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Hi Folks will be absent for a while as I feel this is the 'rock bottom' evidence at the 'dying end' and the experience of these Funeral Directors, undertakers, embalmers and mortuary staff along with the ten thousand emails, hundreds of phone calls so far 29 /09 /21 to the address. John O'looney is a brave and courageous man with his wife and embalmer. I am going to be busy  trying to get this message out and with meetings.

ALready the internet is saying fake news. WELL ASK THE MAN HIMSELF AND LOOK AT THE AT THE  1hour and half VIDEO if you dare.  

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Whistleblower — UK funeral director

This is a funeral director in Milton Keynes.

-He says he was warned already in November 2019 that a big surge in illness would be coming to hospitals in England.

— most deaths happened in care homes where medazilam was heavily used. (a drug use in palliative sedation – source

– says 2020 was a normal death rate year. Everything was being labelled as a covid death. He washed and dressed all bodies that came to him and never got sick.

– says the deaths jumped a few days after vaccinations started in Jan 2021 (15.30)

– says the death rate in spring 2021 was terrible for 12 weeks to second week of April. The deaths were very different, all ages, not all care homes as in wave 1.  Speculates it was the vaccines. Then came a very quiet period.

(18’00) About 3 weeks ago — now seeing another spike “almost all of them are vaccine recipients, almost exclusively. The range of deaths is heart attack,… blood clots… strokes and multiple organ failure. These are the 4 consistent types of deaths I am seeing and it’s all ages.” A barber died at 23 after jab 2. A man’s mum went blind almost immediately after the jab… He speculates the pattern of death is directly related to the vaccines. ….”the delta variant is wildly recognized in the NHS as vaccine injury.” “we’ve been told a very elaborate lie to convince everyone that they are ill and need a jab” … there was a deliberate relabelling of every normal death as a covid death. “I can tell you as a funeral director now…I ask every family is their loved one jabbed and they say yes. I see the connection consistently. …Two things will happen shortly…they are already jabbing children…the idea is to get you used to the idea of there being a variant….Children will get sick and die as a direct result of these jabs…”  and then it will be said that it is a new covid variant … “about 45 funeral directors have reached out to me and they are very scared and frightened…” “not a single child has passed away from covid that I am aware of and I would be because it would be big news….. here we have a depopulation agenda…” … the funeral directors say they totally agree with me…an ever-growing number of victims have also agreed. …the second thing we will find is the NHS – they see what’s happening – they know full well that delta is vaccine injury.  …the testing was stopped because 200 rhesus monkeys were dying per week…. people have had 18 months of total brainwashing…people are all terrified. It’s these injections that are killing people and I know that as a funeral director. …  they are building huge camps…look on Google Earth… they have a huge crematorium and mortuary next door. Who are they for? I believe they are for vaccine refusers. I am seeing (dead) people coming in in their 40s and 50s – people that shouldn’t be dying. They will call it a new variant.  ….nurses have been told to deliver a fatal dose of medazilam to patients who were not dying. These people who come in for other health issues are being given DNR labels, given PCR tests at 45 cycles, and then given medazilam. Says anyone can phone him to verify his story.’Looney-Blows-the-Whistle-on-Covid:9


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#1John O'Looney, who runs Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services, is urging the government to provide help for grieving families in dire need.

He has raised the matter with local MP Iain Stewart, who has pledged to speak to parliament.

The coronavirus pandemic has lead to thousands of people in MK losing their jobs, and, faced with the death of a loved one, they have had to apply to the DWP for help.

John said: "I have sat and personally had to point people towards the DWP, who take weeks to process claims with no guarantee of any payment or how much that payment will be.

"As a direct result sadly this means people will be leaving their loved ones unclaimed simply because they cannot afford to instruct a funeral director."

He added: "The government and NHS are focusing solely on creating extra fridge capacity for increased deceased numbers .. They have not considered the impact that the financial changes people are now suffering. This will be in the millions.

"So the elephant in the room everyone is missing is the build up of deceased in hospitals will be mostly due to the financial burden now placed on a vast swathe of society who have lost all their incom

He is on you tube and says he never wears neither a mask nor others and has never had Covid. I think YOU TUBE HAVE CLOSED RUMBLE DOWN ON THIS ISSUE.

John welcomes emails and telephone calls and letters.

01908 505570

[email protected]

12 White Horse Drive, Emerson Valley, Milton Keynes, MK4 2AS

©2020 by Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services. 

Built with love by John and Natalie's friend

The link below is a video lasting 1hr ½ hrs and full in voice detail of the above.

As of 29 / 09 /21 John has received over 10,000 emails of support from a an assortment of police officers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, morticians and other Funeral directors world wide. YES worldwide.

In my opinion this is the most telling information. I was in Forensics so I know the importance of the records kept, the details of the bodies taken in and out, John welcomes phone calls. He has meetings with the top brass and they remained ‘stony faced and non comments’ type response.

John is not afraid and says if he imprisoned or ‘bumped off’ you will know what they do to whistle blowers. Take Julian Assange for instance. You can see what lengths they will go too, even contemplating bombing the Ecuadorian Embassy, a shoot out staged as terrorists or contaminated food, think the CIA AND COHORTS WOULDN’T do it to John.  Because it is the UK makes no difference, MI5 / 6 OR GCHQ are all in league and they will do what the Deep State orders them to do.

I have spoken with John today 29/0921 and we are keeping in touch as far as I am concerned there is no finer evidence available than Funeral and Undertakers with embalmers. There records testify to this and their death certificates and knowledge of corpses over the years and their association with Post Mortems and Morticians and pathologists. AND of course the reluctance of the few Covid scientists who refuse dialogue with the 169,000 scientists.

They are already trying to take down, hack and distort the video please try Bitchute, brand new youtube, or uk column and scroll down on right hand side see stories we are watching. They are terrified of this spreading.  

Be Well



more draconian stuff

Chris from British Supplements <[email protected]>
Thu, 30 Sept at 13:22

Hey guys and girls

Chris here from British Supplements with an update. I was going to say a quick update but they never are sure they aren't ? 

For any new customers who have ordered for the first time recently, we are currently still 2 days behind due Co-Vid and having to get more workers in to keep up with demand.

Our return rate is like 90% due to the quality supplements that we manufacture so please bear with us as your getting the best money can buy. This time next week we will be back to same-day shipping as we should have another 2 workers in to help.

Everything is shipped via Royal Mail 1st class which takes between 1-10 working days after its been shipped (you get a email saying its on its way). RM is getting a lot better as well as 50% or so are getting there the next day when shipped. Normally its about 80-90% get their next day and then the other 10% can take up to 10 working days. Very random I know but that's RM so please be patient :)

So the MHRA again. We will post some snippets here of what they have said in their letter and also give you a link if you want to read the whole letter.

"Accordingly, I must ask you to immediately cease to sell, supply, or advertise British Supplements – Clean Valerian and must remove it from your website and all other public areas such as social media etc.
Failure to comply with this request can also lead to the MHRA taking action to suspend website-"

So they are threatening to suspend our website.

Why are they doing this ? It's pretty clear when you know about the health industry and the MHRA and what their goals are.

The MHRA is mostly funded by big business and Big Pharma. The MHRA is a business as well as a regulator so they want to make the most money as possible. What makes money for them ? Creating licenses to anyone that will buy one.

So what has this got to do with supplements ? Well Big business or usually Big Pharma can buy and monopolise any supplement they want through the traditional herbal registration (THR) scheme. 

Take your pick of any plant, root or bark that you like the look of. Ashwagandha for anxiety ? You can gather up the science on that and present it to the MHRA along with £150-£200K and 1-2 years later you will have your shiny new THR license. Im sure their main partners can get them a lot quicker than that but that's what our consultant said it would take us to get a THR. Oh and the other £1-2 million for a medicine factory to be built.

I wouldn't give these cowboys the money for any licenses so we may have to manufacture in another company for backup. They would have to go under a different brand name tho because British Supplements is trademarked and we have to manufacture in the UK.

That was an easy £150-£200K with yearly fees for the suits and it's a recurring yearly income stream for them. 

Well its just a number and your details on here  -

So if a plant, root, bark etc is on the above list it is medicine. If it's not on this list it won't be called medicine by the MHRA.

What sort of system is that ? Oh but its all about the money right ? The MHRA are a business remember, they want to make the most money as possible.

Lets have a look at one of the THR license holders of Valerian as the letter the MHRA sent us is about our Valerian.

Brunel Healthcare Manufacturing Limited got a THR license on 06/09/2018 “For the temporary relief of sleep disturbances due to symptoms of mild anxiety based on traditional use only.”

So that means if anyone in our reviews says our Valerian does that it's deemed medicine.

Lets have a closer look at Brunel Healthcare Manufacturing Limited which looks to be a British company right ? Well, it is but it's not really.

Brunel Healthcare Manufacturing Limited whose parent company is International Vitamin Corporation (ICV Nutrition Corporation) whose parent company is DSM Jiangshan Pharmaceutical (JiangsuCo., Ltd.

We were forced to half the dose and now we have to take away the freedom of speech from our customers in the UK. You can not leave a review for our Valerian anymore because of all of the above.

Chinese Big Pharma have silenced the people of the UK when it comes to Valerian. Well the MHRA harass us. If it was my company they were going after we would go straight to court and fight them. 

Because they call it medicine they keep on trying to come after me personally as well. 

They have some cheek, don’t they? Here is Big Pharma killing people at the drop of a hat and no one goes to jail when they are caught. They are all paid of with millions.

A recent scandal -

Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family (coming to the UK soon ?)

Whats the biggest fine ?

$3 Billion to British Big Pharma company GlaxoSmithKline

“The pharmaceutical group GlaxoSmithKline has been fined $3bn (£1.9bn) after admitting bribing doctors and encouraging the prescription of unsuitable antidepressants to children. “

Then there is me running a company selling real potent herbal supplements and they are threatening me and my company with prosecution because Big Pharma pay for whatever root, bark or tree they want via the THR scheme.

If only the public knew the above and what these groups of people with money and power do to smaller companies like ourselves. We are trying to supply the most natural products we can but its not about that. It never is, it used to be many years ago when the UK and America made great products but those days are long gone.

Why not just call us Quack medicine and leave us alone ? Because we are a threat to a lot of their product lines, I would say their whole system but Big Pharma do some good as well and will always have a role to play.

Sertraline, Amitriptyline and Citalopram were the 3 biggest antidepressants sold in England in 2020.

What do these drugs do ?

They raise serotonin levels.

What is Serotonin ?

Serotonin is a natural chemical and is thought to regulate mood, sleep, and feeling of wellness and safety amongst other things.

With the stress of everyday life all of our chemicals will go and up and down depending on what we doing throughout our days and nights, Serotonin, Dopamine etc it's normal.

So if you are struggling to get to sleep or your mood is down more than normal it's probably nothing major, it's life. If you had no worries you would be dead. Otherwise, there is always something right ? 

Everybody wants a wonder pill to make them feel brand new but you should really do it the hard way which is lifelong changes along with our supplements.

To increase serotonin naturally you need to have good diet. A good diet is pretty much nothing from the supermarket apart from the fruit and veg. Plant-based, grass feed meats if you eat meat, live eggs if you eat eggs, Steam distilled water and never tap water, nuts and seeds.

Smoothies and fresh juice for nutrition and energy. Cut way down on sugar and empty carbs (bread, pasta, etc) and you will feel a lot better. Your Gut bacteria will be a lot better and your good chemicals like Serotonin and Dopamine would come up naturally. Better mood and better sleep along with everything else a good diet and lifestyle brings.

So going back to those 3 drugs that have been prescribed over 46 million times just in England in 2020 is there a natural alternative ?

Say hello to our little friend: 5-HTP

What does 5htp do ? Increases serotonin which is the exact same thing those lab pills do that Big Pharma make and sell through the best sales people the world as ever seen doctors. No questions asked full trust until your on them maybe 20 years and start to ask some questions or just ask for another option ? 

5htp is derived form Griffonia seeds and has no major side effects. Minor side effects would be nausea, dizziness, or diarrhoea and usually pass after 3-7 days.

What is Dopamine ? 

Dopamine is a similar chemical to Serotonin. It is known as the reward chemical in your brain. It is released during pleasurable situations. 

Dopamine can help with attention, improve mood, and stimulates our creativity. It can also help with sleep amongst many other things.

Big Pharma made a lab-made product called Levodopa which is converted into Dopamine inside your body.

Can you buy natural Dopamine ?

Say hello to our little friend: Mucuna (99% Dopamine)

Derived from Mucuna prunes so its 100% legal to sell Mucuna extract in the UK currently. If this product was lab made it would need a medical license to be sold in the UK but it's natural and currently Big Pharma have not bought it out (THR).

Why are they not making antidepressants that increase Dopamine levels ? It would be much more of a happy pill.

Self Hacked is a pretty good website when researching potential benefits you may get from a supplement.

Also if anyone is on any over the counter drugs don't just stop them. Inform your doctor if you want to try a more natural product such as the two examples above and get his or her's support. If they are against natural herbs change doctors until you find someone who will support your changes. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. This time next week we should be 100% back to normal which means same day dispatch when ordered before 1pm Mon-Fri.

Oh and here's the links to the letter they sent us -

MHRA Valerian letter

MHRA highlighting your reviews

A major problem that I see in this world is lazy ambitious people. Politicians, the MHRA, Bankers, people that want to be rich and famous for the size of their ass on instrgram etc.

People that want to have power and influence but don't want to put in the work. Seems to be a growing trend that they would do anything in order to get it. Zero morals and zero respect for people in my opinion.

Take the last one I put in there as sort of a joke about Instagram models. These people get paid £1K-£100K to post some products on Instagram. I would say great if they actually used the products but its fake most of the time.

You wont see any of our products on there unless the person actually uses them. Same goes with a lot of people that run health centres. We get emails all the time asking for affiliate links because they would like to change to our products but wont if we don't have a program.

I'm like, we won't and never will because it should go against the reason why you have a health centre. Surely the goal is to provide the best service and products and not about making 20% extra from pushing the highest-paid supplement affiliate program you can find online ?

Hard work trying to find honest people these days, anyway Happy rant over for this week.

Best wishes

Chris and the British Supplements team

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