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Hello and welcome. In previous and copious POST's I have gone into the effects of the Sun and the Cosmic Rays. These is a natural 11 year low and high Sun cycles, it is the duration and intensity that is unique to each cycle. By now you will have read the biological implications; such as sudden spontaneous heart attacks, arrhythmia's and other physical presentations. Research will tell you more and the implications in DNA and other systems. I have covered these for many years now.    

COSMIC RAY UPDATE: Something ironic is happening in Earth's atmosphere. Solar activity is low--very low. Yet atmospheric radiation is heading in the opposite direction. Cosmic rays percolating through the air around us are at a 5 year high.

Take a look at these data gathered by 
cosmic ray balloons launched by and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus almost we

Radiation levels have been increasing almost non-stop since the monitoring program began, with recent flights registering the highest levels of all.

What's happening? The answer is "Solar Minimum"--the low point of the 11-year solar cycle. During Solar Minimum (
underway now) the sun's magnetic field weakens and allows energetic particles from deep space to penetrate the Solar System. As solar activity goes down, cosmic rays go up; yin-yang.

When cosmic rays hit the top of Earth's atmosphere, they produce a spray of secondary particles and photons that rain down on Earth's surface. This is what 
our balloons measure--the secondary spray. We use X-ray and gamma-ray detectors sensitive to energies in the range 10 keV to 20 MeV. This type of radiation, which you can also find in medical X-ray machines and airport security scanners, has increased more than 20% in the stratosphere.

Another way to measure cosmic rays is using a neutron monitor. Neutrons are an important type of secondary cosmic ray. They reach Earth's surface with relative ease and are biologically effective. Neutron monitors at the Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory in Oulu, Finland, are getting results similar to ours. Oulu data show that cosmic rays have been increasing for the past 5 years and, moreover, are within percentage points of the Space Age record.
The Space Age record for cosmic rays isn't very old. It was was set in late 2009-early 2010 near the end of a very deep Solar Minimum much like the one we're experiencing now. As 2019 comes to a close, neutron counts at Oulu are approaching those same levels. Indeed, a new record could be just weeks or months away.
Who cares? Anyone who steps on an airplane. Cosmic rays penetrate commercial jets, delivering whole-body dosages equal to one or more dental X-rays even on regular flights across the USA. Cosmic rays pose an even greater hazard to astronauts, of course. Cosmic rays can also alter the electro-chemistry of Earth's upper atmosphere and are thought to play some role in sparking lightning. Stay tuned for updates. COURTESY SPACEWEATHER .COM May I add any comments I make on these data are mine and and I have no contact.

Courtesy  Price Travel
Florida City faces million dollar ransom demands by cyber attackers

December 14, 2019 2:12:57 AM
A city in Florida has confirmed hackers seeking to extort money were responsible for crippling its computer systems earlier this week.
But officials in Pensacola have yet to decide whether they will pay a reported $1 million ransom.
If they do opt to fork over the money, they may have to dip into Pensacola city coffers; the city of about 52,000 in Florida’s Panhandle – whose annual budget is roughly $245 million – is not insured for such an attack.
Obtaining it in the future is “something that our risk manager will certainly be looking into,” said city spokeswoman Kaycee Lagarde.
The potential cost of cyber attacks on US government agencies
Ms Lagarde confirmed that ransomware was behind the attack that brought down the city’s computer network over the weekend, less than a day after a Saudi aviation student killed three US sailors and wounded eight other people at a nearby naval air station.
The FBI has said the attacks were not connected.
The cyber security blog BleepingComputer reported earlier this week that a group behind a ransomware strain known as Maze claimed responsibility for the attack and was demanding $1 million from the city.
In emails exchanged with the website, the Maze hackers claimed they had stolen documents from the city but did not say whether they had given Pensacola officials a deadline to pay for them or if they had threatened to release the documents if they did not pay.
Bleeping Computer editor Lawrence Abrams said the Maze operators had authenticated their identity with proof of a different hack and by posting snippets of email exchanges with his blog on a dark-web payment site.
In May, a cyber attack hobbled Baltimore’s computer network and cost the city more than $18m to repair
City officials declined to discuss who might have been responsible or any ransom amount demanded. The city said it has restored some services, including email, phone services and utility online bill payments.
Ransomware infections reached epidemic dimensions this year, and security researchers are concerned ransomware could also disrupt next year’s US presidential elections.
According to a report released this week by the cyber security firm Emsisoft, almost a thousand US government agencies, educational institutions and health care providers were hit in an unprecedented barrage at a potential cost of more than $7.5bn.
New Jersey’s largest hospital system and the city of New Orleans are among the most recent US ransomware victims.
In May, a cyber attack hobbled Baltimore’s computer network and cost the city more than $18m to repair. City officials refused to pay demands for $76,000 in bitcoin.
During the summer, two Florida cities – Riviera Beach and Lake City – paid hackers more than $1 million combined after being targeted.
Pensacola officials became aware of the cyber attack against their city about 1.30am last Saturday.
Ever since, information technology technicians have been working to restore services as officials continued to take stock of the damage, if any, and determine what information might have been compromised or stolen.
Ms Lagarde would not say whether any personal or financial data was breached. She said the city would notify residents and customers as warranted.
This is what can happen with all this computerisation and just think when Smart Cities and the driver-less cars and all gadgets in the home and business are joined to one large internet of everything and the bleating manufacturer's and bosses of large corporation giving you assurances it is Hack Proof and encrypted, this only makes the Hackers even more determined to rise to the challenge and make money into the bargain. All coming from Smart Meters and Smart Technology. Technocracy is becoming too Smart Ass.
I like David Wilcock but sometimes he doesn't deliver, I understand that with these matters things get delayed, you are hounded by those who are sceptics, the deep state and jealous competitors and the media who just slay anything their political masters do not like.
This is about Pete Peterson's death bed confession and the strange death of Woody another top person. David's book  'The Source Field Investigations' is amazing and brilliant, if you want to know anything about the leading cutting edge of science this is the go to book, even though it is outstanding things have moved on and as you can see from my back POSTS at an astounding rate.
I know I keep on about ET and UFO's but I know and here come the howls, the baying sceptics all crying come out with your source's, your whistle blowers, I reply if I reveal them they will be prosecuted or  the sceptics reply, shame on you, you are a fake and bullshitter and just after publicity or making up for a sad life.
However I have POSTED about off world travels and bases on the Moon and Mars and elsewhere. OK its up to you. By the way David gets real abuse. 
I do not get donations and would not accept them, I have a small readership, I am not recognised by the 'big guns' in these fields I POST about and have contacted the top sites and they do not even reply and yet I notice some of my 'stuff' is almost word for word printed. I do not mind this, if shared and I do not depend on anyone's approval for me or my work.
This is not new thinking. In 1872 Winwood Reade wrote The Martyrdom of Man in which he stated as clearly as any modern Transhumanist or Technocrat could:
Disease will be extirpated; the causes of decay will be removed; immortality will be invented. And then, the earth being small, mankind will migrate into space, and will cross the airless Saharas which separate planet from planet, and sun from sun. The earth will become a Holy Land which will be visited by pilgrims from all the quarters of the universe. Finally, men will master the forces of Nature; they will become themselves architects of systems, manufacturers of worlds. 
These bodies which now we wear belong to the lower animals; our minds have already outgrown them; already we look upon them with contempt. A time will come when Science will transform them by means which we cannot conjecture, and which, even if explained to us, we could not now understand, just as the savage cannot understand electricity, magnetism, steam. (p. 179)Y
Yes I agree BUT I feel nature will do it with the new energies of evolution as described in back POSTS and in the '1967 writings'. Nature does this see for example the five extinctions and my forecast of the next beings, being Homo Energetica / Spiritulana.

The science behind 5G was as weapon technology. Israel was prominent in it’s development and has banned it’s use in Israel. Switzerland has banned it. A school in America forced the removal of a 5G mast after six children developed cancer. I have a report by world wide scientists on the dangers of 5G. It extends to no less than 1557 pages. Doctors in Germany are leading protests against 5G. When are the public going to realise the dangers, or have their brains already been damaged by this technology.
Lloyds of London will not pay out on injuries from 4G, 5G or WiFi. WHEN WILL THE MESSAGE GET ACROSS?
Courtesy Google Images

Talk about reinventing the wheel. Since 1970 many scientists and in my lectures and so on I have been informing people this is one of the signs of the 'Shift' key points of the 1967 writings and the signs of the 6th extinction or New Era of Evolution and the new race being born or evolving. 
Courtesy EEAST
This is a cracker of an article. No comments needed

21 Nov 2019 - Amnesty International:
"Surveillance Giants: How The Business Model of Google and Facebook Threatens Human Rights"
full PDF report | summary article

06 Dec 2019 - BusinessWire:
FeganScott law firm launches class action suit against Apple and Samsung: RF radiation levels exceed federal limit
read story

09 Dec 2019 -
Court win: Berkeley’s "Cell Phone Right to Know" law survives Supreme Court challenge
read story

10 Dec 2019 - Scientists4WiredTech:
100 Municipalities of Italy are Officially Stopping Densified 4G/5G
read story

10 Dec 2019 - YouTube:
Inspiring testimonies from City of Santa Rosa Council Meeting
watch these powerful testimonies

Cell towers for mobile phone networks should be placed at least 500 meters (one-third of a mile) from schools, hospitals and densely populated areas such as high-rises, a group of engineers is recommending.
Electromagnetic waves may be harmful to people, and so a precautionary approach when siting the towers is sensible. It's an approach that has already been adopted by planners in India, and something similar should be built into the US's planning laws, says a group of engineers at Michigan Technological University.
Right now, the only legislation that governs the siting of the towers—the Telecommunications Act of 1996—eliminates "environmental effects" as a consideration. The policy doesn't reflect the latest research; although the health impacts of radio-frequency radiation is inconclusive, the latest preliminary data "gives us reason to be concerned," says Joshua Pearce, one of the team. The few independent human studies have shown that people living close to a cell tower are more likely to report headaches, dizziness, depression and neuro-behavioural symptoms.
"I'm pro-tech and pro-human so I think there are ways for us to have our cell phones and minimize potential risk without waiting to find out that putting a cell tower on top of a school was a bad idea," he added.

(Source: Environmental Research, 2019; 108845; doi: 10.1016/j.envres.2019.108845) (ARTICLE AND IMAGE 
Courtesy WDDTY)

Iran may use the employment of attrition; gradual and sustained attacks perhaps by gorilla tactics and it could be more effective than an out and out bombing or drone attack. 
One question how did the USA intelligence know about the convoy, it seems there are third party or spies at work.
Second round or air strikes
There is a denial about the above. What ever happens a can of worms have been opened. Interesting that Obama threatened the above and never did it, Trump in his pre election speeches said many times he would never do it-----!!!?
In the UK in the EU Brexit agreement so far has no mention of  human rights or workers rights. If Court Joker Johnson does not deliver the promises to the 100 year labour supporters who came over because of poverty, homelessness, ghost towns and so in the many places in Northern England we could see these labour supporters shift back and the Unions have ago as in the miners and Thatcher's day, also if the Good Friday agreement is not honoured we could see a rise of the New IRA, and what with knife crime, fundamentalist radicals and now Iranian radicals plus the climate change activists The UK could be in for a torrid time and of course the lack of police and army recruits and numbers.

Oh Pray, and to be positive.
Will the large number of Irish Americans allow a trade deal with the UK if the Good Friday agreement is not honoured? 
Will the British people wake up to USA surveillance, media crackdown which will be imported from the USA to UK and the shoddy unhealthy GMO foods and the proven take over of the NHS by the USA globalists?
Will Scotland be a thorn in the side of the ample flesh of the amusing Joker Johnson and cut away a slice of his composure.
Maybe the spirit of peace will take place in Ireland and the populace of both sides rise against terrorist IRA action or Loyalist paramilitary's attrition and people power bring a new era and world example, mind you if Trump uses his tweeting to stir things up I wonder, there are a number of seeming unsolvable conundrums, however miracles and breakthroughs are possible, I think with the Iran, Israel, Palestine, Climate Change we need a meditating and 'internalising'  frame of consciousness which is as important as trade and human respect and compassion also on the sleeve of diplomatic negotiations. Heart felt people, the ordinary every day folk need to pray for the peace and common sense the world needs.

May I suggest that using 'intentionalising' not to use will power because it maybe one uses one's personal agendas and brain washed beliefs but uses the intention of peace(not only the stopping of war and abuse but a heartfelt forgiveness and mercy) and kind of get out of the way ego wise and let the Cosmic Consciousness, God, not a personal God,but the Universal Good if one does not believe in a Divine Being, this is a being not in flesh form and never has been.      
oops !?
On the other hand the intended reforms by deputy sheriff Cummings has implications of centralising power and eventually leading to a despotic dystopian with the 5G and the 'internet of everything' its computerised robot servants who by AI and self learning take over as in the 'Terminator' and furthermore give rise to 'super hackers geniuses' who have non compassionate technocratic minds. Hey ho science fiction-----no we are the brink of the above.  



Be Well


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