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This article may not be of interest and yet I feel I have to do it. In 1967 I had  a lot of inspirational writing come to me it was Christmas and I was at Johnstone House in Scotland and it was the forerunner of the lovely Tibetan Monastery named Samye Ling. The Full story can be seen POST 9 Sunday 3rd March 2013 (scroll down a bit) Thursday 26th March POST 212 'MORE 1967'  Monday 31st May 2021 (a triple article starting with 1967 writings) and (last three articles) and the building blocks to this article more recently Thursday 26th October 2023 'Why we are what we are because?' and of course my CV found at top right of article under 'contributors'


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I know you have seen this several times before and maybe feeling 'oh not again' but this time instead of looking at the physical facts and the evolutionary process of 'sell by date' and old physical forms no longer applicable to the changing times, this is more on the energetic psychic spiritual aspect as it were.

In my 1967 it said that the energies of Ascension were the cause of the extinctions and although they appeared just physical and climatic they were 'pushed' or facilitated by consciousness and that the physical world was but a reflection of consciousness in physical form. Then it was stated that the energies were incoming in incremental stages in 1967 they were three monthly and then progressing to smaller time period until it reached 2012 when they would be continuous in the form of pulses rather than waves, the main form of symptoms would be of an energetic type such as kundalini experiences and I gave a series of these in a a site '  Update version and Courtesy Lisa Renee


From The House of David Teaching Center these can be found in and below.

Monday 24 May 2021


Many would feel these and they would experience them in different ways, those who were on a self growth or spiritual quest, meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong and so on would appear to recognise them as ascending to higher frequencies of consciousness. Others it may stir up passions, neurological disorders and strange urges and behavioural disturbances. Then there was the years; 1967 to 2012 the incremental stages ( actually started in the 1600's) then 2013---2032, 2033--2075. Now we are experiencing 2013--2032 and the main event would be Pluto arriving in Aquarious as an astrological component YET the main force or prime mover would be the Cosmic Input of raised frequencies, spiritually they would be uplifting, however for the hardened egoist it would stir up fear of loss of power, territory and lust to rule and be God to humanity and save the egoist dream of a world despotic ruler, The Globalist Agenda would  be sorely challenged as many felt the power of the Cosmic Frequencies and the urge to be free of the old restricting religious, corrupt governmental dictatorships, the neurotic and psychotic extremes of surveillance, fear of transparency and so cause the world to be robotically controlled and the fear of their own extinction.     
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Then some would find a constant build up a sort of pressure in the head(could be some ailment so check it out --- all these symptoms could be an illness--- these are my views and findings---- I am not a doctor of medicine, a guru, or an authority---these are my personal experiences--- which have been the same for many and rubbish for some)that is driving them to explore new avenues and it feels the old agendas, practices and ways of living are outdated. BY the way the so called deep state, the so called elite, the Bilderberg's, the Cabal also feel the same and as they do not feel safe, they make their agendas and rule with deception and iron fist and feel they must cling to their own way of ascension, that is ascension by power and lust and greed with military might and slay the dissenters. All nature and spiritual things are an absurd simplistic abandonment.
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 The Cabal are not willing to share and care, they want complete power and dictatorship and the pressure inside their being drives them to shore up and become ardent frigid fanatics. This is felt as a driving force Tsunami and many frantically seek a way out of comfort and familiarity and hold on as the tide threatens to sweep them off their feet. So do the spiritual seekers who cling to their old out dated rituals and ceremonies and some going to extreme 'new age' measures to stem the tide of this seething frenzy of Cosmic Change. 
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As we spiral up and onwards the 6th Mass Extinction if we can as populace before 2075 or at least a consensus of change and what this means is that a greater portion of the world's populace are awakened by these energies and embrace them they will be carried forward and we shall have a relative peace and quiet as the energies embrace the future through humanities CHANGE in consciousness, this is indeed a mass extinction of the old outworked, sell by date, stale and outworn stagnant putrefying mind brain washing and urges to be sent free and transformed into the new. THE 6th Extinction is not a physical one or it can be if it is not recognised as an extinction of an old consciousness which served its purpose and now is redundant and is blocking the channels of liberation. Should it be recognised as purely physical then it will go the way of the other five.

Hail the birthing of Homo Energetical Spiritulana and Homo Luminous.



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