Wednesday 6 October 2021


 Hi Folks There is not much I can say. First of all I trust you are well and thriving and not too stressed about the petrol shortage and debacle in the UK, the cost of rising gas and electric hikes and the poor quality of life most places. Interesting that Facebook, Instagram and co went dud for seven hours. Personally I do not use any social media. Please check out below. I have checked it out and the good doctor is authentic and brave. Well you must be sick of me mentioning transhumanism, eugenics, cyborgism , technocracy, Bill Gates buying all farmland (here in the UK as well) ready for his GMO crops which will kill most of us BUT genetically altered bodies facilitated by the next round of vaccines will love the grub,  these were a mild dose vaccine to 'test out the results' so they can alter and up the dose so to speak.  

Yes call me an alarmist, a conspiratorial sour old 83 yrs young man(woke sorry person) and a white supremacists or whatever and you may say my days are over and I am old fashioned out of date senior who longs for the good old days and sighs over a hot toddy watching black and white films and getting off on nostalgia, however think for a moment; should this be true or just an inkling would you like your children and their children when they hitch up suffer any slight such thing---well act now. Please do not look back and say I WISH I DID SOMETHING TO HALT THIS MADNESS.

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Dear Freedom Fighters
Extremely critical information has been added to the Vaccine Death Report, making it even more revealing and powerful than it already was.

Dr. Carrie Madej sent several vaccine vials to a lab for microscopic research and what they found is highly disturbing:

living, moving and seemingly self-aware creatures with tentacles crawl around in the vaccines.
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First Dr. Madej saw this in one vial, and thought it must be an accident. But when she saw the same creature in a second vial, she broke down in tears, and wept harder than she had ever done.

She realized the vaccine manufacturers are injecting unknown alien-like, living creatures into the bodies of millions of children and adults worldwide.

                        See it in the vaccine death report


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Black Eyed Babies

In Mexico children are born from vaccinated parents with - hold on - completely pitch black eyes. Even the white of their eyes is very dark.

As these babies grow, they seem to be aging too fast, because at three moths old they can already stand and walk.

Is this an example of hybrid, transhuman babies being born from parents whose DNA is altered by the shots? More research has to provide answers, but it is a brand new phenomenon that only occurs with both fully vaccinated parents.

See it in the Vaccine Death Report and share it everywhere!

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Be Well



A leaked Department of Defense document first reported on by attorney Tom Rentz reveals high rates of "breakthrough" infections (4% of which died) and hospitalizations within a cohort of 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries all of whom were fully vaccinated.

An astounding PowerPoint document posted on the Humetrix company website, titled "Waning Effect of COVID-19 Vaccines in 5.6M U.S. Study Cohort, Weekly Update 9/28/2021," stamped by the Department of Defense JOINT ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CENTER's Project Salus (an AI driven analytics platform named after the Roman goddess of safety and well-being), reveals that the COVID-19 vaccines are clearly not living up to their stated promises of being highly effective -- something that should be obvious to anyone watching the aggressive push to add regular "boosters" on top of a failing two-dose regimen.  

This will enable them to 'up the dose' and keep inoculating and eventually the DNA will be altered and the general public become conditioned to take regular shots and as time goes by the transformation will be apparent and a sleeping brain washed sheeple mass population become used to the horrors which confront them; HORRORS WHICH BECOME THE 'NORM' BLACK eyed kids, unigender bodies, actually no gender at all. OF  course designer children, food (are gender or genetically altered GMO) Bill Gate synthetic meat and already fish farms and the plastic in the blood with its chemicals found in child blood test and many adults  What harmful chemicals are in plastic water bottles?

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Plastic water bottles contain a sizable amount of Bisphenol A (BPA), a substance that has been classified as an endocrine disruptor, meaning it bears a toxic effect on a human's ability to reproduce.
OH BOY. Plastic in oceans and rivers, beaches and general waste. 

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