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 Hello and greetings. I guess you could say this person (man forbidden) is probably one of the labels in image or an old fuddy duddy, old fogey and heaven forbid a male and heterosexual.


The girls and their parents insisted that the row was sparked by one of the girls asking a fellow pupil: “How can you identify as a cat when you’re a girl?”

Read more in link. Well what thinkest thou? Of course at the age of near 85 it does strike me as strange and weird but then so do many of todays proposals and political and moral ethics seem to me way out of kilter. Perhaps I am behind the times. One glaring outstanding view is; why destroy the beautiful planets atmosphere and nature that feeds the human race and wild life therein in favour of replicated chemical food as in last three blogs? Why force evolution in its natural process to be replaced by transhumanism, eugenics, cyborgism and technocrocy? I am not against technology and AI it is a help and there is a technology which is harmless to organics and nature and far more effective.

                                                                        Monday, 21 September 2020

                             WELCOME TO SMART CITY.

rade the country’s telecommunications, old 2G and 3G networks are due to be shut off to free up space for advanced 5G signals that will form the base of smart cities and driverless cars

Please would you kindly read this blog on my view of what is would be like, actually a cousin of mine and his wife went to a certain Smart City and had to show their Passports, Driving licenses and so on and were vetted as like boarding a plane at an airport. Yandex the Russian driverless vehicles are going ahead  and are I am told already in use in Moscow. In our laboratory and certainly with Arthur Furstenberg with many others that deeply researched this 5G technology and found it highly disturbing to say the least, just look back or use search bar for our findings. 

Courtesy Components of Smart City
To make this work there are several components needed; everyone MUST have a Smart Meter, there must be enough antennae and telegraph posts (similar to electric cars they didn't do the infrastructure and have electrical charging points) so similarly they hastily erecting antennae where they can willy nilly for safety and hazards and with the madness of space satellites it further effects the atmosphere and nature, but no matter let AI monitor everyday life read SMART CITY ABOVE.
The Smart Phone in your hand and your TV and computer is the surveillance at present, but the smart meters are being pushed and by the way the Einstein Advert for them on UK TV's is not true and smart meters do not save you energy, it is a ploy to monitor your life should you dare to switch of your smart digital appliances and  as smart technology addiction usurping alcoholism and drug substances there maybe no going back. 

Courtesy of link


By Stuart Newman and Tina Stevens

Research on the manufacture of egg-like and sperm-like cells for the purpose of producing laboratory-crafted human children is proceeding rapidly. The objective is to turn the ordinary body cells of prospective parents into artificial eggs and sperm.

Though ostensibly developed to facilitate reproduction in individuals for whom this capability is impaired or unavailable, the use of laboratory-produced eggs and sperm represents an opening for the routine production and commercialization of “designer babies.”

In blog Forewarned is Forearmed  7th May I mentioned about the technology replication and the 3D fish and all the research from StarTrek  couple this with Smart Cities and the ease of holograms to simulate a UFO attack then the future YOU is coming to your town soon.  Soi now 3d babies. 

Courtesy NASA

                                                   Courtesy YOUTUBE AND NASA/ Yes Astronauts use Diapers 

I bring this up as a future phenomena; I have spoken to many astronauts and there is no doubt that going to the toilet in the ISS is tricky, you can see a tour of the ISS on YOUTUBE and some them discuss hygiene and toilets. So on long journeys say to Mars and beyond food and bulky EVA missions can be a problem to solve. I have discussed this in a blog way back. Yes they can send them into a sleep and rotate the crew to one to stay awake in rotas and so on, or they could change the human body to a cyborg which has been looked at and I wonder with all these talks about transhumanism, GMO FOODS, CHEMICALISED MEAT AND FISH, the freeze dried food has improved but still a limited cuisine, also water is reconstituted from Urine and so on. So maybe the images we see of so called Aliens are ET from elsewhere having the same problems of space travel. 

                                     See what Matilde O'Donnell MacElroy' alien used and was in.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidhambling/2020/05/11/us-navy-laser-creates-plasma-ufos/?sh=7665de4a 107

The USA navy have developed this laser that fire such an intense laser beam as to ionise the sky so as to produce a glowing ball (UFO like) read on the Alien threat perhaps?

From Bony Scotland and a great video

Be Well




·                        Microbiologist Kevin McKernan and his team recently discovered simian virus 40 (SV40) promoters in Pfizer’s and Moderna’s bivalent mRNA COVID shots

·                        SV40 have long been suspected of causing cancer in humans

·                        DNA contaminants may have the ability to alter the human genome. One of Pfizer’s vials also had an SV40 promoter with a nuclear localization sequence (NLS), a 72 base pair insertion that makes the promoter “much more aggressive and also drives the sequence into the nucleus” of the cell

·                        DNA contamination is a warning sign that endotoxin, which causes anaphylaxis when injected, may be present

·                        A cinnamycin-resistant gene is also included in the sequencing vector, and it’s unclear if or how this might impact human health. In a worst case scenario, it could make your microbiome resistant to antibiotics



Video from article above found on Rumble


·                        The World Health Organization and their “One Health” approach are coming for the world’s food systems, aiming to meld them with health and medical fields

·                        The outcome will be food tokens, medically tailored meals and prescription food programs that dictate what you eat

·                        Part of this is a new “food is medicine” agenda, which is being put in place to ultimately screen, track and control people through food, according to investigative journalist Corey Lynn

·                        The Rockefeller Foundation, the American Heart Association and Kroger have already partnered to develop and launch the Food is Medicine Research Initiative, which includes programs like produce prescriptions and medically tailored meals

·                        Expect that as the Food is Medicine initiative ramps up, you’ll hear more about the “necessity” of bioengineered food, lab-grown meat and insects for “good” human health and to protect the planet

https://www.bitchute.com/video/kEn3iVabHtao/        video accompanying link  


 Wuhan Scientist thrown off of roof,

Sometime back I wrote about some scientists sacked when a B4 laboratory was closed by Obama and some leaked information to Canada and were jailed and then it was Fauci who sold the information to Canada. Canada did not want it, it was decided it was too lethal and then went to China who were already using USA funding to develop weaponised bio stuff. This is now all coming out.  

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