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Hello and welcome to odds and ends.  This is like the world, seemingly disjointed and separatist. Yet deep down we are one, far deeper than the surface façade and media hypnosis. So the scenarios below will depict this and that, yet there is a theme.  


   3)                                   Alien at conference
Roswell again
4) A beautiful collage( not quite the correct word yet it felt OK) of the heavens.
WOW MH17  A must 5 mins watch
Dear Geoff, 
People have been asking me for
more information about Flight MH17,
which seems to have fallen off the
map, given all of the diversions we've
been deluged with daily, ever since it
crashed in mid-July.

Well, here's some more grist for the ol'
mill, which YouTube rockstar, Dahboo7

"The most Explosive proof to date!"

Dahboo7 shows us radar evidence that
Singapore Flight SQ51, accelerated from
behind MH17 and caught up with the
doomed plane, matching the latter's
course exactly, RIGHT at the moment of
that MH17 disappeared from the radar

Dahboo7 also claims that the radar
records also show "Smoking Gun Proof
that MH17 was picked back up on radar
jumping up under the Singapore Airlines
Flight path with its transponder turned off

With the transponder off, it would appear,
on radar that there was only 1 airplane
flying that course.

Readers, take note, because this same
tactic could one day be used again in the
future: "ghost riding" a plane on radar, to
attack an area...

Dahboo7 also claims here that, despite
some reports of corpses free-falling out of
the sky at the time of the MH17 incident,
he affirms there was scant evidence that a
plane actually crashed at that location in
the hotly-contested, battlefield that is the
ethnic Russian-dominated region around

There are several shots of an on-the-ground
explosions at the site of the "crash," if you
search YouTube. We also know that there
were many oddities reported about the scene
of the crash: pristine passports, gathered
together in a single pile (with reports that
 none of these belonged to living people);
completely unscathed childrens' toys; reports
of long-since-dead bodies, showing signs of
torture, but no signs, that a living body would
show, from the physical trauma of an airplane
crash from over 35,000 feet in altitude.

The first story that I posted about this event,
on July 19, presented the "no crash" theory
and deserves another look, for those interested.
As expected, much hate spewed forth at me from
the web, after I published Clifford Anthony Paiva's

There is also the matter of ample and very
plausible evidence that the aircraft, which was
either staged and blown up at the scene or
which actually crashed in Eastern Ukraine last
July was none other than the unsolved mystery
plane from flight 370, which went missing -
and has officially stayed missing, since its
disappearance while en route from Kuala Lumpur
to Beijing last March. The video, with lots of
evidence to back up that theory also bears review,
for aficcionados of these very unusual Malaysia
Airlines cases, as well.

The twin of the plane from Flight 370 (as all
commercial Boeings are built two at a time) was
last known to be purchased in Lourdes, France
by a shady South Florida aviation company and
was last known to be parked in an airplane
hangar at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv - unless
any planespotters out there have noted any new
activity for this commercial airliner, which is in
the very unusual situation of being perfectly
operational and relatively new - yet parked, for
what must be a hefty parking fee - and not
currently in use...

 Courtesy Alexandra Bruce  Forbidden Knowledge. 
A Fish?  Rogue interceptor cell phone towers---my, my what next?
Try Calling Google?  In my 1967 writings I mention telepathy will become the norm in time and is increasing now.  Many are picking up the 'crazed' thoughts of so many dysfunctional folk. Suppression and Distraction is not the answer. Deep meditation is a way, a way of surrendering to the Cosmic Mind, and realising we as individual are powerless in this mad world ethos of today. ' I am nothing it is God in me that does the works' This is not to say self deprecation it is recognising the programmed self is not able to cope and control, only the deeper consciousness can do this ' Behold I make all things anew' 'what is impossible for man is not impossible for the Divine Mind'.  'Expect a Miracle but leave the details to the Great Spirit, the Source of Life'. 
Ancient Yogis and Tibetan Lama's
Bush, Blair and co wanted for war crimes as in contrast to the above.
Dear Geoff, 

Simon Parkes is an Experiencer,
who has mastered the issue and
is able to give a wide perspective
on the subject.

He was born into a family with a
history; mother in British MI5
(actually, the NSA) and father at
MI6 (really at CIA).

He presents his data with some
authority. Simon normally speaks for
2 to 3 hrs, so listen carefully in this
1 hr brief.

Video: (60 mins)  (Courtesy Forbidden Knowledge--- Alexandra Bruce) Weekly Digest Newsletter 38/2014‏  There is so much of interest I suggest you look into this----its very revealing.

MOST , MOST IMPORTANT.  Please sign the petition at 
ae9/ (May have to go to main site)
I have little to say.  I feel that 9/11 is the lynch pin to the whole current world chaos.  If it is proven that it was a false flag, then the excuse to hunt down terrorists, invade countries and cause the economic confusion and poverty, wars and attrition would then cause the culprits behind the false flags to become known and then the truth about invasion, mass killings, who is on this and so many other things maybe would be made clear.
If it came about that 9/11 was a 'home job' then it would prove the perpetrators are sick, and are and have been killing their own.  This would bring down the one world government issue, the false Big Pharma screw ups, the arms trade and so much more.
I feel the future of our world depends on the 9/11 real evidence and to clear up the notorious awful thugs that rule our world in the name of peace and security. Such a travesty of justice should be revealed and our march to a world police state ever closer.  Please sign

Be Well.  Geoff

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