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Greetings and I trust you are well and thriving.  The video below goes into some deep stuff and I feel the future of the world and its magnetic and unique crystalline lattice maybe shattered. I know that a few issues back there was a hint or two that Cern had gone offline and a fire had destroyed part of it. So far all my contacts have failed to get anything other that all is well and running.
Cern---disturbing ruminations and a past demon. 1hr. 5mins.
I do know that ET are watching Cern and other countries that are developing similar collider's. It is interesting the USA has HAARP and other countries built their own.  Much like nuclear deterrents. Let us hope they are just deterrents.  To give you a flavour of the above and its importance I quote from and extend courtesies to Forbidden Knowledge ;-
Farrell takes apart CERN's official story 
of its being a particle accelerator, created 
for peaceful scientific experiments. He 
argues that three distinct data sets reveal 
that it must be something else: 

1) CERN's $6 billion budget is three times 
bigger than that of the Manhattan Project. 
It is military in scale. The machine, itself 
is something that has never been built 
before and a marvel of technology. It's a 
series of immensely powerful cameras, 
designed to take pictures of subatomic 
particle collisions. The machine's parts 
are said to have been built by a consortium 
of global manufacturers but it is virtually 
impossible to discover which companies 
built what - and more importantly, what 
the big picture of the LHC truly is.

2) Farrell reminds us that the World Wide 
Web was originally a CERN project, initiated 
in 1989. He suspects that they must be 
harnessing the Internet to funnel all of the 
data that they're collecting from their 

Little known is that CERN is by far, 
the world's largest user of all of the 
Internet's bandwidth. Each collision  
generates billions of bits of data per second. 
The computational capabilities of CERN 
are absolutely monstrous and Farrell 
surmises that they're likely being applied to 
study the side effects of the tests, such as 
those that the supercollider has on the 
Earth's magnetosphere and in turn, how 
altering the magnetosphere effects human 

3) Then there's the physics, itself. That the 
LHC is running particles, in counter-rotating 
directions, along an immense circular track, 
27km in diameter, in addition to the 6km-
diameter proton synchrotron. This reminds 
him of the counter-rotating fields of the 
alleged secret Nazi "Bell" EM weapon, which 
could allegedly cause crystals to form in 
animal flesh from distances of up to 200m.

He suggests, with his self-admitted "Junior 
High School hack from South Dakota 
approach to this...that you've got 
counterrotating magnetic fields that are 
15,000 times the local magnetic field 
strength of the Earth, plus the synchrotron, 
with its huge magnetic field...They're 
dealing with electromagnetic fields on a 
planetary scale - that have nothing to do 
with particle physics." He says that there's 
no way that EM fields of that strength 
would *not* have resonance effects on 
circuits, near and far; that the LHC really 
looks to him like a gigantic torsion machine. 
He says, "You scientists out there can send 
me blizzards of equations, proving me 
wrong - but I'm sorry, this is what I think 
it is." 

He suggests that the particle physics story 
is a cover - or a minor part of the experiments, 
at best - and that other countries suspect as 
he does, that the LHC is a giant EM torsion 
field machine with potential military 
applications and that the only way for them 
to find out is to build their own large 
supercolliders. China, Germany and Japan 
have each announced plans to build their 

The interview moves on to concerns, 
acknowledged but downplayed by CERN 
about the experiments' potential for the 
production of "strangelets", which would 
have the effect of converting all matter 
nearby into an ever-increasing blob of 
quark-gluon plasma. However, Farrell 
opines that the kind of tests being 
conducted at the Relativistic Heavy Ion 
Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National 
Labs on Long Island, New York (infamous 
for its alleged role in the storied Montauk 
Projects) would have a higher likelihood 
of producing strangelets than the LHC.

Speaking of Montauk, it is interesting to 
note that the CERN website officially 
acknowledges that tests attempting to explore 
"extra dimensions" would be conducted. I 
recently ran a story about such tests, which 
were set to take place last week

So far, no results of these tests have been 
published, that I can find...

Is the LHC a massive covert military project, 
hiding in plain sight? Don't miss this cutting-
edge Dark Journalist episode!
 I have repeatedly gone on about the Schumann Resonance, the weather modulation and the effects of Solar Storms, Cosmic Rays and Weather Systems on the 7.87 hertz and its implications and evidence that it can seriously effect mood, heart and brain function and the rest.  Is this like transhumanism another 'blow' to natural evolution. One thought came to mind, CERN using toroidal technology and suchlike could cause the Earth to become guided to another 'place' in space or cause all organisms to 'melt down' to a 'soup' as suggested by evolutionists in the Creation Theory and Life begins anew in some scientific screw balls mind dream.
Dogon Tribe. There is much more to this, I will précis this from energygrid.7 mins
I knew an anthropologist, explorer and archaeologist who spent time with some Dogon's(not all Dogon have this culture) and she found that they were celibate even unto the second year of their marriage and the men wore special 'gloves' over their genitals.  The women wore internal ceremonial adornments. I-A my friend also won the trust and was shown a secret cave where a material hung on the wall and there was a detailed star map. I-A contacted a group of experts who were not of the government source they were allowed to witness a ceremony in which ET like Dolphins appeared and did a similar kind of symbolic crucifixion and resurrection and talked of this a great deal, these beings came from around Sirius and lived a great deal of time in water. The piece of material was carbon dated and examined it was extremely old, I am not sure of the age, the material was nothing like that known or seen on Earth, my late Cousin Professor Cyril Wolf somehow came in contact with this through contacts at NASA and confirmed this to me.  I know a lot of flack will arrive at my doorstep so to speak why I-A and of course my cousin is longer with us.  However I-A does not want a lot of folk emailing her or turning up at her home, Cyril is mentioned at President Reagan's ET Post I did. His photo is in one of the Post with my late brother and I.  (POST 22---President Reagan Story as well)  

Dogon---an ancient Egyptian Tribe. 35 mins 
A very informative read.
Yes I do go on about the ancients, simply because they know and knew about the Earth and its history and what is to follow.  In energygrid I went on a lot about the Mayan Prophesy and many indigenous peoples that have similar projections. I also feel history is about to repeat itself as in the '1967' writings and we are being offered a chance to evolve and ascend, some to spirit /energy form and some to a upgraded human body and mind.  The number of  UFO and ET encounters which are occurring are a sign  and the pollution and wars and so forth are another sign, the Global warming on Earth and solar system planetary wise and so on are other signs, we have this chance-----do we take it?  or fake it with unnatural genetics and transhumanism? 
African animals and Marula fruit----they get drunk on it.  5 mins
http://pro.inhresearch.com/THC-VANISHING-2COL-THL-PRO-LIFE-0115/ETHCS201?email=Woodsrick2%40gmail.com&a=11&o=559&s=1072&u=396685   This is long and is very important.  It is about cures for cancer.
Mudra Yoga  VERY important and often overlooked part of Yoga. 57 mins.
Many years of football(soccer) Japanese Martial Arts, hard physical and mental work and stress, Tai Chi, Qi Gong have helped me, meditation absolutely, however due to some serious illnesses, working in unsuitable negative places, awful diet, family breakups, my body has limited flexibility due to injuries, for instance constant heading a heavy soaked football(early days) bangs on the head from Kendo, bad falls in Judo, Karate and Kung Fu stuff and so on, at work dealing with 'dead' energy in Forensics.  So Mudra yoga is and can be of great assistance. It is so helpful if one is chair bound or has limited physical movement.   

Health activists are suspecting the sudden outbreak of cases of microcephaly, a birth defect that causes abnormally small heads in newborns, isn’t caused by the Zika virus, but by the Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis) vaccine that pregnant women in Brazil started to be given last year.
The Zika virus has been around for at least 70 years, and hasn’t caused any long-term ill effects—and yet the outbreak of microcephaly cases in Brazil coincides with the start of the new vaccination programme, designed to slow the progress of pertussis, or whooping cough.
Pregnant women started to be given the vaccine at the beginning of 2015, and cases of microcephaly have been reported since last October—10 months later. By December, 2,400 cases had been reported, and the Brazilian government declared a state of emergency.
The virus, which is spread by mosquitoes, has been linked to microcephaly because it was found in a baby who had died after contracting the condition. The virus was also found in the amniotic fluid of two mothers whose babies were born with microcephaly.
But activists argue the virus can’t have suddenly started to cause microcephaly when it hasn’t done so for 70 years. In addition to the time coincidence, they say the version of the Tdap vaccine introduced to Brazil was never properly tested, and contains chemicals and preservatives that can affect neurological development. (courtesy WDDTY)
The Rise and Fall of a SuperNova. 1 min.
This 1hr.10min video will take a lot of courage to listen and watch.  I have written about these sorts of things in the past, and in my Forensic and Psychotherapy / counselling days I had some cases of this in the clinic which I referred to the Police, and witnessed this in Forensic cases. Believe me it existed and exists and much is hidden and covered up, more than you would care to contemplate.
Chicago University and the New Discovery of Gravitational Waves. Hmmm. 2 mins
The Scientists are having multiple orgasms over the latest  discovery, like Cern and the Higgs Bosun God particle there is more to arrive and it is nothing to do with Gravity or particles. 
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/12150944/Gravitational-waves-Einstein-was-right-and-this-announcement-is-the-scientific-highlight-of-the-de    Lots of videos.  Oyeveh 
Oy vey (Yiddishאױ װײ‎) or oy vey ist mir is a Yiddish phrase expressing dismay or exasperation. Also spelled oy vay, oy veh, or oi vey, and often abbreviated to oy, the expression may be translated as, "oh, woe!" or "woe is me!" Its Hebrew equivalent isoy vavoy (אוי ואבוי, ój waävój).[
According to etymologist Douglas Harper, the phrase is derived from Yiddish and is of Germanic origin.[3] It is a cognate of the German expression o weh, or auweh, combining the German and Dutch exclamation au! meaning "ouch/oh" and the German word weh, a cognate of the English word woe (as well as the Dutch weemeaning pain). The expression is also related to oh ve, an older expression in Danish and Swedish, and oy wah, an expression used with a similar meaning in theMontbéliard region in France.[citation needed] The Latin equivalent is heu, vae! (pronounced, "hoi, vai", amongst others); a more standard expression would be o, me miserum, or heu, me miserum.[citation needed]
According to Chabad.org, an alternative theory for the origin of the Yiddish expression is that "oy" stems from Biblical Hebrew, and that ""vey" is its Aramaicequivalent.[1]
The expression is often abbreviated to simply oy, or elongated to oy vey ist mir ("Oh, woe is me").[4][5] The fuller lament may also be spelled as Oy vey iz mir.[6] The main purpose or effect of elongating it is often dramatic, something like a "cosmic ouch".[6][7] Oy is not merely an ordinary word, but rather expresses an entire world view, according to anthropologist Penny Wolin.[8] Its meaning is approximately opposite that of mazel tov.[6] A related expression is oy gevalt, which can have a similar meaning, or also express shock or amazement. 9 Courtesy Wikipedia)
Zolst leben un zien gezunt

Live well and Be Well.  Geoff
Speaking Yiddish does not mean you are Jewish.  Many of my friends speak it as in some countries it is a language or similar too one. I speak a little of it.
Access Now
For years we’ve been saying that encryption is the best defense we have to protect our safety and security online. Encryption is vital for the protection of human rights like free expression and privacy, and it safeguards the internet economy.

The U.S. Department of Justice is attempting to compel Apple1 to build software to bypass the security features of iPhones that keeps the devices’ hard drives encrypted. They've given Apple just five days to comply.
We’ve been warning about the attacks on encryption around the world, from the USA to Australia, from England to India, but this is the most concrete attack on our digital rights yet. This isn’t a proposed law, or a debate. It’s a legally binding order. If the court doesn’t reverse course, it will be the camel’s nose under the tent.
The U.S. government's demands would pave the way for governments to compel companies to build in any number of vulnerabilities, which weakens our digital security infrastructure and, ultimately, hurts users while doing nothing to stop or prevent criminal activity.
This isn’t just about Apple or the United States. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The U.S. government’s actions run contrary to international law and policy and provide political cover for oppressive regimes to seek the same authority. If the U.S. is successful, it will create a precedent that will undermine all our rights around the world. Journalists in Syria will be at risk. Human rights activists in Saudi Arabia will be at risk. Free speech advocates at China will be at risk. Lives are at stake.
We shouldn’t have to do this. Already more than 100,000 of us have signed a petition asking President Obama to defend encryption. Instead of protecting the users, he’s asked for more information. When you sign this petition, we’ll file it with the White House so that they know we’re holding President Obama responsible.
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