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Greetings and welcome. Many have dismissed the ideas and speculations regarding ancient legends such as the Celtic legend of Bran in image 1, the Sixth Sun and other supposed legends but I feel these and my 1967 research come together in a a fascinating link up or cross over once again a interesting read perhaps, a crazy tail for bedtime browsing or perhaps a smidgeon of meaning.

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Image 1 is one of the many images of Bran a Celtic legend where Bran went into search of a fair damsel and found himself lured and trapped in the underworld. Image 2 represents Hades(some say Hell)and indeed as a retired therapist it represented to me the buried unconscious past that was triggered by later incarnated events that by associated images in the unconscious brought to them to life either by unexplained feeling and emotions or violent display of them.  This is known as karma and can be experienced as collective soul, individual soul or national, international collective consciousness and world planetary consciousness. 

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I feel that after the five extinctions of the planet and some of other races recently found in archaeological digs and Atlantis human development in prevailing conditions commensurate and appropriate to the geographical and climatological condition at that epoch and related to human development and to my mind nature does it better than human tinkering with the development transhumanism, eugenics, cyborgism, technocracy and GMO and vaccine horrors. Vaccines properly developed and some cyborg enhancements done along with nature are great and can help immensely.
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A little light humour, an interjection, a song from a Bond film 'Song --Nobody does it better-----your the best' dedicated to The Great Spirit, The Source of Life, Mother Father God. 

Bran son of Febal was the High King of Ireland who one day was visited by the Queen of the Island of Women, one of the three times fifty Islands of the Otherworld, in the seas West of Ireland. Enraptured, he set sail through the seas of the Otherworld to find her. One of the many versions throughout Celtic and other mythologies. To me it is the story of human evolution and arising from the swamps and dinosaur's, refining, beautifying and getting away from hard logic(sometimes useful but not dominant) to subtle, gentle, infusions of light rainbows and glory in the human voice, music, dance, healing, compassion, respect and feeling of divinity with that that lift one into the ecstasy of Union with the Divine a Cosmic Orgasm, I know many have felt this at times and those who feel it naturally most of the time have told me and I can vouch for this it is better than the human orgasm and makes life worth living. This is what I feel we need to today and I know that those who talk about Ninth wave have gone beyond the words to the feel of what is in the 'wings' of the theatre and the drama unfolding now.

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From the world wars and wars today every heinous and obnoxious crimes are more exposed than many years ago because of the internet and digital devices its in 'your face' so to speak and many foresaw this in waves and intimations and such a won was;

Dr. Paul La Violette on Bosnian Pyramids

Dr Paul was a visionary and like Professor Sam Chang(Alien DNA back article) was far ahead of his time and pilloried for it, I was in brief contact with him and we spoke of the future; his ideas were that Galactic Super waves contained information aligned to certain planetary line ups a sort of scientific astrology another one who was got at by academia was  Dr Percy Seymour and I went to a lecture or two of his and we briefly corresponded afterward. All of these saw future events which are turning out as they foresaw.

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Now all of the images from 6 8 were in a time way back when I was into the Mayan Prophesies or rather calendar. I was InTouch Carl Yohan Calleman and whole lot of dribble came out about 2012. 'The 2012 phenomenon was a range of eschatological beliefs that cataclysmic or transformative events would occur on or around 21 December 2012.' In my 1967 writings I got a series of dates 1967----2012----2013 to 2032----2033 to 2075. There was a mention in one of the sub calendars about 2012 but it was not significant but herald of things to come. I wrote that from that date onwards drastic things would happen in incremental procedures as have now become apparent, this was due to the increase in Cosmic Energy as I have written about often which some contain precursors in commensurate response to natures (Great spirit) design ah la evolution. Such a foreseeable event was Rudolf Steiner's  Ahriman (Article Friday 1st March 2024 'Hold Fast) of which we are very much still in. 
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'Kali Yuga (Sanskrit: कलियुग, romanized: kaliyuga or kali-yuga) means "the age of Kali", "the age of darkness", "the age of vice and misery", or "the age of quarrel and hypocrisy". A complete description of Kali Yuga is found in the Mahabharata, Manusmriti, Vishnu Smriti, and various Puranas.'  'Each Yuga Cycle lasts for 4,320,000 years (12,000 divine years) with its four yugas: Krita (Satya) Yuga for 1,728,000 (4,800 divine) years, Treta Yuga for 1,296,000 (3,600 divine) years, Dvapara Yuga for 864,000 (2,400 divine) years, and Kali Yuga for 432,000 (1,200 divine) years. Some say we are not in the Dwapara and still in Kali. Then there are some ethnic races who feel we are in the 6th Sun and 6th Extinction and those who   are waiting for the return of the Messiah ( Jewish, Buddhist and others) and some with the prophesies of the 4th world and humanity and I stick to just the dates given that a new Human is being born amongst us named as Homo Energetica Spritulana (Homo luminous by others)and the energies of evolution and Cosmic Ray and Solar System moving into high energised fields will bring this about, in my view the large incremental surge will be by dates given as 1967 to 2012---2013 to 2032---to 2033 to 2075, Homo Energetica Spritulana will not be completely here for a good deal of years after that and even prolonged if the Ahriman / elite / deep state decide it is a threat to their survival, which I feel they do now,
There are many different calculations about when the Kali Yuga ends or even begun; for instance Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri a brilliant mathematic adept wrote a whole book about the about the calculations of the dates as did several scientists and Gurus.
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 For me I do not agree with the courtesy which I use for illustrations only in 10 and others but harmless technology of course in line with nature and humanity as a divine experiment conducted by Evolution at the hand of nature. What in deed is the next exit. Well before this a hint was given by several Shamans. It was given as an astrological event; When Pluto went into Aquarius this year and there was this old hint or tale like Bran, Hercules and like those who travel into the underworld to clean up the muck and launder the contents to light and fresh, clean compassion and world family in harmony. Some say this will take ten Thousand years, some say never and some say other theories. 
My view is that between 1967 and 2012 there were slow and targeted energies to the whole Universe and they were transformed down to accommodate the forms therein so not overwhelm them and some did and some they just passed by from 2013 to 2032 a surge of energies that by the way build up to peak, then 20333 to 2075 this will not mean by 2075 Homo Energetica Spritulana will be complete it means there will more more obvious signs they are appearing, to completion many, many years from now. Mind you this can be prolonged if the Ahriman forces / elite / deep state / new world order globalists produce technologies such as deadly vaccines, GMO contamination and alter human flesh bodies to awful monstrosities just to prolong life. 
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There are parallels say between all of the waves, cycles and graphs, they are about inputs of energy and information, as if by a monitoring time clock that at the right moment and time, a time outside of human comprehension, that build up in increments and emits at the peak point, like a boil to burst open, yet not an emission, not a violent outflow but a measured and uniform or rather measured by an intelligent application and like the Sun the energetic spread of rays and abundant and profuse dispersal of these energies and frequencies are all to garner or not like the Sun sit in it or not.

To me they all represent energies and frequencies of consciousness taking the human to less dense energetic signatures and refining the human vessel to reach more and more refined consciousness to eventually be a pure consciousness and an energy being. A light Being in the Domain of Spiritual Light.


More of such articles are appearing in the press, many of these have been discovered years back.

May 11 2011

as above

There were many more, however with the closing down of energygrid magazine many contributors and I lost a lot of content. There were several photos and letters confirming the Kandahar Red Hired Giant, UFO  seen on and around battlefields with soldiers wide eyed and some praying to their Gods. I also had many removed and unavailable videos.  
Love in a really touching way with all animals, you can see lions, tigers, bears and why can't we reach out and drop our barriers, I know it's hard to do, I kick myself at my judgements and prejudices, well I at least aware of them, eliminating them by will power and force merely pushes them down and erupt in an unguarded triggered moment, how proud we are and bigoted and yet we say we are superior to the gorilla who only just showed love that great gorilla Being is a great teacher and bow my head to him and all the other nature animals who have remembered their human friends, There are many videos of these events, even wild so called animals who have asked for human help or have befriended humans.
Those who are into the mobile / cell phones should get this on!!!?

The downside of the above.

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