Sunday 27 June 2021


 This may be of interest and there are images that relate to the article. This may relate to the UFO previously Posted. SHACK is one of my nicknames.


    When we travel somewhere or to another planet ask yourself do I really travel or is it my mind travels as if in a dream? Our perceived reality in this three dimensional world is linear; a piece of string from here to there in supposedly incremental sequential steps and a few detours here and there.


Science America

Already traveling to the Moon in our 3D way is set on vectors, parabolas, calculations in space. A question one might ask oneself; did I make this space maths to fit space or is space just a background for projecting a reality in and on for my / our conjectures?

The Conversation

This dimension we are in is interpreted by the brain as a computer and it seems real and solid because we have been inculcated and brain washed to believe it so. See my back SHACKS on this, so this reality is a set of invisible magnetic / electrical vibrations as like a waves and ripples on a pond or lake, the sea and so on that come through the atmosphere to the TV, Wi Fi, Radio, Mobile / Cell and as they have no discernible mass they have to be decoded as the above electronics and our brain, it is the decoding that GIVES  the sense of solidness and yet in a laboratory we see this is a contrary supposition, YES a supposition, the atom is empty 99.99% of it, so where is reality then?  


I have said before; that when we are in the womb we pick up sensations, then on birth more sensations and we have not the reasoning to make sense of them. Our name is a blank until it dawns on us this sound is me, we then take on the culture, the religion and we go down this road with little variation, we are not original we are brain washed and handed down clothes, we are taught to be who we are and are cloned ideas with a few innovations. On awakening we we may realise I could have been anyone of many such brain washed agendas. It is a shock to realise this at first and the image above stated; we may become so dependent so inured we fight to protect it and the frightening truth is it is a set of invisible wavelengths and frequencies either conjured up by human thought and made to imprison one or from an another dimension, the computer human brain chooses what 'BRAIN REMOTE CHANNEL' makes it feel safe and then believes it and this becomes set in concrete and becomes the reality and solid.



Now another concept; suppose the Universe created the 3D as in nature and the Cosmos we see with our 3D 'human senses' and its real nature are vibrations and frequencies and interpreted by the brain as a real touchable reality and believed in its many forms and then gradually being dismantled and found to be atoms with very little else or anything tangible to those human senses and so the very solid foundations become shaky and we begin to realise everything is not only impermanent, here today and gone tomorrow, even as solid items which decay and even before so and from quantum physics it does not really exist as such, its all space and 3D then becomes a limited existence and is looking to arrive from if you like space.  


This space is the quantum realm, not just empty Cosmic space 

where the planets and the galaxies have their appearance and live in so to speak, no, I view this space as the quantum / God Realm, it is awareness, intelligence, Consciousness and Mind. It is the author of 3D and the human free will mind 'overlays and distorts which cause conflicts with the 'Author's' sets of vibes and so limit the 3D experience unless one examines the nature of the vibrations and the programmes they set up.


This consciousness is not 3D or any other dimension, it is dimensionless and it has every possibility or probability and as such is an intelligent Awareness and has its own 'mind' and plan which it coagulates into its chosen creation and dimensions.


Its existence as a consciousness and intelligent mind is dreamlike in its operation and as such travels 'NOT BY DISTANCE' but instantaneously by 'thought travel', it is not linearly but multidimensionally all inclusive arrival, arrival by mind not by solid application or seemingly so. SO its manipulation or instantaneously changing or miraculous changing of 3D phenomenon which humans call miracles is obviously possible by a mind freed from 3D local mind concepts and is in the realm of non local, non bound so called solid tangible human senses perception.


This is not even multidimensional it is dimensionless and so out of the grasp of the human mind. Here there are no graspable human words, ideas, or adjectives to even touch this wonder. However humans can feel it, notice 'FEEL IT' on rare occasions when in meditation or rare 'dips' into this empty but full bliss and peace beyond human senses. 


So our ET cousins do not arrive by travel in craft that we know as UFO's (some do and are space travellers and explorers and live in their craft for 'ever' with no fixed abode) and some arrive by mind travel in 'thought mind craft and arrive seemingly instantaneously' seemingly to drop 'out of the sky' they do this instantaneously by 'consciousness guided thought vehicles' and so do not travel at light speed BUT beyond the Speed of Light' because it is all in the mind and a dream like quality of intent and deliberation'.


When we dream it all happens in 'no time' it is as if time does not exists as such. Such is the nature of consciousness. It is timeless and as such no distance and no real sensations only that of the mind, dreaming without a flesh body or assuming one if needed. This is the real MATRIX the Cosmic Mind, The Mind of God and if we could wake up we could realise this and experience this--IT WOULD not be a we it would be I AM and one Identity.


This therefore is the ultimate destiny of humanity and is the Ascension process as long as we have flesh bodies and even energy bodies we have to take incremental steps of evolution and always in some sequential incremental steps still in a way 3D but as an analogy; ice, to water, to steam and then merging with the essence.





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