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Hello and welcome. Many who practice regularly meditative energy movements or just sitting and breathing in stillness in deep meditation may have experienced some of these feelings and other phenomena. 
Certainly I have experiences in silent seated meditation a spontaneous swaying, rocking, tingling and strong pulsing vibrations with heat and sometimes a sort of cold but not cold sensations.
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Then there is a certain form I do in a seated Taoist routine as image  roughly depicts above with a slight modified movement and not only experience tingling perceptible flecks of energy and a whole body buzzing. Many friends have experienced similar such feelings in their Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. Interesting when I mentioned this to some doctors they were very concerned; they thought it could be; The main symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can include: numbness and tingling in the feet or hands, burning, stabbing or shooting in pain in affected areas, loss of balance and co-ordination. Well if in doubt check it out. 
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Many years back when I was a voluntary therapist at St. James Church Piccadilly in London, we had a therapist who had the very early Kirlian photography and it was an aluminium plate and electrodes and one could see on the photo plate the spikes that came like above from the hands and feet, of course the image above is exaggerated. Doing healing on the patient increased certain spikes as it were, if they smoked the energy spikes diminished. In certain conditions say a qi gong, yoga short session and sitting meditation, the energetic output of spikes increased and when the tingling and vibes came, the output was considerably enhanced, a study was done on OM humming(bhramari pranayama) and it went off the scale.
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Many folk have shared with me certain experiences that I can certainly verify; I have felt spirals of tingling vibrations as to shake me ands feels like levitation. Extreme heat and a cold that is so cold it goes to like beyond heat and cold. There are so many energetic experiences.  However, its all frequencies and vibrations.
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In the image above there is a discussion amongst experts; some say as in Tai chi / Qi gong and then some in Yogic circles and diagrams there are differences in the meridians and nadis and so on the one main aspect they agree to disagree on is the chakras they seem to generally be accepted. I leave that to the experts. 
However when I do a Zen breathing form I find that I can feel the 'the points of energy centres'; I lay down (it can be done sitting but to my mind is not so effective and there are two variations of this done in prone position). 1) I relax. 2) Breath in using abdominal breathing slowly and feel the Cosmic Energy entering the pores of the skin and bones to the one point below the navel(see lower dantien three inches below navel, body centre of gravity, first brain, hara ki) 3) exhale the breath and feel toxins and negativity leaving the same way as they came. Variation same as 1and2, on 3, feel the collected chi, ki, prana moving into all the cells especially the mitochondria or if this is too taxing, the limbs and whole body, after a while you may be able to feel your body is receiving a total mind  body wash.
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The next bit about vibes may seem strange; these are my experiences and I am not an expert; I found that in certain situations when not well and in pain when I sat in the silence and just concentrated on the afflicted emotion, pain, illness, situation and dived into it and not run or distract, should I reach that inner peace, not by will or force, but merely attention without intention, it might dissipate or dissolve the situation whatever its nature, or at least enable me to find a way to alleviate it. So this calm energy is intelligent and I found that the tingling increased as above would naturally go to in that stillness to a body part, an ache, organ, brain depressive obsession. In fact the Life force, chi, ki, prana, kundulini was not just a mere sensation but an intelligent energetic phenomena and guided by the Life itself or when deliberately intentionising a healing or dissipation it was not random. Life indeed was using the vibrations as a carrier wave, it was information in action, it was intelligence employed in vibration.
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I have been sick just lately; I have vaccine injury and have an exemption certificate officially issued from anymore vaccines in all my 83 and half years I never had and will not have a flu vaccine. After thirty six years of surviving two suspected cancers and refusing medical treatments and using Chinese, Ayurvidic, herbal and special Tai chi and Qi Gong and hours of meditation, I caught a cough which seemed to ravage the the flats where I live and many healthy friends. To say it was draining was to say the least; when I eventually could stand up with fatigue and coughing racking me and tiring me, yes homeopathy, herbs and rest helped a lot and I could not afford herbal or Chinese medicine, I eventually managed to sit and do my seated qi gong routine. There is a form in it named pumping or pulling the chi, its simple; two hands face palm to palm, breathing in open to shoulder width, very slowly and slowly exhale and repeat several times. When I do this and I am reasonably healthy my hands when extended feel like there is a magnet and there is a resistance to them widening, just slightly and they tingle and vibrate and I can feel the chi really like a force and energy. I sat and did this and there was nothing, my hand were as dead, pale and limp. After doing this now a week, the tingling and energy are increasing and with this my brain fog is going away slowly and I can now walk my 75 yds (vaccine injury walking to 75 yds but increasing in small increments as long as I do the 15 forms and eat sensibly), so for me Yoga, Pilates friends share much the same as some of them have the cough and vaccine damage. SO once gain the vibes which are the Frequencies from our Creator transformed to denser vibes so we humans can sense with our senses and in these vibes are the sacred codes for our well being.

  Be Well

Geoff /Shack

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