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Hello again and a warm welcome. More lockdowns, local tiers system in the UK to customise growth rate of virus infections.  More protests, false manipulations and censoring which makes people think why is this necessary, well they may not be able to sell the full quantity of vaccines, in one of the Sars debacles, or Swine, bird, they could not get a take up and sold them next year in a scam as the flu vaccine, what does that say to you?

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How can I get a profit with unused vaccines? Sell them to poorer countries and boast of our hospitality and generosity. Oh Geoff you old cynic and testy old fellow!!!?  

A study of 6,000 Danes was set to reveal whether wearing a face mask actually reduces the risk of COVID-19. The only problem is leading medical journals are refusing to publish the data, and the study's lead author hinted it's because they're not "brave enough" to do it

Does a mask work? It's a question recently posed by the Danish newspaper Berlingske,[i] and one that would seem to demand an answer from scientists and public health officials alike. Yet, despite mask mandates existing in 34 U.S. states and the District of Columbia,[ii] there's shockingly little hard data about whether or not they slow the spread of infectious disease.

Researchers from Denmark wanted to change that, conducting what may be the only randomized trial[iii] to determine if masks actually protect against COVID-19,[iv] but multiple medical journals have refused to publish the findings.

Thomas Benfield, a researcher at the University of Copenhagen and one of the study's lead authors,[v] was asked when it would be published. Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson published Benfield's emailed response on Twitter, which is simply: "As soon as a journal is brave enough …"[vi]

What Does the Danish Mask Study Reveal?

Speaking to Nature in October 2020, Benfield said his team wasn't yet ready to share the study's results.[vii] In truth, three medical journals -- The Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association -- have refused to publish the study, leading to speculation that it reveals a message that goes against the status quo.

Berlingske, which is the oldest daily newspaper in Denmark, suggests this is so, stating (loosely translated), "The researchers behind a large and unique Danish study on the effect of wearing a mask even have great difficulty in getting their research results published. One of the participating professors in the study admits that the still secret research result can be perceived as 'controversial.'"[viii],[ix]

The study included 6,000 participants who were randomly assigned to wear a face mask or not for a 30-day period. Participants were confirmed to not have COVID-19 or symptoms of it at the start of the study, and they were required to spend more than three hours per day outside of the home with exposure to other people during the study period.[x]

Described as an "outstanding sample," the Berlingske article, which was written by Lars Henrik Aagaard, praised the study, noting, "The study and its size are unique in the world, and the purpose was once and for all to try to clarify the extent to which the use of masks in public space provides protection against corona infection."[xi]

While the results were originally expected to be published in August 2020, Benfield later said that his comment was taken "a bit out of context" and, "The article is being reviewed by a respected journal. We have decided not to publish data until the article has been accepted."[xii]

Study Co-Author Hints at Controversial Results

Aagaard interviewed another of the study's researchers, Christian Torp-Pedersen, a chief physician at North Zealand Hospital's research department, who similarly said, "We cannot start discussing what they (the medical journals) are dissatisfied with because, in that case, we must also explain what the study showed, and we do not want to discuss that until it is published."[xiii]

He then went on to say that he "might also have dared to go as far as Benfield," had he been asked why the results haven't been published, referring to his "brave enough" comment. Aagaard asks, "Does this mean that your research results may be perceived as controversial in the eyes of some?" to which Torp-Pedersen replies, "That's how I want to interpret it, too."

Aagaard then states, "Can one interpret a controversial research result in the sense that no significant effect of mask use is demonstrated in your study?" Torp-Pedersen says, "I think that's a very relevant question you are asking."[xiv]

Dr. Henning Bundgaard with Denmark's Rigshospitalet is another of the study's authors. In speaking with Bloomberg in July 2020 -- when he still expected the study's results to become public the next month -- he said, "All these countries recommending face masks haven't made their decisions based on new studies."[xv]

Denmark was one of the latest countries to institute a mask mandate, which took effect October 29, 2020 for all public indoor spaces.[xvi] In July, however, Bundgaard told Bloomberg he worried mask mandates may offer a "false sense of security" and make people "sloppy" when following other guidelines like handwashing, self-isolating if you're sick and social distancing. Also revealing is Bloomberg's last paragraph:

"Bundgaard's study on masks is due to be published next month. In the meantime, he says he hopes they don't become mandatory in Denmark."[xvii]

Masks have become a contentious topic in the U.S., dividing neighbors, colleagues and families over whether or not they slow the spread of infectious disease. The controversy continues to grow, particularly since public health officials have been giving conflicting information from the start,[xviii] and solid data, such as what may be revealed via the Danish study, is sorely lacking.


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GMI Research Group

The GMI Research Group (GMIRG) is dedicated to investigating the most important health and environmental issues of the day.  Special emphasis will be placed on environmental health.  Our focused and deep research will explore the many ways in which the present condition of the human body directly reflects the true state of the ambient environment.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.

·                        There are no excess deaths. The same number of people have died in 2020 that, on average, have died in previous years. This simply wouldn’t be the case if we had a lethal pandemic

·                        The slight uptick in deaths now being reported in the U.K. aren’t due to COVID-19. Data show these deaths — primarily people aged 45 to 65, with equal distribution between the sexes — are mainly due to heart disease, stroke and cancer, which suggests they are excess deaths caused by lack of routine medical care due to the pandemic restrictions

·                        The PCR test is not a valid diagnostic tool and should not be done on the scale we’re now doing it. The high rate of false positives is only fodder for needless fearmongering

·                        Virtually no one who is asymptomatic has the live virus, but when you run the test at a cycle threshold over 30, meaning you amplify the viral RNA more than 30 times, you end up with a positive test even if the virus is inactive and noninfectious

·                        According to Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a former vice-president and chief scientific adviser of the drug company Pfizer, very few people will need the COVID-19 vaccine as the mortality rate is so low and the illness is clearly not causing excess deaths

From GreenMed. 

The link below has a great video 

Even Dr.? Fauci said the masks don't work, and could increase the spread. The CDC originally said the masks are not needed. Then they changed their official stance. Why? Because they are pushing an agenda.

Similar to the  Professor Witty (Whitty)  alleged bribe in the last POST and Gates dIagram. If you join the dots  you can see who like the UK MHRA the CDC is backed by and funded by.

the mask keeps the fear going. They need to http://

nforce the mask wearing to remind people how terrified they're supposed be. If people aren't walking around wearing them, they'll eventually forget about the covid and be much harder to manipulate and control. The large scale scope of coordinated psychological manipulation on display is astounding...t

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The design of these are scary and children and some adults including me when we see these caped grotesque figures wonder whether we are living in Dante's Inferno.

 Inferno (Italian: [iɱˈfɛrno]Italian for "Hell") is the first part of Italian writer Dante Alighieri's 14th-century epic poem Divine Comedy. It is followed by Purgatorio and Paradiso. The Inferno describes Dante's journey through Hell, guided by the ancient Roman poet Virgil. In the poem, Hell is depicted as nine concentric circles of torment located within the Earth; it is the "realm ... of those who have rejected spiritual values by yielding to bestial appetites or violence, or by perverting their human intellect to fraud or malice against their fellowmen".[1] As an allegory, the Divine Comedy represents the journey of the soul toward God, with the Inferno describing the recognition and rejection of sin.[2]

Here are some of the modern circles; 1) lock down. 2) Mask   3) Vaccination's 4) Total surveillance 5) Health and biometric passport / certificate 6) Chipped or tattoo 7) Social distancing 8) Unproven science messages 9) Censorship and no alternative allowed except the official (so called ignoring real science) narrative. There are more circles I could add to Senor Dante's narrative.

Health passports' for air travel mean mandatory Covid-19 vaccines cloaked in the illusion of choice

This is the blackmail that  will force people to get the vaccine and I suspect limit anyone who declines / not refuses the shot. I feel the vaccination refusal form is worth a shot  (excuse pun) because it is mRNA which interferes with one's natural DNA and no matter what they say it is an experiment and we are the 'collateral damage' and so what if we are ill, get sick from it, one cannot claim compensation and they make trillions of 'do ray me' out of it (cockney expression for cash). Lots of mezoola, lovely bubbly, laughing all the way to the bank, whilst treading on or over the scarred and mutilated corpses and the dumb staring zombies bleakly rounded up like sheep and corralled into Smart Cities. Another version of Uncle Dante
Helen Buyniski

Helen Buyniski

 U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report revealed that, of the symptomatic adults with COVID-19, 70.6% always wore a mask and still got sick, compared to 7.8% for those who rarely or never wore a mask

·                        Dr. Jim Meehan, an ophthalmologist, conducted an evidence-based scientific analysis on masks, which shows that not only should healthy people not be wearing masks, but they could be harmed as a result

·                        A working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that nonpharmaceutical interventions, such as lockdowns, quarantines and mask mandates, have not significantly affected overall virus transmission rates

·                        Children forced to wear masks for long periods could experience mental and psychological repercussions, and at least 17 physical risks are also posed by wearing masks

·                        With the lack of solid evidence to support mask use among the general population, it appears as though mask mandates are being used as political and psychological tools rather than one aimed at protecting public health


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So, what else ‘Makes Me Sick’? From Robert Redfern

  • The ‘Pharma/Medical Criminal Cartel’ who are fined billions for their crimes are being allowed to give advice to governments.
  • The ‘Pharma/Medical Criminal Cartel’ who are fined billions for their crimes are being allowed to produce untested vaccines and have been absolved of all criminal and financial responsibility.
  • Governments recommending Flu and other vaccines instead of vitamin D3, vitamin C zinc, selenium, and magnesium to support the immune system to avoid Flu (and most diseases). When I was born we were given some of these super vitamins free by the government to keep us healthy. I still take them today and every day.
  • Governments ignoring the Swedish results from no lockdown and almost zero deaths recently from CV. (Yes, they made mistakes in the early days by not giving those in care homes the supplements and shielding them.)
  • Governments/schools not advising/educating the people that diseases are caused by lack of exercise, nutrients, consuming factory processed foods, microwaved ready meals, and other junk foods. Since they like draconian laws, why not ban junk foods?
  • Locking down the world with martial laws that take away all rights and freedoms. All at the behest of the ‘Pharma/Medical Criminal Cartel’ and The World Economic Forum. Their plan is to drug everyone, and as well as reduce the world population (which they state clearly). Lastly, they have started their plan to control everyone via facial recognition, mobile apps, and implanted chips (as was successfully tested in China).
  • The lack of science in all the training that medical doctors have. Even when they know about vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc, selenium, and magnesium to support the immune system most are too scared of the ‘Pharma/Medical Criminal Cartel’ to provide these as solutions. They take away and destroy the livelihoods of doctors who actively recommend nutrition rather than drugs.
Certainly in the USA babies and children are given
How many vaccines does a child get in USA?
Currently, 16 vaccines – some requiring multiple doses at specific ages and times – are recommended from birth to 18 years old. Recommended vaccines include: Influenza (annual flu shot)and many of these  are multiple shots. If Gates has his way this would be the world formulae and more, the wealth would be enormous and as Big Pharma motto is as a patient cured is a customer lost. In certain states if a child isn't vaccinated they cannot attend school or other places.

  According to a study that examined how informed consent is given to COVID-19 vaccine trial participants, disclosure forms fail to inform volunteers that the vaccine might make them susceptible to more severe disease if they’re exposed to the virus

·                        Previous coronavirus vaccine efforts — including those for SARS, MERS and RSV — have revealed a serious concern: The vaccines have a tendency to trigger antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)

·                        ADE means that rather than enhance your immunity against the infection, the vaccine actually enhances the virus’ ability to enter and infect your cells, resulting in more severe disease than had you not been vaccinated

·                        Lethal Th2 immunopathology is another potential risk. A faulty T cell response can trigger allergic inflammation, and poorly functional antibodies that form immune complexes can activate the complement system, resulting in airway damage

·                        There’s evidence showing the elderly — who are most vulnerable to severe COVID-19 and would need the vaccine the most — are also the most vulnerable to ADE and Th2 immunopathology


latrogenic or “doctor-caused” disease remains a bane of modern medicine and is increasingly recognized as a common complication of medical care. New technologies, heightened patient expectations and increasing complexity of care unfortunately lead to an increase in medical error and unpredictable accidents, latrogenic illness is in reality a relatively small subset of the broader entity of nosocomial disease, which includes any condition or illness that was not present in the patient on entry into the health care system. Several recent articles highlight the growing interest in the detection and understanding of iatrogenic disease
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 This is mentioned in the vaccine refusal form and can be said politely to the doctor as they have a duty of care by their Hippocratic Oath (Which governments are trying to alter and the 'do no harm' as well.

The Nightingale Pledge is a modified version of the Hippocratic Oath for doctors whereby nurses pledge to uphold certain ethics and principles within the nursing profession.

I know a lot of nurses and they agree with many aspects of this blog and other sites but pleaded with me to not name them or tell others their name as some consultants  and doctors threaten them. Such a sad state of affairs. Many have told me of empty hospitals  and the so called full up is when they send the patients with the flu and so called Covid to a dedicated one and the others are empty of course they are overworked in that hospital. Also they tell me the false Covid on all patients.

First created in 1893, the Nightingale Pledge is most often taken by North American nurses and not generally found outside of the USA. Florence did not write the Nightingale Pledge but it was named in her honour.

The massive Nightingale super tent hospitals quickly erected at the first lock down and the one in London had 5,000 beds and ventilators had only 50 patients and over half had other complaints;

 A Freedom of Information request has revealed that the government spent an estimated £220 million setting up England’s Nightingale hospitals to help increase NHS capacity.

The numbers cover all of the seven sites built to help the country deal with the coronavirus outbreak, but, according to the Health Service Journal, some of these field hospitals have not taken in a coronavirus patient to date.

The temporary site in London, the first Nightingale hospital to open in April, stopped taking in new patients in early May following limited demand for its services. In mid-May, the Manchester hospital remained the only one of the temporary sites in England treating patients.

The Nightingale hospital in Yorkshire recently announced that it would reopen for CT scans for hundreds of patients a week.

Alongside the £220 million set up costs, running costs in April were revealed to be around £15 million.

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Please read the startling reports of Dr Malcolm Kendrick  in POSTS  Friday 3rd July and Friday 10th July 2020  in 'NO NUMBER FIVE' and 'NO NUMBER SIX' (you may have to scroll down) 

A very comprehensive explanation which maybe a template for many countries. 

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I just do not trust AstroZeneca. The reason is they have multiple law suits against them and they are not transparent as to what is exactly in the vaccination. I do not know if it is the mRNA version but it is a personal view and I will not be taking the shot. However do not follow my comments 
 please do as you feel it is right for you, I am not a biologist but I do what I feel the research says to me.
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The ChAdOx1 vaccine is a chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine vector. This is a harmless, weakened adenovirus that usually causes the common cold in chimpanzees. ChAdOx1 was chosen as the most suitable vaccine technology for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine as it has been shown to generate a strong immune response from one dose in other vaccines. It has been genetically changed so that it is impossible for it to grow in humans. This also makes it safer to give to children, the elderly and anyone with a pre-existing condition such as diabetes. Chimpanzee adenoviral vectors are a very well-studied vaccine type, having been used safely in thousands of subjects.

Coronaviruses have club-shaped spikes on their outer coats, which form a corona – Latin for crown – on the virus surface. Immune responses from other coronavirus studies suggest that these spikes are a good target for a vacc·                        A vast majority of those testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 are as·                        A vast majority of those testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 are asymptomatic. They simply aren’t sick. The PCR test is merely picking up inactive (noninfectious) viral particles

·                        In one study, which looked at pregnant women admitted for delivery, 87.5% of the women who tested positive for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 had no symptoms

·                        A study looking at PCR test data from nearly 10 million residents in Wuhan city found that not a single one of those who had been in close contact with an asymptomatic individual tested positive

·                        Of the 34,424 residents with a history of COVID-19, 107 individuals tested positive a second time, but none were symptomatic and none were infectious

·                        When asymptomatic patients were tested for antibodies, they discovered that 190 of the 300, or 63.3%, had actually had a “hot” or productive infection resulting in the production of antibodies. Still, none of their contacts had been infected


Dear Reader, From Robert Redfern

To Jab Or Not To Jab? What else could I write about this week? The Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson is under huge pressure from useless lockdowns, probably to detract from the fact that so few people are dying. So his sidekick, the Minister for Health, Matt Hancock, suddenly announced out of nowhere that a USA vaccine has been approved by the MHRA in the UK and is going to be distributed immediately.

Let’s get some facts straight that you will never hear in the media before I answer, to jab or not to jab.

1.     How can the UK have reviewed this vaccine so quickly when it has not even been approved by the FDA in the USA. They are still reviewing the reported side effects? The BMJ reported recently they had not seen the full data and warned to be cautious before approval. The BBC lied that it has been subject to the proper tests. They should take 2 years and this has been produced in 9 months.

2.     Its trials were not due to be reported until June 2021 but the trials were cut short. A press release claiming a 95% success rate was released but it was not released for peer review by independent scientists. It has not even been approved in the UK by any independent organisation.

3.     It is claimed that it was approved in the UK by the independent MHRA who receive their income and from shares in Big Pharma, and by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - hardly independent!

4.     Big Pharma including Pfizer has recently been fined $30 billion for fraud, bribery, deaths of children and other illegal activities. Hardly a trustworthy organisation!

5.     The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and associate companies earn fortunes from drug patents and royalties from Big Pharma (and as a foundation avoiding tax in the USA). Why are they ‘donating’ huge amounts of money to the MHRA as well as the BBC? Who will investigate these payments?

6.     It was initially reported in the USA that 10% to 15% of Pfizer vaccine recipients will suffer “significantly” ‘noticeable’ side effects. However, these side effects have suddenly been renamed to ‘beneficial immune responses’.

7.     Side effects of vaccines can take months or even years to show up, which is probably why it is being tried out on everyone working in the NHS. This particular vaccine has never been tried on mass human populations. They may hope to hide the side effects on NHS staff but I hope the staff are honest enough to publish serious side effects and especially deaths.

8.     It is a BNT mRNA vaccine containing cells grown from aborted human foetus and monkeys that interferes with your DNA, supposedly to protect the 0.05% of the population who may die. Of course, 99.95% who would not die from Covid-19 will be at a different risk from taking the vaccine. No vaccines have ever been made that do not cause death and have side effects in a %, albeit a small risk in some of them.

9.     How will we know if this or any vaccine is effective? It is claimed to be 95% effective but since the vaccine was not tested on the 0.05% of the 'at risk' population for effects, that is a lie. It cannot be the PCR test as that is fake and does not indicate Covid-19. The inventor of the PCR said so, and countless virologists and infection experts around the world all agree. The Courts in Portugal asked for evidence from the government there and since they could not produce any, the Courts pronounced that it does not and banned lockdowns. Since we cannot trust the tests, then we cannot trust the claimed number of deaths from Covid-19. This leaves the total number of deaths as only the total number of deaths in a 12-month period, so how can we determine whether there was anything unusual that happened.

10.                        In the USA the increase in deaths was relatively small as shown in the YouTube Video from John Hopkins UniversitySee Here
In the
UK there was an increase in deaths of around 40,000. The majority of these may be explained by the NHS emptying the hospitals by discharging all of the very sick elderly people into care homes. Here they had no proper medical care and of course, they died. Then a fraudulent diagnosis of Covid-19 was applied. Around 5000 of the UK deaths could be attributed to this coronavirus which is a tiny amount to justify destroying the UK economy as well as jobs and business of many.

11.                        Importantly, Drs Wodarg and Yeadon have started a petition to ban the vaccine due to its risk of causing infertility in females. Read more here

12.                        Lastly, the UK MRHA has announced it is seeking software to process the expected high volume of adverse reactions. So much for a tested and safe vaccine.

So, to Jab or not to Jab?

So, to jab or not to jab? If you work in the NHS or care homes I recommend you find an excuse to avoid it. If you are female and plan to ever start a family then you must avoid the vaccine to avoid the risk of infertility.

To the rest of the population, it is not going to be available for around 6 months so hopefully, we will have some time to be able to make a better-informed choice.

It may be that to see our family and grandchildren in Australia my wife and I will have to consider having a vaccine eventually to be able to travel. We shall be watching everything very carefully before making that decision.

 mptomatic. They simply aren’t sick. The PCR test is merely picking up inactive (noninfectious) viral particles

·                        In one study, which looked at pregnant women admitted for delivery, 87.5% of the women who tested positive for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 had no symptoms

·                        A study looking at PCR test data from nearly 10 million residents in Wuhan city found that not a single one of those who had been in close contact with an asymptomatic individual tested positive

·                        Of the 34,424 residents with a history of COVID-19, 107 individuals tested positive a second time, but none were symptomatic and none were infectious

·                        When asymptomatic patients were tested for antibodies, they discovered that 190 of the 300, or 63.3%, had actually had a “hot” or productive infection resulting in the production of antibodies. Still, none of their contacts had been infected


Adenoviruses are a group of common viruses that infect the lining of your eyes, airways and lungs, intestines, urinary tract, and nervous system. They're common causes of fever, coughs, sore throats, diarrhea, and pink eye. Infections happen in children more often than in adults, but anyone can get them. 

Getty Images / Probal Rashid/LightRocket

 This is about the truth and the USA elections and generally probably worldwide and the sad state and decline nearly every aspect of life has fallen too.

FILE PHOTO: US guided missile destroyer USS John S. McCain ©  Reuters / US NAVY 

This is a frightening and threatening game and what might start off as 'chicken' can lead to all sorts of tactics and eventually a real cold war of sorts and possible start with going back to Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq that will bring Russia  and the USA into that same 'stand off' at times and mixed missions and mistake sand the blame game over chemical weapons and the white Helmets stuff. Then invasion of Iran. Yes as the article says it could lead to a strong alliance with China, North Korea and remembering from past POSTS the BRICS, POST CORNUCOPIA Sunday November 1st 2020 and the alliance and the smaller alliance EAEU, scroll down to see the above alliances in POST Cornucopia.

The USA has this confrontation with Russia over the NORD gas pipe line to Europe and the old, old storey of them interfering in the Trump elections.



This is the growing unrest in Australia and general violence, their special forces were reprimanded and apologised for killing Afghan civilians(see back posts) also see below ;

U.S. U.S. Pine Gap is the commonly used name for a US satellite surveillance base and Australian Earth station approximately 18 kilometres (11 mi) south-west of the town of Alice Springs, Northern Territory in the center of Australia which is jointly operated by Australia and the United States.

This more than surveillance it is widely known as another Area 51 and with the large areas of outback it is an ideal testing ground.

A global team of experts has found 10 FATAL FLAWS in the main test for Covid and is demanding it’s urgently axed. As they should

Again and again and still they turn a blind eye. It makes me think that there is an agenda if I didn't before.

·                        A vast majority of those testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 are asymptomatic. They simply aren’t sick. The PCR test is merely picking up inactive (noninfectious) viral particles

·                        In one study, which looked at pregnant women admitted for delivery, 87.5% of the women who tested positive for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 had no symptoms

·                        A study looking at PCR test data from nearly 10 million residents in Wuhan city found that not a single one of those who had been in close contact with an asymptomatic individual tested positive

·                        Of the 34,424 residents with a history of COVID-19, 107 individuals tested positive a second time, but none were symptomatic and none were infectious

·                        When asymptomatic patients were tested for antibodies, they discovered that 190 of the 300, or 63.3%, had actually had a “hot” or productive infection resulting in the production of antibodies. Still, none of their contacts had been infected


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