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Hello.  Welcome to out of space in skulls and out of brain for the unbelievable economic implications if they prove to be authentic. Also the possibility of a 'war' between two New World Orders', and a possibility of a third New World Order of a growing spiritual evolution as below video hints of.   'The New Humans' by Mary Rodwell.  You think you know it all----well out of space and out of mind. 
Non Human DNA found in skulls. (See also the late Lloyd Pye's ' Starchild Project' extensive DNA testing already in progress. 5 mins
Harvey Organ the 'wheel' will fall off so to speak by Christmas 2014? 30 mins
This might blow your socks off.  Harvey Organ may have something.  Way back I reported on:- 

Breaking news Lord James of Blackheath has spoken in the House of Lords holding evidence of three transactions of 5 Trillion each and a transaction of 750,000 metric tonnes of gold and has called for:-

Unofficial Transcript of the speech by Lord James of Blackheath, in the Lords Chamber of the House of Lords, London, on 16 February 2012
I'm going to start with my conclusions, but I'm not going to sit down when I've made them. Because I'm then going to give you the evidence to support them and hopefully present to you the reasons why I want support for an official inquiry into the mischief I want to unfold to you this afternoon.
My lords, I have been engaged in pursuit of this issue for nearly 2 years now, and I'm no further through to getting to the truth.
I think there are three possible conclusions that may come from it. I think there may have been a massive piece of money laundering committed by a major government which ought to know better and that it has effectively undermined the integrity of the British bank the Royal Bank of Scotland, in doing so. The second alternative is that a major American department has an agency that has gone rogue on it because it has been wound up and has created a structure out of which they are seeking to get at least 50 billion Euros as a payoff. And the third possibility is that this is an extraordinarily elaborate fraud which has not been carried out but which has been prepared in order to provide a threat to one government or more if they don't pay them off. So there are three possibilities and this all needs a very urgent review.
My Lords, it starts in April and May of 2009, with the alleged transfer to the United Kingdom, to HSBC of a sum of 50 trillion dollars and seven days later, in comes another 50 trillion dollars to HSBC, and then 3 weeks later another 50 trillion. 5 trillion in each case. Sorry. A total of 15 trillion dollars is alleged to have been passed into the hands of HSBC for onward transit to the Royal Bank of Scotland and we need to look at where this came from and what the history of this money is. And I have been trying to sort out the sequence by which this money has been created and from where it has come from for a long time.
It starts off apparently as the property of a man called Yohannes Riyadi. Which has some claims to be the richest man in the world. Well he would be if all the money that was owed to him was paid, but I have seen accounts of his showing he owns 36 trillion dollars in a bank. And it is a ridiculous sum of money. On the other hand the 36 trillion dollars would be consistent with the dynasty from which he comes and the fact that they had been effectively the emperors of Indo-China in times gone by. But a lot of that money has been taken away from him with his consent by the American treasury over the years for the specific purpose of helping to support the dollar.
He has sent to me a really quite remarkable document which is dated in February 2006 in which the American government, according to a meeting with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which is neither a Federal Reserve, nor a Bank. It's a bit like celebrity big brother. It's got three names to describe it and none of them are true. And this document, which is quite astonishing, purports to have been a meeting. It is witnessed by Mr. Alan Greenspan, who signed for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, of which he was chairman, as well as the real Federal Reserve Bank in Washington. And it is signed by Mr. Timothy Geithner, as a witness on behalf of the International Monetary Fund who sent two witnesses, the other one being Mr. Yusuke Horiguchi and these gentlemen have signed as witnesses to the effect that this deal is a proper deal. There are a lot of other signatures on here as well. This is not a photocopy. This is an original version of the contract. Under which the American treasury has apparently got the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to offer to buy out the bonds which have been issued to Mr. Riyadi to replace the cash which has been taken from him over the previous ten years and they're giving him 500 million dollars, as a cash payment to buyout worthless bonds.
Now this is all in the agreement and it's very remarkable. I would have thought that establishing whether this is a correct piece of paper or not is just 2 phone calls away. One to Mr. Geithner and one to Mr. Greenspan. Both of whom still prosper and live, so they could easily confirm whether they signed this.
Mr. Riyadi has, by passing these bonds over, also put at the disposal of the U.S. Treasury the entire asset backing which he was alleged to have for the 15 trillion. I now have a letter here -- from the Bank of Indonesia, which says that the whole thing was a pack of lies. That he did not have the 750,000 tonnes of gold which was supposed to be backing it. He only had 700 tonnes. And this is really a piece of complete fabrication.
Finally, I have a letter here from Mr. Riyadi himself, who tells me he was put up to do this and that none of it was true and that he has been robbed of all his money and I'm quite prepared to recognize that one of the possibilities here is that Mr. Riyadi is himself putting this together as a forgery in order to try and win some recovery back.
But it gets more complicated than that. Because each of the 5 trillion payments that came in has been acknowledged and receipted by the executives at HSBC and again receipted by the executives at the Royal Bank of Scotland. And I have a set of the whole of those receipts for all of this money. Why would any bank want to sign 5 trillion dollars worth, 15 trillion total, of receipts if the money didn't exist.
The money was said to have come, first of all from the Riyadi account, to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York it was passed through JPMorgan Chase in New York for onward transit to London. The means of sending it was a SWIFT note, which ought to have been registered with the Bank of England if it was genuine. So when this happened and came about, I first of all took it to my noble friend Lord Strathclyde (sp?), and said, "what do we do with this"?
He said, give it to Lord Sassoon, he's with treasury. So we did and Lord Sassoon looked at it and said immediately, "This is rubbish -- it's far too much money, it would stick out like a sore thumb and you can't see it in the Royal Bank of Scotland accounts". Quite right. Secondly he said, "The gold backing is ridiculous, there has only ever been 1,507 tonnes of gold mined in the history of the world, so you can't have 750,000 tonnes" [Editors Note: The 1,507 tonnes is not correct, but the number is still FAR smaller than the 750,000 tonnes -- somewhere around 150,000 metric tonnes]. This is true and the third thing he said obviously was, "it's a scam", and I agree with him. It was a scam. The problem is we stopped looking at that point. We should have asked, what is the scam? Instead of, at that time, just nodding it off. And we have never really resolved this, because today, I have this piece of paper.
Which is my justification for bringing it into this meeting today, which is available on the internet and I'm astonished that it hasn't already been unearthed by the treasury and every alarm bell in the land should be ringing if it has. Because this is the general audit office of the Federal Reserve...the real Federal Reserve in Washington. And its audit review in the end of July of 2010 on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It has on it, some 20 banks listed, to which 16.115 trillion dollars are outstanding in loans. My Lords, that is the sore thumb that was being looked for by Lord Sassoon.
But more particularly there are two other very interesting things in this. The first is that Barclays Bank got 868 billion in loans, the Royal Bank of Scotland has got 541 billion, in which case, one has to ask, is that they could have earned in three weeks, enough to pay off their entire indebtedness to the taxpayers of Britain, why they have not done so and can we please ask them to put a check in the post for the whole 46 billion.
And the third thing that is wrong with it is that every bank on this list, without exception, is an MTN-registered bank. Which means they are registered to use the medium term notes to move funds between themselves with an agreed profit share formula. In which case these banks are investing this money and most extraordinary, not a penny of interest does the Federal Reserve Bank want paid on this vast amount of 16 trillion.
Anyone amongst yourselves who knows what the IMF rules for financials are will immediately smell a rat. Because the IMF has very strict rules for validating dodgy money. There are two ways of doing it. You either pass it through a major central bank, like the Bank of England, who have apparently refused to touch this. Or alternatively, you put it through to a bank which is an MTN trading bank. Which is then able to use the funds on the overnight European MTN trading market where they can earn between 1 and 2.5% profit per night. And the compound interest on that is huge. So there is a vast profit being made with this money somewhere if it is in fact genuine.

So my Lords, I believe that this is such an important issue now that I've put everything I've got on this subject into a 104 megabyte memory thumb. And I want the government to put this to some suitable investigative bureau and take everything I've got on the subject and find out what the truth is about what is going on here because there is something very seriously wrong. Either we have a huge amount of tax uncollected on profits made, or we've got a vast amount of money festering away in the European banking system which is not real money, in which case we need to take it back. My Lords, I ask for an investigation and please support my plea.
Link (as far as I am aware, mind you I have not followed it up{to date 25-10-14} no atiocn was taken)

There was a story going round that the USA and UK denied issuing bonds, a kind of IOU and that 14 countries, one of them was Malaya(link to Malayan Airlines--owner Jacob Rothchild---planes MH 370 and MH 17, his / their planes) read in conjunction with Harvey Organ, the collapse of the dollar a New World Economical Order and currency, perhaps BRICS OUTDOING THE POLITICAL ONE by the Kissinger, Bush, Rothchild's, Rockefeller's, Morgan and the banker cartels, no wonder they the USA and co want a 3rd World War.   
I have been told that these 14 countries are mounting a legal case costing trillions of dollars to get their gold back.  The story also alleges that these countries gave their gold to the USA AND UK for safe keeping thinking they would never be attacked and then the USA and UK denied they had issued the bonds and that the bonds produced by those countries were forged and they were claiming their gold as fraudulent and a means of exacting that gold by unfair means.  
Another view of what may be coming. 7 mins
USA TREASURY IN PANIC 10 MINS-----backs up Harvey Organ above. 10 mins
I recorded this in Post 165A and was a researcher in this incident found it to be authentic.
The only question I had was that I thought and so did others it was Reginald Bosanquet the broadcaster and not Ivor Mills.
More on silver and the economy. 16 mins
If you are strong enough READ THIS LINK.
Auto pilot car.  4 mins
Wild December Animal and Birds---beautiful.  Contrast as Audi above and Nature. Perhaps they can work together as has been shown in some logging enterprises.4 mins
MOONLIT AURORAS: Earth is passing through a fast-moving stream of solar wind, and this is stirring auroras around the Arctic Circle bright enough to see through the glare of the nearly-full Moon. Tour guide Gunnar Hildonen sends this picture from Tromso, Norway:
"Lady Aurora just got crazy in the eastern sky," says Hildonen. "Several of my guests were close to crying. It was pink and violet Rock-n-Roll, and it felt like it should never stop. Yes, I am very glad that I have this job."
The moonlight is intensifying ahead of this Thursday's full Moon, but the auroras might be intensifying, too. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of geomagnetic storms on Nov. 4-5 as the solar wind continues to blow.(Courtesy
This could be an indication of some possible radio / transformer / satellite interference. 
HIGH SOLAR ACTIVITY: Solar activity is intensifying. Sunspot AR2205 has unleashed at least 4 strong M-class solar flares in the past 24 hours (Nov. 5-6), and it appears that stronger explosions could be in the offing. NOAA forecasters estimate a 25% chance of X-flares on Nov. 6th. Also from
IT IS ALSO A FULL MOON IN SCORPIO ON NOVEMBER 6 2014 AT 22.24 GMT, 23.24 CUT, 0.24+Australian Capital Territory Time, 17.24 USA  Eastern Standard Time.  
Although this would be out of date now, I included this so that read in conjunction with my Space Weather articles, repeated so many times and now again, in order to note affects / effects.
From the talk to be presented:
After death we become free to form certain thoughts, feelings and perceptions that we are unable to do while handicapped by a physical brain. However, we can do much to prepare the physical brain to be a better interpreter of truth than we currently do.  Much earlier in evolution, the human being's mechanism was, in some ways, actually finer rather than coarser, as Darwin’s theory of evolution would have us believe. People then were able to look into the spiritual world and to accomplish the things that their soul intended them to do for that lifetime. Due to humanity’s desire nature being bound up with the material rather than the spiritual, many now pass through the portal of death with unprocessed thoughts, and with feelings and perceptions which were unexercised and unaccomplished during physical incarnation because of coarser bodies and a materialistic orientation.
The exercise of consciously building a bridge from this world to the next, as well as helping our own transition, will eventually enable us to maintain contact with our friends and co-workers who have passed on and valuable service can be carried out through this collaboration. We should always think of those co-workers and those close to us as present and still part of the same web of thought and of service. Steiner said, “If only we could bring into human hearts today the fact that life is impoverished when the dead are forgotten.” (Courtesy Lucis Trust to be presented at their London HQ on 6th November 2014 at 18.30)  5 mins. Dr Edgar Mitchell and ET.
A huge disc over Earth taken from ISS released by Mexico.  These are genuine and could be taken down very shortly. 
GCHQ and Snowden and UFO---could be a ruse, a deception or a message?
EFT for stress relief a great tool for the anxieties and problems of today's world climate weather and political wise.
X-FLARE AND CME: On Nov. 7th at 1726 UT, Earth-orbiting satellites detected a strong X1.6-class solar flare. The source was sunspot AR2205. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the explosion's extreme ultraviolet flash:
Radiation from the flare ionized the upper layers of Earth's atmosphere, producing a short-lived HF radio blackout on the dayside of our planet. This is the sort of disturbance that ham radio operators, aviators or mariners might notice.
The explosion also hurled a CME into space at 600 km/s: movie. As CMEs go, this one is neither fast nor is it heading directly toward Earth. At most, we can expect a glancing blow to Earth's magnetosphere in a few days. Even more likely is no impact at all. NOAA analysts are working on a more precise forecast, so stay tuned. Aurora alerts: textvoice  Courtesy SPACEWEATHER.COM
MARTIAN METEOR SHOWER: Yesterday, NASA held a press conference to discuss what happened when Comet Siding Springs buzzed Mars on Oct. 19, 2014. An international fleet of Mars orbiters observed the encounter using a variety of cameras, radars, and other sensors. Among many findings, the highlight was a "spectacular meteor shower" detected by NASA's MAVEN spacecraft. MAVEN did not actually see streaks of light in the Martian atmosphere--the spacecraft was sheltering behind the body of Mars during the comet's flyby. But when MAVEN emerged, it found a glowing layer of Mg+ (a constituent of meteor smoke) floating 150 km above the planet's surface:
The "smoke" was made of ionized magnesium and other metals shed by the disintegrating meteoroids. The data are consistent with "a few tons of comet dust being deposited in the atmosphere of Mars," says Nick Schneider, the instrument lead for MAVEN's Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph at University of Colorado, Boulder. "A human on the surface of Mars might have seen thousands of shooting stars per hour, possibly a meteor storm." He further speculated that the meteor shower would have produced a yellow afterglow in the skies of Mars because the meteor smoke was rich in sodium ions.
Jim Green, the director of NASA's Planetary Science Division in Washington DC says there was a lot more comet dust hitting Mars than researchers expected, pre-flyby. Radars onboard the ESA's Mars Express spacecraft and NASA's Mars Reconnassance Orbiter also detected signs of meteor-related ions. MAVEN and the other spacecraft are continuing to collect data as the atmosphere of Mars recovers from the encounter.(Courtesy
Until next time please take note of the solar 'stuff' and the connections to biology and crime and so on .
Be Well.  Geoff

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