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Hi Its good to see you Its been a long while.

Oh yes great to see you too.  How are things?   Yes all is well and the family are great and all that sort of stuff.  And you. Yes my lot and stuff are good.

I was intrigued by your phone call and wondered why your visiting?  
Well I am meeting some folk here and it is about a new project and also a Post I came across in Google.  I guess you know the guy and also I am curios about several things he says and back Posts.  I came across several of the points I want to discuss with you and also I miss our 'Zen' talks.
Yes we spent many a hour or so chewing over the cud on the reason of no reason and that crap.
Well I 'll kick off with something.  My last trip into space got me the awe feeling and this guy mentions something like ' the phantom wave healing device' this guy goes into it a lot in energygrid and so does Wilcock a bit in Source Field and this article (shows bit of paper with 'NASA is working on Star Trek healing devices'it's not sci-fi any more')'
Well all I can say about that is 'its old hat' and they already have it. Reading this guy as you mention from the grid and his Posts, it would seem anything mentioned like this would have been developed years back. 
Yes well I thought this as they are developing the Mars ride and obviously they need a full emergency medical kit, and you would have thought that the guys on the mission would come first. I would have thought medical, food, recycling and all would be the first of the priority.
However I digress, I'm here to do a series of lectures and I wanted to discuss the Posts 135 A and 136 A of these which he calls Specials.
OK go for it.

Just to finish off the above first, I know I jump about a bit. He claims in the grid that they have already got Stargates and they have been to all planets as in the Ben Reich stuff, so all this above is done to break the public into gradually accepting the so called unacceptable.

Maybe, perhaps they really kept the black ops / skunk works so tight that the other side really did not know, you know the threats, the bribes and perhaps erasing their memories when they returned home after a days work.  It can happen.  Also there is a lot of money to be made, a cash cow if you milk it right and make enough intrigue around.  You know space really does grab people. 
So your talking about parallel worlds here?

Well yes, after all most TV's, cell phones and the like are well out of date before they even leave the drawing board, never the less manufactured and sold.

Your more worldly than I and of course I do know this, it just is mind boggling.  So you really believe or think they've got it all already and the rest is sell marketing ploy on the public.

For sure. Wilcock and others will go into this as well, like the interviews with Bill Ryan The Camelot and co.

OK lets get down to the Posts on the Specials. What's your take on GMO and artificial intelligence? 

OK I go along with the Posts. I think that we have cloned robotic androids of which like Dolly the Sheep you would not know the difference if you were one or as it were the 'original human you were cloned from' and if you and I live in a virtual world, would we know the difference. Do you feel real, authentic, human, whatever that means?

Well yes I guess I do.  But on your thinking how would I know if I was abducted and cloned?

Yes exactly.

Oh my God!

Does it matter? In the long run you feel, act, and are going on exactly as you are or were before cloning.

What about my skin, my family, my kids? 

They are not necessarily cloned, they could be implanted as a programme in your 'mind' and you may not have a body so to speak at all, you are a dream,a programme in a computer.

You mean I do not actually exist?

You do but not how you originally thought yourself to be.  You are a dream, a programme. Maybe I am in your dream or you are in mine.
This is real scary. I may not even be alive as I know it.

Correction dear friend you may not be alive at all as you knew it, or you may never have been alive.

That's madness.

By whose definition? If you you are a creation of God say, then you are only a figment of his imagination, so you have only been alive as an idea in His Mind. Maybe He gave you a gift to think for yourself, the so called free will, but that was  the only way you knew yourself and thought, I feel I am aware of myself, however, this could be a feeling He Gave you, you are His Dream, and his dream, like when you dream, it  all seems so real. In what space do you dream? How long does a dream last?
You are scaring the shit out of me.  Do you really think we are cloned and are in virtual reality already?

Taking the point many scientists feel we are a hologram within a hologram so to speak, and the whole Universe is bit by bit dissolving, exploding, reforming a sort of perpetual motion, it seems to me the Universe is trying to find out if it is real or not. You know atoms, particles are composed of what?  90% of f---k all as my old prof would say, so why are we, you, me holding on to nothing, the that which you cannot grasp?  Because we want to exist, I Want to Know I Am, so does the Universe.

So where does that leave me, my existence, my life?

Why ask me I am in the same shit as you.
Well you seem to accept the situation more than I can. This really disturbs me, I am going to deliver lectures to Universities on Space and the beauty of the Universe and how we should all be a world community and all that, save the planet, be ecological and all, now what for?

Maybe that's the Universes Plan, God's plan, Gods dream and maybe its because that's the way the Universe preserves Itself and Self reinvents Itself.  Maybe you and I are only figments of His imagination, maybe He is the supreme dreamer, and all of us or some of us are trying to outdo, outshine His dream and create a world nay a Universe of our own, take His free gift and say OK thanks a lot I'm off and doing my own thing.

That seems a better way for me.

Yes it may make you more comfortable feeling there is a benign Creator out there, looking after you, keeping you warm and snug in his all enveloping Mind, his consciousness wrapped around you and protecting you from those roguish egoistic scientists who feel they have a greater mind than 'Him' and say He does not exist the Universe is dead matter.  In a way it is because we cannot feel or perceive its aliveness, then it is dead.
Courtesy Google images. ( maybe
Then you are saying as we are a figment in an imagination, and how big is a mind without a body? And maybe we need a body, virtual or not to get a sense of spatial relationship to who we are.

Yes the room needs walls, and the furniture is the content of the programme which the awareness virtual or not perceivers itself as 'real' or exists. If the dreamer stops dreaming, the computer is switched off, then there is emptiness without recognition. This is not death, this is rest, the unconscious reforming, like trees in winter refurbishing, sleeping, resting regathering. Or waiting for someone or thing to switch the machine on again.

So we are left with what?  To my mind it is who created me, this is what concerns me the most.

The crux as I see it is 'who created this virtual reality and who do I trust'?  If I am at the caprice of some bunch of mad hell bent arrogant big headed elite, a bunch of long headed aliens, goggle eyed ET's, then I am at the whim of their programmes, their fantasies, they hold the on / of switch, and from the way this 'virtual' world reality is working out with global warming, austerity measures, wars, atrocities beyond human conception, wild uncontrolled drug, ego infused monstrosities, no I opt out if I could. However, they may have created this mayhem in order for the take over to clone us or make us more subservient or robotic, then offer us the salvation of their cloning virtual world, to live as programme or an android as a safe paradise a haven from this awful storm war ridden melting pole shifting world. 
Courtesy of tobarhuirecross(the rest was not clear)
Add caption Courtesy of
Do we feel mankind will hold the 'new world ' in its hands or do we trust the Cosmos and the creator behind the form?

Neither.  Because we may not be able to determine what of these two options are real, if anything is real.  We are left beyond our understanding, our philosophy, our logic, our science, our complete history and encyclopaedia of existence, beyond the awareness, the witness, we are are empty of all reason and understanding. We stand naked before all knowledge. We are and the Universe is beyond definition, measurement and comprehension. So I say for me fall over the cliff, the edge of reason.

What do you say about the Guru stuff about 'Who am I, I am Me? and a saying that the riddle, the koan is answered by the fact that when you do not need to answer it or question it, you know?
To me there is no 'I'. I feel that when I say I as I just said, it is an identity built, constructed around a set of programmes that are bunched, bundled, sifted categorised and this package is given a label mine, me, I, and all associated possessions are labelled mine, these are mine.

So what the hell is the witness, the awareness that one is the witness?

The sole purpose of the witness is to realise the programmes, the conditioning, the bundle or package, and realise you are not them. So the witness disappears and what is left is ------?(at this point the speaker shrugs and is quiet and laughing).

Well there is nothing left.  One is a vegetable, a blithering idiot, a empty vessel ---- this is a ridiculous conclusion to life, its seems it has all been in vain. 

And you are sure of that?

Once again it is not clear and sure when another Post will Appear.

From time to time the Conversationalists will add to chat, so tune into Addendum:-

Hey, I know I am alive I feel it, live it know it.

Yeah, How do you know you haven't been programmed to 'feel' this. After all they are producing prosthetic limbs which can feel.  Look at StarWars.  Your still trying to find answers.

That's what keep me from going mad, insane.

If you let go of sanity and insanity, you find you arrive at a state of consciousness which is neither.  

You man are getting zanier and quirkier than ever.

It is the quest to find and answer which is answer-less that provided the mystery, and this fuels the quest.

OK I understand that  fuels the zest for life and stops one being bored.

If you seek the quest it alludes you, if the quest arrives as it were spontaneously, synchronistically, then it is appropriate.  

You talk in riddles at times.

Keeps the brain active and stops becoming daft and senile.

Before you said there was nothing, now your saying there is a quest?

I said are you sure of that?  Well are you?

I am not sure of anything now?

If you can live with that, that uncertainty, then the quest has found you.  If yo have no quest you are dead and if you have a quest you are confused and in ignorance.

So what is the quest?

You will know when it finds you and the fact you are in a quandary, feeling to run, hide, find a secure place, this means it has found you, let it lead you to depths unknown, outside of logic and reason, beyond and then, and then, you may find the pearl of Creation, remembering that a pearl is only found in an enclosure of the oyster shell.  You maybe the shell and once found the pearl within, you may well become something else.

continued on post 138 'THE FALL FROM LOGIC PART 2'.

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