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Hello and greetings. What I am about to type on this warm morning in of Monday 3rd August 2015 which happens to be a bank holiday' in the UK and is quiet as the bustle of a working day is held in a holiday spirit.
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The above image is a depiction of a prophet, I think it was meant to be Abraham, however I wish to have poetic licence and no disrespect to the artist who carved or painted it, however I felt the face was so fitting and beautiful, and after all all prophets come from the same source, and that source created their physical features. 
I have a calender which I have had for years and it contains the writing and quotes of many religions, philosophies, cults,religions, scientists and so forth. I picked this reading because it really spoke to me at this time of my understanding and meditations.  There are other precious books, bibles and spiritual literature that say the same.
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I was born a human baby and taught to be Jewish, we are all born human and are taught our respective cultures and religions. After my NDE in 1942 I realised I was not Jewish or any other religion or ism and felt I was a 'don't know in words' as I was so young, I felt I was or came from the light in the NDE and that's my religion. So when I was old enough and pleased my family in going to the synagogue and being barmitzvah'd (Jewish rite of a boy of 13 and a girl of 16 (busmitzvahe'd) I left the religion so to speak but NOT GOD. I then have continued to seek the light, the grace, the freedom I felt in that NDE, I have tried Christianity, Sufism, Hindu Chanting and Mantra, Buddhism, and many more.  They all gave me something, yet fundamental to all of  this was and is meditation.
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By meditation I do not mean Mantra / Yantra, Auto suggestion, visualisation, imagery, guided imagery, holosync, hypnosis, chanting, prayer, affirmations---however I use some of these as aides when in a particular difficult time. I feel real meditation is surrender and this leads me to the title glimpses. I should add that the quote that led me to this Post was from the Hebrew Bible and the Prophet Hosea Chapter 10. verse 12.  Before I get howls of blasphemer, traitor and a number of other derisive expletives, this is my own understanding as it comes and relates to meditation, I am in no way a prophet, a guru, a Rabbi, qualified to preach, proselyte, persuade or dominate, run down anyone else's, thoughts, religious beliefs or whatever. I do not teach, I have given up doing workshops, practise as a therapist, although I do hold informal discussions in cafĂ©'s, parks, restaurants, on buses, walking and so on, these are spontaneous and when say hold I mean this is a synchronistic event.  In the above image the middle way may smack of Buddhism yet it can also mean not giving an opinion, sitting on the fence, and yet there can be an answer if it comes from the middle way, more later on.
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The reason I am taking so long and precise is that today we live in a climate of prejudice, and political correctness(By the way I haven't a Mother in Law and when I did she was lovely).  Taking them to law, offending even having your family and life threatened and sometimes killed, tortured and maimed. 
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You see in the image above someone will bark out 'what is right does he have to preach morals and how does he dare say what is political and moral' it has come to this point nowadays (and if you read back Posts when I did what some people would class as 'conspiracy theory' (by the way I did say in one of my Posts that in 18 months or more parts of MH 370 would be found washed up or assumed they are from this plane, they are now finding them or supposed to be them, they are also playing around with MH 17 and Russia has vetoed a UN inquiry, and the results of the other inquiries are not in--very fishy)this is the sort of duplicity one faces these days. Justice is bent politically not morally).
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From the Prophet Hosea Chapter 10-12. 'Sow for yourselves in just righteousness, reap in mercy (in justice and you will reap what loyalty deserves -- different translations or versions) break up your fallow ground:for it is time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain righteousness upon you(seeking him until he comes and gives you just measure of rain)'.  This is as far as my calender went. 
This set off a train of flashes and this then is how I felt it applied to meditation.
Perhaps when one sits to meditate one's thoughts race and one is anxious about something, maybe a pain, a problem. This is like the image above, the clouds representing the problem, pain, restlessness. By becoming aware of the breath it becomes an aid to take one's mind from outward or bodily situations, and a brief respite from 'the outside' world.  Some may see this as retreat and escape from reality. This however is a choice of what is reality and I have gone into this in my view in a few back Posts recently.
The clouds represent to me the fallow ground and the breaking up follows next.
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Without straining or manipulating the mind, just breathe and watch, if falling asleep, bring the mind back to the breath, gradually the body relaxes and the cloud(thoughts, itches, problem) begin to go away naturally, by surrendering to the calm breath, glimpses of the blue sky(inner calm and maybe soft glow) appear. This is breaking up the fallow, this is seeking the Lord, to me this is seeking the inner peace(from the New Testament 'that peace that passes all understanding(thoughts, clouds). Lord, God, or Source, to me is the experience of the inner peace and calm. First the Glimpses and then perhaps?
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If one is willing, not by force, but gentle breathing, now it becomes awareness, an awareness without bias, looking without opinion, observation without judgement, the breathing soft and almost forgotten as the clouds gently go away(thoughts subside, body relaxed and at rest) there is a surrender, sometimes feels like going up or down or just a gentle curtain sliding gently away, and one is immersed in inner peace, calm, grace, a great compassion can arise, one's heart opens as it were. Then the glimpses have become more sustained. Any will power or force will not obtain the 'Kingdom of Heaven Within'.
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The Prophet goes on to say ' You have ploughed wickedness into your soil(thick clouds in the mind, there is little blue sky, the light within) the crop is mischief; you have eaten the fruit of treachery'. 
Because you have trusted in your chariots(drones, biological weapons, GM food, chemtrails and so on) and in the number of your warriors(soldiers and freedom fighters so called) the tumult of war shall arise against your people and your fortresses razed----------dashing the mother to the ground with her babes'
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How often do we see these images above.  Children losing limbs, babies killed, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts crying, refuges, asylum seekers, child molesters, priests raping children, austerity measures, the thick clouds of war, ego, power and fighting.
Would the perpetrators of war, power, greed, self righteous freedom fighters doing what I did above, translate the holy words into justification of my interpretation, have I the right to blame them?  Would they sit down and seek the inner peace? No that does not bring glory to the outside reality.  Perhaps I shall become a target for writing this, for even David Cameron wants to bring in laws that even if you have a gentle opinion other than governmental policy one could be taken as 'urban terrorism' with intent to incite and cause social upheaval.  The snooping of all emails, browsing, telephone calls and so on, the austerity measures and hypocrisy of the governments of the Western World and Middle East, fail to see that if you push the human spirit down enough, like the Berlin Wall, it will rise in a mass so great that the world's military will not be able to quell it.  That time is near.
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'Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?'  Again from the Bible, I quote from this because if you like it is my 'bible' and I am being politically correct.
So many of us are in denial, we blame, we hate, we do not take our clouds and take responsibility for them, it is much easier to blame another than take and own our own. Those clouds are not mine I blow them to you, you deal with them.
Maybe, and perhaps you might feel naively that the more people who sit and find the blue sky of inner peace so to speak, cannot dent the seemingly thick skin of those who wage war not only with arms but with stringent religious, political and scientific fraud and those who sell themselves to the thick obscuring clouds of truth and common human decency. 
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I am still getting glimpses and yet at times there is a blue sky and those moments are precious and are the real source of my being.
I have found that surrender to the inner peace is melting away my hardcore personal local agenda, and as the concrete ego is being chipped away by the gentle rain of the inner balm my life has more meaning than the outward world can supply.
You may feel, yes Geoff is nearly 77 yrs young and its easy for him now and he has had an amazing varied life. Yes true, yet I have never felt satisfied from 1942 NDE to now, my life has been a process of giving up, people, family have found me not ambitious, lazy to succeed in the outside world, I have been a recluse in various places and left work, so living on a depleted pension, when I did venture into the outside world, I lost a fortune.  Everything has driven me to seek the glimpses.
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I see so many disillusioned young people, many forced into  meaningless jobs, many wanting fame, good well paid jobs, and some of  those that do have well paid jobs have told me, yes I am making money, bought lots of things, yet somehow I am not happy.  They have sought partners, married and yet something alludes them, subtly escapes them. Mind you some have blissed out on drugs, love the money and so on. However I am finding a lot dissatisfaction in them. Of course the governments call them lazy, drop outs, spongers and so forth.  Yet they are seeing the quantum stuff, the graphics and manoeuvrability of Life, the impermanence, the transience and this can drive many to despair and despondency, elderly and young alike.
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  The new computer game, the football match, what will please me, where do I take the kids this summer vacation, oh God Christmas is near, what presents can I give.  My job is just a no contract job, where is something permanent, my parents are rich I am OK, I live in a hut, I live in a mansion. Wherever you look materialism seems to have its sanctuary until the form, the car, the house, the fashion changes and people get rich by creating new things to satisfy the hunger of the world weary and wealthy.  Lovely new toy, relationship until I get bored with it, I need a stronger pain killer, antidepressant. Yes I hear it all.
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The outer world is fast running out of 'games, artefacts, gimmicks, scams, juxtaposing, pixel digital fix ups, makeovers, make believes,  and so on. Sooner or later like those who thought matter was comprised of small solid balls, then molecules , then atoms, then particles, then, then, then , then, more particle collider's, more scientists, more wars and to eventually there is the inner world, not a world of hallucinations, fantasy but a world that like quantum stuff is not definable, not solid, and so another despair, what is solid how can feel safe, its empty---what an empty mind---no way.
   'Another bible quote, the son of man has nowhere to lay down his head to rest'.  Meditation gets one used to living in space, the emptiness, the loneliness of boredom and suicide are meaningless, depression  and no light at the end of the tunnel become extinct, because with unforced perseverance, one finds meditation is the light at the end of the tunnel. One finds a dynamic beyond words and experiences that is fulfilling even though it has no substance.
Who built the Moon Matrix? 15 mins.
Well my view true or false ---its an illusion----what ever you believe.  Its what is by what you believe. Remembering identity is addiction to form which will pass with the passage of time.
Take Care. Be Well. Geoff

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