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Hello and welcome. Those of you who have been following this blog for years and even from the late energygrid that closed down rapidly and many authors and contributors had to ask the editor to try and retrieve their works, me being one of them and the few I managed with the editors assistance are in and of course I am on about UFO and ET.

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Many years back I was investigating UFO and ET there was a lot of UFO sittings, reports of abductions, cattle mutilations and of course the Roswell incident see and decide for yourself. Then research Travis Walton 


June 24, 2009, a beam of light was captured on photo above the ChiChen Itza Pyramid (on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico).

Mysterious energy beam above the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun

A team of physicists detected an energy beam coming through the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The radius of the beam is 4.5 meters with a frequency of 28 kHz. The beam is continuous and its strength grows as it moves up and away from the pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of physic and technology. This is the first proof of non-herzian technology on the Planet. It seems that the pyramid-builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and this “energy machine” is still working.

In the underground labyrinth, in 2010, we discovered three chambers and a small blue lake. Energy screening shows that the ionization level is 43 times higher than the average concentration outside which makes the underground chambers into “healing rooms”.

It would seem the chambers in these pyramids in all countries can like organ pipes change or attune the frequencies.


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Then research the hundred of pyramids found in China and the rest of the world and note just recently a chamber found inside of the Egyptian Pyramid. Then research the pyramid technology at the time of Atlantis and the mysterious crystal Tuaoi and maybe they are all like the above and it was a set up like a world wide 'energy grid'

From UFO file
From UFO File
Many years back there was a project named Blue Book and it was a gathering of top USA officials and some others to discuss UFO and named Project Blue Book and this is defined in detail in the link below; The project was started in 1952 and terminated 1969. The result was there was no conclusive evidence and as they were not a threat or even real other than marsh gas, helicopter and car lights, Venus reflected in the clouds , hysteria and wish fulfilment and so on it was decided this was final and closed down.

In the 70's and sometimes in the 60's there was a lot of talk of the 'second coming' and massive channellings of Jesus as 'Jesus Sananada' and there was a lot of talk about a secret Project Blue Beam in which in the sky as above a Christ Like figure would appear and many conspiratorial people (me for instance) felt it was a psyops and that they would use lasers to project holograms in response to 'THE NEW AGE HYPE'  this is the age of Aquarius  (a popular song as well) and the 2012 saga(there is something to that) and of course the return of  the mysterious planet Nibiru.  

FormedJuly 20, 2022
Preceding agencies
Office executive
Parent officeOffice of the Secretary of Defense
Key document

All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office was set up to track unidentified objects in the sky, underwater or in space.


Pentagon believes alien mothership could be eyeing Earth

Government officials stated a possible alien “parent craft” could release “many small probes” on Earth.

  /  03.15.2023 look her up and read

Now if you look back at last blog 18th March 2023 you will see that the tactics were 'quote from blog 'Yep that will scare the pants of them----and get behavioural change' and as Covid is exposed as a partial psyops operation not only to 'cull' the people re Kissinger 1952( I have his speech and now leaks are coming out into the main stream and information and others on this and it is Fact Checked and  Officially stamped) and Covid is falling apart and long available information that has been available and been censored is surfacing and some of it in the last blog among literally thousands of other bits and articles by many highly reputable scientists, lawyers and others SO ANOTHER SCARE IS TO BE STARTED apart from Uncle Barnacle Bill  Gates and next pandemic, the WEF financial and great reset, the oh so clean and honest WHO and backing up serious flaws in research and Motherships spraying us with what Barnacle Bill's virus!!?  Its more like chemtrails with more deadly crap in them.
This gentleman is Luis Elizondo  

Former Pentagon UFO Official to Reveal ...posing as a whistle-blower but found out to be a plant as he is still employed by the CIA, AND you know what the USA  does with whistle blowers?

Courtesy  UFO UP FRONT

This above has been taken from a training exercise and the navy pilot who testified to it as a genuine UFO chase has since been found to have been given a very lucrative business on doing his service  in supplying spacecraft and other engineering parts.

So these nasty aliens are spraying us, coming for us, well the bible is full of UFO especially the book of EZEKIAL, The Upanishads , The Vedas, the first peoples, cave drawings, so these nasty horrible aliens with their fantastic technology have SPENT THOUSANDS OF YEARS COMING TO get US!!!? 

Oh by the way a balloon from China floated all the way across Canada and part of North America without being spotted--- God help us if they do not see a comet or asteroid? The USA has the finest telescopes, monitoring equipment in the world, they can spot a car number in a crowded rush hour on a bridge, but not a balloon, come on what is this psyops, oh dear we are so vulnerable, we need to be scared and live in fear, we cannot spot a balloon, what chance we shoot these nasty bug eyed aliens? Are they bug eyed, not the ones I know of. So Covid has partially worked and frightened many and the vaccines have taken not only a lot of deaths, now in some places more than the virus, that the way to get the populace who are waking up to many of the psyops and false flags is to either do what Barnacle Bill Gates wants either a really culling manufactured virus, eating chemical made meat, digital passports and GMO foods, the WEF to financially cripple us as is now happening through the food chain and lorry distribution and high food prices, blaming climate change and transport difficulties, the WHO to back vaccines for babies and through to old age.
Courtesy 'The End Of The World'

How will it end; a few scenarios; The elite will just do away with us and just forget all morals(even more than now) they blow up the world because they cannot get their way, climate change or we change, there is a natural cycle as mentioned and go to Sunday May 31st 2021 to a Super Three Part blog, this includes Solar System changes, truth about climate changes, 5 Mass world extinctions and the incoming 6th one we are experiencing now. We have the chance to lessen the impact of this one if we change our life styles and so on. There is a very important input to this as well;

From Lockheed Martin

  Should wish to know more go to blog Monday 11th December 2017 ( this has been called Fake News and they tried to explain it away and change words and say it was an exaggeration of Ben Rich(Ben Reich) above when he was dying, it is true it was a death bed confession. He would have been 'iced or bumped off' if he would have said that whilst alive, anyone who is or was a serious researcher will find testimonies as to the validity of his words. 

The photo is of  Matilda O'Donnell McElroy who is the interviewer of an Alien ET. You can get it by going to Alien Interview by the above edited by Lawrence  R Spencer, this was only published when dear Matilda was very old or died as she was threatened and her family, she retired out of the USA military and went back to Ireland. Mr Spencer did extensive searches and found this to be true, I did research and found members of 509 Bomb Wing in which she was involved in. They say Matilda committed suicide at the age of 83, I heard this and have contacted a close friend of hers back in the past and I heard a different story? IT IS DEFINITELY NOT FAKE NEWS.

Interestingly The Commander in Chief of the Continuity of Government was an officer of the 509th bomb squad of course moved to COG chief and the head of the New Space Command was also 509 member and the 509 is full of controversy with another officer;

Final years and death[edit]

After requesting a hardship discharge to care for an elderly mother, in July 1950 Marcel returned to Houma, Louisiana. In September 1950, Marcel was released from active duty and transferred to the Air Force reserves. He received his final discharge in 1958.[5]

In his final years, Marcel was a self-employed television repairman.[5]

The Roswell incident did not surface again until the late 1970s, when Marcel, now a retired lieutenant colonel, in an interview with ufologist Stanton Friedman, said he believed the debris he retrieved was extraterrestrial.[3]

Jesse Marcel died in 1986 at the age of 79.[2][16] He was survived by his wife Viaud Abrams Marcel and his son Jesse A. Marcel Jr. M.D.,[2] who, before his own death aged 76 in 2013, spent 35 years claiming on TV and radio shows and in documentaries that, when aged 10 in 1947, his father had shown him alien debris recovered from the Roswell crash site, including, according to his wife Linda, "a small beam with purple-hued hieroglyphics on it".[17] ( Jesse Marcell wrote a secret diary and some of it is coming out now.Geoff)

Marcel is seen in various photos in 1947 holding a material that he said when cut immediately repaired itself, later all the photos vanished and he was made to say that the crash was a high altitude weather balloon, SEEMS mighty peculiar that a  UFO crash denied and covered up in Roswell and recently a balloon shoot down and fake CIA UFO so called disclosures and the 509 members in charge COG and SPACE COMMAND and the New Office of UFO Investigations and all this fuss and a scientist and certain CIA  operatives saying they have ben abducted and are whistle blowing and who are these nasty aliens and they may jeopardise our air space (more like Elon Musk and others smothering the sky with their satellites and space junk AND what's more nobody could spot a slow wafting balloon over the USA and what's more the connection with WEATHER balloons at Roswell and recently. SO what next Motherships poisoning us, did they seed Covid as well? it wasn't anything to do with Wuhan or the vaccines or was it?   Denial for so many years about UFO's and now well they only are a recent phenomena---oh yeh. I could on and on, after all my UFO presentations went on from Friday evening to Sunday evening. Many sceptics in those days at the workshops laughed at me and some said it answered a lot of questions, one in Berlin, LITERALLY THREW 

ME out and dumped me in the street. Many now of my age are now saying you were right and some have apologised. Too late the bird has flown and the horse has bolted from the stable.

Be Well


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