Wednesday 13 October 2021


 Hi Welcome.  This is just a sample from a very old file on fluoride I have been campaigning for over 50 years against the fluoridation of drinking water supplies or indeed any tap water to bath and shower.

This is just a sample of the research I did. If you want more I will send you a PDF attachment.

email me at '[email protected] (The PDF will be better quality I had no software to covert PDF files to Text and it is expensive to purchase, so had to JPG  on scanner to blog)

Apologies for quality this is one of those files from the deceased 'energygrid' site and was saved after a battle with the editor who closed it down without telling his contributors. I rescued about a third and some of it appears in

If you research the history of this poison you will find it was administered to prisoners to dumb them down and despots use it if there are riots and look like extreme dissidence and the UK are thinking of using it again. Europe does not have much in their countries. He Brexit, erode human rights and dumb down again.



Workers who insert Fluoride into our water systems have to wear protective masks and coverage. The pipe work is replaced every two years, whether it is plastic, copper or another as it corrodes. PLEASE, PLEASE research and write to your MP and MEP, even parts of the USA and Canada are protesting. Most of Europe has banned the substance.



OK  I will be accused of white supremacy, Woke and conspiracy.
I have made it a point to include quotes and information from every quarter and here is an Israeli Rabbi and an orthodox Jewish Doctor speaking about the Covid Agenda.

This backs up the Undertaker one from Milton Keynes in the UK and what two consultants told me when I was hospitalised and two nurses a staff nurse and two nurses who were of the Sister ranks. I was hospitalised for three days back in September for three days and then had to go back again for three days. They could not find anything wrong BUT  the consultants told me it was vaccine damage. However they put it down to Covid and not the real cause.

The two consultants resigned, one nurse and one Sister as well,

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