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 Hello dear folks. They are at it again.    I HAVE ADDED AN ADDENDEUM  SINCE POST DATE AND NOW 30/08/ 2023 THE UFO SCARE AND TIME TRAVELLER.

Horror Masks
This is what your lungs will look like with extended mask wearing and the profit for those that make them. In the Corbett report at the end they have heard these 'rumours' or are they. They make a good point ; if it is a false flag and the news gets out and all the alternative so called conspiratorial freaks broadcast it and it does'nt HAPPEN then the alternative blogs, podcasts and all will look foolish and lose credit and if it DOES happen we will have been warned.

I appreciate you may not care for Alex Jones, however I have heard this news from seventeen different sources.


  • According to news reports, new COVID-19 variants are on the rise and are being closely monitored for pandemic spread. Media headlines clearly show we’re again facing a coordinated fear campaign to drive people into vaccination clinics
  • In the U.S., EG.5, nicknamed Eris, has been declared a “variant of interest,” which means it is being monitored for mutations that might make it more hazardous
  • Australian news are highlighting the BA.2.86 variant, nicknamed Pirola, while Irish news are warning about an Omicron offshoot dubbed “the real deal” by World Health Organization officials
  • However, none of these variants are showing signs of being more hazardous than previous Omicron strains
  • Despite proof that masking is useless and lockdowns were a devastating mistake that should never be repeated, federal whistleblowers warn that these failed strategies may be reimplemented sometime between September and December 2023

According to news reports, new COVID-19 variants are on the rise and are being closely monitored for pandemic spread. In the U.S., EG.5, nicknamed Eris, has been declared a "variant of interest" (VOI), which means it is being monitored for mutations that might make it more hazardous.1

Australian news are highlighting the BA.2.86 variant, nicknamed Pirola,2 while Irish news are warning about an Omicron offshoot dubbed "the real deal" by World Health Organization officials3,4 — just in case you decided that COVID was no big deal anymore.

Seven other COVID variants are also being monitored by the WHO, and an additional three variants have been declared VOI, which calls for more extensive monitoring.5

Considering the many variants that have come and gone since 2020, isn’t it curious that media are now all of a sudden focusing on particular COVID strains again, just as we’re moving into fall and influenza season?

As previously predicted, we were given a short respite over the summer, and in the fall, the fearmongering will ramp up again to drive people into the vaccination clinics where they will be pressured to get not just one but three different shots — a booster for COVID, a flu vaccine and a brand-new fast-tracked vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

And, despite proof that masking is useless and lockdowns were a devastating mistake that should never be repeated, these failed strategies will likely be reimplemented as well. Our only hope, really, is mass disobedience, because those in charge are ignoring both science and the law.(Courtesy

Fear the Superglue of the Ego
This is the first move of the W.H.O  to exert its predominance over all the health authorities in every country. 

The same psychologists are at it again, it started with small messages in the news in print, the seed was sown, my neighbours are buying masks, more people on the buses looking scared, they are whispering -oh God not again. This time the W.H.O  and Big Pharma are going for Gold as the first time they only got Bronze.



To save yourself the trouble of reading the long link below here are a few salient points;

1)Articles 1, 42,43

The amendments in the IHR (International Health Regulations) make WHO proclamations , which are currently advisory, legally binding for all its members, undermining national sovereignty.

2)Article 2

The amendment's give WHO's legislative powers overriding elected governments even in 'potential rather than actual emergencies'.

3)Article 3

The amendments remove the paragraph to have 'respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people.

4)Article 36 

WHO would be able to censor 'misinformation' or 'disinformation'.  Annexe 1 

5)Article 18

WHO would be given authority to enforce testing, tracing, and quarantines and to mandate and demand proof of medicines and vaccines.

6)Articles 18,23,24,27,28,31,35,36 and 44

WHO would get authority to roll out mandatory global health certificates. Annexes 6 and 8.

7)Article 13A

WHO would seize control  of countries means of production requiring products to be supplied as directed by the WHO

8)Article 44A and Annex 10

Countries would be obliged to provide WHO with billions of of of pounds / dollars for funding the Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex and IHR 'infrastructure' at the point of entry into the country. 

Please I beg you act now, write and protest to every authority and give to friends and family no matter if they are sceptical and call you daft or a conspiracy freak, you read fake news and so on. Be brave as our future children and generation maybe non human as we know it.

Be Well, Be Brave

The  above link is the Corbett report I really like James Corbett and his work.


·                        Canada has enacted a new law called the Online News Act that forces social media companies to compensate domestic news organizations for content shared on their platforms. To comply with the new law, Meta banned all news — both national and international news stories — from appearing in Facebook and Instagram feeds in Canada as of June 1, 2023

·                        Google is also blocking all Canadian news from its search, news and discover products in Canada as of June 29, 2023

·                        According to a citizen journalist, X (formerly Twitter) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) are working together to censor people on the platform. The ADL has also been influencing crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe to deplatform certain users

·                        The ADL is using artificial intelligence software to comb through podcasts and video-game streams for “extremist” keywords. This suggests ADL is surveilling the online activities of private citizens even if those activities have nothing to do with the ADL’s political and social causes

·                        While Elon Musk has called himself a “free speech absolutist” and promised X would be a free speech platform, evidence suggests otherwise. X CEO Linda Yaccarino is the chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Taskforce on Future of Work and sits on the WEF’s Media, Entertainment and Culture Industry Governors Steering Committee. She has stated that “lawful but awful” posts will be “deamplified,” and that the company policy is one of “freedom of speech, not reach.” X is also actively recruiting applicants for various censorship positions for the upcoming election in 2024

Censorship is ramping up at a rapid clip, and much of it is clearly directed by the U.S. federal government, despite a federal judge’s order prohibiting federal agencies and officials from communicating with social media companies about content moderation.1

In recent days, several news stories have highlighted governments’ and Big Tech’s intent to increase censorship. There’s even a rumor that Google will ban independent media from its search results altogether.2 I’ve not been able to confirm this, but considering everything else going on, would anyone really be surprised if it were true

These companies mentioned by Google are all in the pay of the Governments, Media, all the large multinationals, The Deep State, The W.H. O, The WEF and anything to do with Fauci and Gates. ANY INFOMATION THAT dares to challenge or offer any slight difference of opinion to the OFFICIAL NARRATIVE  IS CALLED fake news. I have challenged some of these and presented official documents stamped sealed and signed  which they named fake, they failed to answer and still took it down.

Time traveller' comes back from the year 2671 to warn 'real-life Purge' is coming

SEE MY BLOG  ---1st May 2023
Courtesy Link

Should you think this is crazy then read the link below and see the Universities and scientists who think this is a  possibility. FROM BLOG MAY 1ST.

Today 30th.May 2023  in the news it is peppered with 'ALIEN BITS FOUND'  UFO'S ARE HERE SEEN STREAKING ACROSS SKY----COULD BE METEORS----HEAD OF NASA SAYS UFO'S ARE REAL BUT PROBABLY CHINESE--- despite cave drawings going back thousands of years, mentioned in Bible, Upanishads, Vedas, Sutras, all first Nation drawings and traditions world wide,  first sittings recorded 1836 and my own research with many others, if you want to start a research  first book I recommend 'Above Top Secret' Timothy Good.  DO NOT LET THEM SCARE YOU AND MANY ARE NOW HOLOGRAPHIC  IMAGES ------SEE OPERATION BLUE BEAM TO DO THIS LONG BACK BUT THEY DID NOT HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY, this and many others are a push by globalists and will be directly linked to elections in the USA and implemented by the deep state.

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