitive and discerning reader a useful overview. Each piece of information is like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle.

Way back in Earth's history there was a planet called Melchedek (not to be confused with a channelled writing und the same name), which was positioned roughly where the asteroid belt is today. The beings on this planet looked very similar to us as we are now. Lust, avarice, war-like tendencies, power games and the like were prevalent, coupled with high technological advance, space travel, sophisticated weaponry fuelled by sonic and nuclear fusion, made them a formidable force.

Unfortunately, like we see today, they had not worked on themselves spiritually or morally, so that they faced ecological disasters, power and border disputes (sounds familiar?). Then a horrific war broke out and a weapon of mass destruction was activated, which caused the planet to split.

There were approximately five thousand who survived because they had been on Earth to see the primitive life forms as a holiday. However, the debris from this disaster even caused upheaval on Earth, with huge chunks of Melchedek hitting our planet and causing calamity. So the Melchedekens set up a temporary camp on the Moon, which was rocking with shock waves as well.

Meanwhile, the Earth's spiritual Hierarchy, who are ascended energy intelligences, highly evolved beings over-lighting the Earth, contacted the headquarters or parliament for this sector of the galaxy, on Sirius, and a plan was devised as to the future of the Earth. A mistake had been made but there was no going back; the Golden Rule of the Cosmos had been breached which states that there can be no interference with another planet's evolution without Hierarchical consent or Siriun approval. They decided to send a monitoring group of beings to report back to Sirius and the Hierarchy to see if the Melchedekens would make good, and perhaps speed up the Earth's life forms and make this an opportunity for growth — a learning curve. Any threat of another planetary break up would necessitate intervention as one planet break up is all that this solar system can tolerate.

Meanwhile, the Melchedekens landed after the dust had settled and set up cities. They set up a massive DNA programme on the primitive beings on Earth, and began to mate with the Earth peoples to produce a hybrid race of which we are descended from. The time in history is vague and much history is inferred: the great flood, the meteorite that was supposed to have eliminated the dinosaurs, Atlantis, the story of Noah and the Ark, Mu and other similar hypotheses could all be linked here, including the way that the continents were formed and broke up into their tectonic plates, caused by the impact of the debris from above, and that the Melchedkens could have once lived on a lush and green Mars.

The Plan as devised by the hierarchy and Siriun Parliament was as follows: they elected five races of ET to monitor Earth from the first of the Melchedken colonisation of Terra until the date that is equivalent to December 2012 (see articles before). This is because of the alignment of planetary energies, the position of the solar system in relationship to the Milky Way and hopefully by then the raised energies (see articles before) will make it comfortable for the ET to live and stay for short intervals in the Earth environment, and that humans maybe less aggressive and greedy so as not to give the ETs our mind viruses. (ETs usually keep humans 300 feet away to avoid mental infection.)

In previous articles, I mentioned that the astral sheaths and so on would be "burnt off" so we would be more sensitive to vibrations and frequencies. This would mean that the Aquarian evolving human would be transmuting into the very ETs who are monitoring us, albeit not altogether physically alike, but sharing DNA similarities and understandable psychological and spiritual traits. This is why the powers to be felt it appropriate to ask the volunteering races to accept this mission.

The five races are: firstly, beings that are bipedal and are about 8-11 feet tall and weigh from 19 to 33 stone. They have been seen in many places, and even their "coffins" have been found in deep caves. Tibetan Lamas have told me that they are the senior race on Earth and originally known as Els. Their brief is to gather information from the other four races and inform the Hierarchy and Sirius.

The next race is the so-called "blondies" or the Scandinavian type with weight and height similar to us. Their diet is mainly microbial, they are telepaths (as the other races are), and their brief is to monitor commerce, business, money, stock markets, and nuclear and armament facilities — all these being "barometers" for our development. They then report back to the Els.

The third race is very similar to Speilberg's depiction of aliens in "Close Encounters": they are spindly muse-like beings, about 5 to 6 feet in height, again telepaths (no voice box as such as the others), weight unknown and diet as above. Their brief is to monitor theatre, films, spiritual practices, poetry, literature and the media. Again, they report back to the Els.

The fourth race is the so-called "almond-eyed beings" mostly defined as abductors. They are between 3 and 4 feet tall, unknown weight, and diet semi solid and vegetation. They monitor ethnic races and their plight in the "modern" world. Again, the information is collated and sent to the Els.

The last race are the ET type similar to "ET" depicted by Speilberg. They are 2 to 4 feet heigh and their brief is to monitor children's welfare, education, child abuse, and children's response to the rising Aquarian energies. They also monitor pollution frequencies such as mobile phones and masts, tetra and other waveband frequencies, and radiation due to the horrendous dumping and disposal of "spent" nuclear fuels (low levels are as dangerous as high). Also in their remit is genetic engineering, medical and recreational drugs, violent crime and war.

The Melchidkens are aware of the Cosmic Rule of non-interference: they know they have breached this, they also know that unless they split the planet again, or come near to it, that the Siriun parliament will not intervene, and so the Melchedkens keep a low profile and hope to pollute us while they, the so-called elite or illuminated, rule the world and make most of us slaves to the hedonistic tendencies of TV, video, CD, DVD and other multi-media formats, and also to allopathic medicine. They work on curtailing human rights and banning natural remedies and so forth. The name of their game is power, money and control; they live the life of so-called affluence. They are trying to pollute, seduce and denigrate the human race and the natural world before the Aquarian Energies begin a mass take-over or transforming effect on human consciousness.

There have been reports that older type UFO craft have been seen coming out of remote places. These are old Melchedeken craft that have been kept in secret locations by those Melchedekens who have refused to integrate. I have been disseminating information on this since 1967, and it is corroborated by information from films such as Hangar 18, Lloyd Pye's website, and the books Twelfth Planet by Zecharia Sitchin and anything by Timothy Good. The other five races have very superior craft which use anti-gravity with induction-loop wormhole technology. (Black hole impedance telemetry is also employed).

The ETs are hoping that a significant portion of the human race will be evolved enough by 2012 to enable some sort of open contact. Indeed, I have seen newspaper and internet reports that
China and India are preparing a contact space for this. A report by a scientist named Popp showed that research into cells found that they emitted a weak light, termed "biophotons", and in the magazine Focus it should that an area of the brain lights up in deep meditation. It is said in encounters with ETs that they emit a weak translucent glow, and that they are just the next step up the evolutionary ladder before they, themselves (just as we will after them), become hierarchical beings and ascent to an energy form more pure than departed souls with a Karmic Debt, such as those found in psychic readings and contact (no offence intended).

It has been found that light contains information (see Jacobsen's "Light as the Medicine of the Future and The Field by Lynn McTaggart; research by Robert O. Becker, James C. Oschman, and various books with references to energy medicine and appliances). This new research is heralding a new era in science and many well explain the weak glow often seen emanating from ETs.

So the UFOs that we observe are the vehicles of one of the above five races as they monitor and assess the evolutionary progress of humanity and designate actual "official" landing time and place.

Certain parties, however, are using the UFO/ET scenario to cover up certain nefarious activities and blame it on the ETs. At the same time, they will disseminate subtle disinformation, a smoke screen — yes they do exist, no they don't.

In the, it mentions that the spine of the being went in centrally to the skull. Well, in the 1967 writing it was tated that among the many evolutionary transformations that are happening to us, the spine would alter its angle to the pelvis. Other alchemic changes would bring in certain other physiological enhancements, hence some of the symptoms as in previous pages (you can find more information on Karen Bishop's website I've kept away from too many symptoms or transformation/growing pains so as not to get too attached to that area. It is best to keep meditating and observe the process dispassionately, and know all is well. We are becoming closer in vibration to our space cousins and and as we lose the astral/logic/memory placement fields, we shall communicate telepathically and so avoid the trap of semantics and language innuendo.

Finally, there is a theory of time dilation that states that if an astronaut travels vast distances to far-off stars and planets, five years from his or her point of view in the craft going away from Earth might be equivalent to 150 years back on Earth. Unless someone kept a record then nobody on Earth would know that the astronaut had left in the first place and so might mistake a returning "human" as an ET. So perhaps some of the ETs are humans that went so far out into space and at such high speeds that they are returning before they left; in other words, some ETs could be our future selves!!!??

The latest Hopi prophesy ends in "We are the Ones we have been waiting for."
Ireland has always been noted for its humour and so, "May you be in Heaven half an hour before the Devil finds out you're dead."

Take care and lots of love. Next month I would like to take the liberty of sharing with you some profound experiences that took place from July last year up until now. That you for reading the above and please feel free to email the editor with questions and remarks and we can then make a month write up with something from you.

I appreciate the above will be difficult for many to take in; however, I have to be true to my own feelings.
So the every energetic shark like feeding frenzy that is upon us maybe helpful as some ride the wave and this energy used in its awareness and strength may propel the DNA change not to deleterious and grotesque mutation but to the new Human being of glory and compassion which I have a name for Homo Energetica Spiritulana.
Be Well and Good Surfing
 There are 10 more
(shack is one of my nicknames it is my poems, philosophies and adventures) 
The next Post is a compilation of what might be a solution.
You might have to suspend all your previous beliefs and dogmas.

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