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Hello and happy thoughts to you. Survival is paramount in many peoples minds these days.  In war ravaged area there is disease, famine, terror, maiming, rape and killing.  In so called affluent societies there are asylum seekers, immigrant problems, and thousands of displaced people trying to get to to other countries, whilst in those countries there is unemployment, austerity measures, racial hatred and lock up facilities for illegal immigrants, police brutality, food banks, child abuse and women treated abominably.   
French police escort migrants back to the "jungle" camp in Calais Photo: Warren Allott/The Telegraph
There are so many peoples who have lost their homes, displaced, going to foreign countries, the traumas of young people which may turn them to crime and radicalisation. The pain coursing through the collective unconscious, the anger which is generated through cruelty and injustice manifesting itself in relentless hatred and displaying itself in mass killing, crimes which are almost unbelievable and yet Life goes on, we may not survive but Life will. 
STRESS-TESTING HALOBACTERIA: Astrobiologsts have long wondered if halobacteria, a terrestrial extremophile with a special talent for shielding itself from UV radiation, could survive on the planet Mars. To find the answer, the students ofEarth to Sky Calculus have been flying halobacteria onboard balloons to the top of Earth's atmosphere. On March 24, 2015, this test tube full of microbes traveled to an altitude of 110,000 feet:
During the flight, onboard sensors registered temperatures as low as -60 C, air pressures of 1% sea level, and cosmic radiation levels 40 times Earth-normal. Those are conditions akin to the planet Mars. Two and a half hours after they were launched, the bacteria landed in the Death Valley National Park. This means they experienced a 100 C swing in temperature, a 100-fold change in air pressure, and a 40-fold surge of radiation. A recovery team collected the microbes from the park's Nelson Range on March 25th.
The students have already shown that halobacteria can survive trips like this. But can they survive multiple trips? This same test-tube of microbes will fly again on April 1st, and a third time on April 7th--an unprecedented stress-test for this species. Stay tuned for results.
Thanks and courtesy to Students and 
Readers, if you would like to help send halobacteria back to the edge of space for additional stress-testing, sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact Dr. Tony Phillips for details.
Sir Fred Hoyle
Born24 June 1915
GilsteadBingleyWest Riding of Yorkshire, England
Died20 August 2001 (aged 86)
Bournemouth, England
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Scientific career
InstitutionsInstitute of Astronomy, Cambridge
Alma materEmmanuel College, Cambridge
Academic advisorsRudolf Peierls
Maurice Pryce
Philip Worsley Wood
Doctoral studentsJohn Moffat
Chandra Wickramasinghe
Cyril Domb
Jayant Narlikar
Leon Mestel
Peter Alan Sweet
Other notable studentsPaul C. W. Davies
Douglas Gough
Known forCoining the phrase 'Big Bang'
Hoyle's fallacy
B2FH paper
Hoyle-Narlikar theory
Steady state theory
Triple-alpha process
InfluencedJocelyn Bell Burnell
Jayant Narlikar
Donald D. Clayton
Notable awardsMayhew Prize (1936)
Smith's Prize (1938)
Kalinga Prize (1967)
RAS Gold Medal (1968)
Bruce Medal (1970)
Royal Medal (1974)
Klumpke-Roberts Award(1977)
Crafoord Prize (1997)
This supports Sir Fred Hoyle's theorem we are derived or brought here from bacteria from Space.  You can research him on You Tube and Wikipedia.  I met Sir Fred Hoyle, Sir Bernard Lovell and Sir William Penny at the Tower of London when I had a meeting with the Tower of London Guvernor and Keeper Sir Colonel Sir Thomas Pierce Butler 12 Baronet, CVO, DSO, OBE, JP,  1968-1971, he was the Patron of the Amateur Judo Association of Great Britain and I was the Southern Area Coach and Chief Instructor until I came out of it in the mid seventies.
Sir Fred's theory about frozen bacteria in space has now been proved, so perhaps bacteria are the likely survivors in all circumstances. 
The thought crosses my mind if we are wiped out, then our 'genetic' information and 'phantom wave' records might impregnated or imprinted in wave formation and occupy bacteria that may seed another human race elsewhere. 
Obama as a Law Student. 58.mins
Eckhart Tolle on 'Collective Insanity' on 9 / 11. 15 mins. 
Brilliant and incisive.  I relate to this absolutely.  I am in the yo-yo states that dear Eckhart explains.
It was fascinating listening to Barry above or Barrack, I could identify with much of what he said. Many times when folk found out or I shared I was born a Jew I was persecuted because of it, sometimes physically, shunned or verbally assaulted.  The strange thing was I felt the 'identity crisis' came before I was aware as a child of the fact that Jews were 'different' than others.

In my NDE I perceived or intuitively understood I was a witness a consciousness, I had no form to identify with, I was a viewer without a body, a vehicle, like a witness in a dream that sees it as a film, a cameo and so on. So on returning to a small child body I was confused and wondered what this 'case' was?  I was skinny, weak and lonely.  No wonder I was so ill all through till the ages of  4 years to 15 years of age, although I gradually got better from the age of 9 - 10 through the help of Ju Jitsu and a Portuguese Doctor who attended the house where we lived in Wembley in Paxford Road.
It was while I lived in Wembley I suffered my first series of anti-Semitism.  I could not reconcile the difference ' I felt we are in cases, bodies, we are taught to be different', and I could not get over the fact all of us were not family'.  I felt deeply for world family.
It was getting towards my Barmitzvah(Jewish boy at 13 yrs of age initiation at Synagogue) and I could not read Hebrew and so I was sent to a religious school and mixed with boys like the image above, the Chassidim. To say I was different and isolated was an understatement. I was taught to distrust, despise all who were not of the faith and feel anger at modern Jews.
Luckily for me after a break from Ju Jitsu, a school teacher who was at the above school(we had half and half, religion with rabbe's (religious chassidim) and non Jewish teachers doing the required state education in the afternoons.  Luckily schoolmaster Frank Nash(3rd. Dan) Judo coached me privately and also introduced me to the Budokwai in Victoria London and under the guidance of Gunji Koizumi(7th Dan) and the master Raku Uyenishi (10th Dan and Zen Buddhist Roshi) who was not connected to the Budokwai although Koizumi went on his knees when they once met.
Monastery Kyoto from my Files.
This only heightened the loneliness, I did not feel Jewish, I related to Buddhism, I was a Kosher Buddhist, then I had several experiences which convinced me (I wrote a lot about these in energygrid) that there were or was no category I fitted into, I was not of any religion, cult, or ism, I was just a being.  I felt that deeply and yet could not meet other than my Sensei who went back to Japan and a little later my Sifu from China, anyone I could feel deeply at a spiritual level connected with.  My mates as it were, my relationships with girlfriends, wife and family were tenuous, there was a deep link which was there and anything superficial or top surface, like emotions that came from beliefs and the past were like hungry ghosts. I sought the silence and simple Life.
Then came a period in physics, football, forensics, workshops, therapy clinics(I am a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor), travel, relationships and all kind  of head stuff, out in the world, meditation and so on the image below kind of of depicts this.
Then Forensic, apart from the patients I was seeing in therapy, the workshops and the 1 to 1's began to show me that  I really began to see human madness as Eckhart describes in the video above 'Collective Insanity' and I seriously questioned and suffered, the reality of meditation came back, I started again and then the madness of the wars, the 9/11, the MH.370, the MH.17 and so many others the beheading's, the killing and maiming, the destruction of ancient culture, the craziness of austerity measures, the dictatorships, the threat of another world war, NATO, UN, IMF, NSA, GCHQ, TRIDENT, NUCLEAR, CHEMTRAILS, GMO, FLUORIDE, VACCINES, BIOLOGICAL WARFARE, killing nature, the destruction of natural medicines and cures, the chemicalisation and technocratic madness, this convinced me and also isolated me as Barry Obama felt, I yo-yoed , and still swing, however it comes to me, that for me the presence, the tranquillity of 'no mind' the Buddhist 'no self, no problem, no self, no suffering' and Eckhart's observation that the ' Collective is the sum total of the individual's collective' the links in the chain and that change does not come as a political dictum as Barry states but as a inward recognition of personal impersonality.
Conscious presence.
And so for me I had to go through the 'suffering' and still do and the horrors do get worse so to speak as the quietness 'grips' me more and more. A great wise friend named Rory said to me one time when I was 'riding the waves of bliss' for and extended period, 'slaughtered by silence eh?'  Then the jolly old collective, which I call the collective past beliefs, programming and brain washing, which is so ingrained fights for its foothold again, like a person dangling over a mountain when their pitons come adrift, desperation to get back to safety, the perceived safety of the ego, yet the ego knows at best it is a bunch of ideas.  Ideas, concepts that have been hammered into the mind when young or when traumatised either through war, illness, accidents, religious threats and political manipulation or deliberately broken down minds in training 'warriors' as in Bourne and O'Finioan'. 
So just be present and be aware as many times in the day and catch the vault door open as it lets out the unconscious automans that take over the conscious present mind and make it its slave and carry out the part of mass insanity that relates to one's own part of the collective.
Why Walmart's are closing.. 3 mins
Conspiracy or not Walmart's again (and ASDA takeover by them in the UK )  14 MINS.  MAKE UP YOUR MIND TIME.
THE NEPAL EARTHQUAKE AND SPACE WEATHER: High above Earth, more than 60 km above sea level, there is a layer of our planet's atmosphere called "the ionosphere." It is where UV radiation from the sun strips electrons away from the atoms of normal air, creating a zone of charged gas that envelopes the globe.
The ionosphere is very sensitive to solar storms. Turns out, it can be sensitive to earthquakes, too. NASA is reporting that the magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal on April 25th created waves of energy that penetrated the ionosphere and disturbed the distribution of electrons. Note the wave pattern, circled, in the upper panel of this ionospheric electron density plot:
Basically, these are waves of electron density rippling from a point in the ionosphere above the epicenter of the quake. The waves were measured by a science-quality GPS receiver in Lhasa, Tibet. It took about 21 minutes for the waves to travel 400 miles between the epicenter and the GPS receiving station.
The bottom panel of the plot is a "dynamic spectrum." Note the hot spots outlined in black. They show that the ionosphere was ringing with periods of ~2 and ~8 minutes. Presumably, these "tones" are related to atmospheric pressure waves billowing up from the trembling Earth below.
The ionosphere is the stage upon which much of space weather plays out. Auroras, meteors, and noctilucent clouds all occur there. The "Ionosphere Natural Hazards Team" at JPL studies how Earth itself affects this stage via earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. You can read their report about the Nepal earthquake here. (COURTESY SPACEWEATHER.COM)
In energygrid and the Posts herein, I mentioned I monitored the 'new energies' being propelled by the Milky Way Centre, the Sun and its effects on the Earth's crust and so on, the super- waves which are the result of the 700,000 / 26,000/ 12,000 / 5,500 year cycles and other minor ones all of which I feel culminated in December 2012 and the resulting 'bow / shock waves' are reaching us now, this affects and effects us emotionally as a purging process causing buried unconscious material to surface and if not handled with awareness, works out in rage, war, and egoistic madness.
Physically it brings strange diseases, viruses and the like and as in the image above, the boil is bursting and the putrid hate, violence is pouring out of the gaping open soar. The spectre of madness, terrorist and police, armed forces, religious intolerance all lower the immune system and turn the body to a more acidic level which cancers thrive on. Poisoned food by GMO, environment by chemtrails and other chemicals.
Then spiritually we are deadened by TV/ Computer /  cell-mobile phone violent and sexual innuendoes, the electronic 'fog' the pace of life all take us outward in distraction, glamorising manly / feminine role models of the celebrities and so we reach outwards for our spiritual / moral nourishment and so the 'tank, the reservoir of inner resources'  other than ego desire is bereft and we become victim when 'out-here' dries up. Where can I turn now, please help.  We all need help and to cultivate inner resources through deep relaxation, meditation, contemplation and quiet reflection may bring a joy, a calm and a balm even though we may be suffering. I am experiencing a huge 'crash' in my life at present in various ways. However in that chaos if I allow it to process and watch, be aware, look at the fear, it is possible a higher or better or more adaptable me will arise, and this process shows me what I have to shed, the  old baggage, the old skin and move into whatever Life has in store with awareness and courage. By the way another example how the Solar outpourings, moon phases Ionosphere, are one unit  and  proving 'nothing stands alone',thermospehere, magnetosphere, Schumann Resonance, our brains and hearts are all connected.
See GCI ---
GCI May 2015 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus
Dear Geoff,
Welcome to the Global Coherence Initiative’s May 4, 2015 Full Moon (3:42 GMT/UTC) synchronized Care Focus. In order for GCI ambassadors around the world to participate at a convenient time, we have chosen 4 a.m., 12:00 p.m. (noon), and 8 p.m. Pacific Time (GMT/UTC minus 7 hours) when GCI ambassadors in the Global Care Room can do the Care Focus together.* Thank you for being with us.

Let’s start by connecting in the heart with everyone participating in the Global Care Room and radiating love and appreciation to each other.
A 7.8 magnitude earthquake and numerous aftershocks have devastated Nepal. A volcano recently erupted in Chile displacing thousands of people in Chile and Argentina. Continuous tornadoes have been ripping through Southern USA, severe drought is threatening California’s bread basket, the world’s 5th largest supplier of food, and explosive wildfires in Western USA are already out of control before fire season. These and other natural disasters across the planet are disrupting the lives of millions of people.
For this Care Focus, let’s send our compassionate heart energy to the people suffering from the Nepal earthquake and the other natural disasters. Let’s also send compassion to the boat people and migrants trying to escape the chaos and wars in Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere.
Let’s hold the vision of Earth and humanity unfolding into a peaceful and harmonious vibration. Picture compassion, connection, acceptance and cooperation becoming the baseline for humanity’s interactions. 

Care Focus: The Nepal Earthquake and more

1. Focus in the heart and breathe appreciation or love for someone, a pet, etc. This raises the vibration of our heart feelings, which increases the effectiveness of our outgoing compassion.
2.Connect in the heart with all compassionate caregivers throughout the planet who are helping those suffering from natural disasters, wars, and displacement. Call on our spiritual hearts to strengthen and multiply the effectiveness of this collective energy.
3.Now let’s send our compassionate care to all those suffering from the Nepal earthquake, and then to other regions where natural disasters are affecting the lives of millions of people.
4.Next let’s radiate our compassion to all those entrapped in the wars in the Middle East and to the boat people and migrants trying to escape the chaos.
5.Let’s envision that the relationship between Earth and humanity transitions into peace, harmony and stability as a result of the consciousness shift taking place through these obviously changing times.
6.Close by radiating care and compassion to stressful situations that are close to your heart.
Much love and compassion is being released this full moon. It is an effective time to make commitments to our next steps in self-transformation and forward movement.
You can continue to do the Care Focus in the Global Care Room, if convenient, after the full moon period, as this will help raise the vibratory rate of the personal and collective field environment.

Thank you for your participation in this Care Focus.

GCI Steering Committee and Staff

(The following website – – is a time conversion site for determining the exact time the Care Focus will take place in your Local Time Zone. Select time: 8 p.m. (date optional). Convert from: Location: U.S.A. – California – San Francisco. Convert to: Location: Select your Country/City.)

To join the GCI Care Focus in the Global Care Room, you can enter the room directly from First time users will need to sign up for access. You can use the e-mail and password that you use for the Global Coherence Initiative website. Then, simply log-in with your e-mail and GCI password.

If you prefer, you can also participate in collective Heart-Focused Care in the Global Care Room App for Facebook.

For those of you who are new participants in the synchronized Care Focus, you can see your green marker and the gold light points of others around the world in the Care Room at the same time. Realize that one gold light can represent a family, a group or an entire audience viewing the Care Room and doing the Care Focus together.
Please think about subscribing.  Their articles are very worthy and scientific see the link above the snake.  We are all one at a deep fundamental level.
In our shared oneness Be Well. 


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  2. Hello Mr Nam Thank you for contacting the Blog / Post. Apologies cannot translate your language. Thanks all the same. Kind regards. Geoff

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