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Greetings and I hope that this introduction does not detract from the Post. Probably the world knows about the alleged poisoning by the Kremlin of a former agent ; this description from Wikipedia,
 Poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal
Sergei Skripal is a former Russian military officer and British spy who acted as a double agent for the UK's intelligence services during the 1990s and early 2000s, until his arrest in December 2004. Wikipedia
Date4 March 2018
Victims3 hospitalised
WeaponsNovichok or family nerve agent
Notice Novichok or family, Suspected perpetrator; Russian Intelligence Community.  There is still no proof.  Now another two people  nearby have fallen ill after a suspected same poisoning in a nearby locality. I will be doing or have done a special on this, and the reasons are; I joined the Police as Maintenance Electrician and then transferred over to Forensic Laboratories at the Police College and then went on from there to other Forensic Work. I have great respect and admiration for the many officers I worked with and those I am still in touch with and many of us do not feel or think the above case has not been investigated properly and that Political smokescreens have been hoisted. I will in the write up either done before this as a special or after it give my reasons. (I have done in POST 349 A,B,C)
I feel justice as far as it can be ascertained is important, I love and admire my country, it has been gracious and good to my parents and Grandparents and their Jewish faith as immigrants back in the 1900,s I know all countries have their political and religious agendas and that GB did some nasties to gain the Empire. But generally British Justice was moderately fair and decent to be compared to elsewhere and I agree other countries see this as hypocritical and politically motivated. However I can only speak on my experience and view.
However starting from the Iraq invasion and Tony Blair / Bush / and co up till now huge awful false flags have occurred and are in vogue now. They are world wide. The Two videos below on; How America Was almost destroyed by Criminals and the one above is just the tip of the iceberg, in all my Blogs and Posts I have hinted and spoken out. 
Now I feel the last chapters have arrived and will coincide with the Cosmic and Solar reconfigurations taking place.  These are the final years leading up to 2075.  The battle for the Earth is now well and truly on. Take heart for in my view it will be close and delays but Truth and Goodness will prevail.     
RADIO SIGNALS FROM THE NOCTILUCENT ZONE: High above the Arctic Circle in Lofoten, Norway, researcher Rob Stammes cannot see noctilucent clouds through the glare of the midnight sun.  He has a different way of experiencing them. He listens. "On June 26th, my VHF radio system recorded polar mesospheric summertime echoes (PMSEs)--a sign of noctilucent cloud activity," he explains.
PMSEs are the sounds of terrestrial radio stations, beaming up from Earth, then reflected back to the ground from an altitude of 80 km to 90 km. That part of Earth's upper atmosphere is the mesosphere, the same place noctilucent clouds are found. The exact cause of PMSEs is not yet known; theorists have proposed explanations ranging from steep electron density gradients and "dressed aerosols" to gravity waves and turbulence. The echoes are often accompanied by visible NLCs at lower altitudes where darkness allows the clouds to be seen.
"I have detected very strong Polar Mesospheric Summer Echoes on several occasions this season," says Stammes. "The radio stations are in eastern Europe. I am carefully monitoring the NLC Photo Gallery to study the relationship between the clouds and these strange radio reflections."
He detected another episode of radio echoes on June 16th--confirming what is now obvious to the naked eye for many northern sky watchers: NLC season is finally underway. Stay tuned for more PMSEs
Courtesy Wikipedia
and not related to article above.
Polar mesospheric summer echoes (PMSE) is the phenomenon of anomalous radar echoes found between 80-90 km in altitude from May through early August in the Arctic, and from November through to February in the Antarctic. These strong radar echoes are associated with the extremely cold temperatures that occur above continental Antarctica during the summer. Rocket and radar measurements indicate that a partial reflection from a multitude of ion layers and constructive interference causes at least some of the PMSE.
Generally PMSE exhibits dramatic variations in height and intensity as well as large variations in Doppler shift. PMSE exhibit strong signal power enhancements of scattering cross section at VHF radar frequencies in the range 50 MHz to 250 MHz, at times even to over 1 GHz, that occur in summer at high latitudes. The peak PMSE height is slightly below the summer mesopause temperature minimum at 88 km, and above the noctilucent cloud (NLC) and/or polar mesospheric cloud (PMC) layer at 83–84 km. The usual instrument for observing PMSE is a VHF Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere (MST) radar, although LIDARs and sounding rockets have also been used.
PMSE is believed to be caused by structural irregularities in the ionospheric electron density at lower altitudes. The exact cause of PMSE is not yet known, although theorists have proposed steep electron density gradients, heavy positive ions, dressed aerosols, gravity waves and turbulence as possible explanations.
PMSE occurs in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions, and is sometimes accompanied by noctilucent clouds.
Noctilucent clouds are not fully understood and are a recently discovered meteorological phenomenon. No confirmed record of their observation exists before 1885, although they may have been observed a few decades earlier by Thomas Romney Robinson in Armagh.[1] Doubts now surround Robinson's out-of-season records, following observations, from several points around high northern latitudes, of NLC-like phenomena following the Chelyabinsk superbolide entry in February 2013 (outside the NLC season) that were in fact stratospheric dust reflections visible after sunset.
Noctilucent clouds can form only under very restricted conditions during local summer; their occurrence can be used as a sensitive guide to changes in the upper atmosphere. They are a relatively recent classification. The occurrence of noctilucent clouds appears to be increasing in frequency, brightness and extent.
Mini Brains grown in Petri Dish. 1min
Great Information ---32 min
One Card to rule them all. 4mins
I have Posted the World Citizen before but it goes well with this one above. 10 mis
This creature can regenerate its whole body, brains, liver and so on.
It goes one better so to speak than the Salamander.  The several Russian scientists developed a way of regenerating human limbs and organs with cures for diseases all part of the project I wrote about extensively called the 'Phantom Wave'  again it is not only stem cells but the 'INFORMATION CARRIED IN THE WAVE FREQUENCIES'  Research and you will find a plethora of experiments, research and fantastic results either buried, forgotten or not of interest because BIG PHARMA paid to hush it up or the scienteist were threatened or came to a mysterious and untimely end.
COSMIC RAYS PENETRATE AIRPLANES OVER THE SOUTH PACIFIC: Last month, flight attendants got some bad news. According to a new studyfrom researchers at Harvard University, the crews of commercial airlines face an elevated risk of cancer compared to members of the general population. The likely reason: cosmic rays. High energy particles from space hitting the top of Earth's atmosphere create a spray of secondary radiation that penetrates the walls of airplanes flying above ~20,000 feet.
On June 19th, and students of Earth to Sky Calculus flew from California to New Zealand to launch a series of space weather balloons--part of an ongoing program to map cosmic rays around the globe. Naturally, we took our radiation sensors onboard the airplane. Here is what we measured:
Within minutes after takeoff from Los Angeles, radiation in the passenger compartment multiplied 25-fold and remained high until we landed again in Brisbane 13 hours later. Peak dose rates were almost 40 times greater than on the ground below. In total, we absorbed a whole body dose approximately equal to a panoramic dental X-ray.
Our sensors measure three types of radiation: neutrons, X-rays and gamma-rays. Using bubble chambers, we found that about 1/3rd of our exposure came from neutrons:
Each bubble pictured above is formed by an energetic neutron (200 keV – 15 MeV) passing through the chamber. Counting bubbles yields the total dose, about 8 uGy (micro-Gray) of neutrons during the entire flight. These measurements are important because neutrons are a biologically effective form of radiation of interest to cancer researchers.
The remaining 2/3rd of our exposure came from X-rays and gamma-rays. To find out about those, read the rest of the story. (Huge thanks to  
I keep Posting the above as it is relevant to my research( are not involved in anyway in my ideas or research) my angle from this as you know is to support the 1967 writings and the Ascension process with the next step in evolution and the birth of the new race homo spiritulana ' energetica.  
hese are the same sensors that we have been flying to the stratosphere on space weather balloons since 2015.
Adding it all together, we detected about 24.3 uGy of neutrons + X-rays + gamma rays during the Los Angeles to Brisbane leg of our flight. For comparison, a panoramic dental X-ray yields between 14 uGy and 24 uGy.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Cosmic rays at aviation altitudes are a cocktail of different things: e.g., neutrons, protons, pions, electrons, X-rays, and gamma rays spanning a wide range of energies. Our sensors sample only three ingredients of that cocktail (neutrons, X-rays, gamma-rays) at relatively low energies typical of medical X-rays and airport security devices. This means flight crews and passengers absorb even more radiation than we can detect. It's something to think about the next time you board a plane TAKE NOTE...
Stay tuned for updates as we continue to process our haul of data from 5 airplane flights and 3 balloon flights over New Zealand.
Reference: Tobiska, W. K., et al. (2015), Advances in Atmospheric Radiation Measurements and Modeling Needed to Improve Air Safety, Space Weather , 13 , doi:10.1002/ 2015SW001169.(Again thanks to spaceweather .com)
Strange UFO like crash 80 miles from Moscow. 2 mins
Better Edition of the above. 4 mins
Police verified UFO sighting. 4 mins
Flying Train. Agreat Idea. 2 mins
Hyperloop travel of the future. 42 mins
A Wonderful Lady Living off grid. 3 mins
Hey Buzz Did you or didn't you  Round 1
Did they or didn't they  Round 2
Two old chestnuts. I was at a large meeting in Cambridge and a young NASA engineer got up to address the meeting.  He said he was open to brain storming about ideas to get to Mars.
He said the main problem was getting through the Van Allen belts. A Russian scientist sitting behind me and a Ukrainian Scientist asked 'well how did you get to the Moon then?  He got flustered and shouted back' We are talking about Mars!' The meeting was scheduled for three days. There was talking amongst the NASA team, they packed up the meeting after three hours saying there was a urgent reason to go back to the USA.  Since then NASA has denied there was a meeting and said it must be one of the associates or an auxiliary facility. 
Courtesy Google Images

SOLAR MINIMUM DEEPENS: The sun has been without sunspots for 32 of the past 33 days. To find a similar stretch of blank suns, you have to go back to 2009 when the sun was experiencing the deepest solar minimum in a century. Solar minimum has returned, bringing extra cosmic rays, long-lasting holes in the sun's atmosphere, and strangely pink aurorasFree: Aurora alerts.

A QUIET DAY ON THE SUN: Solar minimum has arrived, but even the "quiet sun" is an awesome thing. Powered by fusion, the sun is a 1027-ton nuclear explosion contained in one place only by the powerful force of its own gravity. On July 29th, Alan Friedman of Buffalo, New York, photographed the seething edge of that explode

Finally... a Sunday sun with some fireworks!" says Friedman. "There were no sunspots on the face of the sun, the action was all at the edge of the disk. It was a wonderful day to be out observing."
Friedman and other observers around the world have been monitoring this prominence--a ragged magnetic filament dancing along the sun's eastern limb all weekend long. Readers, if you have a solar telescope, take a look. (Courtesy





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