Tuesday 5 July 2022



Thousands of USA Military are refusing vaccinations. Read the compelling article. If you read the original article in Children's Health Defence you will see soldiers on a video in the RUMBLE Site. www.rumble.com or just find it on Rumble.

Dear Geoff,

On this Independence Day, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) celebrates our nation's founding values and our unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We honor the military families who sacrifice their lives to uphold these rights and we will continue to fight to protect the medical freedoms of those who protect America.

CHD is working with a taskforce of active-duty military whistleblowers, who revealed that the true number of unvaccinated personnel is far greater than what has been officially reported.

An estimated 120,000 service members in the Army alone have resisted the vaccine and are at risk of separation or in the process of being separated. The numbers estimated to be leaving across branches would render the U.S. military “combat-ineffective.”

CHD’s own president and general counsel, Mary Holland, warned that along with the already alarming toll of vaccine injuries and deaths, as well as an exponentially rising suicide rate in the military — the DOD is facing both a recruiting and retention crisis — adding up to “a threat to national security.”

Military personnel are being subjected to discrimination, coercion, dishonorable discharge and the nearly categorical denial of religious, medical and serological (evidence of immunity) exemptions, simply for asserting their legal rights and medical freedom.

CHD filed a case against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a year ago for their collusion with the Department of Defense (DOD) to allow Pfizer’s COVID shots to be administered as “approved” when they have only ever been available through Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Because it’s illegal to force EUA vaccines on military personnel, CHD has stayed in front of this threat and continues to hold the FDA accountable — currently arguing this case in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. And we won’t back down. We need your help to continue to expose this fraud and protect our military heroes and our nation’s combat readiness.

CHD is fighting for the freedoms of those who defend ours. Our service men and women will not be left behind.

Help us win this urgent fight to protect the American military and our national security.

With our deepest gratitude,

The Children's Health Defense Team

 I understand several other countries will follow. 

Have you noticed the psyops starting in the press?

It reminds that this winter could be; William Shakespeare has used this phrase in his popular play, Richard III, where King Richard is expressing his feelings of discontent regarding living in the world that hates him. He begins his soliloquy by stating, “Now is the winter of our discontent/Made glorious summer by this son of York…

By the way some of Shakespeare's plays have been reworked because; there are racial slurs so deemed by the woke, sexual innuendoes, cultural insults and the rest, cancel culture. For goodness sake cannot this be taken as art, oh no it may influence people the wrong New Reset Way.
Be Well


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