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Delight in the Light

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On the 13 March 2022 I started the Share -A- Hum and did twelve articles on this and finished on the 3rd July 2022.

Now I feel to share on this title 'Delight in the Light', again this is a departure from the usual political and somewhat some might  say conspiratorial mode of writing.

During the  the 70's, 80's, 90's I presented as you can read in my CV many workshops, lectures and healing with counselling sessions and several stand out experiences that touched many in those days were sharing the light, which were accompanied by two other shall we say complimentary aspects.

Two people stood facing one another. Relaxing and breathing from the hara, dantien or belly breathing and some if they could do intercostal diaphragmatic breathing, with eyes open or shut. When they felt to do so they extended their hands and then if felt to do, hold hands facing one another. First feeling the texture of the skin, the warmth or cold sensation and then if one could feel the energy as a tingling or just joy or unease the main aspect was to FEEL and caste away feelings of shyness, shame, unease and so on not by force but breathing and relaxing. It was OK not to do it.

To feel as the late Bruce Lee said, 'you can't do it because you think too much a busy head-- 'SO FEEL DON'T THINK'. Of course the more one tries to not think, the more one thinks of not thinking. It is good to watch the tussle and begin like entering a cold shower or a hot one to gradually sink past the 'the mental psychological'barrier of perhaps, shame, guilt, sexual innuendos and other embarrassments. Feel the awkwardness or conversely open up to the mutual feeling and sometimes one can feel the flow of energy, chi, ki, kundalini, lifeforce and then feel a heart 'connection' and then a deep compassion. To do this with the same sex identity partner and yet be heterosexual or bi sexual or gay or any other definition of sexual identity, older or younger persons ( there are some 178 sexual identities) so if I have offended anyone can I hide behind my age 84(November 2022), the MESSAGE is go beyond sexual, personal or other identities and FEEL the energy the SHARED ENERGY.
Courtesy 'Known is the drop, Unknown is the Ocean.

Like the hum, I have done this hand to hand with many and I have known to have 'disappeared in some sharing's as my partner did' and we both felt just light and deep compassion and beyond all definition and trying to define was not on and many a time just cried with joy and conversely nothing happened and there was room for sharing and being frank and honest as to what may have occurred.  
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To complete the sharing gently release the hands and salute in the prayer mode, or hug or just end as appropriate.
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I do not have any affiliation with Marlowes Books it came as an image for the purposes of assisting the text to follow.
Many in the workshops and elsewhere were shy or embarrassed to Hug and I now suggest SHARE- A - HUG, , I used to pass around edition one and the above for work participants to read and we shared what we felt like, as to humming, hand energy feeling and what hugs we were comfortable with. I used to ask 'are you huggable?' and if not we would explore the feelings around this of course if this was agreeable or appropriate. 
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Sometimes during a hug, hum, hand sharing and also in a group imagery or meditation, one went beyond and behind oneself as it were and there was this 'disappearance' of ones personality, thought and what remained was a non sexual light and joy, a bliss, a grace and some felt it was a Spiritual  Cosmic Orgasm. I certainly felt this on many occasions with all the different sexual identity participants and with myself on many occasions in many sittings or doing Qi Gong or just spontaneously doing every day life 'stuff'. 

What if more people did this and my 'dream' a world day Of Hugs, Humming and holding hands. In all workshops we finished with a group hug, hum and hand hold, in the hand hold ones right hand held the left  of the other standing next to oneself and so on around the group AFTER a group shoulder massage or whatever way round in order felt best. 'We are light beings and as the image says 'keeping each other company on the Path'

Indeed we are light beings temporarily inhabiting a beautiful body made of photons, packets of light 'read Fritz-Albert Popp' for more of the science or I prefer to say we are light beings infused with Divine Light, we are one family of Light only separated by ego and personalities and I feel should we experience this oneness as above during the experiences above, 'wouldn't it be nice if we could feel this most of the time without trying'.

Go Well, Be Well, Be Light


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