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Good Tidings to you.  The following may not be to your liking. First I have to say a lot of this comes from whistle blowers, secondly from past blogs and Posts and some from two who come from somewhere else.
Of course the old cry and bellows, 'Oh no not another blogger who hints at sources and will not reveal their names or sources' In the light of the witch hunt on whistle blowers and the like, would you reveal them and get them imprisoned or family killed or live under constant threat and then all your information becomes dried up?  Which is the aim of certain authorities to achieve.
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Harking back to the 134 Post and to 137 and to more recent Posts, you would have gleaned that certain scientists and think tanks and of course the famous statement by Kissinger( http://rense.com/general59/kissingereugenics.htm, http://larouchepub.com/eiw/public/1981/eirv08n10-19810310/eirv08n10-19810310_028-the_haig_kissinger_depopulation.pdf about exterminating two thirds of the worlds population, difficult to find on the net now, I have it in energygrid if it hasn't been removed.
Well Kurzwell suggests we the general population would or could be neuro downloaded into a (quantum computer hardrive, a matrix) we would programmed to have a lovely life, believing we have the best foods and soon, AS AN ACT OF MERCY FOR NOT JUST KILLING US OFF. We would be given a choice be exterminated or go on living and not know the difference as a digital entity in a computer.  Like a perpetual dream of heavenly life on a virtual Earth.  Whilst the select few had the Earth as its domain, some organs and limbs now are being grown and so the need for young transplants and organ harvesting is becoming less in the not so distant future.    
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Of course those that feel there is an after life and prepared themselves for it by their 'spiritual' NOT religious practices and disciplines will go to their prepared mind destination, those who do not feel an after life is a possibility, remembering that in the quantum field there is every possibility and probability and that consciousness the observer collapses the wave and causes that reality to commence. So the non believer in the after life causes their own oblivion or reincarnation, that is their choice and maybe they are right, whose to say, its our feeling/choice?
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So what is your choice and what can we do about it?  Either we prepare for the demise of ourselves and feel we are a consciousness and that our worlds the Universe are constructs of a Greater Mind, so we are in the Cosmic Matrix as distinct from a human scientific elite made constructed one, the Cosmic One natural Evolution, the human one based on manipulating genetics and semi robotic and fully robotic cyborgs  and human elite's seeking to replace their bodies and live forever as kings and Queens of the Earth for ever and ever Amen.   Who selects the elite? No they are a bloodline that has run on since the first cloning / hybrid from Ancient times.
This merely illustrates a point of my view and is connected to the artist portrayed.  Apologies and no harm or insinuation meant. 
The ancient ones cloaked in ancient history and connected to the genetic interference which I have written about so much by these visitors from elsewhere have carried on a 'war' like this as in my UFO story May 2005 www.energygrid.com  under the menu Destiny. http://www.energygrid.com/destiny/geoff-freed/2005/05.html
This can be backed up by many other writers on this subject, however we differ in minor points and if taken by a synopsis of all books, ancient ethnic legends a theme runs through it.
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Nature, the Cosmic Rule, the free will versus free will run loose from the Cosmic intent.  The Cosmos will not interfere, however, some of the advanced entities realise the extent of a Universal Take over or an attempt to do so and so ET if you like also battle as it were for the 'saving of the natural order' against the egoistic dominance of vain dictators. Science fiction films and Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers, Soaps, wars of old and now follow the same theme. HOWEVER, the waters are muddied now and with electronic bombardment, media manipulation, the truth or rather the reality is hard to discern.  For instance in the videos of a back Post on the drones showing the wreckage of Syrian Towns, you can perhaps see how deranged and merciless the persecutors are and they believe thy are right and have the authority to do it.  
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Even if you say 'well we can't fight or change the military Industrial Elite Complex' we should wake up to their lies and deceit.  However the most IMPORTANT  aspect is to eliminate the fear from the mind by many mind technologies now coming to the for. NeuroWisdom, MindGym, Holosync, MindMovies, Mudra, Yoga, Tai chi, Qi Gong, deep meditation and so on. These are some of the things that can remove the blind.
I know that this will raise big howls, anger and probably hate. Joining a movement, a religion, a cult is OK AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT BECOME ONE'S LIFE LINE. BECAUSE  it can lead to 'this is only way and all other ways are not right, not from God, our Master, Teacher, Leader is the only true and inspired one'.  Join and be on the alert for censorship, elitism, and warnings not to get involved with other 'isms', notions or you will be contaminated. Watch out for proselytes and discipleship.  Our one allegiance should be to inner peace and calm and the recognition of a Universal Intelligence running the Universe, this is my feeling and I could be wrong and stand to be corrected. 
This way WE can change the deep unnoticed, deep subtle emanations that cause us to feel threatened when there is no threat, or even if there is a real one, to act without panic.  
We are all joined to the collective, it is the ocean and we are the waves, fear ruffles the waves and in severe incidences causes storms. Meditation and the like, real meditation, not some mind trip, smooths the waves.
MANY people today are tense, they are picking up anxiety and tension without knowing it consciously, so this puts us into fight / flight response and raises blood pressure and cortisol and perhaps to snack and so on. 
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A tip from Andrew Newberg M.D and Mark Robert Waldman, every now and then in the hour, relax, yawn and sigh, stretch, gently caress your forearms and stroke the palms of your hands and fingers, caress your forehead, hair and face, gently pinch the arm muscles, if a negative thought arises switch it too a pleasant image. This is for people who may not like long meditations and spiritual things. I find it great and they have scientific brain scans to show the effects of these ideas and practices, this is from their NeuroWisdom Course and book Words can Change your  Brain', I rarely advertise books and ways, yet for the busy person and for business folk and the 'non believers' in God or those who do believe and time is short I feel these are amazing and what neuro science is finding out may shock some our old beliefs, however the proof in scans is there. I also recommend Mudras they have been found to activate brain circuits maybe you would like to check www.globalmudrascienceday.com  and www.mudravigyan.com  
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One way I feel that I have touched a loving inner peace in meditation or my breaks as above is the smile that slowly spreads and a deep relaxation, some say the above is the Buddha smile, I am not a Buddha, however if felt like this in bliss without a break, roll on and over Buddha.  This is NOT  the smile of a joke or a pleasant thought it is the absence of thought and just inner contentment without stimulus.  
It is interesting that in deep relaxed prayer not asking or beseeching,but gratitude and thanks, yawning, stretching, recalling pleasant images, stroking arms and so on, once that smile commences the areas of the brain activated are the same in all those mentioned, not so in drugs or substances.
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Sometimes just a faint smile and dear Mona Lisa comes to remind me that a smile can be broad or faint but just as relaxing. Perhaps you would like to try this visualisation or imagery:-
THIS is not meditation.   Breathe and relax.  Feel through your Body if there is any tension and politely ask it to let go and breathe into it until it dissolves, as if your breath is melting it. 

Then feel you can see a vast Ocean as if looking from above, feel it, if you force the image it will not work, some people are not visual so feel it.  Imagine everyone on Earth are connected to this Ocean, if it is turbulence, breathe into it again let it be, please do not force it.  

When it calms down imagine the world's population drawing in the calm waters and their minds filled with inner peace and kindness, respect and compassion.

Feel the peace in yourself and feel the smile of contentment.  Please do not will this, use breath, gentle patience and record this in your own way on your phone, recorder or writing in your own language.

Feel the world calming down from the ravages of war, corruption and the hurricane of emotional fear.

When you can let go of all images and the mind has hardly any thought, and there is a dynamic peace, this is meditation.

It is better to have a few minutes inner peace than a half hour or more of struggling with invasive thoughts irritation and tension. If you feel sleepy, breathe and come back to watching without thought, the mind is in attention without intention, the unbiased observer, the witness within.  Let all thoughts go their way like moving clouds in the sky.  Let Go and Let Life.
Friends forever. 2 mins
http://travel.aol.co.uk/2014/06/02/plane-passenger-films-ufo-through-window-over-london-video/  Various videos and follow ups see what you make of it.  CIA releasing some grainy pictures, more in the press than usual----what do you feel / think?   Getting near disclosure----not alien but latest technology ---- another cover up or?
I have more on this gravitational wave so called sensation.  My view is as follows:- following the research Mikhail and I did on Stargates / worm holes /black holes, we came to the same conclusion as with the Quantum emanations. As we and all of nature and the Universe at its basic field nature is 'popping in and out' of the field and accumulating to form structure, all matter and its particle components are spinning.  The very nature of spin causes electromagnetic phenomena and these cause the particles to attract or repel and guided by the Consciousness and its selection of frequencies cause layers to form and hence seemingly solid form. 
Atoms forming molecules
Particles forming atoms
Stars forming elements

The Atom: The smallest particle of an element that can exist and still have the properties of the element • building blocks for matter • Dalton’s atomic theory 1. Elements are made of tiny particles called atoms. 2. All atoms of a given element are identical. 3. The atoms of a given element are different from those of any other element. 4. Atoms of one element can combine with atoms of other elements to form compounds. A given compound always has the same relative numbers and types of atoms. 5. Atoms are indivisible in chemical processes. That is, atoms are not created or destroyed in chemical reactions. A chemical reaction simply changes the way the atoms are grouped together. • An atom is about 10-10 m (an angstrom—Å) in diameter. • An atom has a mass about 10-23 g
This is very basic stuff and even stars, planets and all else have their origin in the 'field' so therefore the field is source of all frequency, vibration and spin. Gravity is just another 'wave' in the ocean / field, and because it is so delicate and subtle in its property it is barely measured, it is not special, it is subtle and faint and does not prove matter, the big bang or anything else and the rapture of the horizon theory and multiple world and dimensions has the same unified theory, the field or quantum phenomena is the Unifying theory.
Underneath every form is a matrix which I term the field, like the ocean which waves arise from it, that ocean / field is an Intelligence which underlies or under-girds all form from the most subtle just as the waves arise to for, form, that early 'glue' frequency is gravity.
Another depiction of the matrix / field / field of informing intelligence, the ocean of underlying consciousness which is the Cosmic Creator or Source of everything and because of that it is everywhere, everything or omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.  
When I have lectured on this I was told as a metaphysicist to keep my nose out of real physics, yet I have a degree in that as well. I am too simplistic and like most science use big complicated words which cover up the real intuitive meaning. After all are not stars made up of atoms?  As for matter bending space, how about the troughs caused by the waves arising from the matrix field that appears to be a depressing of the tablecloth idea as portrayed below.
I then put this forward that the field cannot be depressed, the wave / waves/ conglomerate of waves collapsed by Cosmic Intelligence, The Universal Observer or Witness(see two slit experiment--use search bar) which forms the Universe in its cohesion and design and taken to the waves no matter how dense and compact cannot cause a trough, the trough is caused by THE arising of the forms.
No doubt I will be hounded, a quack, unreal, stick to Qi Gong and belly gazing, your jealous, you never made it, you are a lunatic and fly in the face of real science, I have all that slung at me and more, harassed, physically attacked, bad emails, anonymous phone calls. That's why in my Post CV I do not put my degrees or my Science name(I took my degrees in my family name which I changed by deed of Poll twice) and I state I talk outside of science as it is religiously guarded and the paranoia and hysteria that surrounds its hallowed halls of Academia should one dare to tread on medical, physics and dare I say politics, religions as well, and dare to tread on the red carpets and cathedrals of these holy custodians of bigotry and dogma, look at back Posts and see what happened to the holistic doctors.   ALL diagrams taken from article I have written and back Posts and Blogs since 2005.  
Appreciating that some of you might not like the simple science.  I receive a lot of dialogue and respond to some of the subjects and comments. The next Post will go into a bit more of the above as I responding to some comments, phone calls and emails. 
Some of the emails are too a different address as with respect I know of these folk well.
Be Well.  Geoff 

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