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 Hello there. Trust all is well with you. Here in the UK the usual threats and raising fears, the usual rhetoric; kids back at school, so some experts say this will raise Covid, others say kids do not cause a risk and do not spread the virus(if there was ever one se back POSTS) there could be another lockdown of sorts in the Autumn 2021---yes because we come to the beginning of the flu season(Summer flu is common and accompanied by pollen and hay fever---lets start the vaccinations again--the Covid will never go away nor does the ordinary flu.

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See my POSTS 'Welcome to Smart City' Monday 29th September 2020 and POST 372 A 'A synopsis of a possible future' Monday 29 July 2019 (especially read Patrick Wood).

I did set out the dangers of 5G and Smart Meters and that everything from floor tiles to match boxes to personal hygiene to medical to Newspapers will have chips in them and with some vaccinations we will be chipped as well.


'Around 50 billion devices, from toasters to robots, are expected to connected to the internet globally by 2030.' '
A call for evidence will investigate how regulations can keep up with technology such as AI and connected devices.

decades-old product safety laws are to be modernised to ensure they are fit for cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and 3D printing, the Government has announced.

A call for evidence will investigate how regulations can keep up with technology such as machine learning within AI and products built in consumers’ homes by 3D printing.

Rules will be checked for purpose against connected devices like smart watches and fridge freezers, where software upgrades make responsibility for product safety more complex.

Much of the product safety system was devised in 1987 when The Terminator was still out on Betamax.

The Government is seeking views from manufacturers, distributors, consumers and the wider public over the next three months and intends to publish a summary of responses and an evidence paper within another 12 weeks.

By 2030 5G / 6G will be probably installed and where coverage is low drones will be employed especially in wild urban areas to act as antennae or satellites.  

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A lot of people have noticed the rapid decline in reported COVD-19 cases starting on January 8, 2021 (see above chart from CDC). According to an OP-Ed in the Wall Street Journal by Professor Marty Makary at Johns Hopkins, this rapid decline means "Herd Immunity" will be attained by April and Covid will be over. That is only a few short weeks away. Like every one else with "Covid Fatigue", I am hoping the chart continues to decline and Professor Marty Makary is right about that.

The professor says this rapid decline is not due to vaccination nor to masking or social distancing type precautions, rather to developing herd immunity, heralding the end of a viral pandemic when enough people acquire immunity after recovering from natural infection.

Another explanation of this "rapid decline" in PCR positive cases is the new WHO guidance in amplification cycles for the PCR testing. Above 40 cycles false positives are excessive. Under 30 cycles gives fewer false positives. Simply reducing the amplification cycle rate will cause the number of new cases to drop precipitously. Perhaps this is part of the explanation. (1-6)(11)

Disappearing Influenza ?  read on in link ( YES THE MYSTERIOUS DISSAPEARING FLU--IN THE UK THE OFFICE FOR NATIONAL STATISTICS HAS IS BE REPLACED BY AN ALOGRTHYM ---COULD IT BE IT IS THE FLU AND NOT Covid ( a bad flu) and the disappearing flu it lumped together as Covid in statistics?) Geoff

There is a fantastic 18 minute video which I cannot get but it is and eye opener on Bilious Bill Gates

MANY POSTS back I included reports by Dr Vernon Coleman and Dr Malcom Kendrick that everything from an ingrowing toenail to car accident was to be signed off as Covid related.

WHO issued instructions that, if COVID-19 is the ‘suspected’ or ‘probable’ or ‘assumed’ cause of death, it must always be recorded as the ‘underlying cause’ on death certificates, whether this is ‘medically correct or not https://

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This is an example. When the digital versions come in they will be of course connected to the 5G network and you will be told to carry it with you at all times like in China and so very journey you take outside your house AND in the garden will be monitored.

Courtesy PA TURKEY

This about the UK government spending £75 Billion on rapid Covid Testing equipment without consultation and the worry it might go to a 'crony' as other have. More corruption and it looks like a money spinner for those in the know.

A really beautiful video by Dr Zach Bush- uplifting and healing
A lovely healing advice and breakthrough which I am using in my own way through Holosync.
Courtesy 3ERP
This is about the latest 3D Printers and 
hold your breath when you see the hand being oozed out of the printer and microbes / bacteria that are being trained as 3D printers plus much more that is astounding. You might find horrifying or astounding, a real mind blowing article.

Like having billions of tiny 3D printers’: Scientists train BACTERIA to build complex microscopic structures and bones and inserts.

More bang for your buckwheat: Siberian researchers say humble staple is bona fide superfood which prolongs life. 3D printer that could cover burns with ARTIFICIAL SKIN undergoing trials (VIDEO)


From link
This is about the journalist in the link suggest the 'Great Reset' might be that the conspiracists might be right after all and as usual the the articles in RT contain related side panels which open up into more articles. You will begin to understand how this world wide and in every country with their own versions but they obviously have the same agenda which is actually universal, they belong to the same club. I just wonder how far Russia and China maybe in it as well or will there be a super 'battle' to see which world dominating system wins for the supremacy of the world and its sheeple sleeping populous.

Another great healing suggestion and there is some research that says that music can extend the telemeres and also this kind of classical Indian Ragas can be very meditative.
Professor Eric Laithwaite --The Magnetic Train 1975---I remember going to a lecture by him. I was 37 yrs of age then. Now 82
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This is about corrupt politicians and the media hype that caused such a panic and holds people in some sort of daze and hysteria. It is classical debriefing and military style terrorist bullying and the dream to become power crazy, extremely wealthy and because these people are so amoral and have no sense of decency and exploit those that elected and trusted them they are paranoiac because they will not discuss or listen other to their own narrative or censor because they are afraid and become drastic in their measures and control and have no compassion only as as a false solicitous remark in order to quell an uprising.  Then they are psychopaths and a menace to decent caring folk.

Be Ever so Well


© Other The secret mission called Project Iceworm was unsuccessful - but did unknowingly make a major climate-related discovery. Pic: University of Vermont

I cannot understand and fail to understand the boffins in the article below and I have repeatedly used the diagram below:-

The latest updates and ice probe show it was never asteroid impacts; as I have said time and time again, it is a natural Cosmic Cycle and we are facing the 6th extinction and I have outlined hundreds of times the signs HOWEVER this is the first time the extinctions have had to deal with human pollution which is exacerbating the natural one, why do scientists ignore natural evolution because they do not want to admit something greater than their egos is behind it. Now  you know why I am not the flavour of the month amongst academics.

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