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Hello and a hearty welcome. Are we more than facial recognition? That face we look at in the mirror changes with the passage of time and we can never regain the original face even with plastic surgery, it will always be the past and we can never regain the past time and somehow the mystery of birth and death are bound in memories of the past which change into the future however time seems be a dream of the old photographs and the emotions therein and thereof. 
Courtesy News Max
Even the science fiction the legendary Dr Who is but a dream through time and space and ET and UFO maybe beings who have arrived and are from dimensions where 'dreams' come about by Mind Travel. Consider our brains are they not a time machine, travelling back to past events with the emotional content and by imagining fast forward to the future probably conjured up by past graphics and content.
Courtesy  Treasured Chest of Memeories
If we hanker after the past we have no future it is merely a repeat and at the best a modification, a mere facial update, a reconfiguration and a cosmetic makeover. This is the problem with rigid beliefs and fixed ideas which allow a modicum of tolerance to change. This becomes the safety net and can lead to boredom and stagnation.
From my paint file
Above there is a depiction of a blank head, at birth just a few impressions of mothers feelings and not able to discern them and then this is the base(other than those who feel reincarnation has an influence) and a few feelings from father, family, doctors, nurses and so on, the Stamp 1 --name, Stamp 2--culture, religion and so begins brain washing and conditioning. Then we get fixed ideas the blue lines tied to the capsule at the end and the post.
This can become our reality for the rest of our lives, we may never question it, we may die, fight and defend at all costs to uphold and become loyal to the system of beliefs which have become our lives without questioning it.
On deep reflection maybe a glimmer will become a light, everything is in our 'heads' and is projected out by agreements between 'heads' to be this or that, conform to normality and what is normality? An agreement to keep one safe and secure? Or what else? The problem arises when one's normality conflicts with another's normality, be it individual, group, national, religious, political or what is sane or madness.  
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Imagery; Make a list of blue lines as above look in blank head image and extend your own list of lines and see what tethers tie yourself and be honest and really 'feel' the fear of relinquishing them and see yourself acting out your life through them. There are several books on this 'Cutting the Ties that Bind'.
I have done this several times; Once I sat  quietly and asked for a spontaneous image, once it was posts with ropes to various people and situations and very powerful one of an octopus and each tentacle held tenaciously onto situations or persons or beliefs, it was amazing every time I did this I could feel the suction lessen until it was finished---MOST important after it is over to send true kindly healing thoughts and TRUE  forgiveness which can only happen when the mind is free of it not just placating words.   

Courtesy Printerest 
On many occasions in meditation and during the day an experience of deep inner peace and calm comes upon me and is growing in extensions and this is thoughtless, spontaneous there is the empty head and it seems all tethers are released, I am not senile, nor have memory loss and thinking comes in when needed, this to me is the proof that one can come back to happiness of the child before STAMP--1 as above and maybe as Zen Koan quote 'Show me your original face' (some add before you were born) Who am I before I was brain washed? What is it like to be free of beliefs that condition me' If you give a intellectual, smart ass logic response or quote a guru / master or some such out will come the Zen stick and whack for all the answers one can give come out of the past, one's learning and education-------so empty mind, not a suppressed constipated stagnated mind lost in dogma, repetitive prayer, mantra, affirmations and intentions, hypnotic chanting, all these can lead  to empty mind but not be the walking stick which has to be thrown away.
I had this experience many years back and I POSTED it, I laughed for days and days and people thought I should seek help, I have several friends who went through this and when I meditate I begin this laughter  and it stays the whole day or sometimes night and I cannot sleep.  This does not mean I am enlightened and sometimes I get anxious and fearful but the intervals are extending and more joy,its grace and spontaneous and seems to arrive for nor reason at all, and it's beginning to dawn on me, perhaps this is who I really am?
One will need courage be a fearless warrior to look at the mind with looking without opinion , awareness without bias, fearless open looking without prejudice and judgement---can I do it----well I am mediating daily in this fashion and not expecting any prejudged results, I just sit watch and breathe and let what happens, happens, often nothing, just a quiet thoughtless non sleep time. 

ELECTRICITY SURGES THROUGH THE SOIL OF NORWAYYesterday, Jan. 6th, something unexpected happened in the soil of northern Norway. "Electrical currents started flowing," reports Rob Stammes, who monitors ground currents at the Polarlightcenter geophysical observatory in Lofoten. This chart recording shows the sudden surge around 1930 UT:

Courtesy to Rob Stammes 
also Spaceweather,com
"It seemed to be some kind of shockwave," says Stammes. "My instruments detected a sudden, strong variation in both ground currents and our local magnetic field. It really was a surprise."
NASA's ACE spacecraft detected something as well. About 15 minutes before the disturbance in Norway, the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near Earth abruptly swung around 180 degrees, and the solar wind density jumped more than 5-fold. Earth may have crossed through a fold in the heliospheric current sheet--a giant, wavy membrane of electrical current rippling through the solar system. Such crossings can cause these kind of effects.
While currents flowed through the ground, auroras filled the sky. Rayann Elzein photographed the corresponding outburst of lights from Utsjoki, Finland:
Courtesy  Rayann Elzein 
What a surprise!" says Elzein. "The auroras were sudden and dynamic, with fast-moving green needles and several purple fringes!"
The auroras and ground currents were caused by the same thing: Rapidly changing magnetic fields. High above Earth's surface, magnetic vibrations shook loose energetic particles, which rained down on the upper atmosphere, creating auroras where they struck. Just below Earth's surface, magnetic vibrations caused currents to flow, triggering Rob Stammes' ground sensors.
"We couldn't see the auroras in northern Norway because of cloud cover," says Stammes, a little ruefully. "We had to be satisfied with the electricity underfoot."

 Another kind of space; does this give more space to your 'head' will we get used to the 'future' do we want 30,000 satellites communicating with a Smart Cities and this will be like a fungus spreading to all appliances, media and of course named 'the internet of everything' and of course will it be that chemtrails will be 'connected ' to the internet of everything and so weather modification which is already in use has a contradiction with natural weather and this affects our already jumping DNA through 5G and WI FI.
Courtesy Google Images
Meditation if done in a certain manner not just mindfulness which is so important as well, not just imagery or intention although can be used.
With the incursion of 5G and other disruptive frequencies which jangle the cells and heat them up one could employ Mindfulness to calm the system down, use imagery and intention to apply cool energy streams to the cells, use healing energy from the Universe to restore balance, imagine healthy organic food from rich natural soil feeding bone marrow, the fluids of the body and nurturing and restoring healthy DNA and cells. And breath meditation and Vipas sana › vipassana

Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation. It was rediscovered by Gotama Buddha more ...
There are many forms of this and one could research for the ancient forms. I prefer the Zen type meditation;
I have been using Za Zen for many years and it has brought me through various experiences and a growing sense of  'empty mind'. A sense of more 'head mind space' and another kind of psychological, mental 'space weather' a kind of healthier brain climate so to speak.
Take your pick
Is it really you?
This is the ultimate SO FAR just look at the images are enough to put one off, there is a stirring in the world's population about surveillance and how far does your privacy extend or not; it's OK saying Iv'e nothing to hide so it's OK. What if technical faults arise or hackers or someone wants to put something on you and with digitisation and digitalisation any type of  'stitch up' is possible.  Anyway do you want the 'chips' that follow you from your appliances in the kitchen to your toilet and then shower and then bedroom and your viewing of TV, your conversations and your computer browsing monitored and recorded? You have part of this already with Alexa and Echo.
I'm watching you---kisses and hugs
There have been mistakes and one American visiting Lebanon was arrested by five CIA agents roughed up and jailed for a week and then it found that the facial recognition had been too critical and a man like him arrested, he was released and he was none too pleased.
I spy with my little eye something beginning with------?
The above is very common but is not in the media because '?' in the above image told the media who are in their pocket not to report it--sad that journalists have been scared off as are whistle blowers mainly because of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning-- keep an eye out (apologies for the pun) on the proceedings in China in particular over this issue. ( Images are from the article link and many thanks to Patrick Woods 'Technocracy' for supplying these facts and figures)
Mars  Courtesy image from Science / How stuff Works

Mars is losing water faster than previously thought - particularly during the red planet's warm and stormy seasons, researchers claim. The Red Planet is gradually losing water in its upper atmosphere as sunlight and chemistry split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen atoms. 
In many, many POSTS there have been reports on the changes in the Solar System planets and beyond, another poof that climate change is not primarily human intervention but a natural cycle.

Above: Betelgeuse photographed by Brian Ottum of Animas, New Mexico, 4 years apart: more.
Edward Guinan of Villanova University and colleagues caused a sensation among astronomers last month when they reported "[Betelgeuse] has been declining in brightness since October 2019, now reaching a modern all-time low of V = +1.12 mag on 07 December 2019 UT. Currently this is the faintest the star has been during our 25+ years of continuous monitoring."
Little did they know when they issued their telegram in December that Betelgeuse was about to become even fainter. “On 06 January 2020 UT, the magnitude of Betelgeuse was V = +1.37,” reports Guinan. That’s ~20% dimmer than the "modern all-time low" registered the month before.
This 3-year plot of the Villanova team’s data shows Betelgeuse’s rapid decline
The horizontal axis is Heliospheric Julian Date (HJD). For reference, Jan. 6, 2020, the date of the most recent measurement, has an HJD of 2458855.
The fainting is easy to see with the naked eye. Not long ago, Betelgeuse was the 10th brightest star in the sky. Now it is the 21st. Observers of Orion rising in the east after sunset can’t help but notice that the Hunter’s shoulder is dimmer than it used to be.
Astronomers have long known that Betelgeuse is on the precipice of an energy crisis. It's about to run out of fuel in its core. When that happens, the star will collapse and rebound explosively, producing the first bright supernova in the Milky Way since 1604. Experts in stellar evolution believe Betelgeuse could die at any time during the next million years–a blink of an eye on time scales of astronomy.
Does the current dimming herald that final blast? Probably not. Betelgeuse is a slowly variable star, and this is probably no more than an episode of deeper-than-usual dimming. Of course, one day astronomers will think the same thing … and then the night sky will change forever.
A sharable version of this story is available here. (Courtesy
Courtesy Sputnik News
With all the war torn misery, austerity, suffering and the cheapness of life the above can give one a perspective of life and a comparison of Life in greater terms and the wonders of the Natural Universe and our local nature, all provided by the same source which is Life. Academia will say that planets, stars and galaxies are inert, but the atom is a buzzing energy source which is found in flesh and rock. Whether one may consider rock as not having consciousness it never the less has atoms which buzz and are as living as you and I, yet their consciousness maybe not as we would acknowledge it yet I feel it has elementary sentience and so is alive as is the Universe and it's Intelligent Almighty Essence and Source. 

Be Well



THE PROBLEM WITH STARLINK: Sunset Crater National Monument in Arizona is a Dark Sky National Park, so David Blanchard thought it would be a good place to photograph the Orion Nebula. "What I didn't count on was Starlink," he says. On Jan. 13th, during his exposure, dozens of Starlink satellites sliced through Orion's famous stellar nursery:

His image, both beautiful and dismaying, highlights the growing conflict between Starlink and astronomy. Not even Dark Sky National Parks can escape their interference.

Starlink is a venture by SpaceX. The idea is to launch 12,000 or more satellites into Earth orbit, surrounding our planet to provide global internet coverage. The first batch of 60 Starlink satellites launched in May 2019 surprised astronomers and prompted the International Astronomical Union to issue a statement of concern. Filling the sky with artificial stars might not be good for astronomy, they suggested.
Since then, additional launches have raised the total to nearly 200 Starlink satellites, with ~1000 more expected by the end of 2020. For the most recent launch on Jan. 6, 2020, SpaceX applied an experimental coating to one of the satellites to dim its brightness. Preliminary observations by some observers suggest the coating makes little difference. Keep trying, SpaceX   (Courtesy and David Blanchard) Comments by me below are not those of the authors in brackets and are my own personal views).

Robots have got the sack, the real reasons not really explained, but the redundant workers can reapply for their previous jobs----is there a message in this?
Is this more sinister than a metal AI self learning metal Micky or a creation of a Frankenstein horror or at least they promise that it will have a death like all flesh-----what happens when metal Micky is co joined to fleshy Frankenstein. Well this was mentioned way back in the Matilda O'Donnell Mac Elroy and Rendelsham Forest Incident and the bio form 'biped human' and laser mind imprinting hieroglyphics.

from article
This is another  thorny subject to wrestle with; these giant turbines take up much valuable land, can be noisy and unsightly, yet  they do produce cleaner energy--at a price. There are other energy sources but not allowed---no money and not controllable by companies and governments. It is like the plant based fuel for aviation and cars; the ground taken up for planting these fuels and the care and water and all else to cultivate them takes away their worth and arable land.  
A well reported video about mobile / phones.
It shows both sides of the commercial view and frank interviews.
The emptier the mind is the more probabilities and possibilities can be entertained. I feel human kind has divorced itself from nature and the field of everything. The brain is part of nature and the quantum field which itself like the Universe is one and not separated. I and the field of every possibility and probability are one say 'I and the Father are one one' (Did not a wise amazing incredible man say that). It is only our indoctrinated brain washed beliefs that separate us from the all in all.

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