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Hello and welcome. In the UK and USA sudden deaths especially among seemingly healthy people and many are young and in the seemingly prime of life and sudden deaths among atheletes is alarming.

The article below sets out some of the suspected issues and this is supplied by and I would like to add what I feel is significant as well. 
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There are many reasons why the above sudden deaths has occurred and the suppression to go into it officially by the WHO and other bodies, of course many private studies have been done and ignored because it makes the Governments of the World uncomfortable and the Big Pharma a loss if proven. OK the Covid did great psychological damage more so than than admitted however there is the 'nudge'  which in the UK is a bunch of think tank psychologists who in the Covid era gave out statements to put the fear of the devil and horror in one. These are what are termed 'psyops' they have them in every country. 
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This patch is available on Google Images so it is mainstream and sometimes Google whose site I use to publish take it down, if this is so is it to protect the truth from coming to the light or just pandering to political and economical masters?
On a more everyday fear tactic you might notice small print at the bottom of a news readout easily passed by but a little fear, a dagger in the mind here are some samples; 'The WHO  remind you to stock up on masks' 'The next pandemic not now but when, watch out' 'The next virus will be a worse killer than Covid' ' Climate change is your fault' 'Expect food shortages for the next unpredictable years' ' Are you eating healthily, GMO foods are good, it is the future' 
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I am pretty sure you are aware of the EMF and other factors such as underground streams voltage from space weather and so on well there is another factor; I feel we live in a field of consciousness which can be measured see; 
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Should you wish to research you will find on their monitors that before huge events and wars and so on their is uptake on their world wide monitors and is a reflection in the use of the Schumann Resonance. It is likened to Jung's Collective Unconscious. I feel that as this connects all of us, this includes all of nature we feel, especially if one is sensitive the deep anxiety that exists in this war torn world and deprivation being squeezed on many by financial and homelessness, asylum seekers risking their lives to get somewhere else, racism and all manners of other abuse. Then there is the posture in image 1 clutching the chest its like saying 'Oh my God, I'm Heart Broken' the pressure to be successful at all costs, failure to please and get the job or whatever and the look on the faces of a contestant show to be a Financial Lords next partner and he says and points the finger 'your fired' and then the kids in war zones who have seen their family massacred or bombed out, eating rats and grass, all this registers in the collective and although one maybe not aware of it or just idly see it on TV and carries on drinking tea or coffee it does register and can activate a subtle below the surface busy mind and puts one in a subtle anxiety and on 'alert' the fight flight freeze syndrome. This subtly eats away at one's nourishment and can lead to anger and desperation.
This can lead to illness, mental health problems and then to drugs, sexual extremes and alcoholism. The wealthy are cloaked although they do not believe this they feel it on some level but not recognised.

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In a way we are all putting our feelings and thoughts into a gigantic pot of electrical magnetic fields and these impinge on the deepest levels of mind well below the surface on 'what's on Netflix or must watch the game tonight or are my kids safe at school'? and for many of us we are walking and sleeping with a tiny subtle field nagging away at our  our vitals. So what can we do?; well there are systems to relax us and I am sure you know many of them, meditation, chanting, self growth, Yoga, Qi Gong and so on HOWEVER until one gets proficient in these it can have the following; one uncovers the subtle influence and is more sensitive too it, so perhaps we could be aware and yet not subscribe to the reoccurring nag WHICH the Nudge psychologists as above who scrupulously betray their profession for money and use this subtle anxiety for the acknowledgement from their political and globalist masters.

·                        The gender life expectancy gap in the U.S. has reached its widest point since 1996, primarily driven by COVID-19 and the opioid crisis, highlighting systemic issues in health care and societal structures

·                        Contrary to historical trends, the burden of death now falls disproportionately on young and working-aged Americans, prompting concerns about the underlying causes and the absence of a public health response

·                        Amidst censorship and controversy, there's a growing call for a thorough investigation into pandemic management, including lockdowns, treatment protocols and vaccine deployment, to understand the root causes of excess deaths

·                        The need for a new approach to global health is underscored by the current crisis, with emphasis on addressing health disparities and reconnecting with consciousness, as advocated in my forthcoming book, "The Power of Choice"

 Dr John Campbell; UK from statistic's says above applies world wide and especially GB.  

Sir Chris Whitty, England’s Chief Medical Officer, has recommended the use of ‘old-fashioned’ methods to stay healthy (Victoria Jones/PA)

People should adopt “old-fashioned” methods to stay healthy as they get older because falling sick is not inevitable, England’s most senior doctor has said.

Professor Sir Chris Whitty called on people to take responsibility for their own health with good diet and exercise, while calling on the Government to do more to make healthy lives the norm.

People are living longer and, by 2050, a quarter of those in the UK will be over 65, but Sir Chris argued it should not be accepted that these extra years will be spent in ill health. ( older people Sir Chris are you covering up for the 'Sudden Deaths)

Research shows that people become less active as they get older, with a third of 75 to 85-year-olds and 57% of people aged 85 and over being physically inactive.

Reducing smoking, air pollution and exposure to environments that promote obesity are other examples where the State has a major role to play in delaying or preventing ill health and disability over a lifetime and into older age

Sir Chris Whitty's report

Publishing his annual report, Health in an Ageing Society, Sir Chris said smoking rates are dropping and alcohol intake is falling in some groups, but “obesity is going in the wrong direction”.

He suggested people should turn to methods that are known to work, saying: “There are a lot of things people can do themselves which will delay the point where they first have disability and then multi-morbidity. 

“They are old-fashioned things, actually.

“Having lots of exercise, having mental stimulation and a social network, eating a reasonably balanced diet (with) not too much high fat, sugar and salt, moderating alcohol, stopping smoking if you do – these are things which are old fashioned, but they still work.”

He said maintaining exercise for the longest possible time, for example, was known to have a “huge positive impact on both physical and mental health in old age”, while eating plenty of fruit and veg cuts the risk of high blood pressure, chronic heart disease and stroke.

His report further pointed to strong evidence “that being physically active, eating a healthy, balanced diet, not smoking and moderating alcohol consumption improves health outcomes and increases the proportion of life spent in good health”.

He goes to say read article above link; too many tablets issued by GP's, patients should be listened to and so on.

Ah well Sir Chris feeling guilty after the Covid stuff you handed out to the public are you feeling a tiny pinch of guilt and remorse. Let me say I agree with your statements above but perhaps a little too late but carry on doing the natural right thing-----compassion.



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