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Hello and welcome. Below is a SHACK article as yet not published in my this being the 26th October 2023 and I felt to share this with this site and possibly many who read this site will not feel this is not for them, fair do's we have choices or do we or are we swayed by our beliefs and did we come to them by our own volition or are we merely following on 'the party narrative'. We like to think we arrived at our beliefs and ideals, life style and yet on close inspection and investigation we may if we are deadly honest and not ashamed and with humility may come to see we may have been brain washed, conditioned and programmed, a word I like to use inculcated. So here goes and the original that will be published in SHACK is altered here to emphasise a point or two. Thanks for reading or skipping. 


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Many years back I was called to a case about stolen goods and assaults in a famous London theatre. The case solved and the evidence presented to the CPS and the perpetrators found guilty, I was invited back to take a sample of  some interest to a museum and it was as follows; on several wooden posts at the back of the stage was a large area where the painters and stage hands and sets were created and assembled and disassembled, over the years the painters wiped their brushes on certain posts and layers were built up and eventually formed a  'nodule or a sort layered protuberance a sort of elongated knob' and with careful removal it formed a beautiful different coloured strata like the geological strata in rock formations. The museum kept one or two and the teaching laboratory for police and Forensic candidates about preservation of the scene, packaging, blood groups, elementary DNA and similar related matters were given two.

Courtesy Quora

This morning of the 10th October 2023 this came back to mind as I pondered the latest war and atrocities between Israel and Palestine. The feelings and thoughts and pictures came to me in this fashion; The planet Earth pristine and not yet cooled but in the gases and rays were the signals and information (this is at present not accepted by main stream academia or maybe elsewhere) these frequencies are the carriers of information which direct and construct stages of evolution, then as the solidification came Auric shields formed and they coalesced the core and then the first prime constituents to form the vegetation and creatures of the Planet Earth.

The Earth Itself is imbued with Cosmic Divine Intelligence as is every atom and particle and this is consciousness. Consciousness is the Creators force and through evolution The Time that we know as humans is not the time from the timeless Source of Creation and what we know of evolution is the gigaanum and to the Divine already just inspired thoughts of expansion and the never ending expanding creation 'gradually unfolding to us humans 'as eras, epoch's, and classified geological and strata data and so on. (see the five extinctions )

From former blog on This is a rough guide but sufficient to illustrate article. 

Let us fast forward to early language communication; many of the tribes had their own words, gestures, rituals and ideas about 'spirit' and even then there were skirmishes and wars to prove their way was and is right and the only true one. Then we reach the modern cults, religions, philosophies, politics, lifestyles and they are stored in the Collective Unconscious held in stored magnetic fields and the Akashic records and are similar to the quantum realm of every possibility and probability and over the Aeons, the megaanum and especially the millennium have formed layers like rock strata and the paint scenario.

These are inculcations (repetitive words and ideas incessant and sacrosanct inviolable rites, rights and law as to become beliefs and reality) punishment and punitive threats were founded by the founders as to keep these closely bound and utterly brain washed followers, free or coerced).  Slogans, uniforms and the 'Book of Laws' often said to been given by the Person Of and chosen by the Mysterious Creator of the Universe.  

Can you imagine how these auric shields contain the memories and actions over the ages and the free will and the consciousness of humans used these brain washed programmes and so concretised and closely bound like the greatest adhesive glue that humans became thoughtless but to their chosen inculcation, they thought they had free will and yet had not realised they were free as long as they kept to the official narrative of their birth and incarnation, such an advanced situation is with humans now with an attempt to make the whole populace of one narrative and a so called New World Order, a world brain washed to the agenda of the Deep State and Globalists issues.

Many are now awakening to the fact that this is the situation and some intuit so deeply they get a dramatic awakening that shakes their very foundations and realise there are these divisions and life styles based merely of inculcated brain washed hand me downs and cloned minds. This raises the question 'I have no Identity because I have seen that we are all someone else's ideas passed down over the Aeons of time and appear to be ultimate truths and our seniors, parents and so on had not realised, it was not their fault in a way because they were duped, although perhaps lovingly or by threat and had not the opportunity in a world that thought this was the way to go, even if it meant war and suffering.
From previous SHACK Article
Can you use your imagination; so impregnated, so programmed, so tightly monitored and bound, what a colossal, huge, momentous challenge or shock or some misadventure or a natural awakening after being through so many incarnations that finally now and in the past one hundred years or so wise persons saw through the brain washing and wrote about it and now with the internet there is free speech until the Covid Pandemic 2000,2021 yes 2000 it was hatched then see and many others, and there is censoring, deplatforming, fake news, woke, cancel culture, technocracy, cyborgism, eugenics, transhumanism, AI and the Deep State trying to alter not only human minds but genetics and appearance.

When the awakening happens it is a shock and some run from it as to have no identity as such seems desperate and dark see back articles for details and one can find oneself alone BUT not lonely for once one has thoroughly tasted the seemingly barren state of no identity one finds oneself in an energetic consciousness of ease and joy, of course at first the old agendas pop up and this tends to cause doubt because the free state is the way less way. However once imbedded in this way less way, this is really not a good wording for there is no way or a suitable description of this experience.
Courtesy to 'Declutter your Mind Quotes'   Reminds me of No Mind, Empty Mind of Eastern Philosophy (Geoff)

An explosion in the Collective Unconscious to break the conditioning of separation would take the most monumental shattering in the human psyche. Those who have touched the freedom and those who are in the freedom know what it is like. Some who are fortunate to have a spontaneous deep and thorough awakening and those who have tasted it and are pursuing it and yet one cannot be pursuing it in a way find it hard and yet they know this is salvation, the Deep State are aware of the awakening mind and the leap in consciousness and this is the challenge between Deep State Despotism and their cloning mind programme which they will be the ultimate authority and Masters of The New World Order with a tight fist and fury versus the no identity free beings grounded in Universal Consciousness each of these individuals are not individual but are guided by the seamless Consciousness of the Universe.
Courtesy J Krishna Murti
( In the unknown there is no fear because there is no experience, emotion of it, it is the fear of losing the known which makes the assumption that the unknown is dreadful, what identity do you assume when in the unknown, when the brainwashed mind realises perhaps everybody is a clone of some sort, a hand me down inheritance, somebodies second hand clothing, OH no I have choices and free will based on what?  Then Oh Gosh I have been taught to be who I am, not even my or even my name was chosen for me, the known is all the beliefs, the stances, the agendas, the dissatisfaction with the world and the self and giving this up is tantamount to having no identity and the thought of this may prove too daunting, so many may shy away from 'WHO AM I WHEN MY INCULCATION, MY BRAIN WASHING IS STRIPPED BARE?' many will run from this, go to Netflix, alcohol, sex, thrill seeking or anger and mistrust. However should one not shy away from this and gradually or some jump into this identityless conscious find freedom, touches of this at first, and the old known  popping up and offering comfort and then the comparison will be seen not by logic but intuition and rightness which is the soul speaking softly in its own inimitable way, a whispering of the Divine, feelings that have words as it were but not as human minds communicate. Geoff insert from original SHACK

(As above it will take a tremendous amount of energy for the world psyche that has become so impacted, hammered and clobbered, concreted over the ages, cemented fast, superglued and fastened so tight and the layers added over the ages are so dense that not a miniscule hair like fissure will appear and the layers of inculcation so imbued it may take a global catastrophe or a personal one to to loosen the shackles of programming and held fast, tightly gripped beliefs and agendas to realise why wars and animosity arise-----it is the conditioned programmed mind----after all my religion, my politics, my life style-------my ---and this my is just a collection of ideas, beliefs held in an energetic magnetic fields, a broadcast over the 'air waves' that is just as effective as a fart in the wind---and this self made entity is the known and known as the ego. Geoff)  

We are the conscious expression of the Universe being conscious of Itself. All I want I get from Self. I am Self aware because I am aware of my awareness being aware and this is consciousness presence.


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