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Hello and a very warm welcome and trust you are well under these unusual and stressful times. I am going to set this Post in Parts and some of it you have heard before, however I will try and be 'not too long winded', however it may be too long for one Post so I will do a second follow up, as I type this I am undecided as there is so much, I will use videos, link and diagrams for further research. Thank you for your patience and indulgence. 

I have mentioned many times that the elite, the industrial military complex or any other fitting names, wish for world domination through the One World Government, they will do this through food (GMO) WI-FI, TV, cell / mobile phone, computer and many other devices one may have. The age of digital technology will assist this along with optic fibres and nano implementation. The early Echelon diagrams are still valid as they give the frequencies to tweak the brain.

Bioelectric Resonance frequency
Information induced by modulation
Motor control cortex  10Hz Motor impulse co ordination
Auditory cortex 15Hz. Sound bypasses ears.
Visual cortex 25Hz.  Images in brain bypassing eyes.

Somatosensory 9Hz. Phantom touch sense etc.
This is now delivered in a more sophisticated way by what I referred to as 'World Wide Net ' a sort of all encompassing sphere covering the Earth and I described it as able to pick out an individual by their DNA markers. I even mentioned that the Black helicopters had a kind of 'fingerprint profile' of one  and that is how certain people have had 'mysterious deaths' .  Many of these can now be done by the following;  
Cell / mobile phone
This can can be used to send the above frequencies as well.
Now to enhance my world wide net idea which I described from 2006 onwards and the DNA / RNA tweaking I submit two very interesting videos from Dark Journalist please forgive my arrogance and conceited comments when I say I was blogging this years back, HOWEVER these are excellent and I praise the interviews and the books as they contain far more than I could give at the time and also I had to be careful for several reasons. Yes I know the old excuse to protect my sources( a good cop out) and who I formerly worked for and with my association with large organisations.
Brilliant Part 1
Brilliant Part 2
The D-Wave I blogged about was then just called the quantum computer.  It is in my view it is the 'carrier' wave of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has a portal link to a certain portion of a Cosmic source in the Plasma Field. ( See Portals in Part 7).  I will leave it at that as I can go on for another six aspects of it.  
As you would have seen from the videos above there are references to the titles in Part 2; here I would like to refer you to my offering; should the the net fail then they have back up plans. One of the many back up plans is outlined by Ray Kurzwell  and bioengineering and I give out this in Posts 135 to 139 which was February 2014. With this is some mentions of the latest robots and AI which has come on leaps and bounds since then.  Going to Post 135 you may get Post 139 I remember I had a glitch and probably din't fix it please scroll down to the end and keep on scrolling because there are related posts which are related to the above.
Well Satanic Worship is a massive subject; just to say I mentioned in many blogs my experiences in my Forensic work and as a psychotherapist.  It is not helpful to discuss this further and is a messy mucky sticky vibe and is connected to the astral aura and you can see the auras and chakras in many books and you tubes. I have my own ideas about auras and chakras which I laid out in earlier blogs. Suffice it to state that the 'Skynet' (many science fiction films give out future outcomes such as The Terminator Series, The Day the Earth Stood Still(both versions) and Bourne Series, there are many more, I mention ET the Film and have done a Post on it.
One of the many Satanic lately to come to light is the Pizza Gate affair;
Very Revealing.
There is much more but it has been pushed away and denied.

The military are always going to seek super weapons, superior fighting men and such was the intention in the early days as seen in this interview;
 Many more super soldiers and Space Fleet on POST 273
Now the tendency is by remote control drones and robots.(see above). Of course the world wide sky net is part of the Military and the back engineered UFO.  I will refer you to THE UFO STORY MAY 2005 IN  More about ET is perhaps fascinating but regular readers will know there are so many Posts that it would be a mammoth task to list them all; perhaps books by Timothy Good, and Sir Paul Hellyer among the many and of course Ben Rich.
If you go to POSTS 140 it will follow through to Posts 28 and 116 which will add more to ET and as ET are very much connected to the Military in some aspects and esoterically in others.  Hangar 18 the video(make sure it is not edited at the end and the aliens on the cover are human looking and  not greys is true (see Post 32).    

When one talks about political it is really but with a few exceptions tied in with the Industrial Military Complex and the so called elite, Bilderbergs , Illuminati, The Kabul or whatever name you wish to give this so called self appointed behind the scenes secret government or whatever. As one gleans from the above they are tied in with secret sects and so on. The best way to illustrate this other than to refer to my many Posts on this and exposing corruption and wars and so forth, the terrible injustice, denial and suffering is with a brilliant video by David Icke.;  
Absolutely Spot On
I can vouch for this; in one of the Posts you might notice a few yellow leaflets with my early workshop programmes, you will see that I lectured at FAO (The food and agricultural Organisations of the UN Rome, I did a month a year for eight years running as of the EU in Brussels) by the way in Brussels I met NATO HQ staff who revealed a lot about ET and that you had to sign up for Chemtrails, vaccines and GMO foods and I would think join the elite club as a country for membership.
Financial would be a sub heading and I went into the many currencies and that were tried by the Bush Administration in 'The Americas' the worry over BRICS and Bitcoin, the petrodollar and so on. A brilliant latest summary is by the incredible James Corbett;
Very good
I have to slightly disagree with James on one issue I feel that BRICS (Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa) as you will hear from James are endeavouring to set up a new financial system, I feel they do not just want a better seat at the IMF and monetary cartels I think they want a real alternative system.
This may also be why the USA wants to obliterate North Korea so that it can set up a NATO shield in the North and South, ringing Russia and China even more than the existing NATO umbrella, also extending their bio net which as I understand it Russia and China do not want.
With alternative energy technologies now gaining footholds in the oil market and people waking up to the fact there is alternative energies(I have blogged on least nine and cures for everything with the phantom wave and so on), then I think the panic button has been pressed and it is well known now that the USA and the UK are funding terrorism and that religious ideology is the excuse for it and deliberate interference and wars on countries that cause asylum seekers and refugees and with this ISIL fighters coming in with the genuine ones; was this a deliberate Illuminati ploy along with austerity measures, GMO foods and harmful vaccines never the less HAARP and Chemtrails.    
I do not have a religion although born Jewish.  I was taught to be a Jew, I was born naked and bare and hopefully have a naked and bare mind soon. I am not against or for religion or cults, the problem becomes one if one is not tolerant and imposes one's beliefs. I made up a story in POST 83 I feel you might get the message, there are genuine priests, saints, and prophets its a shame they are hard to find.  I'll leave religion at that.  By the way do not discount the religion of Atheism and Skepticisms.
Regular readers will be fed up by now about me mentioning the '1967' writings and you can see the story in Post 9 first please and POST 222 for further links and journeys. The abridged and very much shortened '1967 writings' can be found in ▼  2013 (4)  I don't know why its probably a mistake in the tremendous task of downloading and retrieval from the late that the blogs are in reverse order please read from bottom up.  As you will see from the Samye Ling and the writings, my job was to find evidence for it scientifically, medically, religiously and morally. The writings in my blogs have endeavoured to do so. Also my NDE in 1942 added to the enthusiasm and basically we are talking about the next part.

Another major aspect of my work is that we are approaching the next shift in evolution I have explained this in POSTS 321, A, B, C, and that the elite are hell bent on stopping this happening.  I do not agree with the lovely Elana Freedlander that the next step is way off, I agree with her it can be delayed as I have mentioned since 1970 but I think it is imminent, for the reasons given in the last POSTS.
Originally way back when I talked about the Ascension symptoms which were the effects of the incoming energies and strangely enough are similar to the HAARP and  Chemtrails   See Post 135 special No 1, there is a detailed explanation to each of the sections, very long. I did research on psychoneuroimmuneology PSI and various other cellular branches and in my Forensic work learned a lot. 
The next in evolution will bring in a new human being I call them Homo Energetica and or Spriritulana. 
There rages a battle between the transhumanists, the mechanistics, the sceptics, the religionist and others and myself who feel there is only consciousness and this is beginning and the end of it. I have mentioned that Nassim Haramein see previous blogs 321 and on and the Sun phenomena, the strange action of the Sun today 08-09-17 as it enters a low period, see this date for its strange behaviour and the Mexico huge earthquake /tsunami.
I feel that the planets and stars and all creation is conscious and alive and one sees from Nassim's video it defended itself, I off er another example;

I feel all the Universe and its Creation is alive and conscious.  I will offer some videos to back this claim up, first of all from a prominent scientist  
n an interview published in The Observer (London), when asked the question "Do you believe that life on this planet is the result of some sort of accident, or do you believe that it is a part of some great scheme?", he replied:
I incline to the idealistic theory that consciousness is fundamental, and that the material universe is derivative from consciousness, not consciousness from the material universe... In general the universe seems to me to be nearer to a great thought than to a great machine. It may well be, it seems to me, that each individual consciousness ought to be compared to a brain-cell in a universal mind.
What remains is in any case very different from the full-blooded matter and the forbidding materialism of the Victorian scientist. His objective and material universe is proved to consist of little more than constructs of our own minds. To this extent, then, modern physics has moved in the direction of philosophic idealism. Mind and matter, if not proved to be of similar nature, are at least found to be ingredients of one single system. There is no longer room for the kind of dualism which has haunted philosophy since the days of Descartes.
— James Jeans, addressing the British Association in 1934, recorded in Physics and Philosophy[15]
Finite picture whose dimensions are a certain amount of space and a certain amount of time; the protons and electrons are the streaks of paint which define the picture against its space-time background. Traveling as far back in time as we can, brings us not to the creation of the picture, but to its edge; the creation of the picture lies as much outside the picture as the artist is outside his canvas. On this view, discussing the creation of the universe in terms of time and space is like trying to discover the artist and the action of painting, by going to the edge of the canvas. This brings us very near to those philosophical systems which regard the universe as a thought in the mind of its Creator, thereby reducing all discussion of material creation to futility.
— James Jeans in The Universe Around Us
When I was a member of the Scientific and Medical Net work I had a few brief discussions Rupert Sheldrake, this video below was banned by the TED talk series;
Thank you Rupert
Rupert was really set upon by scientists and some of the remarks made to him are astonishing. Strangely enough I had much the same from others in academia.
So it comes to facts that consciousness versus materialism and the fact is that the elite want to abort or thwart the next step in evolution. They will have lost their power and dominance and they are jealous because benign ET will co join with humanity when the awakening and shift are sufficiently advanced.  The dates if it runs smoothly are 1967-------2012, 2013-------2032, 2033---------2075 there were many kick start dates before 1967, see Mayan Calender, The Yugas  and so on, my 'mission' was at my NDE in 1942 and became of age so to speak in 1967.
Rupert mentions about the intelligent Sun well Nassim in the last Posts mentions about the sun defending itself, I got into Portals and came across this and it is in 

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Into The Breach Dear Friends - March 2009 in

Basically NASA were doing the Themis project and Dave Sibeck a scientist found these kind of Portals from the Sun to Earth and I had been on about the new ascension energies were delivered by Portals or Rays of energies, frequencies and wavelengths.  I got a flea in the ear for that from some academics.
ET will only intervene if we try to split the planet, it is understood that a Planet should be left to mature naturally, apparently it Cosmic lore and law, ET are dealing with rogues of their own kind as it were, I do not agree that humans are part and parcel of the Earth, the Earth can survive without us and The Universe can compensate for our absence.
Well I could go on and on, there is enough to research and read. If I have any updates I will do a 322 A.   Sun Bear said 'if the Earth has had enough of us one cough and were'e off' and an ET was heard to say 'we do not have politicians, we are joined to the common good'

Be Well


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