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Hello and welcome this may be repetitious to some and for new readers a lot to go back on to see where these ideas originated. In 1967 I received a great deal of information and this can be found in detail over my articles here and in my other sites for more datils go to  1) May 24 2021 Super Special, 2) Post 212 26 March 2015, 3) Post 367, Monday 25th 2019. 'The Ascension process' 4) (a repeat Sunday 3rd March 2013 Much the same as Post 367).   


I set out the five extinctions below in writing form in back articles you see a graph or get one from the internet. I set this out deliberately to make a point of one of the many aspects of the 1967 writings with prophesies and so on.

1. The Late Ordovician

Global cooling has led to mass extinction. Mark Brennan/FlickrCC BY-SA

This ancient crisis around 445m years ago saw two major waves of extinction, both caused by climate change associated with the advance and retreat of ice sheets in the southern hemisphere. This makes it the only major extinction to be linked to global cooling.
This extinction caused the demise of around 57% of marine genera (the taxonomic rank above the species level), including many trilobites, shelled brachiopods, and eel-like conodonts.

2. The Late Devonian

This period is now regarded as a number of “pulses” of extinction spread over 20m years, beginning 380m years ago. It saw the extinction of around 50% of marine genera; among the species killed off were many corals, trilobites, sponges and the heavily armoured fish known as placoderms. This extinction has been linked to major climate change, possibly caused by an eruption of the volcanic Viluy Traps area in modern-day Siberia. A major eruption might have caused rapid fluctations in sea levels and reduced oxygen levels in the oceans.

3. The Middle Permian

Scientists have recently discovered another event 262m years ago that rivals the “Big Five” in size. This event coincided with the Emeishan eruption in what’s now China, and is known to have caused simultaneous extinctions in the tropics and higher latitudes. In particular, there were exceptionally high extinction rates: more than 80% of species were wiped out, among them brachiopods and single-celled benthic foraminifera.

4. The Late Permian

The Late Permian mass extinction around 252m years ago dwarfs all the other events, with about 96% of species becoming extinct. This included more trilobites, corals, and whole branches of species of terrestrial animals. The extinction was triggered by a vast eruption of the Siberian Traps, a gigantic and prolonged volcanic event that covered much of modern day Siberia, which led to a cascade of environmental effects.
A greenhouse effect rapidly took hold in the atmosphere, while the oceans suffered acidification and xygen depletion. The ozone layer was partially destroyed, meaning lethal levels of UV radiation reached the Earth’s surface. The recovery took almost 10m years and even then, the unstable environment this catastrophic crisis created meant the subsequent Triassic period saw intermittent bursts of heightened extinction.

5. The Late Triassic

The supercontinent Pangaea before it split.Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA

The Late Triassic event, 201m years ago, shares a number of similarities with the Late Permian event. It was caused by another large-scale eruption, this time of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province, which heralded the splitting of the supercontinent Pangaea and the initial opening of what would later become the Atlantic Ocean.
A similar cascade of environmental effects, as seen during the Late Permian, led to the extinction of around 47% of all genera. The extinction led to the final demise of the eel-like conodonts, as well as the largest known extinction of scleractinian corals. It also wiped out a significant proportion of terrestrial reptiles and amphibianspaving the way for the diversification of the dinosaurs in the Jurassic period.

As we can see there was a lot of extinction going on and in my '67' information this was the Universes way of clearing the shelves so to speak of outdated and not fit for purpose for the environment or planet. This was a stage in the plan of evolution and the next stage heralded in other species and especially bacteria to foster the growth of the new upgrades.

There are many aspects mentioned in the
writings; details of genetic changes, Auric changes, chakra upgrades, food changes and symptoms of physical changes with attendant pain and mental, emotional with energy surges in particular meridian, nerve energies and kundalini. These were all classified as ASCENSION increments and inputs of Cosmic Rays which contain coded messages and encryption signals similar to algorithms.  

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Now to the 6th extinction; out of the many aspects of Ascension and the '67' writings I am going to depict the new beings that are gradually appearing and naming them as Homo Energetica Spiritulana ( these were given in 1967) and this will gradually become their mind set; I base this on my experiences and research and of course the writings. In I have written many articles on this mind set to come. The key points are an awakening after realising we are a cloned mind, everything we are we have been taught perhaps with a few modifications and realising this we can flounder as one realises that all of us are conditioned, programmed and inculcated. SO WE ARE A SOCIETY BASED ON IDEAS, AGENDAS AND REPETATIVE BOMBARDMENT and become fixed into our hand-me-down ideas as a reality, based on 'second hand clothing' and generations of these beliefs and some are so set they can cause friction and wars. I have names for each of the stages; Awakening, Shock, No Identity, Nowhere to Hang my Hat, Distraction and living with the 'no mind' and these are key points.

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Is there a way of curtailing the impending 6th Extinction or perhaps even stopping it; YES it will need a radical paradigm shift and in this way. The one aspect that can save or limit the clearing of all wild life and geographical shifts is through clearing all the mind brain washed inculcations and arriving at 'no mind emptiness and the identity state' and so the mind becomes attuned to Awareness or Consciousness, the being becomes one with the Divine and the one mind shines through the pure diamond, one light through the different facets of the diamond the human being turned out of ego into the purity of Divine interaction. 

There are many changes happening right now; it is obvious the various inculcations are fighting one another and this will go on and on and the energy is running out to feed this and behind the scenes an elite cabal are not trying to stop it, in fact they encouraging it so in the end their waiting game will succeed and they will be the Lords and Masters of Earth and the Moon and Mars should it go that far and they are aware of the Natural Ascension and its 'new upgraded signals' and they would lose their power and status.

Now I mention that procreation will take place not through the usual intercourse egg and sperm but by pre -life agreements facilitated through meditation and the shift from the frontal brain to the binaural brain and the new humans would be like a natural breeding pattern if you like guided by the 'empty mind' (not a boring emptiness but there is a joy in this, I shared this many articles) there is an energy exchange in this and the feelings of this exchange are described as above the physical orgasm or mind drug trip, it is ecstatic and full of wonder, blissful to the extreme. Those who have experienced this in meditation and in heightened states of awareness will find it a rapture.

In the '67' I describe how the energies of Ascension are burning off various sheaths of auras and replacing them with the Cosmic Umbrella Sheath and that the Kundalini rises to the 7th Chakra and then flows to the Eighth chakra known as the halo, the Soul, The Higher Self or the Interface between Human and Cosmic Energies, local and non local consciousnesses.

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What follows may upset some and deeply offend others and then again some may just see past prejudice and look it over and assess and give it a smidgeon or a crazy old fart and writing science fiction, your choice; image four suggests and demands that all the inculcations of politics, religions, morals that can be justified by inculcated programmes, selfish power grabs, land ownership returned to humanity and not land owners, Lords or Governments' a total clean out of beliefs of handed outworn not fit for purpose and leading to 'who am I when stripped of all beliefs and have direct contact with the naked mind, stripped of Self?'

SO BY PROCREATION THROUGH SPIRITUAL OR ENERGETIC SHARING ( spiritual and not religious or cult or an elite cabal agenda) straight from consciousness because consciousness is the Creators Consciousness and as nature and the Universe are covered by cycles that are commensurate to the environment then so be it with humans of the future, pre life contracts as in deep intuitive sharing will be 'married and consecrated by spiritual stamps of approval' and populations developed by the 'the natural efficiency of the natural mind which is tandem with Divinity'.

Now all this will not happen overnight and I have given some key dates; my awareness of this stated in 1967 and from the '67' came 1967 ---2012 the increments would be every three months boost to Ascension energies, 2013---2032 energies every two weeks, 2033-----2075 energies weekly, these being the coded encrypted Cosmic Rays acting as carrier waves and affecting our DNA and performing up grades reconfigurations, the sexual sharing processes will be sparse at first but 2075 it will be noticeable, part of sexual agenda stuff now is an early taste of the changes to the DNA. Mind you drugs, medical tampering with genetics, vaccines and Big Pharma will endeavour to delay the process and bring in their version of Eugenics, technocracy, GMO, chemtrails and rockets galore. However the change to the natural real 6th extinction is inevitable.

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Now you may ask, what about climate change; yes we humans are responsible for about 15% or less and I support this with;SPECIAL 1967 WRITINGS Part 1

49 Former NASA Scientists Send A Letter Disputing Climate Change

Friday 23rd January 2015

Part 2 and 3 as above by NASA who seem to have changed their minds about climate change.

There is a natural cycle as seen in 5 Mass Extinctions and these are covered in the above Parts 2 and 3. The extinction we are heading for can be lessened if we change our complete and utter mind sets especially about religion, our ancient past (which we must consider and not any sacred texts tell us or archaeologists tell us).

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So the new way of procreation would be similar to the Immaculate Conception (before you howl and call me anti Christian or heathen some of the North American Tribes had a prophet named Dekanwida who claimed this kind of birth straight from the Great Spirit also Horus, Mithra, Krishna, and Dionysus. They could also do most of the things Jesus did, healing, raising the dead, walk on water, water into wine, teaching, and some were killed and rose, called the son of God, had disciples. And I believe in Yogoananda book the 'Autobiography of a Yogi'

Yoganda's his master Swami Yukteswar Giri resurrected himself and several other Yogis and Shamans have done so, we should if we are clearing the slate accept there are many mansions and dimensions and we should research before we let our inculcations brain washed beliefs get in the way. I sincerely apologise if I have hurt or offended anyone.

If we go into the mystery of Life I will repeat somethings;


A human's body weighing 154 pounds (70 kilograms) is comprised of 7 billion billion billion atoms. To be clear, that's a 7 followed by 27 zeros!

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So how we got here is as Einstein, Tesla and a few others said ' the secret of the Universe is vibration, frequencies and energy'. So in the vastness of all the atoms; are any of our theories and ideas credible at all? 




6th extinction is not a wipe out of nature and the planet but a wipe out of human brain washed inculcated conditioned programmed mind sets and beliefs. There is no safety net for the conditioned mind.(Geoff) 

And I should know because I am one of them, being aware of my conditioning I am awake to it and I have a slim chance of survival, mind you at my age death could end it before the change. (Geoff)

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