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This is the depiction carved by the mystic Dr Rudolf Steiner and to my mind is the epitome of this current pandemic and 'The Great reset' Yuk' ah la 'The world Economic Forum' Yuk, Yuk. Scroll down if you find reprints of articles boring, they say more to the point than I can and they are originals far more than I can put into words. From December 5 2021 1


Hello and welcome. I did go into this Ahriman subject some time back and this is an update as I have been in touch with some colleagues, friends and wise people who have studied this aspect of Rudolf Steiner's work and I found that the 1967 writings support some of the hypotheses by many others who have their translation's and views on this work and subject. 
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So what follows is your decision and over the many years many have said my whole 1967 work is fiction, I wrote down what came to me and I stand by it and of course as you may have read I endeavoured to find science and other wise writings to justify or at least some credence to '67stuff' So without more ado here its comes. 

Bearing in mind that the Universe is said to be constantly vibrating and this causes umpteen different frequencies;  What did Albert Einstein say about vibrations?
“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein
These atoms are in a constant state of motion, and depending on the speed of these atoms, things are appear as a solid, liquid, or gas. Sound is also a vibration and so are thoughts.
What does Einstein say about energy?
“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” “Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way.
So going to this the Universe and space is filled with vibrations which by their allotted and allocated frequencies are designated for, as for instance the remote control on your TV and its designated hertz  frequencies.
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I have always felt and now feel it is a fact there are many layers and sheaths around the body, round Earth and like our magnetosphere protect us from 'unhealthy or distorted frequencies that might harm us' especially upset the Schumann Resonance which on an average resonates at 7.87 Hz which our brains and hearts have as well so we act in tandem with the Earth.

In the Ascension process facilitated by the Universal Evolutionary plan the frequencies are reconfigured and upgraded commensurate to the allotted epoch. I have mentioned that certain entities human and non human object to the natural order because their power base would have crumbled so they do their best to delay, destroy the natural order, this in this year of 2024 is being clearly seen. The non humans also have their desires to rule the Earth and can influence humans in many ways.

When the first A bomb exploded at 0.5.29 July 16th 1945 named Trinity and some say Gadget at Alamogordo some say 210 miles South of Los Alamos New Mexico known as Jornada many Shamans, psychics , mystics with sensitives claimed that the 'veil or membrane' that separated human from the spiritual, psychic, angelic realms had been punctured or ruptured.  The membrane is different from an interdimensional aspect, it is a skin like transparent covering and flexible and stretches like elastic, this allowed when in  channelling, psychic knowing and the realm of finer vibrations. This was mentioned in many holy books and Eastern Philosophy. It was said that it let in many discordant vibrations and entities that were hungry for the human experience. A lot of repair work went into endeavouring to seal or partially close the rupture or rent in the veil this was done hundreds of healing groups and still is to this day. Unfortunately the 'hungry demons' as it were were powerful and as fast as repair was attempted they tore it apart and that battle existed until 2012.
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There was a terrific hype about 2012, the 'end of the world. The Aquarian age' and so on just before that the hype of extraordinary set of planetary line ups and so on. However the Maya prophesies did not agree with that date as a significant but one of the short cycles either ended or began and I wrote a lot about it because it was one of years that 1967 writings predicted there would be an up step a further increment of Cosmic Energy Input not to be mistaken as Solar Activity although there was that as well. A lot of research showed magnetic North showed a slight but significant move East words and energy calibrators showed a shift in Schumann Resonances  getting less stable. The 1967 --2012 to 2032 --2033--2075. The repair were assisted until 2016. Pluto into Aquarious recently will also help purging of dross and healing afterwards, a long twenty year process, but slow and steady. 
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Then I began to take an interest in Cern in Switzerland, there were visible strange spirals in the sky and many speculations went on. Were they opening portals to other dimensions and so on, a couple who left CERN were great friends of mine and top, top scientists, they left and looked haggard and shaky, they told me that they were afraid to talk because stuff was going on and they were scared and I managed to get some notes before they disappeared and I will mention these a little later on, at the time I thought they were exhausted by their research and needed rest. Then I heard through the grapevine that there were caves underneath CERN with tunnels leading to the starting of the Gotthard Bridge some 57K or 35 Miles. I believe these are not accurate as there is a mystery about the mileage, then I heard that the tunnels connected with the Gotthard Tunnel and the caves were where genetic and other things went on. The the strangest of the ceremonies of the opening of the Gotthard. BBC said 'From the World Cup to the Olympics, it is not a significant event if you don't have an unusual opening ceremony to go with it. BBC

This was also the case when the Gotthard base tunnel, the longest and deepest in the world, was inaugurated on Wednesday.

Here are some of the most striking moments from the ceremony - we have tried to explain what is going on as far as possible. It was not always possible. BBC

Warning: This article contains partial nudity. From Gotthard Opening ceremony

I am going to down load all I have because it opened up a huge debate; BBC


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Shortly afterwards I got a hand delivered telegram (not an app. apps were not around then) and it was from those two who left CERN  and it read ' Now you know why we left' and a small insert of the caves.
To my mind and many others this confirmed that CERN had ruptured the membrane and now was attempting to penetrate another far as I can ascertain this is correct and like the bomb they had allowed distortional entities to enter the Earth's Auric sheath and the repair and healing to start again. This is still going on and now as CERN does it thing the cycle is repeated repair, tear by CERN.  Another possible 'way out theory' is that the Belial group at Atlantis who were said to have used the Great Power Crystal, some say was a fragment of a comet and there were power grids in pyramids that had crystals and so on, anyway, there is suspicion that CERN were after the secret of Atlantis and its energy source (Tesla had a similar idea in his Towers) the Belial group used the power source for discordant means and brought about the Fall of Atlantis. The Belial group were into technology and all sorts  of robotic, cyborgism  and other nasties, whereas the spiritual group named the Amelia's were for people and sharing and so on and used the crystal for benefits of the populace, some say Atlantis and its downfall is being acted out now in some way now. The name given to the crystal is Tuaoi and linked to Fire stones and certain emblems.
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I cannot confirm the next but way back I did a whole thing on Pizzgate
 Hillary Clinton and crew about devil worship and to follow the Epstein saga and the rumour went on they were in touch with CERN and the psychics and the Cabal have the priests channelling these entities.  The next stage is the Ahriman energies and the eight sphere.
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Now you might have to stretch your imagination or 'get' it straight away. In image 7 above imagine the Earth without clouds as above but with a thin membrane of vibrating magnetic information, a containment field of agendas, intelligence and codes of frequencies, it is only intelligent as far as its programming and algorithms it has no morale code or ethics, IT is an energy system without feeling and is awaiting and seeking something that its frequencies can recognise and resonate with, to be compatible with and sort of recreate itself and expand, it has been just waiting, floating around our solar system and other systems like a nomad seeking a place to finally settle. It seeks in particular planets that have weakened their auric shields by heinous inhabitants of their planet that have turned their back on evolution ah la natural and tampered with technology such as genetic inheritance, unnatural vaccines, GM food, despotic rules and codes that oppress and repress the ethnic populations and their natural habitat and seek power by just programming, agendas without feeling or remorse and so technology and cold reasoning academic scientific intellectual laws and codes become dominant devoid of emotion and feeling. Robotic and cyborgism (some cyborgism can aid life as can technology when it is used to help and assist and not to become completely dependant on as to be a God and almighty). 
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I am claiming poetic licence to the eighth sphere which Rudolf Steiner prophesied would come in the twentieth Century and this is my take on it, if I have upset anyone by my cheeky assumptions then I sincerely and unreservedly apologise. So now technology has arisen and the CERN and remote viewers of a sinister type, with satanic black magic(witch craft, warlocks, dark side channelling and psychics are all broadcasting their messages over the ages and coupled with sophisticated  technology and thereby saturating the collective unconscious and space with their vibrations and LO and Behold the hungry predator symbolised as the hungry lonely eighth sphere looking for a sign anything anywhere and has seen and sensed a rupture in a planet named Earth caused by CERN and other influences as mentioned above and started to precipitate and drip through the puncture wound to contaminate the field of Earth's protective Aura and Membrane. As technology of an unhelpful kind that is not harmonious and destructive to Earths natural nature and precious places the membrane is being torn asunder. You may class the eighth sphere as Extra Terrestrial a kind of ET of a non benevolent kind.
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So who is going to give us a ride home?; I suggest we have to see the globalists, the multibillionaires, the huge multinational companies, huge institutions like CERN not getting so much funding and more transparency, see the truth about WEF, WHO and the UN (how were the UN ignored and weak over the recent wars and atrocities) recognise we are in a 6th extinction and call on the Ascension process to aid ourselves, pray to the Universal Creator not for ending tyranny but putting mind thoughts of peace and sharing into the mind fields and auras of planets and angels. I am ending this now and would bear with me whilst I insert a SHACK NUMBER 4033 
 Be Well

Geoff aka Shack


 The morning so quiet, no bird song and even the magpies and squirrels were still, the drizzling rain and the dark ominous clouds, everything eerily still and an atmosphere heavy with a portent of an unexpected event just another one in the recent chain of events and once again shocking the sensitive minds of many and causing a silent trauma that no one wants to admits is affecting them and some just get on with life hoping and praying that their dreary existence turns a shade brighter.  

I feel the silent cries of anguish of lost souls those gone from earth and those remaining. The mothers and fathers crying over lost ones bodies, torn, dismembered and some so damaged as not recognisable, they hold their dead babies close to their chest the weep and cry and no one hears them. Where are you God, why have you forsaken us and God says 'you humans in your lust and power, your arrogance and selfish egoic mania expect me to clean up your mess. I did not create nature and the Gift of Free Will to be distorted in this way, you bring about your own destruction, perhaps when you destroy all and everything, a new beginning maybe started over again, but from the beginning you have been war like and tribal'

So I hear the silent cries, I see the atrocities and I wonder what can I do in my relative comfort and ease.  I know not how, I sit in silent prayer and I am agitated and I hear my neighbours who are as disconcerted as I, we discuss it and blame who? The politicians, the religious zealots, those escaping tyranny and risking life and limb to arrive at safety and those incumbents of the asylum lands and its inhabitants sending them off to more uncertainty and trauma. 

Around the world there is unrest, poverty, abuse and horrific crime, youths with knives and guns, homeless people living in the streets, starvation even in affluent countries and a section of humanity wealthy and rich beyond belief who just look the other way and go their way as if none of the misery of the world existed.

Climate change blamed on us and yet a natural cycle and we contribute fifteen percent by our pollution and they make money out of the carbon footprint and the green of the land pays the price. Even space is full of our rubbish and it is this rubbish and the Moon will it be next, mining and human excreta and then Mars I ask are we fit to got to other planets and repeat the mess we have here and that history shows the fallen Empires where we had chances to start again and then the human condition come in again.


There was a time when man took no more than he needed
that time has gone 
There was a time when he gave something
That time has gone
There was a time when he worshipped the Creator and honoured Creation
That time too has gone
And now the waters are polluted and natural resources are all but gone
and creation is dying
It is a time to find our way back to Earth 
Will we heed these words or ignore them?
Collective North American Ethnic races
Aborigines, Mauri, Inuit, Amazonian Races 
and collective Ethnic peoples and those who care. 

 Check out Dr Paul La Violette

Dark Journalist   Atlantis series

Edgar Cayce 



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