Tuesday 6 September 2022


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Hello and greetings. At the grass roots level at the very basic depths the Universe and its components are 'held' in the oneness of an energy intellect named Life.

As we arise from energy to more courser level forms that human senses can perceive and interact with and they are tangible to human senses so we arrive at these amazing gifts.

Space Weather News for September 1, 2022

DUNG BEETLES NAVIGATE USING THE MILKY WAY: Homo sapiens aren't the only astronomers. Dung beetles are, too. New research shows that the insect navigates using the Milky Way and may be capable of recognizing broad features within the galactic plane. Get the full story @ Spaceweather.com. 

Many animals and birds, fish and even plants navigate or have their senses tuned to the planets Sun and Moon.

How about us humans and our cousins the Dolphins and whales? Dolphins use echolocation similar to ultrasound and the clicks reflect back 3D Images there are some humans who can do the same.

This young man can do echolocation. There is some research that humans have these senses however have lost them through not using them or because technology has taken over.
I started to research years back and came to this as to the following clues; nano magnetic components found in the human body organs and brain;

Magnetic bones in human sinuses


Studies on the interaction of magnetic fields and biological organisms have centred on the influence of applied magnetic fields on the physiology and behaviour of organisms, including humans, and a search for magnetic sources within the organisms themselves. Evidence continues to accumulate that a wide range of organisms, from bacteria to vertebrates, can detect and orient to ambient magnetic fields (for examples see refs 2-4). Since the discovery that magnetic orientation by bacteria was due to the presence within the organism of magnetic particles of the ferric/ferrous oxide, magnetite, the search has begun for other biogenic deposits of inorganic magnetic material and ways in which the possession of such material might confer on the organism the ability to orient to ambient magnetic fields. Such magnetic material, often identified as magnetite, has been discovered in bees, homing pigeons, dolphins and various other organisms, including man. A variety of hypotheses for the use of magnetite in magnetic field detection have been proposed. We report here that bones from the region of the sphenoid/ethmoid sinus complex of humans are magnetic and contain deposits of ferric iron. The possible derivations and functions of these deposits are discussed.

Courtesy All that's interesting

In my ‘1967’ writings it stated that we were and are approaching the ‘New Age Energies’ this is nothing to do with the New World Order Globalist so called elite or some new age cult. This is a DNA upgrade naturally occurring through the Cycles of evolution and would come about by the increased kundalini as the position of the solar system moved into the massive ‘heat and energy’ of the photon belt. See changes in the solar system ‘Triple Article –Monday 31st May 2021----1967 writings-- Changes in the Solar System—Black Hole’

This blog depicts that humans will and can have the gifts of nature and the Universe as our birds, mammals of the sea and so on and yes our cousin the dung beetle.

The five extinctions depict the unfolding from Pangea until now and if we allow nature to guide the one life and us these new humans as described in previous blogs see Tuesday 30th August 2022 and all this is part of the Ascension Process.

Also stated in the '1967' downloads were that there would be a natural birth control in accord with nature and evolution up until 2075 and more infrequently it will through sexual intercourse and then through a kind of intuitive meditative 'knowing as to when to copulate' and even now many animal, avian and aquatic life forms sometimes withhold the birthing and copulation due to seasonal climate conditions.

Further on into the ascension process and towards 3000 (should the cabal extinction of the human as known or as ascended be non apparent) then the 6th extinction will go ahead anyway at a later time. The sexual energy that is less 'used' as it were travels up the spine as kundalini or Chi energy and meets the crown chakra and this opens to allow the Halo or Divine to feed into the brain and by then all if not a majority of the nadis and meridians will have been cleared, the corpus colosseum ( Nadis form part of the subtle anatomy as defined by Yoga. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika states there are 72,000 Nadis, and The Shiva Samhita says there are 350,00. plexuses of subtle energy, just as nerves accumulate and become nerve plexuses at major locations in the gross body)see meridians as in Qi Gong. The corpus colosseum by then would have bridged as it were the brain and the left and right brain would work together as a binaural brain. This will alter all life forms DNA and also inorganic molecular structure as it is doing now naturally and gradually doing and and accelerating the incremental frequencies, this in turn will increase longevity and health benefits and also 'burn' off some of the astral glamour emotional aura sheathes and so allowing more of a direct communication with the (Cosmos and Universe 'telepathic intuitive knowing) and an upgrade to the Telepowers as a finer facility than psychic and mediumistic communication. There is much more and I will feed into further blogs. Upgrades from channeling would be a more direct 'intuitive telepathic response fed into a more fine and sensitive brain and translating it would be easier as many would be getting telepathic and telepowers and so empathy becomes telepathy without the emotional download and felt as clear emotion, personal love to compassion and so on.

So human life is precious and we have this window of opportunity to be the Homo Energetica Spiritulana and arise to a splendid outcome by the Great Spirit and natures finest. We all share the One Life and our cousins in Nature our family we all can navigate and obtain the gifts of echo location, magnetic guidance, Milky Way and constellation awareness eventually without the need for instruments and the slow process of incremental changes which I have blogged and written, lectured about since 1970 is now occurring, slowly the cake is being baked and certain others who wish to delay this process may hinder but eventually the process of Ascension will win through willy nilly.

The process will reinvent itself, as it has none on five previous extinctions and nature will wait if the cabal technology of eugenics, cyborgism, transhumanism and all the rest destroy humanity and the planet and cause a human 6th extinction because we have the power and harmless technology to lessen and even halt the extreme changes. We could avert a 6th extinction if we had the 'spiritual (not religious) and political will to do so.

The One Life beckons to share Itself with all humanity and living Life Forms as does nature, greed, lust and power have no jurisdiction here.

 Be Well



95% of the neurons (the bits that trigger and fire information) in our brains are in the cerebral cortex, the thin brown layer of jelly that actually surrounds the brain, analagous to humanity's existence on the surface of the Earth. Linking the two hemispheres of the brain is a bunch of fibres known as the corpus callosum. It can be proved that in artists, musicians, left handed people and in those who are comfortable with being out of the norm that the corpus callosum is growing physically larger, and it appears within the last thirty or forty years that this growth increase is exponential, not only in these people but in all of us. The bridge between the left and right brains was the width of a thin pencil a hundred years ago, and I'm assured by a couple of mortician/pathologist clients of mine (really!) that in many people now this bundle of fibres is now the width of one's forefinger. This suggests to me that the interface between the left and right brain in most of us is now considerably more active than it was three or four generations ago. Of course this could be down to our diet. Courtesy Steve Judd Astrologer 2011

I do not agree about the diet bit, but can vouch for the growth during my Forensic work over 36 years and many post mortems and many pathologists remarking on this and other matters as well. Geoff,

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