Tuesday 1 January 2019


Hello Folks and a great New Year.

This thirty five minute presentation above harkens back to a series of Posts 135 A No.1 10 February 2014 continuing in sequence until Post 140 'If The Truth Were Known' the 3rd March 2014.  All covering the above video and in the Post 140 a bit about  morphs and the mention of UFO's and space travel from Ben Rich and the 'black ops' skunk works.

Of course with the passage of time many things have altered; I have written in subsequent Posts until my rest time that we are possibly heading for the sixth extinction event and the low magnetic fields of the Sun and Earth with the low solar eleven year cycle and the event of more saturation of Cosmic rays. These can be found from Posts 335 Preparation 1st February 2018 until now.

My view on the Singularity above is that it can viewed in several ways; yes a technical peak cyborg / human interface and perhaps a complete human type cyborg with all the immortality or perceived immortality and the possibility of roaming and colonising the stars as above and bringing 'god to life', so we cyborgs create god.  Interesting who brought the dead planets, stars and early us into being if there were or was no god around to perhaps create the big bang?

Then there is the possibility of an intelligently planned Universe delivered in stages named evolution and I have written about the five extinctions in Posts as above and as a means of humans through certain techniques and ways evolving in consciousness to become a human flesh being capable of enabling by consciousness through new neural pathways to manipulate through Ascension(Yogis, Lamas, Mystics and psychic experiments have shown a growing  number of people especially youngsters who can use amazing powers by mind concentration) and my posit that given the chance we can lessen the severity of the forthcoming 6th stage of evolution and come through to a new human natural being who I have named Homo Energetica / Spiritulana.

This Ascension process is a so called 'spiritual' not to be confused with religion or dogma and is commensurate and concomitant with the ethos and energy of the Universe. This path directly challenges the materialistic and hard technologies put forth as above.  

One can still travel to the stars in biomorph space crafts that is the UFO as I have outlined in the Posts above. Indeed our space cousins do so now.  They are our future selves not the semi robot entities as seen in the greys and so on but the bodies of flesh as described in the Posts and in the 1967 writings.

In my posit I suggest that the human ego and vanity want to be God Like and not alter their high almighty opinions of themselves and bow to and acknowledge an Intelligence far beyond themselves and so pay the price for their arrogance and send a natural next step of evolution into a nightmare of robotic mayhem. 

Dearest reader I leave you with the choices and even more that you could think or dream of.

May 2019 be all you wish it to be.

Be Well

The ultimate singularity is Consciousness(Geoff)

There will be 15 more www.shackisback.blogspot.com

I will Post occasionally and now into my 80th year 
Also Google and see law space preservation



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