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My Modern Met
Hi and welcome. I apologise if this image above is abhorrent because in the courtesy to My Modern Art the word Met to me describes what is going on with Police Act and its more powers voting in parliament in the UK and its looking like and similar too the USA(https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/894/text?) and the Patriot Bill.
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Perhaps Dr WHO can sort it out.

The feelings about this law is tremendous:-

Protest against policing bill outside New Scotland Yard police headquarters, in London. © Reuters / Henry Nicholls ( I NOT LIKE 'KILL THE BILL' HOPEFULLY THEY MEAN BILL IN THE FORM OF LAW --SOMETIMES BILL IS USED AS LAW--UNFORTUNATELY IT IS ALSO THE NAME FOR POLICE---THE OLD BILL--One of the explanations of the origin of the London slang term Old Billmeaning the police, is that constables often used to sport "Old Bill" moustaches. A 1911 B-type London bus, one of 900 which served as troop transports in World War I, was restored and named "Old Bill" in 1926.

Its a bit late now and like all other countries whilst the general public suffered and cowered about masks and lockdowns and vaccines(which I have tried one jab to see if I can detox it--so far no joy--will not have the booster) and we have been given the message that deprived of liberty over lock downs, fined over gathering or not six feet apart and fined for not mask wearing its too late because the majority have given in and that makes those who not comply seen as conspiracy theory nuts, right wing or any other wing cultists and terrorists, fascists and any other label.

He is right in his words and the vaccine investors chemical companies are drowning in profits. What's for lunch.

I bet that's not what he had in mind (me) Courtesy Twitter
 This is the best video I have come across that explains in simple and graphic terms how the immune and vaccine work, It is this and the fact that the lab tests on me confirmed what he says that will make me not take the second jab---unless we have a detox in the lab to annul it.


 This is a masterpiece in the mask saga and its nice to see someone who is a real journalist and exposes the tricks of journalism. Video is in it.


 This is hilarious and it was nice to see Fauci squirm when this super comedian celebrity go at him. Video


From Article below

This summarises what the various governments are doing to gradually erode the human rights and the strange hypocrisy that goes with it. 


Dominic Raab was speaking ‘candidly’ to civil servants, the Foreign Office permanent secretary said. Photograph: Anadolu/Getty Images

This is the sort of double and treble standards----the phrase we can deal with countries with lower standards of human rights is OK as we are in a better position to talk with them and suggest better rights for all ----hasn't done a thing for Saudi Arabia committing genocide on Yemen and GB supplying arms for years. Hypocrisy, nah just money and greed---by the way get vaccinated and wear five masks and yes Chris Whitty has hinted there will be a rise in Covid near the end of the year ---more vaccines and you liar because the flu season begins then---and the general public will mask up and mess themselves and the fear of more lock downs and the government fearing civil unrest bring in the draconian new Police Act.


A cathedral servant stands outside the Cologne Cathedral, a landmark of Cologne, western Germany, on March 18, 2021. © AFP / Ina FASSBENDER

When you read this you will be horrified. Yes it is the same old historic abuse by Catholic Priests and if you read the side panels which are articles in themselves you will see what the Nuns have got up too. I hope they get vaccinated, keep their distance and wear masks (condoms). What's this double masks, six feet apart and sexual distancing and triple condoms, my, my, makes it a bit difficult I might say. By the way why aren't they not prosecuted for breaking the Covid rules as well. 



Courtesy Down To Earth
and not so far away technology and in view of the synopsis in the law H.R.2977 ---HOW GOES YOU ON THIS ?

Courtesy  Pinterest


This Act may be cited as the ``Space Preservation Act of 2001''.


    Congress reaffirms the policy expressed in section 102(a) of the 
National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 (42 U.S.C. 2451(a)), stating 
that it ``is the policy of the United States that activities in space 
should be devoted to peaceful purposes for the benefit of all 


    The President shall--
            (1) implement a permanent ban on space-based weapons of the 
        United States and remove from space any existing space-based 
        weapons of the United States; and
            (2) immediately order the permanent termination of research 
        and development, testing, manufacturing, production, and 
        deployment of all space-based weapons of the United States and 
        their components.


    The President shall direct the United States representatives to the 
United Nations and other international organizations to immediately 
work toward negotiating, adopting, and implementing a world agreement 
banning space-based weapons.


    The President shall submit to Congress not later than 90 days after 
the date of the enactment of this Act, and every 90 days thereafter, a 
report on--
            (1) the implementation of the permanent ban on space-based 
        weapons required by section 3; and
            (2) progress toward negotiating, adopting, and implementing 
        the agreement described in section 4.


    Nothing in this Act may be construed as prohibiting the use of 
funds for--
            (1) space exploration;
            (2) space research and development;
            (3) testing, manufacturing, or production that is not 
        related to space-based weapons or systems; or
            (4) civil, commercial, or defense activities (including 
        communications, navigation, surveillance, reconnaissance, early 
        warning, or remote sensing) that are not related to space-based 
        weapons or systems.


    In this Act:
            (1) The term ``space'' means all space extending upward 
        from an altitude greater than 60 kilometers above the surface 
        of the earth and any celestial body in such space.
            (2)(A) The terms ``weapon'' and ``weapons system'' mean a 
        device capable of any of the following:
                    (i) Damaging or destroying an object (whether in 
                outer space, in the atmosphere, or on earth) by--
                            (I) firing one or more projectiles to 
                        collide with that object;
                            (II) detonating one or more explosive 
                        devices in close proximity to that object;
                            (III) directing a source of energy 
                        (including molecular or atomic energy, 
                        subatomic particle beams, electromagnetic 
                        radiation, plasma, or extremely low frequency 
                        (ELF) or ultra low frequency (ULF) energy 
                        radiation) against that object; or
                            (IV) any other unacknowledged or as yet 
                        undeveloped means.
                    (ii) Inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or 
                destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily 
                health, mental health, or physical and economic well-
                being of a person)--
                            (I) through the use of any of the means 
                        described in clause (i) or subparagraph (B);
                            (II) through the use of land-based, sea-
                        based, or space-based systems using radiation, 
                        electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or 
                        other energies directed at individual persons 
                        or targeted populations for the purpose of 
                        information war, mood management, or mind 
                        control of such persons or populations; or
                            (III) by expelling chemical or biological 
                        agents in the vicinity of a person.
            (B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as--
                    (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information 
                    (ii) chemtrails;
                    (iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons 
                    (iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic 
                    (v) laser weapons systems;
                    (vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or 
                extraterrestrial weapons; and
                    (vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, 
                or tectonic weapons.
            (C) The term ``exotic weapons systems'' includes weapons 
        designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the 
        ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and 
        tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or 
        destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in 
1)  https://www.spacewar.com/reports/AFRL_directed_energy_industry_days_999.html
2) utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=cc4fbf8a-fef7-446e-b013-777366a5330a
3) https://www.spacedaily.com/reports/FAA_streamlined_launch_and_reentry_rule_t





These above can be found in; Space Media Net work, Space Dailey.com Space War.com ---One can subscribe free to their newsletters and for the technically minded and gadgets with latest exotic weaponry and surveillance they are gems for me they sadden me. 

Note in the laws above all these are broken as above weaponry and surveillance. Note in Definitions 'chemtrails' which governments denied.  With the event of thousands and thousands and thousands of satellite's going up DAILEY a meshed net will encircle our precious Earth---this is no idle conspiracy just subscribing as I did for a few weeks to the above trio of Space Media, Space Dailey and Space Wars, they will shock you and the trillions and billions dollars plus private crony contracts will shock you---and according to an astronaut friend of mine and a silicone scientist friend of mine they will justify this with several reasons; 1) the need to monitor hostile ballistic missiles, 2) Surveillance on hostile nuclear sites.3) Surveillance on terrorist movements. 4) Tracking weather and Sun CME's. 5) Tracking of criminals and undesirables, refugees and asylum seekers, drug runners and Mafioso who will be fixed with alarm bracelets. 6) Monitoring of vaccination population who will be 'caught and seen' and recorded by their nanoparticle particles through inoculation 7) Monitoring GMO Crops and protection of manufacturing and warehouse facilities 8) Alarms if variants of human made mRNA breakout or any other biohazards of an extreme nature.

Update on Satellites


Arthur Firstenberg [email protected]

Sat, 27 Mar, 18:07 (17 hours ago)
to me
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On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, both the number of satellites in low orbit around the earth, and the volume of data they transmit, increased significantly. On Wednesday morning (4:28 a.m. EDT, 8:28 UTC), SpaceX launched another 60 satellites. On Wednesday evening (10:47 p.m. EDT, 14:47 UTC), OneWeb launched another 36 satellites. And people who already have satellite Internet from SpaceX on a trial basis reported a sudden increase in their Internet speed on Wednesday to up to 430 Mbps.

This could explain the reports I am beginning to receive of sudden illness that began on Wednesday. I myself was unable to sleep at all Wednesday night, and my body hurt, and itched, all over. I was very ill all day Thursday, and still do not feel well. I have received similar reports from other people in the United States, Canada, Norway, Australia and South Africa. I would like to find out how widespread this is. Some people are reporting that they have not felt well for a couple of weeks, but that they suddenly got much sicker Wednesday or Wednesday night.

Please reply to this email if you have experienced something similar.
Current Players and Their Plans
Here is a list of companies that are actively planning to launch and operate large constellations of satellites in low orbit around the earth. The purpose of these satellite networks is to provide Internet and/or cell phone service everywhere on earth, as well as to facilitate the Internet of Things. All will shoot focused beams of radiation at the earth from phased array antennas.

SpaceX, based in the United States, already has approval to operate 12,000 satellites and has filed applications for 30,000 more. More than 1,300 have already been launched. At least initially, these satellites are for Internet only and will not communicate directly with cell phones. Subscribers will purchase a small rooftop dish and a WiFi router. Beta testing by an estimated 10,000 subscribers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany and New Zealand is already happening.

OneWeb, based in the United Kingdon, has aready launched 148 satellites, and plans to begin providing service after it has 250 satellites in orbit. Initial service will be to northern latitude regions, including the UK, Europe, Greenland, Canada, and Alaska. OneWeb plans to provide cell phone as well as Internet service. Subscribers will purchase a small user terminal that will function as a small cell, able to connect to any mobile device in its vicinity. OneWeb has scaled back its planned number of satellites from 49,000 to 7,088. It does not plan to compete directly with SpaceX. Instead it will market its service to airlines, businesses and governments.

Telesat, based in Canada, has increased its planned number of satellites from 117 to 1,671. It, too, is marketing its service to businesses. Its customers will include cruise ships, airlines, and governments. Telesat intends for its satellites to replace terrestrial fiber networks for long-distance communication. “We’re basically deploying a big space-based mesh IP network,” said its CEO Dan Goldberg.

AST & Science
This company, based in the U.S., is designing its satellites to communicate directly with cell phones. But instead of selling its service directly to cell phone users, it will partner with existing cell phone service providers, so that when a cell phone user travels out of range of any cell towers, the cell phone’s signal will automatically be handed off to a satellite. While this company does not plan to have as many satellites as its competitors, the power levels of its communicating beams will be much greater. Its application to the FCC specifies a maximum EIRP (effective radiating power) of up to 79.2 dBW, or more than 83,000,000 watts per beam.

This company, partnering with Lockheed Martin and the U.S. military, is also designing its satellites to communicate directly with cell phones. Its brochure boasts that it will “enable the Internet of Things on a massive new scale.” “Omnispace is honored to have been selected to work with the U.S. Navy and Marines to demonstrate 5G capability from space,” said Campbell Marshall, Vice President for Government and International Markets in a March 15, 2021 interview. Omnispace has an experimental license from the FCC and has not revealed how many satellites it plans to operate.

Amazon’s application to operate 3,236 satellites was approved by the FCC last July. Like SpaceX, it plans to sell small user terminals to its customers for mounting on rooftops and vehicles.

Like Omnispace and AST & Science, Lynk is designing its satellites to communicate directly with cell phones. Like AST & Science, Lynk has an experimental license from the FCC and has not revealed how many satellites it plans to operate.

Facebook is planning to launch a constellation of small, 150-pound satellites, called cubesats. It too has an experimental license from the FCC and has not revealed how many satellites it plans to operate.

Arthur Firstenberg
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March 27, 2021

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Courtesy The Telegraph
This is about 19 Australian ecosystems and more that are being lost.

Although the scientists blame humanity for carbon and pollution I still maintain that the major contributor are the natural 6th extinction cycles which can be found under the 5 extinctions. The 6th is occurring now-- gradual process and build up the signs are and discussed in back POSTS.

Be Well 


                                  HELLO AND WAKE UP UK

I hope and trust my conspiracy 'nose' and perhaps suspicious and cynical attitude at times are mistaken; 

UK extends emergency coronavirus powers by 6 months

British lawmakers have agreed to prolong coronavirus emergency measures for six months, allowing the Conservative government to keep its unprecedented powers to restrict U.K. citizens’ everyday lives

The lifting of the lockdown and all that mask and social distancing was supposed to be eased by 12--21 June 2021 but maybe if the figures are down over the fake virus which has not been identified yet;

 The following exhibit name is protected as there is a law suit in process.

Officially its the flu. “I have a PhD in virology and immunology. I'm a clinical lab scientist and have tested 1500 "supposed" positive Covid 19 samples collected here in S. California. When my lab team and I did the testing through Koch's postulates and observation under a SEM (scanning electron microscope), we found NO Covid in any of the 1500 samples. What we found was that all of the 1500 samples were mostly Influenza A and some were influenza B, but not a single case of Covid, and we did not use the B.S. PCR test. We then sent the remainder of the samples to Stanford, Cornell, and a few of the University of California labs and they found the same results as we did, NO COVID. They found influenza A and B. All of us then spoke to the CDC and asked for viable samples of COVID, which CDC said they could not provide as they did not have any samples. “We have now come to the firm conclusion through all our research and lab work, that the COVID 19 was imaginary and fictitious. The flu was called Covid and most of the 225,000 dead were dead through co-morbidities such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, emphysema etc. and they then got the flu which further weakened their immune system and they died. I have yet to find a single viable sample of Covid 19 to work with. “We at the 7 universities that did the lab tests on these 1500 samples are now suing the CDC for Covid 19 fraud. the CDC has yet to send us a single viable, isolated and purifed sample of Covid 19. If they can't or won't send us a viable sample, I say there is no Covid 19, it is fictitious. The four research papers that do describe the genomic extracts of the Covid 19 virus never were successful in isolating and purifying the samples. All the four papers written on Covid 19 only describe small bits of RNA which were only 37 to 40 base pairs long which is NOT A VIRUS. A viral genome is typically 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs. With as bad as Covid is supposed to be all over the place, how come no one in any lab world wide has ever isolated and purified this virus in its entirety? That's because they've never really found the virus, all they've ever found was small pieces of RNA which were never identified as the virus anyway. “So what we're dealing with is just another flu strain like every year, COVID 19 does not exist and is fictitious. I believe China and the globalists orchestrated this COVID hoax (the flu disguised as a novel virus) to bring in global tyranny and a worldwide police totalitarian surveillance state, and this plot included massive election fraud.” 

The PCR tests are useless;


And masks you can find many explanations why they are downright dangerous and we were advised not to wear them;

 The evidence for face coverings is “not very strong in either direction”, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer has admitted, despite a last minute U-turn on masks in schools.....

Prime Minister Boris Johnson insists he does not want to see face coverings in schools

England’s chief medical officer has warned the public wearing face masks will do little to combat the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Professor Chris Whitty told Sky News on Wednesday that wearing a face mask had almost no effect on reducing the risk of contracting the illness.

Prof Whitty said: “In terms of wearing a mask, our advice is clear: that wearing a mask if you don’t have an infection reduces the risk almost not at all. So we do not advise that.”

“The only people we do sometimes use masks for are people who have got an infection and that is to help them to stop it spreading around," he added.



 NOW THE NEXT PIECE OF THE JIG SAW --I HOPE I AM                                                              MISTAKEN

British lawmakers have agreed to prolong coronavirus emergency measures for six months, allowing the Conservative government to keep its unprecedented powers to restrict U.K. citizens’ everyday lives

From link below
Sue Mountstevens, Avon and Somerset's police and crime commissioner said the acts showed 'reckless disregard' of people's lives and safety

There have been violent clashes in Bristol, following protests against new laws making their way through Parliament.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is a mammoth piece of legislation that includes major government proposals on crime and justice in England and Wales. One part of it covers changes to protests.

What powers do police have now; 

There has been protests all over the UK and even 60 MP's protested the rest and labour were gutless short cited myopic dipsticks; why I say this the emergency powers have been extended to September / October 2021 AND I HOPE I AM MISTAKEN;  THE FLU WHICH HAS BEEN CONVENIENTLY FORGOTTEN OR ADDED TO THE COVID STATISTICS  START IN OCTOBER AND THE JAB WILL BE FORCED OR FEARED INTO and of course the new Edinburgh, the new Argyle, the New Argentinian, the New ????? VARIANT's WILL BE FOUND. 

From back POSTS
This is part of the New World Order Reset and the Davos  220 World Economic Forum in which the Klaus Schwab technocracy and eugenics mob said 'you will be happy not owning anything' read their agenda and we will which they did not say be 'owned by them' another commodity and bargaining chip and ploy . See 'Welcome to Smart City 'POST
How then does this fit in with the New Police Bill; With the lockdowns, social distancing and mask crap to a fake virus a clever manipulation of the graphs and figures, YES there were deaths and they were a bad flu, fear, mask wearing, people stuck in doors sitting on couches watching TV and depression, suicides AND  DEDICTAED HOSPITALS THAT ONLY DEALT WITH COVID AND OF COURSE SHORTAGE AND PRESSURE whilst other hospitals were empty.(SEE ALL 75 BACK POSTS) and big 1,000 bed tent hospitals never used and billions.
SO they broke the back of most small businesses AND NOW THE FEW that remain they want to break AND SO come October ITS BACK oh  GOD no please, no more lock downs, distancing ANYTHING BUT THAT and so finally breaking the rest of the small business and breaking the backs and minds the last straw that broke the camels back and we are done, more schools at home, extreme riots and anger HENCE THE NEW POLICE POWERS. As I say I hope I am mistaken.

From Back POSTS

another set of figures in 2021

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