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Hello. This is a follow up from Special No.1 Post. Developments happen so fast, such rapid shifts, that I felt to follow up as the events take place. Mind you this is probably out of date by some time by now, I can only relate this in my 'time frame', so I trust you will bear with me.  My computer is playing up and I get notices about the bad weather affecting it so please stay with me if there are glitches. 
From Special, I commence this Post with this video below as follow up and elaboration.
This is a genuine NASA  leaked document titled the 'The Future is Now' it is startling to say the least and really take this in. Documentation is available from the net to verify its authenticity and other documents as in the 'Iron Mountain' info.
Published on 26 Jun 2013
This is a very important video with Deborah Tavares and Trevor Coppola discussing the newly revealed NASA FUTURE WARFARE DOCUMENT. People need to be informed at least given the chance to see this information and make the decision themselves to believe and act on it or not. Please circulate far and wide and make sure you download the pdf document. 
Harking back to Post Special No.1 and Sophia Smallstorm’s presentation in part 1 of the video we come across Ray Kurzwell.
Kurzwell 1
Kurzwell 2.
Evolution moves towards greater complexity, greater elegance, greater knowledge, greater intelligence, greater beauty, greater creativity, and greater levels of subtle attributes such as love. In every monotheistic tradition God is likewise described as all of these qualities, only without limitation: infinite knowledge, infinite intelligence, infinite beauty, infinite creativity, infinite love, and so on. Of course, even the accelerating growth of evolution never achieves an infinite level, but as it explodes exponentially it certainly moves rapidly in that direction. So evolution moves inexorably towards this conception of God, although never quite reaching this ideal. We can regard, therefore, the freeing of our thinking from the severe limitations of its biological form to be an essentially spiritual undertaking.
Ray Kurzwell
The Universe arrived before Kurzwell and from that point of view, however it arrived, some form of intelligence would have formed it. My view is a big bang, yes, but of an explosion of an idea, an ah ha from a consciousness. So as Kurzwell states we will enliven the Universe I can agree and disagree. We have free will and can undoubtedly become a nano based virtual reality entity, perhaps a sterile intelligence, sterile in emotions, however with algorithmic quantum implants will be able to self replicate, and as Ray says create endless worlds to examine, fantasies that become worlds and so on. 
Courtesy of
However, whether a nano being can actually enjoy these parallel worlds and other wordily dimensions is debatable, we may  be able to appreciate dispassionately in an intellectual 'Vulcan Way' see 'Star Trek', or will emotions be eradicated and so we just are an intellectual awareness devoid of 'feeling'?

This then leads to the discussion of 'emotions'.  Indeed emotions may be said to be unruly, not logical, overwhelming, and some may say this is the human condition.  From some Eastern Philosophies such as Buddhism, Tao some Yogic disciplines the taming of the emotions is part of the course. There is a difference between suppressing the emotions which can lead to difficulties as they can be stored as psychosomatic bodily afflictions or go subterranean and mix with the unconscious storehouse of memory and juxtapose, get a concoction of beliefs that shape these 'deposited ' graphics and come up as a vile monstrous abusive behaviour.  I suppose that one could say 'well maybe to live in a virtual world, maybe we are already, and programmed which most of us are now, we could eliminate illness, war, poverty and a dead GMO world would be seen as natural, maybe to be seen as acceptable, as Kurzwell says, we might not know the difference.  However who decides the programmes, the algorithms, some elite bunch of eggheads, the Bilderbugs, how do we know their real agenda? Could they remain in flesh bodies, we see they can print organs, and a few of them inherit the world and we become their robotic slaves, see my 'Scan at Barrier 7' from Post Special 1'. They whoever they are have unlimited replacement parts, and what if the robots decided to create their elite and we have a nano robotic war, it gives one the ear,eye and head ache. The future!!!.  One thing is for sure if we go on raping the Earth human beings and much natural Life will be gone anyway.    There is a video in the above
The aforesaid kidney.  Another quote from the press,'this could change the world, so many inventions ideas to do the same, so they claim, certainly we are the threshold of a mighty event, its rapidly coming to the event horizon. Chose carefully or meditate and see which stargate / wormhole we or you whiz through / down / up or ???
Then with true meditation, one can view with impartiality, be the witness and see the patterns come up, the quirks and absurdities, and so gain self knowledge, and realise the true witness consciousness from raw programmed conditioning as mentioned so many times before.  This then leads to a beautiful serenity of oneness, an inner peace and compassion replaces emotional 'love' and one realises the essence of the Universe, not as robotic implant, but as consciousness, questions as to who is God, how did it all start, who created the creator fade away. Never the less the mystery is there for without the mystery there is no point in living. One has peace of mind and pursues the quest with equanimity.
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When compassion 'hits' one then you know, it is not a describable cognition it is like the Astronauts in Special 1. It is a silent awe, most actually feel it as a physical heart opening as it were, there is a joy, a warmth and I feel this is how the Universe is.  The sheer wonder and beauty surpasses the robotic sterility of a dead GMO laced soil, trees, plants and humans. The monotonous drone of robotic voices portrayed in science fiction movies, the heartless aliens in abduction incidents.  Is this your or my future?  Not for me.
Courtesy  Life
This then comes to perhaps as the Buddhists and others say everything is an illusion.  Some science says all is held together by thoughts. I feel this is so.

Where are we now?  The nano world of robotic genetically implanted robotic 'human' a world of super fast 'artificial intelligences', devoid of human interaction, although simulating it, and possibly like in dreams and fantasies appearing and feeling real. What is real one may ask? Is reality just a conjured set of beliefs, cultural dictates, and on death what then? Do we carry on our beliefs in a 'mind / spirit form? If so we have lived in a flesh body held together by trillions of cells, 80% or so water, billions and trillions of atoms, yet these are empty of matter, we are energy beings, and what is energy? We are conscious or is that an illusion as well?

This may lead to the many worlds theory, parallel Universes, endless dimensions.
3. Courtesy
So here we come again to the crux in my view.  If the whole Universe is an illusion a dream, Who is the Dreamer?  We can create a nano replicate of ourselves, are we not quoting the Bible and God created us in his image?  If God created us in his Image who created God?  If we were created by Aliens / ET who were human like, then yes we were created in their / his image. Then of course who created them?
Perhaps the future will be two parallel worlds those of the nano world and those who feel that the Universe is Alive, it has its cycles and evolution is that of that which created the Cosmos after the Big Bang, or the explosion from consciousness from the 'mind of God' as the thoughts came together and were ready to be rolled out to us in time and to God at once. Take your choice.
In this blog in energygrid I went into Stargates.  I feel we can create Stargates or wormholes with our consciousnesses.  Part of this I explained in the above from energygrid.  I feel we are approaching such 'speeds' of evolution be it nano or ah la  Natural,  that just as in consciousness in meditation one seems to go 'out of the body' in this case I feel it is like a spiral energy portal, then we have created a 'consciousness stargate', certainly in my NDE I experienced it as such.
Courtesy Google Images.
In meditation, dreams, astral travelling, out of body sensations due to mind efforts as in contrast to drugs or alcohol, depending on the 'loftiness' of contemplation, or meditative induced kundulini / chi, we may rev up the consciousness to such a point, that it like a rocket leaving Earth's gravitational pull, have enough 'thought, consciousness power' to leave the gravity of the programmed 'planetary mass' of the ego, this I feel happens in death, NDE's and paranormal events. 

If we take the premiss that the Universe is a thought form Universe, and that thought can be measured as a frequencies, then there are thresholds that are in existences, like gravity markers where the rocket leaves the Earth's pull and floats free. So then the 'veil' or dimensions within space are different vibratory frequencies and one has to cross these in order to access the next 'level' or frequency band.  This is done with portals or wormholes, we create this with a rocket at it climbs through its invisible barrier of gravity.

              Here is another reality from a Native Ethnic view:-
Native Wisdom
Very Powerful indigenous wisdom.  UN visit of many indigenous people invited to share their wisdom and possibly find solutions to the worlds problems. 
Take care and again I do not know when I will Post again until then.  
Be Well.  Geoff

If all of the above is mind boggling, too much overwhelm or overload, a racing mind, yes spinning, one can take advantage of this whirling and follow it down, its a spinning vortex, a whirlwind, a stargate, a wormhole.  Some mantras are spun and one follows them down until reaching the quiet mind.

May I suggest that instead of reaching for  the TV remote, burying one's head in the sand, going for a run or workout, rushing to the pub, getting into fantasies, doing a drug trip, unlimited orgasmic sex, try just watching the breath, look quietly at the racing mind or blocked mind, breathe quietly and somewhat deeper and slightly longer than normal.  Then silently watch the breath, feel it entering the nostrils and leaving, you may arrive at a calm, empty of thought place or distant thought as if you were on the ocean floor looking up at thoughts, images drifting silently by, pay them unbiased and non judgemental attention. Attention without Intention. You may find yourself in this dynamic stillness.  Dwell here until it ends.
You may find your mind wanders, one has body itches and pains, bring it all back to the breath, if you are sleepy just awaken to breath. Eventually the mind, the ego, and the body let go and the stillness becomes a relaxed easy natural flow.
This then is really letting go, and any or none of the above choices, ideas or content have confusion and doubts and so on, one rests easy with it and perhaps some deep prompts will arrive.  Just rest without distraction, this then is TRUSTING IN LIFE, which is Trusting Yourself.
Wait, watch, feel, let go. Then maybe from the depths of your ocean of being, your deep quiet, your stillness, a knowing may arise, a sort of all encompassing knowing, an all over knowing seems to arrive, all over affirmation and confirmation, not so much from a voice, or a being, words, images or signs, you know that you really know------this may well be the decision, the direction, the verification one needs.  
This is the place as it were, that the creative intelligence resides, this is indeed who you and I are, and we are one at this 'place'.  We are indeed created in the 'image' of the 'Creative Mind', far beyond nano GMO, far beyond the flesh of the body, beyond form, beyond mortality and finiteness, and yet we are temporarily encapsulated in form, this time in a human body. 

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