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The image from I have audaciously copied from Google Images is not connected to this article or its contents but only for its shape. I tried to sketch what I wanted to talk about and am not skilled in this manner and so I had to hunt through many to find the oval shape I was after.

Hello and welcome. Again I felt impelled to do this article as I feel its fits the times we are in. Back on Sunday December 5th 2021 I sketched out what I termed the Ahriman influences and based on Rudolf Steiner's prophesy and sculpture below. 

This is the depiction carved by the mystic Dr Rudolf Steiner and to my mind is the epitome of this current pandemic and 'The Great reset' Yuk' ah la 'The world Economic Forum' Yuk, Yuk. Scroll down if you find reprints of articles boring, they say more to the point than I can and they are originals far more than I can put into words. From December 5 2021

However I would like to go into another aspect and give my take on Steiner's brilliant work. He says around about now in this 21st century an evil force would begin its work and form an eighth sphere. Now before I go on there is a minefield of opinions and debates on auras, sheaths, chakras and the like and if you research you will find a plethora of opinions, rituals, ceremonies and explanations by Shamans, Yogis, spiritual teachers, healers and sensitives, many similar in ideas, with parallels which are near the same and so on, frankly when I looked into this I got mind boggled and confused. It was cleared up somewhat when I met the late Arthur Guirdham  

Arthur Guirdham

Dr. Arthur Guirdham (1905 – 1992) was an English physician, psychiatrist, novelist, and writer on the Cathar sect, alternative medicine, ...Courtesy Wikipedia 
Arthur Guirdham 1905--1992

Arthur Guirdham was born on 9 March 1905 in Workington, Cumberland (Cumbria) into a working-class family, his father working in the steel industry. He gained a scholarship to Keble College, Oxford and trained as a psychiatrist at Charing Cross Hospital, London. He worked as a senior consultant psychiatrist in the Bath Child Guidance Clinic until his retirement in 1968. I met Arthur in Somerset and we regularly wrote, telephoned and met when he came to London. I was researching reincarnation and evil and his famous book Reincarnation and the Cathars took the medical and sceptics by storm. 
Then when I heard about Steiner recently and the Ahrimanic influences it seemed to tie up with Arthur and then of course my 1967 writings.
Birth of 1967 writings. see POST 9 Sunday March 3rd 2013

Here is where I can lay out some of the Auras as they were given at Johnstone House (Samye Ling); they came at about 02.00 hours in a candle lit room full of Buddha's and other such things ready for the meditation room downstairs when it was set up, the writings came spontaneously and I was not fully aware as I wrote so fast and filled eight sheets of foolscap paper. Most of which I have put into and continuing articles even till now.
Regarding auras or sheathes . It said there were several and named them, the main one from 2012 onwards was the astral sheath. By the emerging Ascension energies this would be 'burned off' because the higher consciousness had no use for the 'glamour, emotional and particularly sexual erotic indulgencies'. Kundalini and Chi have similar references and the meridians and yogic sushumna , ida and pingala, Du, Chong and Ren Mai channels and meridians all are of the various systems as are the Shamanic eighth chakra which is like the halo and the interface between soul and Cosmic Soul. 

Courtesy Mr Mike Williamson   
 Then it went onto say that eventually the sexual act would be a matter of energy transfer between consenting partners much like the Startrek Vulcan Mind Melds this would be much later on perhaps by 30050 but some would appear in the late 2080's as Homo energetica spiritulana came forward (Homo Luminous) the other auras would follow and the intellectual one would facilitate telepathy and other 'tele' powers and would increase a massive psychic ability. As the auras spread and diminished or got 'burnt' of more like a detox, its vacation allowed the form to spread its spiritual awareness and become more fine and (energetic) spiritual like. 
With technology going deep into digital, AI and robotics the 'DARK AHRIMANIC'  entities yearn to have a flesh body to experience the Astral delights that humans have but they haven't the soul quality to do it so the are attempting to synthesise through technology and hijack the astral frequencies into algorithms and use technology as a pseudo spirituality hence robotics, androids and eugenic with technocracy. Gradually they will try to extinguish anything natural and nature and cut off humanity and encircle humanity in a technological sterile eighth sphere which would seem like a second shadow Earth and that completely possessed human beings a flesh robot at the command of the power globalist Ahrimanic devotees and the emotions become purely programmed responses.  
Courtesy of Space Surveillance Diverse Satellites

Now is the time that one may have realised a battle is being waged through the outer Energy Spheres, just as human body has sheaths so has our Earth;
Courtesy Earths Atmospheric Layers

It is my view that all of the Physical Universe has auric levels. As the Ascension process takes us into higher levels or faster finer frequencies the mastery of these and attunement to these gets into more and more subtle energies and frequency's reminding ourselves about Einstein and Tesla's remarks about vibration and frequencies. In my view frequencies and vibrations were caused by Divine Intelligence and coded with information. 'A pond still and smooth, the Wind, ripples and waves'.
 So the challenge is; do we want to follow the Ahrimanic Robot sterile Andriod programmed sterile of emotions only responses of an algorithmic reflex or refine our emotional astral field into higher consciousnesses and experiences of a spiritual nature. Summing up the Ahrimanic field replaces the Astral field and tries to emulate the astral field good factor with tech gadgets and videos and virtual reality.
Courtesy  The Guardian  Hologramic  Holographic Universe

Is a hologram real or virtual?
If the image appears between you and the hologram it is a real image, if the hologram is between you and the apparent object then it is called a virtual image. Holograms are further broken up into categories based on how many images of the original object are coded into the hologram.
So who creates the above; the Universe by Divine Intelligence and us maybe its virtual counterpart so as to speak, in the two slit experiment it maybe all is field and then the observer collapses the wave in order to allow the field to which is non local to locality and by intention?
Courtesy of the Evolving Universe
Using the image above as an illustration, I would be more at ease with 'the big bang' being replaced by 'the Birthing of the Universe by Divine Intelligence. However what one can see and even from my previous diagrams on the five extinctions, things were getting smaller and more compact. 
So we are dealing with finer vibrations and the Ahrimanic want to pull us back to robots and the like and if we look further into possibilities  of evolution ah la natural we can see their are energy beings living on the outer planets. So why limit us to just flesh or even robotic futures, The battle I want to remain safe with what I know and the unknown well ?
Courtesy Tapping Solution
In the Yogic traditions when we leave our body we can live as energy beings in the solar system and some say you have to incarnate many times to earn that privilege, incarnation into a human form in order to become a divine being by nature and personality or end up as hungry ghost in some bardo realm or reside in hell or be a an energy being on some planet in the solar system, not matter which maybe the choice is rise to higher frequencies where the choices are not bound by human ego physics and karma or take a chance with Ascension?   

Be Well


In the fifty years the USA has not been to the moon with Astronauts and the fact Twenty-two trillion dollars are unaccounted for and that Garry McKinnon when he hacked NASA found a list of Off World Space Officers, I suggest that in those fifty years the World Space Agencies have built Moon and Mars Bases and that our back engineered craft go there ; Moon 30 minutes, Mars 90 minutes. ET immediately.?   Mind you just a thought? 

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